MapleStory Mercedes Guide – Skill Builds, Jobs and Level Up

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Mercedes is one of the archer hero that sealed away the Black Mage and got encased in the ice due to the curse of the Black Mage.

She has a unique weapon, a unique mount (Unicorn) and many unique skills that make her attacking and a very mobile class in Maplestory.

She is one of the new additions in the Maplestory along with Demon Slayer. Read the following guide for leveling up different Job Skills and which Skill Builds you should use for completing each job.

Maplestory – Mercedes

Mercedes was a royal blood and ruled the village of Elluel. To protect her village she has to fight the evil Black Mage. She successfully seals the Black Mage but gets cursed by the Black Mage. Freud’s dragon protects her from the curse and saves her.

She rushes toward her village to save the people but it is too late. She is the last person to get encased by the ice in Elluel. She wakes up centuries later in her bedroom and now she has to save her people, and that is where you come in.

Following are the Skills and Builds you can use to complete all jobs and level up your character.

Mercedes Beginner Job Skills

Elf’s Recovery
You can recover your energy for 4 seconds and your HP and MP are recovered by 5%.

Stylish Move
You get instant teleportation from start to the end of the rope (↑ + jump).

King’s Qualification
Attack speed is increased by 1, speed by 10 and jump by 20. Additionally, you get a level 30 charm.

Elf’s Blessing
You can return to Eurel and gain 10% XP permanently. The cooldown is 1800 seconds if you teleport.

Mercedes 1st Job Skills

Speed Dualshot
You can shoot arrows at multiple enemies in front of you.

Level 1

MP Cost: 8, Max Monsters Hit: 3, Damage: 96%, Number of Hits: 2

Level 20

MP Cost: 14, Max Monsters Hit: 3, Damage: 115%, Number of Hits: 2

Potential Power
It not only increases your latent potential permanently but also increases speed and provides chance to dodge the enemy attack.

Level 1
MP Cost: 8, Max Monsters Hit: 3, Damage: 96%, Number of Hits: 2

Level 20
MP Cost: 14, Max Monsters Hit: 3, Damage: 115%, Number of Hits: 2

Acrobatic Jump
While in mid-air, you can jump again to glide a specific distance. The distance covered while gliding is increased with the increase in skill level. MP cost is reduced from 28 to 10 after level 10.

Sharp Aiming
Your critical rate is increased permanently. By 2% at level 1 and by 40% at level 20.

Skill Build for this job should be:

  • +1 Speed Dualshot
  • +10 Acrobatic Jump – Max
  • +19 Speed Dual Shot – Max
  • +10 Potential Power – Max
  • +20 Sharp Aiming – Max

Mercedes 2nd Job Skills

Dual Bow Gun Mastery
The weapon mastery and accuracy of dual bow guns is increased.

Level 1
Dual Bow Gun Mastery: +12%, Accuracy: +6

Level 20
Dual Bow Gun Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +120

Cross Piercing
Force empowered arrows can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Level 1
MP Cost: 14, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 64%, Number of Hits: 4

Level 20
MP Cost: 24, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 83%, Number of Hits: 4

Charge Drive
Up to 8 enemies are pushed forward and then suspended air. When they are in air, they deal extra damage.

Level 1
MP Cost: 20, Pushes enemies and deals 102% damage. 182% damage will be done when the enemies are launched into the air and 2% bonus damage to airborne enemies will be given.

Level 15
MP Cost: 25, Deals 130% damage on pushing the enemies. 210% damage will be done when the enemies are suspended in air and 30% bonus damage to airborne enemies will be given.

Final Shot
You need 1 charge drive for this skill. You can shoot multiple arrows to hit the enemies in the air.

Level 1
MP Cost: 12, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Damage: 66%, Number of Hits: 4

Level 5
MP Cost: 16, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Damage: 90%, Number of Hits: 4

Dual Bowgun Booster
You need 5 Bowgun Mastery for this one. It consumes MP to raise the attacking speed for a short while.

Level 1
MP Cost: 30, Duration: 10 sec

Level 20
MP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 sec

Spirit Infusion
Your damage and critical chance is increased for a specific duration.

Level 1
MP Cost: 25, Duration: 68 sec, Damage: +1%, Critical Hit Rate: +1%

Level 15
MP Cost: 45, Duration: 180 sec, Damage: +15%, Critical Hit Rate: +15%

Physical Training
The physical strength improvement increases your strength and dexterity.

Level 1
STR +3, DEX +3.

Level 10
STR +30, DEX +30.

Final Attack : Dual Bow Gun (Pre-requisite: Dual Bow Gun Mastery Lv. 3)
Dual Bow Gun Mastery level 3 is the requirement. If you have a dual gun equipped, it gives you chance to do extra damage after an attack.

Level 1
Proc Rate: 2%, Damage: 55%, Number of Attacks: 2.

Level 20
Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 75%, Number of Attacks: 2.

Skill Build for this job should be:

  • +1 Charge Drive
  • +6 Final Shot – Max
  • +1 Cross Piercing
  • +20 Dual Bow Gun Mastery – Max
  • +14 Charge Drive – Max
  • +5 Dual Bow Gun Booster
  • +19 Cross Piercing – Max
  • +15 Spirit Infusion – Max
  • +20 Final Attack: Dual Bow Gun – Max
  • +10 Physical Training – Max
  • +9 Dual Bow Gun Booster

Go to next page for Skill Builds and Tips on the rest of the job skills.

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