Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Guide – Commando, Siren, Gunzerker and Assassin

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While Borderlands 2 is an impressive first-person shooter, it also offers the RPG touch with players able to choose different classes and build their character over time. On release, there will be four classes (Salvador the Gunzerker, Zero the Assassin, Maya the Siren Axton the Commando, Gaige the Mechromancer) to choose from and each class will have a set of three skill trees.

Like most RPGs, you will be able to unlock these skills with the points you gather during your adventure. You can use each skill tree to specialize in your character skills, so before you start spending points, you should have an idea of what you are doing. Read the guide to customize your character and synchronize it with your game-style.

Borderlands 2 – Commando (Axton) Skill Trees

Commando’s first unlock is the Sabre Turret which fires automatically at the enemies and also refunds some of the cool down time when standing nearby it. The cool down time by default is 42 seconds. Following skills can be unlocked and upgraded while playing as a commando:

Guerrilla Skill Tree

Sentry – Number of shots fired by Sabre Turrets are increased by 1 per level. The turret’s time duration is also increased by 2s.

Ready – After each level, the reload speed is increased by 8%.

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Laser Sight – The accuracy of Sabre Turret is increased by 10% per level.

Willing – The shield recharge is increased by 15%, and shield recharge delay is decreased by 12%.

Onslaught – On killing an enemy, you get a 6% boost and the movement speed is also increased by 12% for a short interval. An effective skill for the players who love to be a killing spree.

Scorched Earth – Each volley of your Sabre Turret gets 22 rockets pods.

Able – On damaging enemies, you get 0.4% increment of your maximum health per second for some time. The duration of the skill is 3 seconds which keeps on increasing after each level.

Crisis Management – When your shields are depleted, you get 7% gun bonus damage and 6% melee damage per level.

Double Up – You will get an extra gun in your Sabre Turret which will be able to fire slagged bullets.

Gunpowder Skill Tree

Impact – The gun damage (by 3% ) and melee damage (by 4%) is increased.

Expertise – The Weapon Swap speed, the aim speed and the movement speed is increased by 14%, 14% and 7% respectively.

Overload – The magazine size of the assault rifles is increased by 10%.

Metal Storm – For a short duration the fire rate (by 12%) is increased while the recoil is reduced (by 15%) for limited duration.

Steady – The recoil is reduced for all the weapons and the damage for Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher is increased.

Longbow Turret – The turret deploy range is increased (+1000%) along with its health (110%)

Battlefront – The Gun damage, the melee damage and the grenade damage is increased by 6% when you deploy the sabre turret.

Duty Calls – The damage and fire rate of non-elemental guns is increased by 5% and 3% respectively.

Do or Die – While in fight of your life, you will be able to throw grenades and the grenade and rocket launcher damage is also increased (by 10%).

Ranger – Stats of all the attributes are increased by 1%.

Nuke – On deploying the sabre turret, there is a small Nuclear blast.

Survival Skill Tree

Healthy – Maximum health is increased by 6%.

Preparation – Your shield capacity is increased by 3% and you also get 0.4% of the total health regeneration per second when your shields are full.

Last Ditch Effort – While you are in Fight for Life state, your movement speed (8%) and gun damage (14%) is increased.

Pressure – The reload speed and the shield delay time is improved depending on health you have got left. Lower the health, more will be the bonus.

Forbearance – Reduces the Status Effects duration and also the maximum health is increased.

Phalanx Shield – The Sabre Turret gets a protected shield that can block the ranged attacks (friendly ranged attacks will be allowed to pass through) of the enemy.

Quick Charge – On killing enemies, you shield gets recharged quickly (1% per second).

Resourceful – Cooldown rate of Sabre Turret Action skill is reduced by 5%.

Mag-Lock – You will be able to deploy your sabre turret on walls and ceilings.

Grit – You get 4% chance of ignoring death by the move which otherwise would have killed you.

Gemini – Allows you to deploy two turrets.

Borderlands – Siren (Maya) Skill Trees

Phaselock is the Action Skill Unlock of Maya. An enemy can be locked in another direction, which won’t interfere for some time. Some enemies can’t be locked rather they receive some damage. The cool down for the skill is 13 seconds.

Motion Skill Tree

Ward – The shield capacity and shield recharge delay (negative) is increased by 5% and -8%.

Accelerate – The damage (3%) and bullet speed (4%) for all the guns is increased.

Suspension – The Phaselock duration is increased by 0.5s.

Kinetic Reflection – After you kill an enemy, you get the ability to deflect enemy bullets towards other enemies. The deflected bullets deal lesser damage.

Fleet – Your movement speed is increased (10%) when your shield is being decreased.

Converge – Through this skill, you will be able to use the Phaselock to pull enemy towards the original target. This can help you gather them at one spot and then have a collective treatment.

Inertia – On killing enemies, your shields get regenerated faster and the reload speed is improved for few seconds.

Quicken – The cooldown time of your phaselock is increased by 6%.

Sub-Sequence – If an enemy dies of your Phaselock, you have 20% chance that you will be able to lock the next target after that.

Thoughtlock – The locked enemies are turned against the other enemies. The duration of the skill is also increased (4s) along with the cool down reduction (3s).

Harmony Skill Tree

Mind’s Eye – Critical hit damage (5%) and the melee damage (4%) is increased.

Sweet Release – When an enemy is killed by Phaselock, you and your friends get healed by the Life Orbs (15% of health). The healing is stronger when the health is low.

Restoration – If you shoot other players, it will heal them. Your maximum health will also be increased (3%).

Wreck – When an enemy is phaselocked, you get increased weapon fire rate (10%) and damage (6%).

Elated – If an enemy is Phaselocked, you and your friends regenerate health by 1% per second.

Res – You can instantly revive your friend Fight for Life situation by Phase locking him/her.

Recompense – When you receive health damage, there is a chance (10%) the enemy who attacked will also receive equal amount of damage.

Sustenance – You regenerate health constantly (at 0.4% rate). The rate of regeneration is increased when your health is low.

Life Tap – The enemy you damage (after the kill) will make you regenerate your health (1.2%).

Scorn – You will throw an Orb that will damage the enemies in the surrounding. The ability has the cooldown of 18 seconds.

Cataclysm Skill Tree

Flicker – Your chance to cause Status effects with fire, slag, shock and corrosive guns.

Foresight – The magazine size (4%) and the reload speed (5%) of all the weapons is increased.

Immolate – The fire damage of your weapons is increased (10%) while you are in Fight for your life state.

Helios – Phaselocked enemies are exploded dealing damage to the surrounding enemy.

Chain Reaction – When an enemy is phaselocked, your bullets that hit the enemies can damage the other enemies too creating a sort of chain reach for multiple hits.

Cloud Kill – On shooting enemies, an acid cloud is generated which deals corrosive damage. The cloud lasts for 5 seconds.

Backdraft – Melee attacks deal additional fire damage. When your shields are depleted, you make an explosion inflicting damage to the nearby enemies.

Reaper – Increased damage (8%) is dealt if the enemy has 50% or more health intact.

Blight Phoenix – Killing an enemy will cause fire and corrosive damage to the other enemies. The amount of damage is based on level and the skill’s level.

Ruin – Phaslock now will be able to slag, Electrocute and corrode all the nearby enemies.

Borderlands 2 – Gunzerker Skill Trees

Gunzerking is action skill for Gunzerker. The fat boy will take out his second gun and will go crazy. You will gain 50% of your health, and the damage received is also reduced. The cool down time for the skill is 42 seconds.

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