Borderlands 2 PC Tweaks, Errors, Crashes, Freezes and FPS Fixes

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Borderlands 2 launched on PC today and like every other time, those who couldn’t resist the temptation to play it on first day, are experiencing several technical issues related to the game.

If you are among those unlucky few, who are experiencing different errors and bugs, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide that includes workarounds to fix these general errors and tweaks to make Borderlands 2 run smoothly on your machine.

1# Borderlands 2 Installation Fix – Can’t Start, Crash on Launch
After verifying the game cache, manually run these secondary installers required for the game. To do this, exit the steam entirely and go to Borderlands 2 installation directory (C:\Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\)and look for:

  • \Binaries\Redist\DXRedistCutdown\DXSETUP.exe
  • \Binaries\Redist\vcredist_2005_x86.exe
  • \Binaries\Redist\vcredist_2005_atl_x86.exe
  • \Binaries\Redist\vcredist_x86.exe.exe
  • \Binaries\Redist\dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe

Finish installing these and once done, restart your computer.

2# Borderlands 2 Won’t Go Past Preparing To Launch – Steam
If you can’t get past preparing to launch screen, verify the integrity of the game cache and restart Steam to fix this issue.

3# Borderlands 2 ATI FPS Fix
If you are experience performance issues on your ATI video card, download Orochi-CEG and you will definitely see a boost in performance.

4# Borderlands 2 FPS Stuttering Fix
This issue is due to PC’s connection to the router. If you are experiencing inconsistent FPS, you should try disabling your firewall and setting Steam in Offline Mode and disconnect from the network. If that doesn’t fix the issue, disable the network adapter itself or physically disconnect it.

5# Borderlands 2 is Choppy Fix
Set the PhysX to low and restart the game to resolve the issue.

6# Borderlands 2 – How To Disable Outline Shader
Go to C:/Users/Yourname/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/Config/ and open Willowgame.ini with a text editor. Search for this line: DefaultPostProcessName=WillowEngineMaterials.Willo wScenePostProcess and change it to: DefaultPostProcessName=EngineMaterials.DefaultUIPo stProcess to disable the outline shader.

This will remove the black lines but you will have to disable ‘Depth of Field’ to fix otherwise blurry screen.

7# Borderlands 2 Lag Fix
Set the PhysX to low and restart the game. It will reduce all the lag you are experiencing while playing the game.

8# Can’t Connect To Friends?
If you can’t connect to your friends for Co-op, try enabling DMZ mode on your router with firewall turned and all ports for Borderlands 2 forwarded. You need to forward TCP: 7777,7778, 28900, 28902,28910 and UDP: 7777,7778, 27900, 28902.

After that, set in-game Network Option from Online Friends Only to Online Invite Only. You should be able to connect to your friends after that but if that doesn’t work either, go to Steam Settings > Account Tab to opt into Steam Beta. Doing so might fix this issue.

9# Borderlands 2 Join Game Error ‘Time Out Fix’
If you are receiving this error upon joining your friends game, go to Steam Game Library and right click on Borderlands 2. Choose Properties and go to General Tab and open Set Launch Options. Type “-tcp”.

This should fix this error and enable you to join your friend’s Borderlands 2 game online. Don’t forget to go through #8 for some other workarounds to fix online connection issues.

10# Mouse Cursor is Invisible
Unplug any controller or USB device that you have plugged into your computer to resolve this bug.

11# How To Enable Hybrid PhysX in Borderlands 2
If you are running Borderlands 2 on ATI/nVidia hybrid PhysX setup, this is how you can enable full PhysX.

  • Download latest ForceWare from nVidia and then install it.
  • Install version 1.05ff of the Hybrid Mod.
  • Run the PhysX-HwSelection-set-GPU.cmd file in the Extras folder of the Hybrid Mod.
  • You will see PhysX option greyed out. In order to force it, go to your My Documents\My Games folder, within you should see a Borderlands 2 folder.
  • Open the Borderlands 2 folder -> WillowGame -> Config folders. Path should be something like: C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config
  • Find and open the WillowEngine.ini file.
  • Find the line that reads “PhysXLevel=” (It probably says PhysXLevel=0)
  • PhysXLevel=1 is Medium and PhysXLevel=2 is High.
  • Save your desired value, save, and launch the game to enjoy full PhysX.

