How To Play Tennis in GTA 5

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Ever since the launch trailer of Grand Theft Auto V, the most hobby that people have been excited about is playing Tennis. Playing Tennis is unlocked for Michael and Trevor by completing Franklin’s mission, ‘Complications’.

There are about 8 Tennis Courts in San Andreas which can be accessed anytime. In addition to those courts, there is on behind Michael’s house. Playing in this court will allow you play Armanda.

Read below to get an overview of the basic Tennis techniques. For more help on GTA 5, read our Triathlon, Darts and Golf Guide.

GTA 5 Tennis

How to Serve
Once again, I’ll ask you guys to refer to in-game controls to know about them. Prior to serving, your character will be able to move halfway across the court on either left or right.

Press the serve button to begin serving and press it again when the marker reaches the red area for the most powerful serve.

Base Shot
Shots can be aimed by moving left analogue stick in either direction. The shot is signaled by a white marker on the court. The base
shot has an average bounce rate and normal flight time.

Lob Shot
Lob shot can be played by pressing Y on Xbox 360 and pressing Triangle on Playstation 3.

Modified Shot
Modify your shots to use topspin. A modified shot is indicated by a Red marker on your screen and has a higher bounce rate and smaller flight time than Base Shot. Shots can also be modified by a backspin; it is indicated by a Yellow marker on your screen.

Serving should only be done from behind the baseline and without bouncing the ball. You must serve correctly so that it lands exactly inside the serve box on the other side. Incorrectly servicing twice will give your opponent the point.

After a successful serve, the ball bounces on either side of the net until a player misses the shot.

The scoring system is exactly the same as the real world Tennis. Read on to know these scores and the corresponding calls:

  • 0 – Love
  • 1 – 15
  • 2 – 30
  • 3 – 40
  • 4 – Game

When an equal score is reached; it is called as a ‘Deuce’, for instance, 40 – 40. When such a situation arises, a character must score the next two points to win the game.

The best strategy to win the game is to keep your opponent on the run. Continuously change your angles and shot speeds to confuse him. If you have place a shot on the extreme left side; aim for the extreme right in the next shot. Keep on doing this until your opponent misses a shot for an easy win.

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  • Llama King

    What actually annoys me about the game is it only tells you the instructions once and i cant find them again to know how to play it

    • Jonathan Wells

      I totally have the same problem. It’s inexplicable without the tutorial. I can’t even serve. I just lost three games as Trevor by faulting every serve one after the other. This article is the best description so far I’ve read of what the actual controls do. So to serve, you don’t use the stick, you just use the x button? And then I guess you aim with the left stick afterwards, and have a choice of shots by using the triangle, circle and square buttons? I’m on PS4.

      • Llama King

        Yeah you just press the x button once and try to press it again when the marker is in the red for a powerful serve. You can move the stick to place it but i find i always hit it out of touch if i do that. Ive managed to work my way up to being able to beat anyone on easy mode, but Amanda still beats Michael every single time i play her. First time she is easier to beat after that her skill level is much higher. She uses a lot of clever tricks. Ive only managed to beat her on a few games never a whole set.

        I find the x button for returning is all you really need to beat easy players. I try to use the left stick to hit extreme left and right to catch them out although if they are far back a little tap over the net can beat them too which i think is the triangle. If you do that with skilled players though they will smash a return and you cant get it. Playing around and practising does help you understand how it works more even if you loose a lot of games in the experiment.

  • jawz