Saints Row 4 Stores Locations and Hacking Solutions Guide – How To

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How is the leader of the free world and the most amazing gang head supposed to govern his nation if he does not have control over his own shopping district? He can’t, that’s how.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that unless the head of state of a country personally goes around and assumes direct control over certain establishments he cannot be expected to stay in office for long.

For more help on Saints Row 4, read our Towers, Hotspots and Zinyak Statues Locations guide.

Jokes aside, the stores in Saints Row 4 are your primary source of income in the early stages of the game. But as the game progresses, they start to become locked to you, and are no longer providing you with money.

As such, you need to hack and take control of them personally.

Saints Row 4 Stores Map Locations

This guide will show you the locations of all the stores in the game as well as how to go about with doing the actual hacking of said stores. The stores are actually displayed on your map.

Click the image to open the map in the new window!

Saints Row 4 Stores

The stores are located in the following neighborhoods:

Saints Row 4 Stores Hacking Solutions

Note. Hacking Puzzles come in sequence. If you are at Hack #1, the sequence of the puzzle will be the same for every store.

It basically means, if you have hacked two stores and are looking for the solution of your third store regardless of which store you are trying to hack, the sequence will be the same and for solution, you should look for third hack in the video.

The Saints Row 4 hacking challenge to take control of a store is a small puzzle that must be solved within 60 seconds or you will fail the hack and the authorities will be alerted (which is odd, considering that you’re the president).

When the minigame starts, you should see a board in front of you that is divided into cells. You basically just need to create a path for the signal to pass through the board and complete the circuit.

The signal originates on the left side of the board and needs to be connected to the point on the right side.

To the right of the board you can also see the blocks that you are permitted to use, which are limited in number. Just take blocks from here and try to bridge the gap between the two connecter points.

Very Important: Each puzzle is different, but keep in mind that they will come in the same sequence regardless of the store you visit.

For example, hacking challenge will be same regardless of the store you attempt to hack first; any store you will visit will have the same sequence. Once you have solved that hacking challenge, you will move to the next hacking challenge and again, the puzzle will be the same regardless of the store you visit.

One thing to note is that you can take damage while hacking. If your notoriety is high or you are being otherwise attacked do not initiate a hacking minigame, as you could quite possibly die while pondering whether ‘this piece might do better in this cell’.

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