12# .Net Framework Loop Fix
To fix this issue, go to game directory and look for .Net executable. For example, for Windows 7 64-bit, go to Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Borderlands 2/Binaries/Redist/dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe.

Run and install this file and you should be able to start the game fine. Alternatively, you can install it from here.

13# DISK IO Failure
Restart your PC and Steam. If that doesn’t fix, delete local content and re-download the game to resolve the issue.

14# How To Disable Cell Shading, Borderlands 2 Tweak
If you are finding it difficult to see objects from far and basically have FXAA disabled. This tweak makes it easy to disable Cell Shading in Borderlands 2.
Go to your .ini config files directory. On windows 7, this is Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/Config.

  • Find WillowEngine.ini
  • Ctrl-F to find “WillowScenePostProcess”
  • Replace with “RyanScenePostProcess”*
  • You can also set the file to read-only.

This will result in massive FPS boost in performance. Do note that this will make Borderlands 2 completely unplayable with Depth of Field and probably breaks other shaders so for this tweak, you will have turn everything else off. DefaultThumbnailPostProcess” works as well. RyanScenePostProcess seems to run faster for some reason.

15# Borderlands 2 Stuttering ATI Fix
You can download the new drivers for your ATI card here to resolve different stuttering issues you are experiencing while playing this game.

16# Borderlands 2 Blue Screen of Death Fix
Update your motherboard bios to fix this issue. Be warned, do it at your risk. You can read a detailed account of issues relating to Steam Games and ATI video cards here.

17# Borderlands 2 ATI Crossfire
If you are using a Crossfire, download This Application to resolve this issue.

18# Borderlands 2 Stuck at Loading Screen

19# Borderlands 2 Launcher Crash
Validate your files through Steam to resolve this issue.

20# Black Frame Around Game in Full-Screen
You might have to manually change the resolution to fix this issue.

21# Borderlands 2 Crash on Launch Direct3D Related
Update your DirectX and video card drivers to resolve this issue.

22# FPS Drops During Combat
To fix this issue, download and install PhysX drivers from here. After installing the drivers, set PhysX to low and run the game.

If you come across any other issues in Borderlands 2, let us know in the comments below and we will try to help you out!

125 responses to “Borderlands 2 PC Tweaks, Errors, Crashes, Freezes and FPS Fixes”

  1. Draego says:

    A while ago, the game was working perfectly fine for me. But now, when I launch, its fine. When I click continue, everything is fine, until I get in game. Nothing is lagging but the audio, which copies itself a few times. So when I’m Zero, and I jump it goes h-h-h-h-h-hunh (yes, that’s me trying to make his jumping sound through typing -.- ) I’ve tried everything that I know how to do, and nothing seems to fix it.

  2. I got a problem, i can start the game perfectly but when i star campaign, i can only see the HUD but not the location is completely in blank.

  3. JaviRolero says:

    Hi, I’ve been having this problem: as soon as the game loads the main screen, the camera starts spinning on its own and my mouse pointer doesn’t even apear on the screen.
    And this problem persist once I continue the game, spinning the camera while looking to the feet of my character, making it imposible to even move.

    The thing is that I don’t have any idea where the problem may be. It was working perfectly a few days ago (last time I played) Same mouse, same keyboard. So I think it may be some king of bug.

    Any ideas?
    (BTW, I play on pc via steam)

  4. somzer says:

    yeah, as I can see others too have this “in-the-middle-of-combat-freeze”
    for pc, or call it whatever…
    I have the same issue, sometimes a zoom with a weapon, sometimes picking up something is (or it seems) freezing the game, music and other constant voices (fire, drill -whatever) goes on.
    all I can do is bring up the windows taskmanager (don’t know it’s specific name, my PC uses the native language of mine), then processing and stop the process of Borderlands2…
    oh, and until I try to close the program, it says “running” instead of “no respond”.
    except for the stop precess method…pretty useful.
    so, any ideas? haven’t seen a respond on anyone’s,
    it would be great! I mean it!

  5. Lucas says:

    Whenever i try to select LAN in the network options my game freezes, can someone help me?

