Far Cry 3 Crashes, Errors, Graphics Tweaks, Freezes and Performance Fixes

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It’s time that you grab your copy of Far Cry 3 and get lost in its massive and indulging world. If you are in Europe, you must be playing the game. If you are in North America, you will have to wait a little longer.

In any case, if you are a PC guy, you will enjoy the stunning graphics. If that’s not the case at your end, it is definitely a technical glitch or a game bug. If you are facing such issues, you can scroll through our list of workarounds to find the one that fixes the problem you are experiencing in the game.

Note: If you haven’t yet, you should apply the Day One Patch by the Developer. It tends to solve multiple problems.

#1 Far Cry 3 PC – Split Screen
There is no split-screen for the PC version of the game. If you can’t find it, there is nothing wrong at your end.

#2 Far Cry 3 – Graphics Problems/Glitches
If you are meeting the recommended system requirements and having trouble with the graphics, you should try changing HDAO to HBAO in the graphics menu in settings. It should improve the performance.

#3 Far Cry 3 Performance Issues
If you are unable to get smooth experience even after meeting the recommended system requirements, you should try to lower the graphics settings a bit (From Ultra to High).

Furthermore, try changing the Ambient occlusion from HDAO to HBAO to boost the performance. I know it’s a compromise but for the time being, this is all you can do to improve the performance (if that matters to you).

#4 Far Cry 3 Bug – Can’t Exit the Vehicle
It’s a small bug that can trouble you. To get rid of it, you need to turn controls to default. You can change them again after exiting.

#5 Far Cry 3 – Optimized Drivers for Nvidia Users
If you own a Nvidia card, you should try these beta drivers for better performance.

#6 Far Cry 3 Crashes on Startup
The problem seems to be related to Uplay. Try disabling the Uplay In-Game Overlay to fix it. If you want it on, it could be because you are not using the latest version of the Uplay (2.1.2). Exit the software and see if the update message pops-up.

#7 Far Cry 3 Black Screen Issue
It can be due to multiple reasons. You should try running the game in windowed mode first. If you are able to make to the settings in the menu, try lowering the graphics and see if the black screen problem goes away.

#8 Far Cry 3 Stuttering Fix
Make sure that you have 1.01 version of the game. Apply the patch if you don’t have that version. You can also try updating your drivers. Both Nvidia and AMD users should obtain the latest beta drivers to improve the performance.

#9 Far Cry 3 Error – Disk IO Failure
You can try the following to fix the issue:

  • Verify the cache of the game files.
  • Try disabling your antivirus/firewall temporarily to see if game files are being blocked by the software.
  • In case if some files are corrupt, re-download it and do a fresh installation.

If you come across any other issues, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!

21 responses to “Far Cry 3 Crashes, Errors, Graphics Tweaks, Freezes and Performance Fixes”

  1. Ruloo says:

    I can’t even move my mouse to the right part of my game screen help would be much appreciated :)

  2. Craw says:

    I’m having a problem with the crash when it starts up, I’ve tried all I can find but the problem persists. I’ve tried the solution on this tread but the crash continues. Please give me help on this as i have tried everything.

    My system specs are as follows:

    Operating System
    MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 36 °C
    Kentsfield 65nm Technology
    4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz (5-5-5-18)
    ASUSTeK Computer INC. StrikerExtreme (Socket 775) 40 °C
    SyncMaster (1360×768@60Hz)
    768MB GeForce 8800 GTX (XFX Pine Group) 45 °C

    I had over 11 hours of gametime until my game crashed and then the startup crashes appeared.

    Please help me fix this.

    • Someone says:

      I finished the game once and on my second time playin something’s wrong with the “burn all the drug mission”(kick the hornet’s nest)
      When I just got to the mission it says I already burned 2 fields and when I burn another 3 fields it doesn’t do anything. It says I still need to burn them.,,
      I restarted the mission and abandoned the mission several times
      What should I do?

  3. Jon Bartlam says:

    Just a note – I had the issue where you couldn’t leave the vehicle. You don’t need to default your controls – just use the default control(e) for leaving the vehicle! My action button is Mouse 4 but I just use the letter e to leave vehicles – Not as harsh as defaulting.

  4. Joker says:

    Also having the black Screen issue
    all drivers are updated

    it doesnt state HOW to launch in windowed mode either

  5. Wibbe says:

    Hey, i have a problem with the resolution when i play. If i choose full resolution and full screen i can only move the mouse half way on the screen. I have installed the 1.01 patch och installed the nvidia beta driver but i cant still use the whole screen. I have a geforce gtx 680.

  6. gameFreak says:

    Please help me with my problem “You do not have sufficient access privileges to run this game”
    I’m desperate to play this game!!

  7. vin says:

    steve, dont bitch that the game sucks because it doesnt work on your end, its your own system, im sorry to say, I havent had ANY dificulties with the game AT ALL until about 4-5 hours into the game. its a pretty big problem, my entire computer crashes randomly since the mission where you first meet hoyst with the minefield. cannot finish the game

  8. Bad Boy says:

    Every time i buy something from the market the game crashes, Can someone tell me how to fix this?

  9. gameFreak says:

    I need help, when I run the game it open and stuck at the black screen. Then it crash with a message “You do not have sufficient access privileges to run this game”. Please help me with this, I’m using Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I already run the game as administrator, turn off UAC, but there still the same error, and also i have the system requirements for the game. This is also happen to Far Cry 2. Is there anyway to fix this error? Please I’m “dying” to play this game!

  10. dabade says:

    I have a 7870 +I7 920. All factory clocks. Games runs flawless, and is very beautiful. It would have been nice to have a larger draw distance but I’m sure someone will publish a tweak or patch for this eventually. Great game. Well worth the money even at full price.

  11. beedlejinxed says:

    hi, well for me it always crashed while i was still in that cage at the beginning.
    i have a factory oc’ed gtx 580 , i put the clocks down to original spec and ramped up the voltage a bit. running perfect now.

  12. Thorleif says:

    I am on AMD. AMD HD 6990 and i am experiencing MAJOR stuttering. i have 12 gb ram and my video card has 4gb ram. And it has the same stuttering on low as it has on very high and maxed out. I have now been messing around in the options menu since i got it and now i am experiencing graphic glitches with disappearing plants and objects until it crashes. Its in the first scene right after you sneak past the first 2 dudes. Horrible horrible horrible port. Horrible. And i am soooooooooo sick of the intro movie. cause everything it F*cks out on me i have to watch it over and over and over and over. every time. I have the latest AMD driver. The latest directx. I have tried different settings. on and off with vsync. nothing. Shitty work done by ubisoft.

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