Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) Crashes, Install Problems, Errors, Freezes and Fixes

By   /   3 years ago

The remake of the classic iteration in the Need For Speed series has been released to masses and NFS fans are already going crazy about it. It’s an important title for the racing fans on PC as other racing games like Forza and Gran Turismo don’t get released on PC.

Worrying is the fact that whenever a big franchise is released on PC, it comes with several game breaking issues. These issues aren’t always at the developer’s end and can occur due to small configuration conflicts and can be resolved following simple workarounds.

IF you are experiencing any such issues in Most Wanted (2012), refer to our list of workarounds:

#1 Can’t Install Need For Speed: Most Wanted
If you are unable to run the setup properly and have directx and drivers etc properly installed, you can try the following work around to fix the issue:

  • Go to the directory of NFS: Most Wanted Installer (Usually it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted\D3D11Installer)
  • Right-click -> Properties on D3D11Install.exe
  • On the compatibility tab, click the “Change settings for all users” button near the bottom of the window.
  • Select “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)” under “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and make sure the option is checked.
  • Near the bottom, under Privilege Level, make sure “Run this program as an administrator” is checked as well.
  • Apply these changes and restart Origin. This should keep you running.

#2 Need For Speed: Most Wanted Crash – Stopped Working
You can try out the following solutions:

  • Make sure that you aren’t using multiple monitors (disable them through windows) before launching the game.
  • You can also try out the fix mentioned in #1.
  • Try changing the resolution of the game to your native resolution.

#3 Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Can’t Download the Game
If everything else is working fine (your network, I mean), except that you can’t download the game through Origin, you should update the Origin client and try again. If it doesn’t work or you already have the latest version, then I will recommend that you contact the support to resolve the issue for you.

#4 Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Game Crashes While Loading
If you have all the latest updates installed for the game, you can try playing the game offline.

#5 Need For Speed Most Wanted – Can’t Play the Cut-scenes
You can do the following to avoid this problem:

  • Try re-installing the game.
  • Try deleting the registry files for the game.

If you are experiencing any other issue while running the game, let us know by commenting below!

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  • Abhranil Das

    I’ve installed the game,but when i launched it, it keeps loading,but then i’ve checked the RegeDit entries but there was no entris under the EA Games……how to solve this please help

  • yuvraj

    the game runs fine but as soon as i hit a police car or speed up infront of a police car the game crashes and stops working

  • Virendrasinh Zala

    need for speed most wanted 2012 has stopped working windows 7

    6 gb ram

    1TB hard disk (and not available graphics card) so i AM playing need for speed most wanted 2012

    my pc Error need for speed most wanted 2012 has stopped working

    so I am playing game???? plllzzzz sir, answer

  • asad

    when changing shadow level settings to any(high-med-lo) game crashes with a message need for speed 2012 has stopped working! pc specs 4 gb ram intel i3 3210

  • praneeth

    while playing the game it crashes saying server error! and fatal error code. what can I do?

  • BIGZ

    My problem i kinda corrupted a file in the NFS directory, Make the Movies files Play with a different program and cant Change it back. PLZZ HELp

  • Infant Antony

    crash while playing. how can we fix it.

  • Kristov

    I’ve installed it from a torrent download but when I open it it just pops up a box saying that is stopped working. It worked perfectly before. Why is this happening?

  • Adam Shah Lokman

    it want DXGIFactory

  • armando

    same problem.but mines for xbox 360.when I start justs stays on the black screen.

  • harman

    m not able to enjoy online features error code:800d0000 appears
    plz help



  • rian

    when running NFS mostwanted 2012 the application was aplication Correctly Unable to start (0xc000007b) why ..?

  • gagan

    i am not able to play the game on LAN. it is not able to connect to other player. plz give me some breakthrough

    • rattlesnake_906

      The game doesn’t support LAN :)

  • Garry

    the dlc was ultimate speed

  • Garry

    my game says ‘no application can open this type of file”origin”????????????????????????
    i just installed a dlc pack for it before that it was working fine

  • rahul

    now its give me xinput1_3.dll is missing from ur computer

  • ghoust

    when i exit NFS the tab wont close, instead its not responding. what do i do?
    i tried task manager to close it but it wont work.