  6. HELP says:

    I just cant go to the sanctuary

  7. Connor says:

    it crashes the whole computer, just freezes for about 10 seconds on a black screen, then auto restarts my computer.

  8. Joshua says:

    using GTX680 Sli and GPU usage drops in battles but jumps when looking at walls …… I tried one GPU and with or without Sli it makes no difference at

  9. help me says:

    When i open inventory (tab) or access a vending machine, the whole screen turns white and i can’t see anything. THis makes it impossible to check gear or buy/sell anything. Using the nosteam release through wineskin on a mac.

  10. SnowBlind says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the Bios update worked for me. Im on a gigabyte board and updated to bios 8 and bam… I tried everything else and this was it! Just fyi

  11. Korken says:

    My game freezes when I load a new zone, it freezes on the loading screen and I have to ctrl+del to tab out and then I can just tab in again and its running but laggy the first minute after the freeze. It can also freeze sometimes in combat but just for a second, and then its laggy again like one minute. Wtf is this :P?

  12. Lukis says:

    Friend have problem with Framework he have 4.5 version and when lunch game got error to framework, he can’t install 4.0 bc he have newer version framework wat a stupid game.

  13. Snowblind says:

    I have had this issue with other Steam games and found this today. I have not tried it yet but I think this is my issue. If you have one of these board you may need to update your Bios..


  14. Brauni says:

    i played borderlands 2 now for about 40 hours without problems. But now i used the Gunzerker skill and i died while using it; after respawning the blur didnt turn off and now my whole system is blurred.
    i tried to fix it with using the skill several times -changed the whole video settings of the game and system and back again -set the system to a earlier status -turned the gtx off and on again
    but nothing worked
    i play on a win7 with a gtx
    please help me its really annoying if you even cannot read something properly

  15. UHKM says:

    Hey I having allot of trouble getting BL2 to launch I tried pretty much everything as just after I press play my computer locks up and I have to reset, I could not find a solution so I formatted and re installed windows 7 and that didn’t work! same problem!
    My specs are
    Mobo gigabyte X58A-UD3R (latest drivers)
    i7 930 (watercooled but not overclocked for now)
    6 gb of ram
    Gigabyte geforce gtx 460×2 sli
    OCZ Revodrive 120gb for windows 7 ultimate
    1 tb hd for storage.

  16. potato says:

    I have this problem when I start the game and it says “cant find configuration files launcher will shut down” now I haven’t messed about with the files or anything at all I re installed it too but it still does it HELP ME PLEASE

  17. str8signs says:

    Hy,Im trying to play BD2 lately,and i CANNOT make any progress because i have CONSTANT CRASH TO DESKTOP after 4-5mins of gameplay,im using win7 x86…i have skidrow version with update nr2.runs gr8 with 60+fps
    quad amd cpu
    12gb ddr3
    hd6850 1gb 256bit
    win7 x86
    asrock extreme3 r3.0
    nox urano II 700w psu (it does have sup. for sli/cfx 80% coef…
    the sistem should handle it…but it crashes constantly.. need some advice..ran out of ideas TY!

  18. chamoan7 says:

    For ATI users having FPS drops. Take a look at this thread.

    I have an ATI 6950 and this fixed the fps drops. I get a constant 60 fps now.

  19. stratisfire says:

    ok, this is really bugging me. i run the game fine at 60+fps, but whenever i try to use my mouse, the entire game just stop. no animation, nothing. but when i stop moving my mouse everything is back to normal. i can still play the game, but i have to use a controller. is there any way to fix this? i would much rather aim with my mouse rather than an analog stick

    • Mikesonfire says:

      There is something to do with having a controller plugged in and running the game. un-plug all controllers you have, except keyboard and mouse, and try re-launching the game.

  20. Shazoo says:

    Has anyone had a problem in fight for your life mode, where the only thing you can see is the cross hair and HUD?

