Payday 2 Ghost Builds Guide – Which Skills To Unlock

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One key factor that can make you filthy rich in Payday 2 is how quickly and quietly you get the job done. It’s true that some heists offer too much fun when executed in the ‘loud style’, but stealth runs are much more rewarding when talking in terms of raw cash.

For this very reason, you have an entire tree in the level and character build progression system dedicated to stealth. If you’re playing in a team game – which this guide will assume that you are, you will want to have specialized players working together.

One of the most important is the Ghost, aka the stealth ninja dude (except he can’t wield a sword or throw shurikens).

For more help on Payday 2, read our Mastermind Builds, Technician Builds and Enforcer Builds Guide.

Payday 2 Ghost Builds

The Ghost tree and character build resulting from these tree is relatively weaker than the rest, which is why you will probably never actually build a fully dedicated Ghost character. Instead, the Ghost works well with Technician – they go completely hand in hand.

Even though you should have a technician on your team, you could use the same sets of skills to sneak past enemies unrecognized and perform basic tech operations when needed.

If you’re playing solo stealth, you’ll probably want to invest very heavily in the ghost tree. Below we’ll explain two sample builds for the Ghost.

Payday 2 Ghost Build #1

GhostTechClick To View Build

Mastermind (11)

  • Stockholm Syndrome = Basic
  • Tactician = Basic
  • Cable Guy = Aced
  • Fast Learner = Basic
  • Combat Medic = Basic
  • Leadership = Basic
  • Endurance = Basic

Enforcer (5)

  • Transporter = Aced

Technician (32)

  • Sentry Gun = Basic
  • Unlocking The Sharpshooter = Basic
  • Rifleman = Basic
  • Improved Crafting = Aced
  • Silent Drilling = Aced
  • Drill Sergeant = Aced
  • Hardware Expert = Aced
  • Nerves of Steel = Aced

Ghost (72)

  • Lucky Charm = Basic
  • Lockpicking Expert = Aced
  • Assassin = Aced
  • Fast Hands = Basic
  • Dead Presidents = Aced
  • ECM Overdrive = Aced
  • Martial Arts = Basic
  • Chameleon = Aced
  • The Professional = Aced
  • Silent Killer = Aced
  • Cleaner = Aced
  • Cat Burglar = Basic

The real problem in the Ghost tree is the fact that it has an abundance of NOPE skills. Because of this, you’re severely limited in choices. In order to tackle this problem and make pointless SP investments, we’re going to take a lot of assistance from the Technician tree.

The basic tier 1 skills like Dead President, Sprinter, and Cat Burglar seem like obvious choices, but ideally you shouldn’t even be coming across situations where Sprinter and Cat Burglar should come in to play; you’re a Ghost, and your job is to remain hidden. Thus, we’re not even going to consider Sprinter, invest only a wee bit in Cat Burglar, but we’ll definitely take Dead President.

Silenced weapons are the Ghost’s favorite toys, so be sure to ramp up Silent Killer and The Professional.

These two skills are a must-have for any stealth player. Apart from these skills, there’s unfortunately very little to talk about in the Ghost tree, so we’ll head over to the Technician tree instead.

You really just want to focus on the third column, since drilling can be rather problematic in stealth runs. In order to reduce the risks, be sure to go up till Silent Drilling, and then you can consider wasting your points anywhere else.

Payday 2 Ghost Build #2

Time to be NobodyClick To View Build

Mastermind (18)

  • Tactician = Basic
  • Cable Guy = Aced
  • Equilibrium = Aced
  • Leadership = Aced
  • Endurance = Aced

Enforcer (5)

  • Transporter = Aced

Technician (13)

  • Demolition Man = Aced
  • Hardware Expert = Aced
  • Nerves of Steel = Aced

Ghost (81)

  • Assassin = Aced
  • Fast Hands = Aced
  • Dead Presidents = Aced
  • ECM Overdrive = Aced
  • Chameleon = Aced
  • Sprinter = Aced
  • Moving Target = Aced
  • The Professional = Aced
  • Silent Killer = Aced
  • SMG Specialist = Aced
  • Cleaner = Aced
  • Cat Burglar = Aced

This build is all about the third column of the Ghost tree, which, frankly speaking, is the column containing the least amount of bullshit skills. This time around we’re taking all three tier 1 skills, including Sprinter.

Next, we’ll work our way up the third column, but let’s not forget about the all-important Assassin (very wrongly named skill in my opinion) and Fast Hands while on the way.

ECM Overdrive is good if you’re into using jammers, but most of the times it’s something folks running stealth skills tend to avoid. Either way, it’s not a bad pick. You’ll definitely need Chameleon for a ‘Nobody’ build, and it helps that you can wear a mask and still seem normal.

This build is more suited for solo stealth runs than team games. If you get caught, there isn’t much to do other than running away, which isn’t something your teammates would be happy to see.

If you have additional suggestions for the Ghost tree and related builds, let us know by commenting below.

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