Darksiders 2 Crucible Guide – Builds, Tarot Cards and Boss Fights

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The crucible is an arena challenge where you are assaulted by numerous enemies in four stages of 25 waves each. It is unlocked once you’ve defeated the Guardian at the end of the Forge Lands. You can access the Crucible from any realm. You receive special rewards for reaching milestones within the Crucible, for information about these items, read our guide.

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A Look At The Challenges of The Crucible

  • Complete Stage I (Waves 1-25): Heartstone Talisman
  • Complete Stage II (Waves 26-50): Abyssal Armor Boots
  • Complete Stage III (Waves 51-75): Barbed Defilers
  • Complete Stage IV (Waves 76-100): Abyssal Spaulders, Assassin Talisman
  • Complete All 100 Waves in One Sitting: Aftermath
  • Defeat Wicked Killington: Elemental Talisman

Note. There is a random loot chest that appears every five waves. You can open it and raid the contents, but it ends your current spree in the arena forcing you to restart.

How To Unlock the Crucible
Once you’ve defeated the Guardian, you’ll soon get an anonymous Tome Message. This is the invitation to the Crucible. Inside is a tarot card which will allow you to start the first stage. You get additional Tarot Cards that unlock the next stages at certain milestones.

A Look At Tarot Cards

The Fool
It unlocks Waves 1-25 and you get it once you have defeated the Guardian.

The Emperor
It unlocks Waves 26-50 and you get it once you have defeated the Wailing Host.

It unlocks Waves 51-75 and you get it once you have defeated Samael.

The Devil
It unlocks Waves 76-100 and you get it after advancing your character to Level 25.

It unlocks Wave 101 and you get it after you have cleared Waves 1-100 in a single visit to the Crucible.

The World
You get it after you have defeated Wicked Killington in Wave 101.

Recommended Crucible Builds

If you aim to clear the Crucible, you might have to Respec your character by visiting Vulgrim and create a new character that is capable enough to clear the challenges you will face in this combat arena. Developer, Vigil Games have recommended this build for the Crucible Mode in Darksiders 2 but it shouldn’t stop from experimenting yourself.

  • Attributes to Boost: Strength and Critical Damage
  • Secondary Weapon: Heavy Hammer or Axe
  • Harbinger Skills (13): Teleport Slash (3), Immolation (1), Unending Fury (3), Inescapable (3), Rage of the Grave (3)
  • Necromancer Skills (12): Exhume (3), Undying (3), Enervation (3), Death Allure (3)

Read our Skill Tree Builds Guide for more on different skill tree variations you can try in Darksiders 2.

How To Clear The Crucible

As you can see, completing the Crucible is quite a feat. Knowledge is power, so use the following table, along with the in-depth guidelines of fighting tough enemies:

Crucible: Stage I (Recommended Level: 15-20)

  • Wave 1 – 3 Construct Warriors
  • Wave 2 – 5 Construct Warriors
  • Wave 3 – 3 Construct Adjuncts and 3 Construct Warriors
  • Wave 4 – 1 Construct Champion and 2 Construct Adjuncts
  • Wave 5 – 2 Construct Champions
  • Wave 6 – 10 Stingers
  • Wave 7 – 4 Prowlers
  • Wave 8 – 9 Prowlers
  • Wave 9 – 1 Stalkers and 10 Stingers
  • Wave 10 – 2 Stalkers and 3 Prowlers
  • Wave 11 – 5 Tainted Construct Adjunct
  • Wave 12 – 1 Construct Sentinel and 3 Tainted Construct Warrior
  • Wave 13 – 1 Tainted Construct Champion and 5 Tainted Construct Warriors
  • Wave 14 – 1 Construct Sentinel and 2 Tainted Construct Champions
  • Wave 15 – 1 Gharn and 4 Tainted Construct Warriors
  • Wave 16 – 30 Stingers
  • Wave 17 – 2 Savage Prowler and 4 Tainted Construct Adjuncts
  • Wave 18 – 1 Savage Stalker and 5 Stingers
  • Wave 19 – 1 Tainted Construct Champion and 1 Savage Stalker
  • Wave 20 – 2 Savage Stalker and 1 Tainted Construct Champion
  • Wave 21 – 3 Tainted Construct Champions
  • Wave 22 – 1 Corrupted Rideable Construct
  • Wave 23 – 1 Gorewood
  • Wave 24 – 1 Gharn and 1 Ghorn
  • Wave 25 – 1 Gorewood and 2 Tainted Construct Champion

From Wave 1 to 5, you’ll be tossed a bunch of Construct enemies of different types (ranging from the basic Construct Warrior to the Construct Champion) to fight against. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you have decent enough equipment and good specs.

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  • mert

    how can u make ur character level 30+ ?? when i beat the game i was level 22 :S

    • mert

      and one more thing i played on apocalyptic difficult.

    • Demon

      I havnt beaten the game, every quest im given on apocalypse difficulty i do without issue, except for gorewood who was a royal pain in my ass at level 6. But im now level 24 and i just started tree of death. Started playing yesterday.

  • lloyd

    i actually use a possessed scythe i got 20% wrath on hit and like 32% crit its retardedly amazing i hit once and im full wrath again with a total of like almost 70% crit i didnt use a single potion to complete the entire crucible i used the strength buff and teleport slash and my scythe when i got bored of just poopin on em. did it at lvl 25 with ease almost had achidnas fang for my secondary for even more health back.

  • Berserker7

    Thank you for the info and the strategies on the crucible. A few more tips that will definitley help in the arena (tested on wave 1-50 in 1 go, i didn’t have the rest unlocked).Main weapon – Possesed double scythe (the higher level and damage the better, no other stats) and try to get on them Critical chance (first one so it can be upgrade 4 more times) , life steal (gain health with every hit), health on critical ( you can never have enough health in the arena), chance to execute (instant death to enemies and wrath/hp/ripper energy restores)as main weapon this has an ass kicking seal of approval.

    Important! try to feed only weapons to your possessed weapon, and the stat you want to get on your possessed try to get it as high as you can get (not 100% sure about this one, it never gives you the highest stat you feed it,but it can be even higher in the case of critical chance). as the second weapon i’m still testing what works best, strength for increased damage on both weapons, Ice to freez/slow your opponents, again critical chance helps, and the last stat is between piercing damage to ignore armor or critical damage, i’d rather go with piercing since you get more criticals from crit chance.

    Armor with str , def and health seems to help alot, if you can get critical damage on it too then it’s even better, amulet with def, critical chance,and any other helpful stats (health on execute or health would be fabulous, also reaper energy on execute is good).

    • Guillaume

      If it helps I tried several stats for the scythe, and best combo is critical chance + ice + life steal + wrath steal (not sure of the words, I play in french) : the fact is that every ice critical blow will ice fellows : with a critical build you will have infinite wrath and health, and freeze everything!

      And to get enough weapons to obtain all stats : retry several times arena 26 to 50, and open the chest with demon earth talisman, each time you get 5 lv 20 rare items, so in less than one hour you will get everything you need!