  • Mido


    when i start the game on windows 8 32 bt

    it says : no apps are installed to play this type of link (origin)

    wierd right ?

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    cant load saved games

  • Shreyash Singh

    when i sart game it says origin is not installed and when i installed origin it asks for product code help me what to do from where to get free product code without any survey or tell me another way to play this game

  • Ryan C.

    after installing the NFS. tried to lunch it .. saying that there’s an error.. directx10 or better graphics bla bla, but! i already installed the directx11.. still, it doesnt work! heelppp.. i really want to play this game..

    • Lily Nrman

      u need to copy the application.exe from crack folder in the dvd and paste it on c/prgrameFiles/EAGames/NFSMostwanted. After that, click it and enjoy. 😀

      Well, not too en-joyful when facing a stupid ‘NUM6 set a destination’ problem. People suggest to change the gameplay control before u reach Porsche at the beginning of the game. already num lock+ and press 6. or num lock+fn+6. but..failed. help!

    • wahyu

      hi, I am also getting the same problem, there is a solution yet? please let me know.

  • Shourya Meyur

    When I start playing Park and Ride with Lamborghini Gallardo, the cut scene plays and after the race starts Game crashes. Can anyone help me??

  • avi

    hi.. when i open nfs most wanted criterion, it says origin is not
    insalled and ur required to play the game. Reinstall origin! what do i


      Install the game into Local Disk :C :)

  • Linkin Parḱ

    WHEN I LUNCH THE GAME an error happend calld expect_handler_4 common help me plz

  • Br3n7

    While driving auto recommendations come up and go to connect over and over help

  • sho

    hi.. when i open nfs most wanted criterion, it says origin is not insalled and ur required to play the game. Reinstall origin! what do i do?


    As i install the game i get an error: crc failed in(game folder) HAWAIIARENA_527908.BNDL

    • dante20

      Same here been trying to fix it but nothing at all

  • Rohan Tomar

    @aa07d89036e05b95c4faa3752707a2e1:disqus bro, i think you shuold put a graphic card in ur pc.

  • Rohan Tomar

    -::PLEASE HELP::- when i open the game, it opens but when i start a race to play, it loads stops and then suddenly closes. message box says- speed.exe has stopeed working. please help me with this problem.

  • Jay

    when i start the game it launches and a black screen appears but nothing happens please help me!!

  • Jimmy

    I have the same issue and i tried reducing my game graphics and still no luck

  • M.S.

    When i Stard the game and play the intro then i stardt the first race after 200Metres i become a black screen why i have sound and i can drive but i see nothing -.-“!

    • KRH

      I have this problem too .

      but NFS MW 2012 everytimes shows black screen for me !

      Isuue is on :

      “Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

      And d3d11.dll + ntdll.dll

      • KRH

        I fixed this problem with Underclock (Downclock) my GPU.

        there are many ways to fix this problem .
        My card was overclocked with bios , so I downclocked it to default
        Gpu & Memory voltages with ATi Tray Tools and issue solved .


        • Jayash Prasad

          i am having the same black screen in my phone micromax canvas doodle 3. of android version 4.4.2 and game version 1.3.69 please tell me how to solve this

  • Angel 16

    When I try to start a tollbooth race it shows the tutorial and the game crashes what should i do!!! T_T

  • priyam

    i download and installed the game but when i try to change the resolution by pressing enter it goes to drive the car, i have using the keyboard with num pad and also the screen resolution is of 1366*768.

  • NAME

    first it starts well but whenever i click career or do a quick race or even a challenge series it crashes HELP i installed some mod and vinyls and it was working just fine but now when i ever choose a modded car or a car that used to have downloaded vinyls it crashes again HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I REALLY LOVE THE GAME!

  • samarth

    i have a problem.. The game loads fine.. then when i get to change the car… the set destination “num 6” key will never respond.. i am not able to set destination :(
    any ideas. ?

