Rockstar Working on “Next Version of a Famous IP”, Could be Red Dead Redemption 2

A LinkedIn profile of a senior engineer currently employed at Rockstar Games suggests that their New England division is working on the “next version of a famous IP”.

The profile doesn’t mention the IP in specific but we can surely take a wild guess. With Grand Theft Auto V released, that leaves behind only one ‘famous’ title – a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. The mention of ‘next version’ may perhaps also signify development for the next-gen consoles.

AllGamesBeta was the first to spot the CV of Rockstar Games senior graphics engineer Doron Feinstein who currently works at Rockstar’s New England studio. In the past he has worked extensively on Max Payne 3 and the just released GTA V.

Rockstar is of course keeping quiet on the matter. If Red Dead Redemption 2 is indeed looking at a release in Fall of next year, then perhaps the studio is just waiting for the right moment to make a statement. On the other hand this is pure speculation and fans can just start hoping that Rockstar is indeed working on a next-gen sequel.

Red Dead Redemption was released back in May of 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was instantly received by critical success and impressive sales numbers. It was pretty obvious that there was no way Rockstar would leave behind this franchise without going for another installment. Perhaps the year 2014 will do just that.

By Saqib Mansoor

Saqib is our leading news editor with his posts helping to make up the brunt of our daily news posts. He's a PC gamer at heart, and his favorite game is Diablo II.

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    • Kors

      Better graphics and to run as smooth as Gta 5. To be after jhons death, jack to get revenge out through the game on all who killed his father.

    • Rockstar lover

      A prequel seems great and to play as a younger Jhon Martson sounds very interesting and fun. I love Red Dead, and they should add in like what they did in gta 5 with the multi-protaganist system that was genius. They should be characters like Jhon Marston and Bill Williamson who you could play as Jhon would be the smarter and finer person who as for Bill could be sort of like Trevor, a crazy tough fun person. Seeing Jhons earlier life would be very interesting. And to keep it up with the shooting! :)

    • R.J. MacReady

      maybe a sequel to LA Noire

    • Eli Hanson

      personally i’m hoping for a second bully or maybe another manhunt they should leave red dead where they ended it

    • Bay’s

      Too soon IMO. I could see a new Bully or Manhunt revival though. I just think the read dead series and gta usually span a bigger gap than this because of how incredibly packed these games are.

      • stonedgolfer

        Too soon??
        It’s been like 4+ years

    • JackMarsty

      If they made a sequel it would most likely be all new characters, similar to what they did with Red Dead Revolver & Redemption. The title would probably be Red Dead “___________”.

      A prequel would be cool because they could bring the gap between Revolver and Redemption by telling a new characters story but also throwing in easter eggs from the prior games.


      I would buy a new RDR on launch day. Hope this is the one they’re talking about.

    • The dude

      For the record… Red Dead Revolver 3…. Red Dead Redemption was really Red Dead Revolver 2…

      • blackMamba345

        well actually it’s own game it doesn’t follow the story of Red Dead Revolver. Just because it has Red Dead in doesn’t mean it’s a sequel. Rockstar took the Spiritual successor approach to Red Dead series. Red Dead is just a franchise name like Gta. That’s how Rockstar does their games.

        • Ray Butler

          Agreed, it’s more Rockstar western, the two games aren’t much more alike than that and name. But totally keen for another western.

    • Shadowno

      “working on a famous IP”
      Must be Red Dead… or Bully… or Manhunt… or Max Payne. Personally, I’d love to see either of the first two.

    • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

      The original was a great game, but there is nothing they can do with that series.

      • chewie402

        Yea, cause after the end of GTA III, that was absolutely no reason to continue the GTA Franchise.

      • Ted

        The golden age of the west hasn’t been touched.1870’s-1880’s. What they did with RDR was awesome, but left a lot to be desired. The fact that the spiritual sequel had brand new characters, you honestly think they can’t come up with a new story and new characters for the Wild West? Or do a prequel with John Marston’s early years? Good grief. The stupidity of some people amaze me.

    • I-speak-the-truth

      If we have to play as Jack then I want nothing to do with this game!