  21. Preu says:

    about the “randomly crashing and pc shut down”

    Don’t know if this is the final solution, but after cleaning up the dust off my pc case and put a fan behind it, i didn’t experience any other crash.. it was heating too much.. i tried playing for a while, kept the game paused for a while also (which usually turned in a crash too) and nothing bad happened.. i really hope this helps

    • Turk says:

      Get a copy (its free) of GPU-Z and run it. Most likely your gpu is overheating. 2 possible reasons its either choked full of dust or the thermal compound has “boiled” away which is most likely after a number of over heats.
      It can also be due to thermal compound being “lazily” applied at the manfacturers.
      Clean out the gpu with compressed air and reapply the thermal paste.
      (Extremely easy to do on a desktop pc, little trickier on laptop.)
      This is the cheap fix if you still have temps above 60*c consider upgrading yours gpus cooler fans.
      A zelman twin fan “kit” with independant fan speed control will cost as little as £30. Much cheaper than a new gpu. I reduced temps of 70*c-90*c!in mid summer(instant BSOD)to average 38-40. Alternately add another case fan at £5 for avg fan its worth adding 2.

  22. MattKimura says:

    For anyone having the problem where you launch the game and nothing comes up, here’s the solution. The problem is that the skidrow crack doesn’t work. Download 3DM’s BL2 crack and use that instead. Works great

  23. Adam C says:

    I am a quarter through the game and it keeps freezing. Half way through combat the game freezes but the sound keeps playing and eventually after waiting for it to unfreeze, the game crashes and closes out of steam and BL2 it was playing fine before this.

  24. Jim says:

    So, does anyone have any more suggestions on how i could get my game to work? When i start the game it loads the launcher, as soon as I click play, nothing happens… the launcher disappears and nothing happens… I have tried an array of things to fix it. Re-installed, checked integertiy of game files… disabled the intro vid to see if that was what was crashing it… i have re installed .net, C++ and all sorts.. i have cleared all registry’s and re installed…

    Comp Specs,

    Windows 64bit
    Gigabyte 990fxa -ud3
    radeon HD 7970
    fx8150 cpu
    16gigs corsair vengeance ram

    Please respond with suggestions. I already tired 12/19/1

  25. ATK250R says:

    I get #18. I am stuck at the loading screen, trying to get to firehawk. Game does not freeze, just will NOT load.

  26. TheDukeofSevens says:

    Borderlands 2 tends to crash about 1 hour into my game session every time, it’s getting rather annoying as it is infrequent and requires a system restart. I’ve tried verifying the cache but it’s fine.

  27. rob says:

    Hi.I am trying to figure out why my mouselook and wheel scroll stopped working.
    I noticed there was a problem when the the menu scrreen opened and the choices (continue, new game, etc.) would not respond to left click commands.I hit enter on the keyboard and the game starts but I have no mouselook or scroll wheel .,left/right/center click work ok. this all happened out of the blue.
    I tried reseting to defaults.I also reloaded the game,still the same.
    The mouse works fine in the original borderlands and in all other games i play.
    Anyone want to take a shot at this???

  28. likroS says:

    Hi guys . I started playing BL2 and Im almost at the end . When the claptrap has to open the door so i can fight jack . It always crashes and I cant fix it . I turned down all of my settings to low I went into windowed mode . And it still crashes. If you know how to fix it please help me . Thanks

  29. sgagnon says:

    #18 : Try unplugging any gamepads you have . It fixed it for me.

  30. Bchill says:

    How do I do #8?? really getting frustrated i cant play with my friends..

  31. Luke says:

    so i tried #1 and it didnt work

  32. Nick says:

    I have the same problem as Od, slow mouse! I can’t find anyway to fix this please help!!!

  33. Ninchia says:

    I’m having this wierd problem that my game is always saving I can’t move between areas.. It denys me that access saying (player is saving) Anyone have anything I could do to fix this?

  34. Elleid says:

    When i press Play on the launch menu it crashes my pc and oftenly give it bluescreen or just restarts it. iv done step #1,2,5 and none have worked. what more to do?

    Proccessor AMD fx(tm)-4100 quad-core
    GPU AMD Radeon HD 6950

  35. Od says:

    Having problems with mouse look, its really really slow. Adjusted every setting I can find no luck. Game is unplayable at this point because I cant turn. I’ve tried 2 different mice same issues, so it must be a game setting.

  36. Killian says:

    getting passed the preparing to lunch is my issue I tried what was said several time and the issue is still there is there anything else I could try?