    • nino

      i have same problem:(

  • santosh

    i downloaded the game but wile starting the app it shows this

    A Directx 10 or better graphic card is required.

  • keli

    My xbox 360game keeps randomly pausing even during races:-) kinda makes me want to throwit

  • darnell

    every time i play the game it says error 800d0000 and when i start playing it starts freezing idk why

  • rahul

    when i start the game it launches and a white screen appears but nothing happens please help me!!!

    • wema

      u just dont have a good pc to make it works ..

    • gabysx

      same problem to me my pc specs:

      3gb RAM
      CPU 3GHZ

      ATI 4000HD
      it should work properly but no, i get white screen after 3-5 secs of loading

  • sandy

    The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory1 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll
    how to fix that proplem ?

  • Experiencing Screenlag

    Small problem on MW2.
    I installed the game and everything does work.
    The problem is that there is a small screen lag. Which means, supposing I hit a lamp post, the sound is perfectly timed but i see the sparks on the screen a fraction of a second late.
    This also means that the car’s handling is not very responsive. Everytime I press a key, the screen reacts a tiny bit late, but the sound is fine.
    I thought it might be a problem with my NVIDIA 210 card, but my friends tell that’s not it.
    I checked my sys req. as well and all of that is ok (with Intel 2300 and 4GB RAM).
    Any help is appreciated.

    • nikhil

      i also have that problem, but if you got solution pls help me…….

      • SilentlyScreaming

        I’ve heard that setting the pre-rendered frames (within nVidia’s control panel) to the lowest possible setting 0/1) for this particular game fixes that issue.

  • NFSCrashesOnMe

    Game got even more issue after installing the updated today.

    Looks like new features with more bugs have been released.

    Worst ever PC game in terms of quality and stability.

    Pathetic that game developers are just dumping the console ports of what should have been PC as lead platform for NFS series.

  • tirivashe

    when i start a race its loads and keeps loading but on bouty it doest even take a sec

  • geroges stephan

    hey i have a problem :the video in the begining in the bridge it always crash pls leave a message to my e-mail AND THX !!

  • KenBlock

    I have same problem. When you first start your game you get this with and read screen take like 2 sek press a butten to continu or somting. after that it comes a video of a women talking, and you cant skip it. she talks about the town and so on, then she starts with ten racers. when she says “They are,The most wanted…….. my game crashes/freezez. please help me out.

    Read more:

  • Ryan

    When i try to start the game it says directx 10 or better needed but i have directx11 by default

  • DDzhere

    When I start the game and error comes up….its exactly “The procedure entry point CreateDXIGFactory1 could not be located in the dynamic link llibrary dxgi.dll”
    what am I supposed to do now ??

  • pugz

    after i press “any key to continue” the game just sits in the loading screen for an hour +. its becoming vary frustrating! Anyone know how to fix this?

  • raeme

    i am using a hp pavillion envy dv4 -Operating system – Windows 7 64
    -Processor – Intel® Core™ i5-3210M (3.1 GHz/2.5 GHz )
    -Screen size – 14″ diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit (1366 x 768)
    -Memory – 8 GB DDR3
    -Hard drive – 750 GB SATA (5400 rpm)
    when am playing the game it freezes for 5 seconds every time the game is playing. can anyone help me please. would appreciate it. email me @

  • MO.A

    Game starts, but crashes while loading before getting to the main menu or anything.
    Reply @

  • Saad

    When i start NFS13.exe then white screen appears and then it stucks
    please help!!

    • Mr.Darbaka

      The Same Fu** Problem

  • Hazz

    Hi, installed the game yesterday was playing last night. Tried to play again today and i cant launch. I double click the .exe (tried “run in admin” also) and it loads up a black screen and doesn’t do anything more. Absolutely nothing has worked to fix it so far.
    It does appear in task manager but doesnt appear to be using as much RAM as yesterday. No sound when in black screen and it does not appear as a process in the volume app (bottom right of screen). Any ideas?

    As for specs i dont think it should matter as i was running it fine last night and nothing has changed.

