Far Cry 3 Hunting Guide – Animal Locations and How To Hunt

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There are many gun-blasting lunatics on Far Cry 3’s island. However, maybe even more dangerous than these humans can be the wildlife of the island. Since Far Cry 3 takes place on a tropical island, you are bound to find various kinds of animals on it.

Instead of avoiding these animals; your priority should be hunting them. Hunting animals has several advantages. For example, you will need the skin of these animals for crafting and making upgrades for your weapons. Furthermore, you can manipulate these animals and turn them on your foes under special circumstances.

On top of that, animals interact with each other also. So expect to see a deer being chased around by a tiger during your stay on the island!

To learn all about the children of Mother Nature read on. For more help on Far Cry 3, read our Crafting Recipes, Weapons and Skills Tree Guide.

Far Cry 3 Animals / Locations

Harmless Animals

These animals will not attack you on sight so no worries.

Wild Boar
You can find this animal on the Northern Islands or the Southern Island. Taking the Wild Boar down is relatively easy.

They roam around the woodlands minding their own business. However, if you attack them, they will counter attack. Leopards find these fellows very delicious. So use Wild Boars as a lure for leopards.

The buffalo can be found strolling around on the Northern or Southern Island. Hunting down the buffalo requires some skill but not much. Most buffalos can be found near water.

If you agitate them, they prove to be a worthy adversary. You need a powerful gun to kill them off quickly as they can take some punishment. Dead buffalos are excellent lure for tigers.

Cassowary can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Killing them is quite easy. Bullets are more than enough.

Bird Of Paradise
This bird can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Hunting these birds down is very easy.

This mammal can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Killing them is simple enough. You just have to approach them very stealthily.

Utilize bow and arrow against these poor creatures. This way, you can avoid detection by the rest of the herd. Moreover, you can use the deer corpse as a lure for predator animals like bears.

Man’s best friend is skipping around Northern or Southern Island. Killing your friends is easy enough.

Galapagos Tortoise
The tortoise is chilling and relaxing on either the Northern Islands or the South Island. Hunting them is easy as they can’t seem to outrun you. A simple arrow does not kill it because of the thick shell therefore, it is obligatory to use a gun against it.

Goats can be found wondering around the Northern or Southern Island. Like in real life, goats are not hard to kill in Far Cry 3.

These slippery customers can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Hunting them down is easy enough. These monkeys mind their own business but can be kept as pets.

It can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Killing them is very easy.

They can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. They can be killed off easily.

This scavenger bird can be found on either the Northern or Southern Island. Needless to say these vultures are found in the air above ground.

They can be killed easily. First, you need to lure them down by using any sort of meat; fresh or not. These guys are not picky when it comes to food.

After that use long-range weapons to kill them. Getting too close to them will scare them away.

Black Eagle
These Black Eagles can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Naturally they are found in air. They can be hunted down easily.

Predator Animals

These animals will attack you on sight so be cautious.

Black Bear
These bears can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. They are harder to kill so come prepared. They can be found near cave entrances and rivers. A deer corpse is a good lure for them.

Black Panther
This speedy fellow can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. Hunting them down is extremely tricky.

Blood Komodo
This giant-ass lizard can be found on the Northern or Southern Island. It packs a huge punch so be very careful when you are up against it.

These reptiles are found on either the Northern Islands or the Southern Island. Funnily enough they are on land rather than being in water.

Killing them is a slight challenge but nothing too hard. Keep a lookout for them near lakes and rivers. Crocodiles lie in wait and try to ambush you at the first chance they get.

Australian wild dogs, dingo also feature in Far Cry 3. They can be found in either the Northern or the Southern Island.

Killing them is easy but it is not to be taken lightly as they are very agile and fast. It is best that you use an automatic weapon against them. They enjoy pig so use carrion to lure them out.

Komodo Dragon
It can be found on the Northern Islands or the South Island. It is not that hard to kill. The dragon can be found both in plains and near water.

