Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Character Builds Guide

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One of the most important things in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is the brilliant character development system. If there is one thing for certain, it is that you can’t really go wrong in building your character, no matter what Destiny you choose; it’s merely a matter of preference.

However, some builds and combination of skills serve better than other sets, simply because they eliminate potential weaknesses in your character.

That is why in KoA: Reckoning, many people opt for builds that span over multiple destinies. For example, some would go for Might-Finesse hybrids, others Sorcery-Might and so on.

That isn’t to say you won’t find Sorcery exclusive or Might exclusive or Finesse exclusive builds, but the people who do play such are taking a less dynamic path in the game.

This is because there is a chance you may encounter a strong enemy that has complete immunity or at least very high resistance to either magic or physical damage. Say that you had built a Might-only champion and you come across some enemy with very high physical defenses and a good bit of damage.

At times like these you wish you had a few magic skills at hand to prevent such a tough battle. A similar scenario can actually take place with Sorcery, while Finesse is also simply physical damage.

Thus, in this guide we’ll be only touching a handful of exclusive builds, as our focus will be on hybrid builds.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Character Builds

Following are some of the character builds you can use in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning:

Warlord (Might) Build

Might (112), Finesse (0), Sorcery (11)

An all-out power build with a bit of help from Sorcery through Storm Bolt and Sphere of Protection. This build focuses on sheer damage and heavy physical defenses from the Might build. So basically we’ll be talking about Hammers, Longswords and Greatswords here.

There isn’t much to explain here. The Sphere of Protection makes sense for some added tankiness to the champion. When it comes to the Might tree, we’ve taken each and every essential thing . Some would argue that Brutal Weaponry should be increase even more.

Well, there really isn’t any need for that, considering the ridiculous amount of physical damage, speed and defenses that will already stack up due to the other skills.

It is indeed very powerful against most foes, but suffers greatly against magic and high physical damage resistance enemies.

Nightblade (Finesse) Build

Might (1), Finesse (121), Sorcery (1)

Another self-explanatory build. Just about everything in Finesse has been maximized, except for Shadow Flare, which is actually quite a good ability. I would personally remove that point from longswords and put it in Shadow Flare, since your concentration is to use longbows and daggers/faeblades.

There is also one point in Storm Bolt, which is, honestly, quite useless, as initial level Storm Bolt has no stun and will only act as another source of magic damage along Shadow Flare.

Once again, the build offers everything from Finesse – stealth, heavy backstab damage, lots of poison, brilliant weapon mastery. However, it doesn’t offer any versatility to the player type – you might be quite powerful in many battles, but there will be other battles that will be relatively harder with this build.

Archmage (Sorcery) Build

Might (11), Finesse (0), Sorcery (112), Might (16), Finesse (0), Sorcery (107)

Both of these builds are very similar. However, the only difference is the points in necromancy. The first build uses the abilities of the Faer Gorta to the max, and spends only 11 points in Might for Hardy Constitution and Skillful Defense for better defenses.

The second build subtracts the Faer Gorta skills, and instead invests them in Winter’s Embrace and Adrenaline Surge. While both these skills are quite attractive, my personal choice would be the former Faer Gorta build, because the knowledge of being able to have an ally by your side is just too good to be ignored.

Either way, both these builds are quite effective for Sorcery. Winter’s Embrace can really do some fantastic area damage for a decent duration. But without a Faer Gorta, you’ll have enemies concentrating on you only, and you’ll only rely on your ability to heal and the added survivability from Adrenaline Surge. Choose wisely if you do plan to make a Sorcery Build.

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  • Isage

    Is it possible to get an ability calculator layout for the third Champion build?

  • Patrick Wilson

    I like the Champion build too. I start by choosing four main active abilities to map to the controller. Ice Barrage top (does good damage and slows fast enemies), Storm Bolt left (damage groups and stun for follow up hammer blows), Relentless Assault right (I don’t like being interrupted while I’m smashing foes with my hammer), and Harpoon bottom
    (great for isolating opponents or reeling in spell casters). I use a scepter for fire missile damage to round out the elements. The hammer is my main melee damage just because it hurts the most. Chakrams and Faeblades are good faster weapon choices. Keep in mind that lorestone sets offer you damage bonuses for the hammer and Faeblades. Remember also that Twists of Fate will give you bonuses to Might and Sorcery abilities, so don’t put 3 points in the Brutal Weaponry and Arcane Weaponry abilities, as they max out at 3. I don’t use Quake or Adrenaline Surge, but I do max out the Relentless Assault tree and the Skillful Defense tree. Battle Frenzy is really good to but hacks away at your Mana. I will max out the Sphere of Protection, Storm Bolt, and Ice Barrage trees. I won’t bother with the Faer Gorta (extra mapping) or Healing Surge (plenty of potions out there). I might put one point in Mark of Flame only to put points in Smolder for increased fire damage. Elemental Rage is fun to use. If you like Faeblades you should have some
    points left over to invest in that direction. Build your armor with Mana regeneration and your weapons to take advantage of your elemental boosts.

  • Sargon

    So Kharzon,

    I bought the PC version, but since I had previously bought a Microsoft wireless controller that looks just like the ones for lamebox, I decided to use it and I think only having 4 skills mapped at a time sucks too, but now I’m thinking I should get used to using the keyboard…? That might take some getting used to. Otherwise I have been just switching the 4 mapped skills I want according to where I am and what needs to die.

  • Kharzon

    This is for the PC, genius. I’m not seeing where this is for the lamebox or any other crappy console 😉

  • PlayedTheGame

    most of these guides aren’t very good. Either they dont reach the stats requirement for the 6 tier destinies or they have alot of point in the active skills. you can only map 4 skills at a time

  • Nova

    The pure Finesse build is really flabby. 3 points in the weaponry skills is a waste, fate is never that hard to get. I’d recommend something more like

  • frogleap

    The first two builds at Sorcery/Finnese are the same in the link.

    • Zawad Iftikhar


  • Devon

    Great guide. Just one gripe, what armor should we use for each build? Personally, I’d like to know whether to use leather or cloth armor for the finesse sorcery hybrid. I was thinking leather for the crit bonus, but mana regeneration will surely suffer? Thanks