Resident Evil Revelations Infernal Walkthrough Guide – Tips and Strategy

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If you want to challenge your survival skills, you can unlock and play Resident Evil Revelations on Infernal difficulty. If you are looking for help in beating that difficulty, you should look no further and follow these tips to unlock The Vestibule of Hell achievement or trophy.

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Resident Evil Revelations Infernal Walkthrough

Surviving Infernal 101

You should use your normal Government Handgun as your primary weapon for long-range combats and it is advised that you place the following attachments on it:

  • Damage (Highest Level)
  • Long Magazine (Highest Level)
  • Burst Three

You are going to lose a large amount of ammo with the Burst Three attachment but that shouldn’t worry you as there is a whole bunch of Handgun ammo present throughout the game. Just find the most suitable damage yielding upgrade for your weapon and it will help you out greatly.

You should also carry Hydra Shotgun with you at all the times because the normal ooze are too agile on ‘Infernal’ difficulty so if one comes near you, you should have something to blast it off and Hydra Shotgun will help you out there. Also don’t forget to find the most suitable attachments for it preferably the ones that do a lot of damage.

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Another weapon that you want to keep with you most of the time during the game is PSG-1 rifle. It can kill normal oozes quite easily through a long distance so it’s pretty handy and its ammo are also abundant.

There will be situations when you won’t need a Green Herb so just leave it there and remember the place so that you can go there later to pick it up when you need it.

Don’t waste your Green Herbs only because you have 100% on your Genesis Scanner. Keep it safe, you might want it at some point. It is advised that you walk with the 100% Genesis Scanner all the time.

If you are running low and health and do not have any Green Herb left. Take your chances by scanning the attacking enemies.

Store as much Machine Gun ammo as you can for future battles. The only fight when you should not worry about Machine Gun ammo is with Rachael in Episode 4. You really want to have a hell lot of Machine Gun ammo for the battle with Abyss form 2 in Episode 12.

PSG-1 rifle is an amazing weapon for killing the Scagdead and Draghignazo in Episodes 3 and 6 respectively. You don’t want to store ammo for this weapon as plenty of it is available throughout the game.

Also store a bunch of ammo for the Magnum so that you can use it during the battle with Malacoda in Episode 11. You can’t rely on the Rocket Launchers all the time. Magnum is a great weapon for taking out this boss. And you won’t even need this weapon in the final battles so it is better to use it here.

Save a ton of Shock Grenades for Episode 8 and 9 as Scarmigliones are very weak in front of Shock Grenades.

Ammo Cases Locations

For the most part of your infernal playthrough, you will be in dire need of ammo and this is where these ammo cases will come in handy.

Magnum Ammo Case
Turn on the pumps in the control room of Solarium during Episode 3. And then during Episode 4, scan the spikes on the left after stepping out of the pool across Solarium.

Shotgun Ammo Case
You can find it under the stairs next to the Green Herb in the Maintenance Room passage area during Episode 5, Scenario 2.

Magnum Ammo Case
In Episode 7, Scenario 1, scan the vase on North-East of Guest Cabin.

Rifle Ammo Case
During Episode 7, Scenario 1, check the green weapon crate on your right after stepping out of the Guest Cabin.

Handgun Ammo Case
During Episode 8, Scenario 3, it can be found on your left in long tunnel after you step out of the elevator. It is just before the end of chapter.

Shotgun Ammo Case
Episode 12, Scenario 1, it can be found on the table on your right in the dark room with the soldier after the hall with dead Globster.

Episode 1

During your first fight with the Ooze be sure to keep your distance and attack it with your Government Handgun. You can also switch to your Shotgun and blast it off if you want.

You will HAVE to use your M92F Handgun on the Sea Coast. During your fight with the Globster, you will notice that it has more health than it does on the ‘Normal’ difficulty. Aim for the mouth and frequently keep on backing up a little to have a safe distance.

Episode 2

While playing as Chris in this episode, don’t open the container near plane crash to scan the flesh inside. Save it for Keith and Quint scenario during Episode 5. They will need that Green Herb.

Episode 3

Activate the elevator with Jessica and Parker and then rush back to the entrance corridor in lobby. Wait for Hunters to rush to Jessica and Parker. Stand near the lobby so that you can see their movement. Then toss a grenade at them to do loads of damage. Use your Machine Gun and Shotgun to kill the remaining.

Use the most suitable attachments for your PSG-1 rifle that yield maximum damage and have large ammo capacity and blast the Scagdead with it. Use the counter in café underneath to your advantage and keep on crossing it to kill the Scagdead.

Also use as much grenades as you can to kill the Scagdead with the continuous rifle shoots to kill it quickly. Also keep an eye on the Oozes, they will appear in the areas but the grenades will keep them at bay and might even kill them.

Episode 4

Before going to the Examination Room downstairs, arm your Machine Gun with the highest damage dealing attachment, load capacity and highest fire rate upgrades and don’t forget to keep your rifle with you.

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