If you get to close to it, the dragon will become hostile otherwise it remains passive. Dead goat meat is the best lure for the Komodo dragon.

This octane fueled, high speed animal can be found on the Northern Islands or the South Island. It is extremely hard to kill. Leopards are like the animal ninjas in this game.

They hide in the woodlands and attack very quietly and quickly. Therefore, it is best to use an automatic machine against them. Remember that you can lure the leopards out of their cover by leaving deer corpses out in the open.

This poisonous reptile is slithering around the Northern or Southern Island. It is easy enough to kill.

This cat is found roaming around the Northern or Southern Island. It is easier to kill than a leopard or panther.

Sea Life

You can find these creatures only underwater.

Sea Turtle
This turtle can be found either on the Northern or the Southern Island. It is very easy to kill.

This nasty piece of work can be found in Northern or Southern Island. It presents a bit of a challenge.

Manta Ray
This alien looking sea creature can be found in the Northern or Southern Island. It is impossible to hunt the manta ray. Furthermore, it can only be found in the deep sea.

Moray Eel
This sea snake thingy is swimming around Northern or Southern Island. It is a bit tricky to kill but nothing too hard.

The Eel stays within the coral reef. Furthermore, it tries to drown its foe when it gets a hold on it rather than biting it. So if you spot an Eel, it is best that you shoot it first before jumping into the water.

Great White Shark
The greatest predator in the sea can be in the Northern or Southern Island. It is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, very hard to deal with.

Bull Shark
This shark is found near Northern or Southern Island. More specifically they are found in the coral reefs. There is no way you can kill a bull shark.

You can only escape from it. You can do that by diving into deeper waters. If you face numerous bull sharks at once, your death is certain.

The exclusive Predator’s Pack consists of the following animals:

  • White Tiger
  • Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger/Wolf)
  • Black Panther
  • Red Vulture

Do not forget to leave your hunting tips in the comments below!

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  • Stephen

    Um…. no way to kill a bull shark? LMAO. BS. I just killed 5 before Iooked this up.

  • ben

    I am on the mission A Man Named Hoyt and the map isnt showing me where the animals are. Any Help?

  • Marcus

    can anyone help me to find goats??? Can’t find them at all :(

    • anonemo

      i found some right by dr. earnhardt’s masion, just watch the leopard hunting them!

  • bullsharkkillingmaster

    you can kill a bull shark by simply shooting at it from land

  • pigghoti

    i would like to know where i could find tapirs and would like to know what the best sniper is to take out the heavys

    • kyle

      .50 cal that you can buy after obtaining 20 relics

  • salvo

    @soylent-bob Your guide is 50 times better than the excuse for a guide found above. Thank you, some very helpful information you gave there.

  • soylent-bob

    hate to say it but this guide sucks!!!

    1) i have been attacked with no provocation by the following animals:
    Wild Boar

    a friend says he got a chunk taken out of him by an eagle when he winged it, although that hasn’t happened to me.

    2) Tigers are by far the hardest big cats, they take minimum 3 shots with shot gun. leopard on the other hand take two. Smaller targets, but they hit softer so fairs fair.

    3) On the subject of weapons the best by far for all land animals and to be fair, off the side of a boat for sharks, is the shotgun. any shotgun. the spread is wide so you can at least tag the buggers and make them pause before getting you and the damage is great. if you spot some thing that you need from a far off then of course the sniper rifle, and yes bow for herbivores, but the idea of using an automatic for a leopard is crazy. dude will tear your ass to shreds while you spray wildly into the jungle.

    4) Crocs will get you anywhere, except maybe up a mountain. Ive been attacked in rivers, jungles and even a bloody beach (near a river :). swimming in rivers is therefore advised with caution.

    5) Komodo’s are double tough! they are not passive at all!!! again the shotty is the way to go, but they take at least a clip of an SMG or the weaker automatics. they HATE fire though, and tend to hang around tightly in groups of three + so fire arrows work. also, if you have the distance on them, grenade the things.

