Warframe Crashes, Launcher Errors, Freezes, Online Connection Fixes

After a successful beta run, the free-to-play third person co-op shooter is finally available on Steam. WarFrame allows up to four players to cooperate with one another to achieve certain objectives. The game is fun specially when you are playing it with your friends.

Although it is in pretty good shape, you might come across several bugs and other game breaking issues that may make it difficult for you to enjoy the game. If you are one of the victims who have been facing these issues, our workarounds can help you resolve these.

#1 Warframe – Cannot Access the Website for the Signup
If you can’t open the website, for some reason, then you should try opening with some other browser. Furthermore, a little wait won’t heart as it can be due to overload too.

#2 Warframe – Cannot Connect Online
Make sure that the game is not being blocked by the firewall or any other security tool on your PC. The problem can also go away on restarting Steam.

#3 Warframe – Can’t Start the Download
You need to restart Steam, and the download will start fine.

#4 Warframe – Can’t Login to the Launcher
If you have downloaded the game successfully, you should restart Steam. If that doesn’t help, you should try rebooting your PC. This should resolve the problem.

#5 Warframe – Update Failed
If your launcher doesn’t seem to update the game and gives you error repeatedly, you should wait a little and try again. It can happen sometimes due to the server load.

#6 Warframe – The game Keeps on Crashing After the Latest Patch
Many players have reported in about the crash. Unfortunately, no official fix has been released yet. In the meanwhile, you can do the following to bypass it:

  • Try running the game in DX 10 rather than 11.
  • Try running the game in windowed mode.
  • If you are a Nvidia user, update your drivers to the latest.

#7 Warframe – Physx Effects Fix
If you can’t seem to enable the Physx, you should try running the game in DirectX 10 mode. Furthermore, if you have an integrated GPU on your system (for laptops), make sure that the game is choosing the dedicated one and not the other.

#8 Warframe – Automatic Camera Rotation Fix
This is most probably caused by the plugged in controller. To fix this, you should unplug it or re-calibrate it.

If you are experiencing an issue that isn’t listed, let us know by commenting below!

By Ali Asif

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not gaming he likes to kick back with a few popular animes like Naruto.

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    • RagingDude

      same it happens to mine

    • Alex

      Warframe randomly freezing in middle of the mission (usually after few minutes of gameplay).

      Changing following settings did not solve the problem:

      DirectX 11 on/off
      64-bit Mode on/off
      Multi-Threaded Rendering on/off

      Does anyone else have this problem?

      • Alex

        Ok it’s me again, seems that disabling Full-Screen stoped the freezing for now. I’ve been playing in Window Mode for 2 days and no freeze crash appeared so long (in fullscreen its have been few times a day).

    • msadamsd

      Turn off any AVG you have for #5

    • asdjbksadbh

      i cant use directx when i open the launcher and select settings i cannot tick on the use directx 11

    • rattlesnake_906

      Try running it in the windowed mode or delete the configuration settings file from the documents.

    • Albert

      How do i run warframe in DX10 ?

    • ruskpack

      the game launches fine, i get to a point in the tutourial and the graphics stop but sound keeps going for a second or two. then the screen goes black and nothing happens I can not shut it down with windows manager I have to restart

    • rattlesnake_906

      And those who are having problem persistently to update the client, if nothing works, i guess you should try a fresh install. Also make sure that if there is any third party security or antivirus tool isn’t blocking the game. Try disabling any background applications that are not important.

    • rattlesnake_906

      You get a black screen or it gets crashed?

    • SmartMofo

      Really? its still in fucking beta calm the fuck down.. -_-

    • AmarBains

      how do you get it to run in windowed mode?

      • rattlesnake_906

        add “-window” command line (without inverted commas) in launch properties. For some games, Alt+Enter helps too.

    • rattlesnake_906

      Guys try running the game as Direct x 10. Have you guys tried the windowed mode?

      • IWantToPlayWarframe

        how do i change it?I cant mark it

    • PissedOffMan

      Update crash doesn’t get fixed by waiting (for me) it keeps repeating, and yes i tried clearing the cache, it still doesn’t work. It stops at the end of the update 1242.2/1242 and stays there for one minute, then crashes, and repeats.

    • coolcory

      my screen goes white when i try to do a mission

    • darkcry

      The Number #5 update failed solution didn’t work :( this always happened to me

      • rattlesnake_906

        Make sure that your firewall isn’t blocking the game. Did you manage to run the game even once?

    • jolan

      After every mision is complete it shows mission sucess and rewards but after the 5 or so seconds that it takes to take me out of map it loads black screen insted stats.

      • Datravan

        Getting the same thing here. Mission success is followed by a black screen and sounds of fighting for a good 2 minutes after.

    • johan

      it always shows Ubdate of DirextX failed … I have DirextX 11 along with win 7 64bit..

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