Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Errors, Tweaks, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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When I think of Mortal Kombat, it makes me nostalgic as back in the days, it used to be an ultimate fighting game. The franchise has been retained with the modern needs and the legacy of Mortal Kombat stays intact.

However, the latest installment in the series wasn’t released on PC along with the consoles. Warner Bros. did give hints in the past that a PC port is underway. So finally, the Komplete Edition of the game has been released for the PC community, and if you are a Mortal Kombat fan, you must be looking forward to getting your hands on it.

PC port does seem stable but despite all the efforts, there can be issues making you unable to play the game. These issues sometimes can be fixed by small changes. So if you are looking for a fix or a workaround, you can refer to the following troubleshooting guide.

#1 “D3D error: your monitor’s aspect ratio of 5:4 is incompatible with this game”
The game doesn’t support the 5:4 aspect ratio so yes, it’s probably time that you change your monitor.

#2 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition – Game Crash Fix
If your game is being crashed while your system is trying to auto-detect the hardware for optimal settings then you can try the following to fix it:

  • You need to open the config file using a notepad.
  • Once opened, paste the following code into that:

Fullscreen = False
Windowed = True
Window = True
resolution = {1920, 1080}
antialiasing = 24
blend_antialiasing = 2
anisotropy = 16
max_texture = 4096
shadow_size = 4096
brightness = 0.500000
contrast = 0.500000
gamma = 0.500000
configured = true
device_hash = 0xFFFFFFFF
steam_voice = true

Basically, you are skipping the auto-detect option to fix the issue. Make sure that you make a back up of your original config file before making any changes.

#3 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition – How to disable Voice Chat
If you don’t want to use the in-game chat option then you can disable it by editing the options.ini (config) file. As you can see in the code mentioned in #2, there is an option at the end (steam_voice). You need to change its value to false to disable the in-game voice chat.

#4 Visual C++ error Fix
The error is usually related to the redist package installed on your computer or may be due to directx. I will recommend that you do a fresh install of these tools to make the error go away.

#5 MK Komplete Edition Dual Card Issue
If you are using a laptop with optimus technology or have dual cards in it, you should try disabling your low quality GPU as the game automatically detects it before launch. You can do it by using the control panel of your GPU.

You can also try the fix mentioned in #2 to bypass the game’s auto detection process.

#6 MK Komplete Edition – The Game Doesn’t Work After a Restart
Well, if verifying the game’s integrity doesn’t work, you should do a fresh install to resolve the issue.

If you are facing any other problem, let us know in the comments below and we will try to help you out.

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  • Dee Will

    Ah installed d game this morning and it played. I quit the game n came back to play it in the afternoon n it didn’t open. It jst shows the game logo n closes. What do i do

  • Santiago

    I have a other error :

    D:Mortal Kombat Komplete EditionMKKE.exe

    This application has falied to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

    HEEEEELP!!!! PLZZ!!!

  • Spider_Mike

    How do I fix D3D problem without changing my monitor

  • Eion

    wow, only thing that worked was this. stupid autoconfig making a mess of things

  • nandan reddy

    MKKE game opens but after few seconds it closes and says D3D error:0x88760874

  • Yassin Salih abdu

    after i put the fps mortal kombat opens 2 seconds and then it closes, i deleted and installed it again but it doesnt work

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    it gets stuck on stry mode after jax vs jade fight

  • bock

    holy hell I love you!!!!! your solution is the only one that worked

  • Ethan

    Same thing happens to me. Ive tried posting the code (#2), reinstalling, updating directx and visual c++ drivers, and running as administrator. Please someone help!

  • name

    I can t enter in the game , when i press enter to the game it apairs the logo mortal kombat komplete and then nothink , dosn t start anythink

  • Akshay V S

    wer is the options file

  • Brandon Budden

    But what is the required monitor’s aspect ratio.. I have it on 16:9. Do I need to lower it or somehow raise it. And 16:9 is as far as my Windows 7 XP can handle so I really need help. There is no other place where I can find the required monitor’s aspect ratio on any other website so I’m asking you guys.

  • Crush Mix Burn Repeat

    I have some graphic isues at the backround of the sreen and almost every time i cast magic skills it just messes up i hear only sound for the few secs until the magic is finished then it comes back even in some open space backrounds the grpahic it just goes crazy How to fix it?

    • Al

      I have the same prorblem, Can anyone help us please ?

      • rattlesnake_906

        Guys your system specs?

  • lukmon123

    mk hangs after jaks vs jade story mode

  • yaseen

    SAme problem help admin!!

  • Yaseen

    same problem help !!

  • rattlesnake_906

    Your system specs?

  • brennan

    same problem. it played fine and now when i play, it opens and then shuts down.

  • PH

    Where is the config file?

  • Sandwich

    The options.ini file doens’t seem to exist. There’s this Coalesced.ini which is full of gibberish

    • Bandile

      I have the same problem was there a solution?

  • stiffler1995

    when I try to start the game, nothing happens

  • OctavN

    I installed it last night and it worked. This morning the game won’t start. I keep getting the preload screen with the logo than nothing. Just updated my nvidia driver and reinstalled the game twice. Dunno what’s going on here. PS Running Win8 x64.

  • eneramo

    #2 fix doesn’t work with me. It just auto-detects hardware every time I try to run the game

  • chris nixon

    Where’s the frakking config file??

    • Carrington

      C:Users (User Name) AppDataRoamingMKKE

    • lando122

      ip appdata/roaming

    • bogdan


  • Felipe

    well, it seems that i can’t run, even with the #2 hack

    it gave me an error ****out of memory**** i don’t know what to do now

    • Sam

      I had the exact problem, any solutions for that?

  • Destt

    Hey, I installed and everything went well but when i launch it says that I cant run because the aspects ratio and graphic card not supported.

    I’m using a 1336×768, i7 Nvidia 2gb graphic so its impossible… help please?