    Vista sp2
    Dual 9800GX2 SLI (BFG/Gainward)
    8gb Ram

    Using HDMI from primary GPU into Sony Bravia 40″ LCD. (Single screen, as have seen multiple screens can cause a bug similar to mine)

  • mattheww

    for those of you playing skidrow version go out and buy the game. skidrow is a pirated copy. the game is well worth it. I have an issue where the game runs fine then all stutters for a few secs then screen goes black but game is still running. can drive the cars and hear the audio but no video.

  • Somal

    i have an error that says this “origin not installed” any tips on fixing this problem?

    • abhishek

      you just download orgin for the game from google install orgin
      that’s it and game start’s normally :) enjoy

  • mahesh

    i have downloaded Need for Speed Most Wanted SKIDROW but cannot play, it gives me an error that origin not installed plss help.

  • adam

    Hi there, i have an issue here, my game always running in windows tab. please tell me how to fix it. i’m using windows 7 HP 64-bit, nvidia gtx 440, 4gb ram, and 21.5″ monitor.

  • suraj

    hey i have an error during the installation (trt_unit133) it ask me that abort,retry,ignore when i retry it it again show me error and when i ignore it it complete installation but when i started the game it show me error again.. so tell me please

  • kjassasin

    i have an issue where i start the game, it shows the loading symbol at the start then the whole screen turns blank an it just crashes plz send to my email

  • Hornsan1

    No help?

  • Magnus

    Hello im trying to install the game in origin but when it hits 35% then pops up a window saying “Direct3D11 is not installed, but is available for this vrsion of Windows.
    Please install the latest Service Pack.
    For intruction on installing the latest Service Pack see Microsoft Knowledge base article KB035791
    You may also need to install KB971544 after applaying the latest Service Pack to complete the installation of the Direct3D 11.” I have windows 7 and im not sure what to do now

  • skywalker

    i installed the PC version, everything run well during the installation. but by the time i started to click ‘play’ and proceed with ‘click any key’ it started to ‘loading’ but a never-ending loading. could you please advise what the problem could be?

    • Ali Asif

      Do you receive any error in the background. And did you try the points mentioned in #1?

    • londnr

      hello mate,
      did you get this working please? i’m having the exact same problem, launch game, hit any key, then all you get it “Loading….”


      • Hornsan1

        My game does the same thing.. I press start and the loading screen appears… And never stops loading

        • Mustymx

          so do i


    I told you my problem already please helo me its improtant

  • MafionzoR

    i have exactly the same problems like other when the women starts talking and the cars race it freezes and it quits my game


    i have an issue i start the game good and all but when i get to the starting clip when the lady talk about ten racers bla bla bla but when she come to they are the most…. my game crashes……..


    • MafionzoR

      please help us with the clip freezing problem

    • rxda

      i had the same problem.if you notice the video comes only at the time you first start the game .so i would advice that you download a savegame and replace it with the original save game.

  • Kc

    Crashes after first race

  • Connor

    I Have a unique problem!! When the game starts a loading symbol appears Then 5-6 Seconds later. A White Screen Appears like it Freeze/Crash
    Please Send Solution to my email!!

    Its Yahoo Mail!

    • Saad

      i also have the same problem please reply me at

    • warren

      i have the same problem too..plz send me the solution!

  • davidinark

    While playing PC version, game randomly freezes for 10-20 seconds, then game picks up again. In multiplayer, it’s a real pain. Single player continues as if nothing happened. Any ideas?

  • Gaurav

    when i start nfs mw2 it shows a error code 800d0000 and after i press enter game stucks and shows the error’game stop working’

  • john

    I have same problem. When you first start your game you get this with and read screen take like 2 sek press a butten to continu or somting. after that it comes a video of a women talking, and you cant skip it. she talks about the town and so on, then she starts with ten racers. when she says “They are,The most wanted…….. my game crashes/freezez. please help me out.

    • nick

      i have it to but how you can fix it ?

  • arthur

    i have an issue i start the game good and all but when i get to the starting clip when the lady talk about ten racers bla bla bla but when she come to they are the most…. my game crashes……..