Crysis 3 Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Graphics and Performance Fixes

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It’s time of the year when FPS fans get the real treat in the form of Crysis 3. The latest iteration just got released, and PC gamers are itching to test their hardware to enjoy the stunning graphics environment the game offers. However, since it is a PC game, you can come across with some issues that can spoil the fun for you.

Many times, you can bypass these errors/crashes by simple fixes. If you are looking for the fixes related to Crysis 3 on PC, this troubleshooting guide can serve the purpose of assistance.

#1 Crysis 3 Deluxe Edition – Missing Content
If you own a deluxe edition of the game and haven’t been able to get access to all the free content that comes with it (Crysis 1 & 2) or you are getting the Hunter edition being displayed instead of the Deluxe edition, don’t worry about it as EA is aware of the issue and they are trying to sort it out. Meanwhile, just to be on the safe side, I will recommend that you notify support.

#2 Crysis 3 DirectX Error
Crysis 3 is meant to be run on DirectX 11 supported cards so if you don’t own one, this can be the main reason behind the error/crash. If you own a DirectX 11 supported card, make sure you are using the latest version of gfx drivers. Furthermore, try re-installing the directX manually to resolve the issue.

#3 Crysis 3 Runtime Problem During Installation – Vcredist Error
If you are getting vcredist error during installation, make sure you are installing the correct version (64 or 32 bit).

This will make the error go away and you will be able to install the game just fine.

#4 Crysis 3 Install Stuck at 25%
I don’t know whether the fix will work for you or not but if you get the error during installation, cancel it and try running the setup in the safe mode. General installation errors are usually related to vcredist or directx so re-installing these can also solve the problem for you.

#5 Crysis 3 Multiplayer Error – Keep Getting Kicked Out
Try restarting your router which fixes the issue usually. If that doesn’t work, make sure that the game is not blocked by the firewall/antivirus tool installed on your PC.

#6 Crysis 3 Error – This Code has already been used
It was a bug at the developer’s end. Although the bug has been fixed but if you are still facing the issue even after restarting Origin or resetting the game library, you should contact support.

#7 Crysis 3 Error Just After Launch
If you have a DirectX 11 supported card and you still are getting the error then try out the following:

Use Optimus, the Nvidia Changer between two graphic cards and set it on maximum power for the exe of crysis 3

#8 Crysis 3 – How to Improve Performance
We all know that Crysis games are true test of PC hardware. If you are getting a smooth experience, it’s great but if you are having issues and believe that your rig can run the game better then I will recommend you to upgrade your graphics card drivers that have especially been released to boost Crysis 3 performance.

If you come across any other issues, let us know by commenting below!

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