Final Fantasy 13-2 Brain Blast New Town ‘North Terminal’ Quiz Answers

By   /   Feb 4, 2012

Just like the other three terminals in Final Fantasy 13-2, New Town North terminal (City of Academia) also has some questions which can be answered to earn rewards.

Answer 10 consecutive questions and you will win reward in the form of CP, Fragments and a Treasure box. This guide will walk you through all the questions that will be asked at North Terminal.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 New Town ‘North Terminal’ Quiz Answers

Q. According to the philosopher Denrith, humans are merely an intellectual version of a certain monster, with the ability of looking innocent on the outside, but being conniving on the inside. Which monster was he referring to?
A. Cactuar
Q. After the fall of Cocoon, the public became more and more aware of the truth behind the fal’Cie and their actions. What part of the truth was fudged in history textbooks?
A. The intent of the fal’Cie

Q. Around 100 AF, a TV show based on the battle of the l’Cie was in production, but got canceled at the last minute. What was the name of the show?
A. ‘Don’t Mess with the ‘Fro’

Q. Around 100 AF, which test was proved invalid and superfluous by the Academy?
A. Role-based personality test

Q. Around 400 AF, the ‘??? male’ became a popular phrase. What goes in the blank?
A. Armored

Q. BBQ Ben’s is famous for their cheap, but delicious behemoth meat. Rumor has it they have close ties with certain government officials. How are they able to serve meat at such a reasonable price?
A. They got leftover beasts from research labs

Q. Before Cocoon’s aerial railway, people rode the trains that ran along the ground. What was the name of Cocoon’s old terminal?
A. Nautilus and Bodhum

Q. Chocobo riding used to be mandatory at all private schools. However, it was canceled indefinitely due to what kind of complaint from the parents?
A. The chocobo smell would rub off on the students

Q. During the festival of the Day of Rebirth, which food stand gets the most business from children?
A. Microchu mousse

Q. How do people refer to the day of Cocoon’s fall?
A. The Day of Rebirth

Q. How does Hope refer to Lightning?
A. Light

Q. How does Hope’s time capsule work?
A. It slows down time within the device

Q. In the children’s song ‘Chelsea’s Bubbles,’ she is able to blow a bubble as high as the biggest, roundest thing one can see. How high was she able to blow her bubble?
A. To the skies of Cocoon

Q. In the popular children’s show ‘Cocoon Five,’ what is the name of the five heroes’ ultimate attack?
A. Cocoon’s Final Attack

Q. Spells can be sealed into cards and sent as gifts. Which spell makes for a popular birthday card?
A. Cure

Q. Stem is the new recreational drug of choice among the young and is quickly becoming a social issue. The ingredient can be easily found in the Sunleth Waterscape. What is it?
A. Dried habanero leaves

Q. The chocobos first used by Chocobo Delivery Services were based on the colors of nature. What colors were they?
A. Green and yellow

Q. The lumeritz singing competition began 100 years after the first paradox. What year was that?
A. 103 AF

Q. The monster movie ‘The Imp’ was a big hit among the niche crowd that raved about its cuteness. What did half of the movie consist of?
A. Dancing imps

Q. The New Bodhum urban legend about a man with a knife is based on who?
A. Tonberry

Q. The popular DJ DK sports thick sideburns and a mohawk. What is the name of this hairstyle?
A. Chocobo hair

Q. What accessory is considered to grant wishes, but is seldom used because of its smell?
A. Chocobo feather

Q. What accessory is recommended for those who want to boost their physical attack power?
A. Power Wristband

Q. What advertising media was widely seen in Palumpolum as a result of energy conservation?
A. Blimps

Q. What coarse substance is known as a fast-acting cold reliever?
A. Microchu baby teeth

Q. What company’s business has been booming due to the numerous deliveries required between Cocoon and Gran Pulse?
A. Chocobo Delivery Service

Q. What determines the altitude of flights from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?
A. The arm’s length of fal’Cie Titan

Q. What does one call cooked behmoth meat that’s hung out to dry for three days?
A. Cured meat

Q. What does the cactuar sign seen at amusement parks imply?
A. Emergency exits

Q. What happens to a l’Cie once they complete their Focus?
A. They turn to crystal

Q. What happens to a l’Cie that’s unable to complete their Focus?
A. They become a Cie’th

Q. What is a baby moogle called?
A. A moogling

Q. What is someone who sits at home all day generally called?
A. Bear

Q. What is the acryonym for the Academia Central Broadcasting Station?

Q. What is the behemoth king incapable of doing?
A. Shooting a thousand needles from its body

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