Dynasty Warriors 8 Weapons and 5th Weapons Guide – How To Unlock

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5th Weapons in Dynasty Warriors 8 allow the character of your choice to use EX attacks. To unlock these weapons, you will need to follow and complete a number of tasks which can either be done in the Story Mode or Free mode with the difficulty being hard or chaos!

The tasks are to be done by the character whose weapon you are unlocking. When you are done with the conditions and have completed the stage, you need to find the box which has your reward.

Remember to save your game before fulfilling the condition to unlock these weapons. This will save you a lot of time and give you a chance to try again. To travel, make sure you use horses.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Weapons and 5th Weapons

Weapon (Character, Faction)

Escape from Luoyang

Bow and Rod (Xiahou Yuan, Wei Forces)
Condition: Go to the weapon testing grounds before Lu Bu destroys the gate.
Location: Two staircases lead to a dead-end; they’re at the southern part of the castle and eastern staircase will take you to the box.

Chase at Hulao Gate

Bomb (Dong Zhuo, Other)
Condition: You need to kill Yuan Shao within 7 minutes after Luoyang goes ablaze. Also, none of Dong Zhuo’s officers should die.
Location: Yuan Shao’s starting zone, near the gate.

Invasion of Luoyang

Double-edge Trident (Jiang Wei, Shu Forces)
Condition: Escape in less than 10 mins from the closing of the gates.
Location: It is located at the battlefield’s southeast corner.

Battle of Hulao Gate

Crescent Blade (Guan Yu, Shu Forces)
Condition: Defeat Lu Bu and HuaXiong within fourteen minutes.
Location: Luoyang, burning alleyway.

Wheeled Halberd (Li Dian, Wei Forces)
Condition: Make your way through Hulao Gate without defeating any coalition officer.
Location: South of Zhang Liao’s ambush area.

Defense of Yan Province (Cao Cao’s Forces)

Duel Hookblades (Yue Jin, Wei Forces)
Condition: You have five minutes to reach to the river bank at the north, after the battle starts.
Location: Western Battlefield, on a cliff

Defense of Xu Province

Twin Swords (Liu Bei, Shu Forces)
Condition: Prevent Xu Huang and Zhang Liao from entering into the castle and defeat the fire attack units so they cant issue an attack.
Location: Center of the battlefield

Battle of Xu Province

Spike Shield (Cao Ren, Wei Forces)
Condition: Kill Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun before they get to the camp. Also, the catapults shall be captured before the attack.
Location:Northest area has a dead end, it will be there.

Imperial Escort

Great Axe (Xu Huang, Wei Forces)
Condition: After the gates are sealed, help the carriage to break through within 5 minutes.
Location: You can find the box after breaking the great, it will be right next to the other gate.

Battle of Wan Castle

Axe (Dian Wei, Wei Forces)
Condition: Escape the castle in less than 8minutes.
Location: Southeast area of the battlefied.

Xiapi Defensive Battle

Halberd (Lu Bu, Others)
Condition: Rescue Hou Cheng, Song Xian and Wei Xu before theyre defected
Location: Northeast Gate.

Battle of Xiapi

Chain and Sickle (JiaXu, Wei Forces)
Condition: Don’t let a Wei officer die, and kill Chen Gong
Location: Lu Bu’s starting zone, there is a gate and the weapon box is right next to it.

Skirmish at Guandu

Extension Blade (Yuan Shao, Other)
Condition: Don’t let Liu Bei and Zhang Fei withdraw, and make sure Zhang He and Zhenjiarent defected either.
Location: You’ll find this near the northwest garrison, outside the castle.

Battle of Guandu

Duel Blade (Cao Pi, Wei Forces)
Condition: Don’t let any of Cao Cao’s officers escape and perform a fire attack.
Location: Northwestern corner of the castle.

Assault at Xinye

Iron Fan (Xiaoqiao, Wu Forces)
Condition: Rescue all the animals before Sun Quan reaches the first checkpoint.
Location: The path which leads to a dead end, after the first checkpoint.

Battle of Xinye (Cao Cao’s Forces)

Orb and Specter (GuoJia, Wei Forces)
Condition: Kill XuShu in less than eight minutes.
Location: Take the bottom entrance near the eastern side of the Eight Gates Formation. It will lead you to a weapon box.

Battle of Xinye (Liu Bei’s Forces)

Sword and Hook (XuShu, Shu Forces)
Conditon: Kill Cao Ren, Li Dian, Zhang He and Yu Jin in less than eight minutes
Location: Eastern side of the Eight Gates Formation has a bottom entrance which will lead you to your reward.

Battle of Chibi

War Fan (Zhuge Liang, Shu Forces)
Condition: Don’t let the Wei Officers enter into the ceremony until it has been finished.
Location: There’s a pathway, near the south to the boat. It will be on the path.

Club (Xu Zhu, Wei Forces)
Condition: Defeat GanNing in less than seven minutes
Location: The southeast area of the place fromwhereXu Zhu comes from.

Arm Blade (Huang Gai, Wu Forces)
Condition: Kill all the eight of vanguard officers without letting them reach to the main camp.
Location: North of the boat which Huang Gai and Han Dang took to Cao Cao’s ships. Note: If they are no longer on the boat, you cant get to the box

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