Torchlight 2 Outlander Builds Guide – Warfare, Lore and Sigil

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Be it sharpshooting from a distance, evading enemy attacks, or even summoning dark allies to accompany in your battle, the Outlander in Torchlight has everything required to cleanse the world from his foes.

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Torchlight 2 Outlander Builds

To aid in that benevolent cause, we have devised 4 builds for the class. These builds are on level 100, with 145 points distributed in the skills and 495 in the stats. Note that the Stats of the builds are not hard-and-fast, and are meant only to give you an idea of the point distribution.

Torchlight 2 Outlander Build #1




  • Venomous Hail (10/15)


  • Glaive Sweep (15/15)
  • Bramble Wall (15/15)
  • Flaming Glaives (15/15)
  • Share the Wealth (15/15)


  • Blade Pact (15/15)
  • Bane Breath (15/15)
  • Stone Pact (15/15) (Optional if you can replace with any other)
  • Shadowling Brute (15/15)
  • Shadowling Ammo (15/15)
  • Death Ritual (15/15)

The main reason why nothing has been left in the Stats slot is because this build is extremely flexible, and you’ll see why.

The build primarily utilizes poison damage and summoning capability, hence it’s important to invest mainly in Lore and Sigil. In fact, it’s better to say that it ALSO does poison damage, and primarily revolves around the powerful skills in the Sigil tree.

Your two main summons are Bane Breath and Shadowling Brute. Though they are fantastic by themselves, the powerful and effective passive Share the Wealth gives you and them extra bonus for the Charge benefits. This is mainly a co-op based passive, but works well with summons, and thus is a great choice.

For some nice AoE damage, you have Glaive Sweep and Flaming Glaive. Also, the Bramble Wall is a viable defensive ability that comes in extremely handy against tougher enemies.

Coming back to the stats, if you want to deal lots of damage, consider investing majorly in Dexterity and Strength. If you are looking for a stable crit-based player with a bit of tankiness, consider Dexterity and Vitality. If you want to take the best from your poison damage, consider investing majorly in Focus and Dexterity.

You may have noticed that Dexterity has been mentioned in all of them. This is because this stat is the Outlander’s bread-and-butter attribute – crits and lots of dodging.

Torchlight 2 Outlander Build #2


  • Strength 101
  • Dexterity 374
  • Focus 10
  • Vitality 50



  • Rapid Fire (15/15)
  • Cursed Daggers (15/15)
  • Venomous Hail (15/15)
  • Long Range Mastery (15/15)


  • Dodge Mastery (10/15)
  • Poison Burst (15/15)
  • Share the Wrath (15/15)


  • Stone Pact (15/15)
  • Master of the Elements (15/15)

Though the point distribution of this build may be relatively even, it is primarily a warfare focused one. This means that you will be relying on ranged projectile weapons to do most of the damage, and hence skills like Rapid Fire and Long Range Mastery come into play.

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  • Minh

    These builds are wrong for stat allocation. Outlanders should only have dex at 110 base MAX. That combined with 15/ Dodge mastery allows for the dodge cap of 75%. Any more dex than that, and you’re wasting your time. also, DONT put any points into VIT if you’re an outlander. The points are better spent in STR or FOC for damage. By endgame, no amount of VIT can save you from getting 1-hit by monsters, but more STR or FOC (depending on your build), can help you kill monsters faster.


    I have a different version of build #1 and I would like to share:

    Attribute Allocation
    2 DEX
    3 FOCUS

    Shattering Glaive lv 15
    Sandstorm lv 15

    Bane Breath lv 15
    Repulsive Hex lv 15
    Stone Pact lv 15
    Shadowling Brute lv 15
    Master of Elements lv 15
    Death Ritual lv 15

    other skills in priority
    Shadowmantle lv 5-15
    Dodge lv 5-15
    Poison Burst lv 5-15

    The best options are:
    * Mana and life steal or even regeneration grade item;
    * Elemental damage %;
    * Chance of critical hit %;
    * Critical damage %;

    This build is focused on magical elemental damage (mainly poisons of course) and of course the summons, but thanks to master elements and focus attribute the character can make skill spams with brutal magical damage to compare with the embermage.
    Consider any additional buff to optimize elemental damage as Elemental Overload 2. I did some testing with staffs and the differences were significant, a wand with increases in elemental damage would fall nicely as a main weapon.

    The skill Sandstorm and Shattering Glaive will have 20k damage with approximately 200 of focus. Remember the outlander has critical chance by 10% with full rush gauge bar also attack and casting speed.

  • Patito

    My favourite build focuses on dual guns and execution. I just spend all stat points in Dexterity, Focus, and some Strength. For skills, I spend everything between Akimbo, Long Range Mastery, Shadowling Ammo, Poison Burst, Dodge Mastery, Share the Wealth and Death Ritual. That’s right, no active skills. It’s kinda boring sometimes, but the damage output is totally insane, even in Elite I wipe out everything before they even reach me. This build excels at CO-OP if you have a tank.

    • Keith Mark

      Whats the Pure Build Attribute in Dual Guns, im also an Outlander Dual Gunner User :)

  • Doniazade

    Why is there no Glaive Throw/Focus stacking build? They are hilariously good.

    In essence:

    Dex for whatever crit percentage you want, I go for 53 dex = 10.1%
    Vit to taste
    Rest in Focus for massive skill and wand damage plus mana

    Gear for mana regen and poison damage, wield a wand with mana on hit and a shield

    Spam Glaive Throw all day every day, wand for mana
    Skills: 5/15 Glaive Throw for mana efficiency – do not invest any more points, or your sustainability goes to crap.
    Max passives: Dodge Mastery, Mastery of the Elements, Share The Wealth
    Max Cursed Daggers for the temporary boost and massive damage – keep the DoT up on bosses
    Burning Leap for mobility and Stone Pact for healing, invest points as needed. I can’t stand
    1/15 in Shadowling Ammo just because

    The main strength of this build is that Glaive Throw does amazing damage and automatically bounces around allowing you to clear rooms in seconds. Also, it slows enemies.

    Note that you need to use magical weapons (read: wands) since Focus buffs magical damage but not physical. You should not have any physical damage if you can help it.

  • The Bob

    Anyone also notice that in build #1 there are 10 skills with 15 points in each and one skill with 10 points, which if i can do simple math, equals 160 skill points versus the max possible skill points of 145…and in build #2 there are 8 skills at 15 points and one skill with 10 for a total of 130 points instead of the 145.

    At least the total for both builds equals 290, which is the total possible number for 2 separate builds….right?

    • kyle


    • GG

      it might be from new game plus

  • Radensca

    Also, is see this: “Your two main summons are Repulsion Hex and Shadowling Brute.” while there isn’t any skill point in Hex with build 1

  • Radensca

    I’m wandering wich weapon fits the best with build 1… dual guns or bow maybe?

    • Dhrakken

      Don’t wander too far, you might fall off a cliff…