Dishonored Runes Locations Guide – How To Unlock Supernatural Powers

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Runes are the rarest of the currencies in Dishonored. You need them to unlock and improve supernatural abilities or powers. You start with one supernatural power ‘Blink’ and for the rest of the powers, you will have to find these runes.

The more powerful supernatural ability you seek, the more runes you will need to purchase that. It is simple math, and you will disappointed to know that you can’t unlock all supernatural abilities or powers in one play-through.

Like I said earlier, runes are rarest of currencies in Dishonored, so there isn’t much runes in the game to enable you to purchase all supernatural abilities so you will have to be picky.

In order to purchase all 10 supernatural abilities, you need 56 runes while there are aren’t many available for you to collect in single play-through.

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Dishonored Runes Locations

Mission #2 – High Overseer Campbell

Rune #1
Location. When you meet Granny Rags in her apartment in Distillery District and help her get rid of the thugs outside her house, and she will reward you with this rune. You will find this rune hanging over the fire on the second floor of her apartment.

Rune #2
Location. Come back to Granny after retrieving the first rune and she will ask another favor. For this favor, you will have to get a rat viscera from Dr. Galvani’s lab inside his house. Once you have done that, Granny will reward you another rune and you can retrieve from the same place on the second floor.

Rune #3
Location. You will find this rune behind Granny Rag’s apartment, in the crotch of a shrine. You can reach it by exiting through the gray door on the first floor of Granny Rag’s apartment, into the alley. Go forward and you should notice shining lamps. This is the shrine!

Rune #4
Location. When you are disabling the Walls of Light in the Distillery District, you will find this rune in the guard station on the left side of the road beyond second Wall of Light. Get inside and you should find the rune on the table.

Rune #5
Location. After entering Overseer’s Mansion, look over the fireplace where Campbell and Curnow have their meeting. You will find this rune inside a picture frame hanging on the wall.

Rune #6
Location. You will find this room in Campbell’s secret room. You can reach it through the door to the right of the door that leads you to the backyard, where you meet Samuel.

Instead of meeting Samuel, go through this door that leads you to Kennels. Follow the stairs to the bottom and in the corner, you should see a bust of Holger.

Press the eye on the bust to open a door to the right revealing Campbell’s secret room. On your left should be a wooden case, smash it to grab this rune.

High Overseer Campbell (Hound’s Pit Area)

Rune #7, #8, #9
Location. You will get one from the Outsider’s first sojourn, second in the area near the Hounds Pit and you can buy the third from Piero.

Rune #10
Location. After entering Backyard to meet Samuel, look for a Workshop on your far left. It’s locked and to enter, you need to steal the key from the guard that is patrolling.

Once you have secured the key, enter the Workshop and look for a large chalkboard and some tools. Finally, look for this rune on the left.

Mission #3 – House of Pleasure

Rune #11
Location. Enter Dr. Galvani’s lab and look for this rune in the same bookcase you found the rat earlier for Granny Rags.

Rune #12
Location. After reaching Golden Cat area, look for on the opposite side. You can enter this building. Blink up to the second floor and look for this rune on the table.

Rune #13
Location. Enter Golden Cat, go to the second floor, and look for this rune on the wall. Hint: There will be hooker standing by the window nearby. Take her out and get this rune.

Rune #14
Location. You will find this rune on the third floor of Golden Cat. You can reach there by blinking through the opening of arches on top of the wall to land at the stairs that lead to the third floor.

To find this opening, while standing on the top of the main stairs, turn around.

Take the staircase to the third floor and make your way to the right down the hall. Enter the first door and look for this rune on the right side of the table behind the women who is smoking.

Rune #15
Location. Retrieve the combination to the safe from the Art Dealer by shocking him. You will find him on the third floor of his apartment building.

Once you have the code, go to his apartment in Distillery District. Door will be locked and to open it; you will need a key from the woman you save from thugs at the top of the stairs, on the left of the lower alley in Distillery District.

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