  37. Nick says:

    When ever i get downed my screen doesnt show what im supposed to see.
    only a black screen and after i die it goes back to normal.
    i dont know how to fix or how it started

  38. Austin says:

    The game is very choppy during the cutscenes, not during play. Audio and video are fixed once in the play mode. Any ideas?

  39. daniel says:

    hi ihave
    gtx 560 ti 1gb
    amd fx4100
    8gb ddr3

    when i play borderlands whit physix low the fps down to 10 or 12 and physiz high the same.

    sorry for mi english i dont know what i do

  40. Eric says:

    I installed this yesterday, but the game won’t play. get to the launcher and hit play and then nothing happens. There are no borderlands processes running at all.
    Any ideas?

  41. ynkefn says:

    Try to figure this one out. When i go down and have a chance to get a second wind, my screen turns black and all i can see is my hud. I tried a lot of stuff to try to fix this and none of it has worked

  42. Vee says:

    I just got the game today and it won’t install. Steam keeps saying the CD key is invalid. Tried restarting Steam, rewriting the CD key few times, but it didn’t work. Pretty please, help!

  43. Seras says:

    I dunno why when I engage the fight with a sniper rifle, the FPS drops very low for some moments, but when I engage with every other weapon everything goes quite fine. Anyone have the same problem?

  44. IZOTRON says:

    when i start the game after the commercials when the game says press a key it crashes on pressing a key,just shuts down no error !!!
    tryd all of this suggestions non help.
    if you have any further suggestions please post them

    thx in advance

  45. Simon says:

    For those with issue #9 and running Windows 8, check your sharing/security settings on steamapps/common, make sure all users (Everyone) can write to the folder.

  46. Steven says:

    Can’t connect to the network through Steam. Any ideas on a fix?

  47. yeldah says:

    when i try to install it the screen says
    converting existing game installation. this may take several minutes.
    then above a bar it says copying existing content into steam… and I’ve left this thing up for at least 16 hours and the bar hasn’t filled at all. any idea on how to fix it?

  48. Pancakes says:

    I have a glitch with one of the settings.

    I have no censored gore, but when I’m playing and I snipe a guy’s head off or blow someone up with a rocket. They don’t lose any bodyparts or anything. There is blood and I see a chunk of meat on the ground but the bandit is still intact and no blood on him.

  49. Stomp says:

    I have B2 for PC. I start the game, it gets to the B2 splash screen where it says ‘press any key’ I then hit a key and a message appears stating ‘Creating Online Session, please wait’ then I crash to desktop everytime.

    I have tried plugging directly into my modem, disabling firewall, disabling Anti Virus, and anything else I can think of, nothing works so far.

    Any ideas? thanks!

  50. alijungle says:

    Looks like my old ati cant handle borderlands 2, tough borderlands 1 was running very good. Can anybody merge willowengine.ini to create a playable version? 😀

  51. Kerolis says:

    I have PC version of Bordelands 2 and there is huge problem with lag. About every 2s there is a lag(more like so sort of freeze), it makes game unplayable. Any ideas guys ?

  52. Donovan says:

    I know it says “N/A” but it’s hard for my computer to run the game with dynamic shadows. Anyway to get rid of them. Like deleting shadows out of the game Folder? I dont wanna screw up my game.. Someone please respond. Greatly appreciated.

  53. Shannon says:

    When i go to start playing the game it gets about 20 seconds into the intro film and then crashes, and i get an error from steam saying this game is currently unavailable…

    Any ideas???

    got a AMD FX 4100 quad core prossessor and a AMD Radeon HD 6700 series graphics card.

  54. Dave says:

    All kinds of flickering from title screen (little squares)
    Weird polygon drawings coming off the guns.
    Major colour and blocked site issues
    Freeze crashes

    Win7-64, Geforce GTX 560Ti latest drivers from Nvidia, tried a few various resolutions

    Worked ok yesterday — above problems today

  55. Q Smith says:

    I’m having the issue that after a half hour to an hour of play, the game just freezes and crashes. It isn’t my graphics (EVGA 670 FTW) or processor (i7-3770K), as one is at 68 degrees and the other is at least 70 degrees from hitting dangerous temperatures (so around 30degrees).

    Not sure what the issue is, I’m trying to delete local content and do a complete reinstall.

