The Last of Us Collectibles Guide – Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals

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Chapter #7 – Tommy’s Dam

Comic Book #6 – Foreign Element
Location. Just before you drop down and pass underneath the large bridge in the beginning of the chapter, go a bit to the right and you’ll find a ruined car with this next to it.

Artifact #49 – Power Plant Map
Location. When you come to the gate that leads into the dam, go away from it and enter the guardhouse opposite it. Same place where you pick up the El Diablo.

Training Manual #8 – Smoke: Chemistry
Location. When you get to the point where Tommy makes a bet with two engineers for two million dollars, look around the room to find this manual on a nearby counter.

Firefly Pendant #18 – Ryan Oliviero
Location. In the turbine room, head to the opposite side of the room from where Tommy will take you to talk to find another room. You find this inside an open locker.

Artifact #50 – Plant Schematics
Location. After the chat with Tommy, head up to where the two engineers were working at the table. You can pick up the map they were working on now.

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Firefly Pendant #19 – Brent Pino
Location. When you get to the house Ellie’s run away to, head to the back right room to find this pendant on a table near the door.

Comic Book #6 – Zero Point
Location. Head up the stairs in the same house and take the first right, you’ll find the comic book near the window.

Chapter #8 – The University

Comic Book #7 – Free Radicals
Location. Right as the chapter begins, head back up the road on your horse until you get to the end. There will be a comic book here on the hood of a ruined car.

Artifact #51 – Sniper’s Nest Log
Location. Just after entering the campus, there will be a point where you must jump over some barbed wire. To the right is an open doorway through which you can get the Flamethrower and a workbench. Head through the other door here and go up the stairs. Exit out onto the balcony and this artifact will be at the corner.

Firefly Pendant #20 – Hope Pino
Location. When you ride up some stairs and have to enter a building to the left (just before the runners) go right instead of into the building. Here you will find a pendant hanging from the branches of one of the trees here.

Artifact #52 – Wall Panel note
Location. After you get the power on and can open the door after dealing with the runners, you will find this note on the wall just next to the panel (it’s hidden behind the open cover).

Firefly Pendant #21 – Alex Rohner
Location. When you get to the point where Ellie comments on the monkeys in your path, go back over the barrier you jumped and look left to see an opening in the wall a bit above you. Climb up there using the dumpster and you’ll find this on a table.

Training Manual #8 – Health Kit Sterilization
Location. Now re-enter the large area with the monkeys. Head over to the right side buildings to find one with windows blown out on the second roof. Head up and jump out the windows to land on a roof. Go left and jump back in through another window to find this manual in the room on a countertop.

Artifact #53 – UEC Campus Map
Location. When you duck through the doorway to the dorms (after encountering another gate that requires power) you will find this in the room on a desk right in front of you.

Artifact #54 – Student’s Journal
Location. Head upstairs from where you got the last artifact and you’ll be in the dorms. Head to room 202 (the second room on the left) to find this note in a drawer behind the door.

Firefly Pendant #22 – Joe Warren
Location. When you get to the area with the spores kill the bloater that is here. He drops this pendant.

Artifact #55 – Newspaper Clipping
Location. When you leave the spore infested area through a door Joel takes off his gas mask. Immediately enter through the door that is to the left of the door you came through and you’ll find this artifact inside on a mini-fridge.

Firefly Pendant #23 – Erik Griggs
Location. Soon after you open the gate with the generator, you’ll come to an area with a white truck and some white tents. Enter the tent that’s furthest from you to find this on the table.

Training Manual #9 – Molotov: Deployment
Location. When you enter the laboratory proper (after climbing in through the window) there will be a door you can open with a shiv on the floor you’re on. In there you’ll find this manual.

Artifact #56 – Office Recorder
Location. After you head up a flight of stairs, you will enter the third floor from the courtyard outside. Turn left and look for the last door on the right

Artifact #57 – Fungal X-Rays
Location. After going through the hallway with the lights pointed at you, the door you go through reveals some monkeys, in the room before then, you can find these X – Rays on a table.

Artifact #58 – Lab Recorder
Location. You’ll find this in the same room with the monkeys, on a table.

Firefly Pendant #24 – Sadie Pearle Hickman
Location. In the same room as the last artifact, you’ll find this in the corner of the room, on a shelf.

Chapter #9 – Lakeside Resort

Right in the beginning of this chapter, open your back pack and examine all the items in there. You will find eight new artifacts/comics/pendants that you should scroll through.

Comic Book #8 – Uncertainty
Location. When you finally get to the broken down building the buck has run through, turn left into a room just as you enter the building. You’ll find this comic in an open drawer of a desk in this room.

Firefly Pendant #25 – Travis Kristof
Location. When you get to the part where David boosts you up so you can get to a ladder, you encounter a Clicker that goes back and forth out of a room onto the walkway. Kill it and enter the room to find this pendant on a box.

Firefly Pendant #26 – Paul D Braun
Location. When you enter the cabin after your horse is shot down, exit out the other side and to the right of the front door you will see a small wooden building. Inside it you will find this pendant on a bench.

Comic Book #9 – Negentropy
Location. A little while later, you’ll go through a red pipe and when you come out there will be some stairs going behind you to the left. Head on up to find this comic book on one of the benches here.

Training Manual #10 – Smoke: Shaping
Location. When you play as Joel in the blizzard, you’ll be near a gas station. Go into the house across the street. Climb out the bathroom window and you’ll see a door you can open with a shiv to the left.

Artifact #59 – Meat Ledger
Location. This one is found at the same place you find Ellie’s Backpack.

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