PES 2013 Controls Guide – How To Customize PC and Controller Keys

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Konami has just released the demo of its latest football iteration, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Although, the demo seems plausible, but if you can’t get your controls right, you won’t be able to have the complete feel of the game.

Those who have been following the PES series for some while won’t have any difficulty in setting up the controls but for the new comers, the following guide will serve the purpose to show the controls configuration in PES 13.

How To Customize PES 2013 Keyboard Controls

Step 1
In the PES 13 demo folder, there will be a settings file. Open it.

Step 2
Now, in the keyboard setting menu, you will be able to assign keys in the respective slots. For instance, i have my keyboard controls set like it:

Step 3
If you don’t know that what button does which functionality then you can use the following key (i am using my controls as reference, you can change according to your own wish):

PES 2013 – Basic Controls

PES 2013 Controller Vs. Keyboard Controls
Y = Through Ball (Bring out Goal Keeper)
X = Shoot (Pressure applied by non-controlled players)
A = Short Pass (Tackle)
B = Lob Pass (Sliding Tackle)
RB = Sprint
LB = Cursor Change (Player Makes a Run)
RT = Special Skills (Dribbling)
LT = Fineese Shot (Directed Pass)

You can also use the above key to set buttons on your controller. The analogue stick, however, will be used for 360 dribbling which one can’t do on a keyboard. These were the basic controls.

In the screenshot above, the control setting is almost the same as classic controls used in FIFA. It’s better that you use the same controls in both the games so that your game does not get disturbed by different key configuration.

Now, if you are looking for full control functionality, you can refer to the following key:

PES 2013 – Full Controls

Manual Passing

  • Short Pass: LT + A
  • Manual Long Pass: LT + B
  • Lofted Short Pass: Hold RT + B

Manual Shooting

  • Manual Shot: LT + X
  • Manual Shot Low: LT + Y
  • Nutmeg Shot: Hold RT when an enemy is close by and then X + L Stick towards the direction.

Deft Touch Dribbling

  • Deft Touch Dribble: RT + L Stick
  • Deft Touch & Turn: Deft Touch Dribble + L Stick
  • Double Touch: R Stick (down) then L Stick (right) twice.

Dynamic One Two

  • LB + A then L Stick towards the direction.

Dynamic First Touch

  • Perfect Trap: RT when the player is trapping the ball.
  • Flick: Press R Stick as the player is trapping the ball.
  • Sombrero: Flick + L Stick towards the opponent

Response Defending

  • Tackle: When Close to an opponent, press A twice i.e [A] x 2.
  • Hold up Play: Hold [A] when the opposition is in possession. L stick can be used to adjust the distance.
  • Defensive Tracking: When the opposition is in possession, press RT + L Stick.

If you have go any question, share with us in the comments below.

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  • Anjan Barui

    I got the RS keys in PES 2013 just assign the R controls in settings then open the game then change the Button Configurations to ‘Custom’.Then try the ‘Double Touch’ skill in a ‘Free Training’ with the given keys.If it not happens then press the LT key along with the RS keys.Then again try the Double Touch in the Free Training,just try and finally you can get it.You can do skill moves with LT+RS keys.I think there are two modes for the LT button in keyboard,if you press it once, the skill moves is ON and when you press again, it goes OFF.

  • Ab

    what is LS button ??

    • xRaphaeLx

      Press the Left Analogue Stick down.

  • Shukrulloh

    Can you please tell me how to take a screenshot?

  • Shanthiea Kanthan

    i have been playing pes in pc using my controller for almost a year..
    suddenly, my controller stop working, when i set again, the main controller work like usual bt the 2nd controller is not working at all..
    i tried to play fifa with the same controller to check whether my controller can be used or nt, it work well with fifa..
    bt, i love pes more and want to play with my friend using both controller..
    both my controller have the same usb port..
    cn u help me?

  • Fan

    Can you do special tricks/skills on the pc as well ? Cause Fifa13 controls for PC are just horrible on the keyboard, there is no way of doing special tricks…

  • ronyc

    What is RS button? Which helps to zoom?

  • Bubai

    PES 13 is always the best.Always better than FIFA.

  • Sabby

    where are the RS CONTROLS?

  • Sabby

    this customization can be better

  • C.Ronaldo

    Pes 13 is far way better than Fifa 13.

  • fifa13

    button pes can be like fifa or not?..

    • rattlesnake_906

      Yes they can be, almost identical.

  • L.messi

    fifa is better than pes

  • reza

    exuse me i didnt get u which button is L stick?

    • pappu

      l stick is left stick

  • rattlesnake_906

    Yes you can set the RT button from the key configuration menu.

  • jack

    I cannot press more than 2 keys when playing PES 2013. Help me, please

    • Ali Asif

      What keys you are trying to press? It happens sometimes on keyboard that more than two keys cannot be pressed due to the action they perform.

  • BillyHab

    Hey i’m PC player too and i have to say all these years i play with no sticks just the same old cross.
    ok now my problem is i dn’t know how to change the game plan tactics present in game (the one you see the coach down left corner change through the 4 presets)
    can’t remember the buttons i have to use !
    thank you

  • jigar

    what is dat ‘L stick’ n ‘R stick’ for pc

  • louis

    the controller settings panel isn’t in mine what do i do,,,,or where can i download just that

  • louis

    i dont have the settings panel on mine what should i do

  • echo

    how to play with 2 player ? one play with on board keyboard (ps 2)
    and the other play with usb keyboard ? can you help me ?

    • Ali Asif

      Only one keyboard can be used at a time. You will have to use controller if you want to play more than one players….

  • blankez

    how to play with 2 player..? one play with a joystick and the other play with the pc’s keyboard..? my prob is it’s won’t working together.. only one can be use at once time

    • angeLuu

      go to the settings screen then to the controller tab and make the controller device 2. start and exhibition match and see that 1 is a keyboard and 2 is the gamepad. enjoy :)

      • RAJAN

        i too was stuck in same problem and ur one worked finally THANX VERY MUCH

      • pasty

        thanks bro, its workin’

  • XtreMedia01

    I’m also a PC player.. I have one question why is it that I cant do manual skills with the right stick. Every time I touch my right stick it does a combination of skills… That I don’t want.. Is there any way I could change any settings??? much appreciate if any help

    • noob

      bro, im also having such problem of yours a while ago but actually there is only 1 trick and 1 trick only i might say..just TURN ON the analog controller button between Left and Right analog.vwala~