  56. frosty says:

    ….Erm, How do I fix the sounds dissappearing .. I mean, My dialogue is gone .. But all other sounds are there. ;\

    • Ali Asif says:

      Make sure you have selected Stereo in your sound settings and are running it at 41K Hz quality. You can change these settings in your sound settings. Go to Playback Settings from the Mixer and select Advanced Settings tab and choose these settings from the drop-down menu.

      This will help… if not, must be something with the drivers.

  57. Eric says:

    I ran the game just fine for about 6 hours yesterday and got around 60fps. Today I went to play and even the menus are choppy. I didn’t reboot or anything. This is on an Nvidia gtx560 system with a quad core processor.

  58. Ulithium_Dragon says:

    I can’t believe I’m the only person having this issue, but as I am unable to find ANY documentation of it, I will post the issue here:

    I cannot change my current tracking objective at all (no I’m not play on someone else’s game). I cannot choose which objective I want to track. I feel it’s important to note that I’m playing with an official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows with a 360 controller, but have had no issues with it. Thanks!

  59. Wenis says:

    I have a Radeon 4850 HD and I’m having this issue with textures in the game where everything is outlined in red. It looks awful in darker areas and I’ve disabled all graphics settings and put everything on low and nothing helps. I downloaded the latest drivers yesterday as well. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

  60. Kraeten says:

    I have the exact same error as Vader. This error happens after the Borderlands 2 splash screen loads, and I select PLAY.

    My video card is a Radeon x1950, I’ve got a suitable amount of Ram, Cpu, disk space.
    I’ve updated my vid drivers and DirectX. Validated my files against Steam (which, there’s always 1 incorrect after attempting to start the game). I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well.

    Here’s a snapshot of what looks like a DirectX error. I’ve followed the directories it says are missing, and everything’s there.

    I hope I’ve provided enough information.
    Please help.


    • vader says:

      did u find some resolution for that already? I hope someone can help us with that

      • Kraeten says:

        Sorry to say Vader, but I think the x1950 is just plain ‘ol unsupported. Even though meets the spec requirements completely. I bought a graphics card off of a friend last night. He uses the exact card I bought from him to play Borderlands 2. I’ll report after work on whether this card fixes the problem.

        • Kraeten says:

          Confirmed that the Radeon x1950 isn’t compatible with Boarderlands 2. I switched my graphics card with a newer one, and it worked like a charm. Full specs everywhere, no glitches.

          Maybe there’s a workaround, but it would require some scripting knowhow, and some way around Steam’s crazy closed everything (if you’re using Steam). I’d suggest asking around to see if any buddies have >4 year old vid cards laying around that they want to sell.

          Good Luck.

  61. skieth says:

    i cant play borderlands 2 on my pc cuz steam says its not yet released but i have a hard copy wtf plz answer

  62. vader says:

    Hi I have a big issue
    When I try to lunch a game I get error
    called Aoocrash:

    then I try to close it and I get info about Direct3DDevice
    please help
    I reinstaled my system w7 64… drivers etc… nothing working
    I have x1950xtx 512mb v car

  63. sp0q says:

    Game seems really choppy on my i5, gtx470, 4gb – even with low settings and #10.

  64. Falcon says:

    I hit play game, launcher comes up, i hit play on launcher, launcher goes away but nothing happens, like literally nothing comes up or nothing it just shut itself down, I have tried everything anybody else having this issue?

  65. Toast says:

    Borderlands causes steam to freeze, then disconnects when attempting to connect to another player’s game.

  66. randy posedel says:

    freezes and automatically reboots my computer any suggestions

  67. Johnnie says:

    Thank you soo much. I spent 4 hours trying to disable the borders before I came across this.

  68. STALKER says:

    Anyone figure out how to switch which screen (multiple monitors) game plays on?

    • Nathan says:

      Change your Windows Display settings – click on the second screen, for instance, select the checkbox, “Make this my main display”, and then launch. It will use whichever is marked as Main. Good luck!

  69. Blake says:

    thanks man! Appreciate the quick support for this kind of thing!

  70. TwiggiePantz says:

    Run as Admin bud.

  71. Jenner Dalgleish says:

    I click on BL2 in steam,It says “preparing to launch” and then cuts out.

  72. BLFan says:

    please figure out how to disable the outline shader

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