    6) Main gripe here, massive tactical error! you try and do recon in any area with animals, you had better clear it or make sure its just deer or something that doesn’t actually get you. be constantly aware of animals, because you WILL, i guarantee it, have a tusk up your ass and then five guys in your face. nothing shocks you more than calmly scouting an area, marking targets, checking lines of sight, planting mines etc, then lining up your first shot and BAM leopard in face, tearing you to sh*t and letting everyone know where you are. even birds coming out at the wrong times can alert enemies to your presence. so always, ALWAYS, know your areas animals. the crafting thing is essential too but on an hour to hour basis you have got to know where they are. you hear a growl when you are scouting, make sure you hunt that sumb*tch down or he will munch you.

    • NPSWarrior

      not a clip, its a magzine. Clips feed magazines unless its a belt fed weapon

  • Farcrypro

    You can easy kill sharks with your jet ski !

  • Rebekka

    The Golden Tiger one w/ the bow & normal arrows is a total P A I N – you can’t hardly even aim that cheap bow. It needs a scope or something to do that quest. All I do is miss it and it eats me alive & I start over again.
    Great game but this is making me what to whip the controller through the window

    • Tazzi4ever

      Did you try standing on top of a car so it can’t attack you?

    • Ironman

      use a hunting syringe animal repellent. it wont try to attack you at all.

  • damion

    Hey guys please give me the exact grid ref of the great white shark everyone is saying this is a myth

  • Yen worth

    Would like to know more about the thylacine

  • chase buck

    I need help finding deer… I just can’t find them!

    • Rebekka

      I find them near the main village – by the wooden bridge/water area. I found alot more of them at the beginning of the game than after a few missions in though.

  • Ratboy116

    if you want to find a great white shark hop in a boat on the southern island go ALL the way to the edge of the map and jump out you WILL find the mother ****en things p,s one bite takes a whole bar so heads up about that also i suggest a patrol boat gun to kill those ****en things(just to make sure when you put it down it STAYS down) hope that helps you do some “population control” on this *****en jerks

  • renato

    U forgot to put the jellyfish and other animals, u can see all of them at the menu – handbook – (press square for statitics) – then animals. Then u’ll see all of them.
    Btw, the ”black eagle” its a crow.

  • jefiowhfiuw

    where on the map can i find the kasuaris?

    • http://segmentnext.com Haider Khan

      uh. You mean the cassowaries? They are often depicted as large birds on the map when you zoom in enough. They are lots of places on the North Rook Island where you can spot them.

      • Rebekka

        Thanks, I need that one & had no idea what it was or where to look. 😀

  • Scott

    You missed out Seagulls so I’m guessing you missed other animals too. This game is absolutely incredible btw.

  • Dave

    @Sam. I saw 2 in water behind shipwrecks, on Medusa’s call level.

    • Sam

      I think i did that level isit the one where you get on the big boat? Cant remember where it was if you could tell me the location on the map, be a great help. Thanks

  • Sam

    Please can you tell me where the great white shark is!!

    • catoniche

      I believe its part of a hunting quest im not to sure.

      • renato

        i did all the path of hunter and there was no great white shark. ANd btw i CANT FUCKING KILL!! THE MOTHERFUCKING JELLYFISH!

        – GRENADE
        – RPG
        – SMG


  • Catoniche

    3 shots with sniper second unlock and manta rays are dead, 2 shots with sniper rife second unlock and bull shark is dead.

  • Hutz

    I was killing bull sharks earlier. I was on a jet ski and just hitting them with it.

    • Scott

      Yep, I was doing this too. This article isn’t exactly comprehensive. It does seem to be true that shooting at the Bull sharks doesn’t do a damn thing, though. I wonder why the game features two animals native to Australia, and so many of the voice cast are from New Zealand, when the game is set in Thailand lol. Game still kicks ass though, loving it so much.

      • Cyote

        You know, a 44. can Always do the job. Its just 3 shots!

      • Brennan

        I killed over ten bull sharks with the second assualt rifle (not even using a clip) using a stand on boat