Black Ops 2 Class Loadouts Guide – Best Multiplayer Loadouts

Call of Duty’s legacy is, in fact, in the diversity of its multiplayer. Every recent title in the series boasts a huge arsenal of weaponry and provides players the freedom to choose their favorite items from that lot.

That said, it is also very important for players to pick the weapons best suited for either their roles, the game mode or the map. Pick the wrong perks or equipment and you might find yourself at a big disadvantage.

Players familiar with the Call of Duty series would have enough previous experience to familiarize with most of the weapons, perks, etc. offered. However, for those unfamiliar players here are some of our favorite ultimate custom loadouts.

We recommend the following for use and promise them to help you steamroll enemy players.

Lastly, the following loadouts are not mandatory, if you feel like another weapon would feel better then sure go ahead and change it. Consider the following as guidelines to help you in the multiplayer.

The Defensive Class

  • Primary Weapon: AN-94
  • Primary Attachment 1: Select Fire
  • Primary Attachment 2: Reflex Sight (With WildCard)
  • Secondary Weapon: Raging Judge
  • Lethal Grenade: Claymore
  • Tactical Grenade: Flashbang
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket
  • Perk 2: Hard Wired
  • Perk 3: Awareness
  • Scorestreaks: UAV, Lightning Strike, Sentry Gun

Haters will refer to this class as the ultimate choice of campers, but I disagree. The AN-94 has a very high damage, and you can take down an enemy with a short burst (Select Fire) from a long range. The gun has low recoil when used in short bursts, and it is very easy to take down an assortment of enemies.

The problem here is that you have to settle in a good location with a line of sight to the rush of enemy players. The Claymore and Sentry Gun will provide good cover for you against enemies who might try to flank you. That said the Awareness perk will further help you in detecting any scurry of footsteps and nail those targets.

When played right, you’ll be practically a ghost. It’ll take a lot of deaths for them to realize where exactly you’re situated, and by that time you would have racked your share of the kills.

I would suggest going with ‘Select Fire’ as your primary attachment. If the need be, then you can always for another attachment with the wild card.

Behind Enemy Lines

  • Primary Weapon: Vector K10 or MSMC
  • Primary Attachment 1: Extended Clip
  • Primary Attachment 2: Laser Sight
  • Secondary Weapon: Beretta 23R
  • Lethal: Frag
  • Tactical: Bouncing Betty
  • Perk 1: Lightweight
  • Perk 2: Toughness
  • Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning
  • Scorestreaks: UAV, Lightning Strike, Death Machine

For those wanting to rush right into the battle will need excessive mobility to surprise enemies. Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning will help you boost right into their lines and with the low recoil of Vector, it will be easy for anyone to take down a bunch of players. Even if they half-heartedly fire their weapons, Toughness will enable you to get the better of them.

The Invisible Sniper

  • Primary Weapon: DSR 50
  • Primary Attachment: Ballistics CPU
  • Secondary Weapon: KAP-40
  • Lethal: Claymore
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade
  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Cold Blooded
  • Perk 3: Awareness
  • Scorestreaks: Counter-UAV, Sentry Gun, Orbital VSAT

Everyone opts for the Sniper class in any FPS game. The DSR 50 is the ideal choice for snipers in this game. The bolt-action rifle will guarantee a confirmed kill every time you shoot an enemy above the chest. The Ballistics CPU will help reduce the sway of your crosshair. I wouldn’t recommend you to go for an ACOG scope. I don’t know why most people opt for it, but I find it really annoying.


By Saqib Mansoor

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    • anthony

      how can u get a Tactical: Bouncing Betty?

      • Jake Roberts


    • Ryan Kayne Wright

      Msmc Domination Class Msmcw/laser and extended clip perks:flak jacket scavenger and tougness dexterityor engineer lethal:c4 tactical:shock charge or black hat great 4 rushing and 4 80+ [:

    • TeJayDubz

      Primary: Type 25
      Attachments: Foregrip, Adjustable Stock, & Fast Mag
      Secondary: No Secondary
      Wildcards: Primary Gunfighter & Perk 1 Greed
      Perk 1: Lightweight & Flak Jacket
      Perk 2: Scavenger
      Perk 3: Tac Mask
      This is a good class for TDM/FFA game types and will make you extremely accurate across the map in long range duels, and for rushing you’ll have accurate sprays and the fast reload will put you right back into the fray in no time.

    • Tommy Preston Crupe


      Attachments: Reflex and FMJ
      Crossbow (no attachments)
      Perk 1: Hardline
      Perk 2: Fast Hands
      Perk 3: Engineer
      Bouncing Betty
      2x Flashbangs

    • Carlos Taco Mata

      Skoripion Evoluton:
      Attachments: Fore grip, Laser sight, and extended mag. (You’ll need primary gunfighter)
      (No secondary)
      Lethals: No lethals
      No tactical.
      Perks: Flak Jacket , Scavenger , Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning
      Wildcards : Primary gunfighter , Perk 3 greed
      You may use other set ups but I prefer this set up.
      This setup isn’t for objectives but for rushers.

