Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of March 2013

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So you know about the games that are coming in the month of March? Which of the 35 plus games are you most exited to get your hands on? Still undecided?  Well here is one person’s point of view that might help you get some perspective on all things gaming in the month of March.

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games – March 2013

Following are the games that I am most excited for and ones which I can’t wait to get my hand on. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 most anticipated games of March 2013:

5# Soul Sacrifice
Publisher: SCE, Developer: Marvelous AQL & SCE Japan Studio, Genre: Action, Platform: Playstation Vita

There have been several comparisons of Soul Sacrifice to the Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls games. Not only because of the fact that all three have the word ‘Soul’ prominently placed in their title, but also because the Demons’ and Dark Souls are notorious for their difficult action gameplay.

I, being a staunch supporter of all things Demons’ and Dark Souls consider it a great disservice to the game to imply that it inherits its difficulty from the Soul series.

Soul Sacrifice is a game designed by longtime Capcom designer and the famed creator of Mega Man; Keiji Inafune. Yes, Mega Man, the original action game that dared to wear its difficulty like a badge of honor.

Inafune-san brings us a fresh new action RPG based around the concept of sacrifice. The core concept of the game revolves around the ability and need to sacrifice items, enemies and even your character’s own body to gain powers and abilities to overcome obstacles in the game.

The game offers a dark story revolving around a slave who happens upon a book which allows him to travel through the book’s stories and battle through monsters, sorcerers and other challenges in store for him in the book.

Players are able to play in a third person perspective in single and multiplayer modes and customize their characters’ roles to suit their play styles. They can choose to play as a tank, a caster or a melee specialist. Whatever abilities they chose, one thing is for certain, the road to victory won’t be an easy one and we gamers won’t have it any other way.

4# Sim City
Publisher: EA, Developer: Maxis, Genre: Simulation, Platform: PC

The game series that started the sim phenomenon, the granddaddy of sim games, the SimCity franchise has decided to grace us with its presence in the year 2013 with its 5th iteration, simply named; SimCity.

The original SimCity was a game designed by the legendary developer; Will Wright and published by Maxis in 1989. A game where players are given control over establishing, building and developing a city and spend their time in the creation and simulation of the city through the game’s simple yet addictive mechanics. The game was a phenomenon that sparked a slew of other spin-off “sim” titles and popularized the ‘god game’ genre.

While being a mayor in your own sprawling city has been an appeal prospect since the advent of the SimCity franchise, the ability to insert the building, defuse a situation and view city data has never been as easy as it is in the new SimCity.

While the new SimCity is still all about developing and controlling a dynamic city by undertaking construction projects, generating revenue and minimizing the negative effects of urban development, the 2013 iteration offers the players ability to monitor their city up close and view every happening in a visual perspective like never before.

Rather than look at separate menus for data in shape of lists, charts and graphs, players can now access the situation by visually looking at what is happening in the city. The improved level of simulation and system improvements allows the game to visually depict the events and the effects of your decision in such a dynamic manner that the player does not have to face the need for graphs and other data to understand the needs of the city.

Aside for the visual aids to help player strategy, the new game also requires an online connection to connect your city with others’ in the world. The game allows multiple cities to exist in its virtual worlds and be neighbors with in regions. However the unsocial person in us need not worry, the player can always set his or her region to “solo” and enjoy the game without any neighborly distractions.

On the whole, the new SimCity offers the players a refined gameplay experience and easier user interface, while retaining the complexities of its patented gameplay that has addicted players around the world for decades.

3# Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
Publisher: Konami, Developer: Mercury Steam, Genre: Action-Adventure, Platform: Nintendo 3DS

The prince of darkness returns in the next chapter in the Lords of Shadow saga and this time, he has decided to grace the 3DS for this iteration of the Castlevania franchise.

While it is the sequel to Lords of Shadow and a prequel to Lords of Shadow 2, the game does not follow the 3D action adventure pedigree of its predecessor. Mirror of Fate deviates from the often and incorrectly termec “God of War gameplay” and offers play styles of a 2D Action-platformer akin to Castlevanias of yore.

No, the Mirror of Fate does not support the “Metriodvania” style of gameplay made famous by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The game delves deep into the roots of the franchise and resurrects the core gameplay not seen since the 1995 release of Castlevania: Dracula X.

The game follows the action-adventure pedigree set by the Castlevania, Simon’s Revenge, Dracula’s Curse, Super Castlevania and Rondo of Blood. A play style focused less on the RPG elements and more on action and exploration. The action takes cues from the light and dark system introduced in Lords of Shadow and adds new combos, abilities as well as platforming elements to the formula.

Mirror of Fate presents the graphical style of Lords of Shadows and combines it with the side scrolling gameplay of 2D Castlevanias to offer a 2.5D gaming experience similar to the one offered in the PSP remake of Rondo of Blood in Dracula X Chronicles.

The game follows an original storyline, spanning 3 generations. It reintroduces the series’ renowned characters of Trevor Belmont, Simon Belmont, Gabriel Belmont as Dracula and his very own son; Alucard. The focus on the story aspect of the game is a source of excitement and fairly refreshing turn of events for a historically story light series like Castlevania.

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