    • codeliteliveplayers

      use a pdw 57 silencer and quickdraw because u dont need three attachment beecause of how flexible it is and the quickdraw woud help u win more gunfights
      no secondary
      perk1 lightweight and ghost
      perk2 are scavenger and toughness
      perk3 is dexterity because when u have quickdraw and dexterity if you ever go into a one on one battle and aim at the same time u should win also when you use this class u dont have to be sneaky you can just aim at the enemy before they have a chance

    • Jesus

      M27-fast mag, silencer, stock/fast mags
      Any lethal

    • Potato

      Silencer red dot sight
      Perk 1 hardline
      Perk 2 hard wired
      Perk 3 dead silence
      Lethal bouncing Betty x2
      Tactical flash bang x2

    • Blake Pouwhare

      sniper class= primary class= dsr 50 +laser sight+full metal jacket secondary class=xpr-50+acog sight +clymore+-perk 1 light perk 2 scavenger perk 3 engineer

    • tomahawkist

      Skorpion Evo

      Extended Mag & Quickdraw


      Hardline+Fast Hands+Dexterity

      2x Shock charges
      This setup works great for me and suggest a setup to use if you like to run and gun

    • l2

      Chicon CBQ (burst fire)
      Supressor + Fast Mag + Grip

      Perk1: Ghost + Lightweight
      Lethal: None
      Tactical: None

      Works pretty damn fine for me…

    • Ninja


      Any pistol with dual wield

      Ghost to stay hidden from UAV
      Scavenger (if you can survive long if not go with cold blooded)
      Awareness to hear people coming if you have a good headset

      Tac insert

    • Schnox_Dog

      FFA Load out:
      Attachments-Quickdraw, Silencer
      Attachment-Fastmag/Long Barrel
      Perk 1-Lightweight
      Perk 2-Cold blooded
      Perk 3-Dead Silence
      Lethal-Claymore/Bouncing Betty

      TDM Load out:
      Attachements-Quickdraw, Grip, Adjustable Stock(wildcard)
      Perk 1-Flak Jacket
      Perk 2-Cold blooded
      Perk 3-Dexterity
      Tactical-Smoke Grenade

    • Ryan

      My best class:
      Primary: SVU-AS
      Attachments: Fast Mag, Silencer
      Wildcards: Overkill, Secondary Gunfighter
      Second Primary: MTAR
      Attachments: Target finder, Fast Mag
      Perk 1: Hardline
      2: None
      3: None
      Lethal: Grenade
      Tactical: None

    • XxGab-MGxX

      Sniper class:
      Primary Weapon: Ballista with Ballistics CPU
      Secondary Weapon: KAP 40 with Extended Mags
      Perk 1: Ghost
      Perk 2: Hardwired
      Perk 3: Awareness
      Lethal: Sensor Grenade
      Tactical: Smoke Grenade
      Scorestreaks:UAV, Hunter-Killer, Counter UAV.

      The KAP 40 can be used when your in a close combat gun fight, it really helps to take out a few enemies and make a run for it to somewhere safe. Ghost helps out when you get spotted by the enemy radar and you need to make a run to the nearest building or safe place. Hardwired is useful so you don’t get distracted by the counter UAV or EMP (which can be really annoying sometimes). Awareness helps out when your running to your next sniping place, like a NINJA! The smoke grenade is REALLY useful when you get caught by the enemy and you need to make a run for it, throw it at the floor and RUN! I got saved ,LITERALLY, hundreds of times by the Smoke Grenade. The sensor grenade is used so you can place it behind you or someplace you know the enemy will come through.

    • Hillbilly

      ***Perk-man Loadout***
      Wildcards: Greed 1,2, and 3.
      Primary: Your favorite weapon (I use SCAR)
      Perk 1: Lightweight + Hardline
      Perk2: Toughness + Cold Blooded
      Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning + Dexterity
      Scorestreaks: UAV, Hunter-Killer, Care Package

      The idea is to charge forward and flank for some kills, trade the naked weapon for one with some attachments, and get the UAV and Care packages rolling in. The lack of tactical/lethals is an obvious downside, but potentially having 15 points of loadout is pretty cool and works wonders for me.

    • Connor

      MSMC with FMJ, Suppressor, and Fast Mag (using wild card), and using two more wild cards for allowing two perks on perks 1 & 2, get Ghost, Lightweight, Scavenger, Cold-blooded, and Extreme Conditioning as well as Care Package, Hellstorm Missile, and Orbital VSAT for your score streaks. Got me my 2.21 KDR, so it works!


      scorpian evd
      secondary the first shotgun
      perk 1 flack thiing
      perk 2 any
      perk3 any
      care packege
      by the way im level 30 on pestige 1

    • Ton Falcon

      Primary: MSMC
      Attachment 1: Lazer Sight

    • Jackal0414

      Hardcore tdm load out:
      M27 no attachments
      Perk 1: ghost
      perk 2: cold blooded, scavenger
      Perk 3 : assassin, engineer
      Lethal: grenade or bouncing Betty depending on map
      Tactical: Black Hat
      Scorestreaks: UAV, Care package, Lode star

    • Tj

      a TAC-45 with ext.mag and Laser, ghost, blind eye, dead silence, and any other perk with a radar grenade is a great stealth hunter class. i use it and go an easy 11-6, and i’m not even that good

    • Dallas

      Wel if you want to stur hells pot fal dw target or any site but i like target sight then put select fire use wild card put fore grip or extended mags bouncing betty hard line cold blooded and engenerr launcher as sec and go kill some shit

    • xAnonymous2012x

      Type 25 QuickDraw and fastmag with smaw hardline cold blooded engineer with claymore shock charge x2 great for run n gun or camping x)

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