MapleStory Demon Slayer Guide – Skill Builds, Jobs and Level Up

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Maple Story is a descent free-to-play, side-scrolling MMO RPG with a huge community. Wizet has been expanding Maplestory in different ways and the latest update features new classes like Demon Slayer, Cannon Shooter and Mercedes.

Old classes also get some additions but being a Maple Story fan, you should try these new classes first. In the following guide however, I am going to dissect “Demon Slayer” class.

Following guide will help you level up fast and complete the quest-chains for Demon Slayer in Maplestory. I will suggest several Skill Builds you can use for Demon Slayer to complete these quests.

Maple Story – Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer used to be a servant of the dark ruler, the Black Mage. He served the ruler many years and then one day, he notices that the Black Mage is like an absolute ruler and he can no longer can serve him.

When he meets Akylum, one of Black Mage’s generals, he finds out that they are planning to destroy his town. He quickly heads back to save his family but he finds nothing but the ashes there. With a heart burning with redemption, he has joined forces with Resistance and aims to free Edelstein and atone from his past at any cost.

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Demon Slayer Skills and Abilities

The Demon Slayer can wield one handed weapon (like an axe or any other blunt weapon) and carries a shield exclusively made for the Demon Slayer, the “Demon Aegis”. He also uses a different form of energy (Fury) than the regular MP. The gauge increases on hunting down the monsters.

Demon Impact
Demon Slayer’s dormant power gets activated and deals damage to multiple enemies in front of you. The damage is increased when you are facing a demon boss.

Demon Cry
The skill not only deals damage to the surrounding enemies, but also lowers the target’s attack, defense, and accuracy stats while raising the item drop rate and EXP for the player.

Dark Metamorphosis
The majestic wings of the Demon Slayer can let you do stunts like double jump and glide.

Demon Slayer Stats and Job Progression

Strength (STR) is the primary attribute of the Demon Slayer so you should spend most of your Ability Points (AP) in this attribute. To increase your Max Forc (DF) however, you can do advanced jobs and equip shields.

Job Advancement

  • At level 10
    Posses 30 DF.
  • At level 30
    Posses 60 DF.
  • At level 70
    Posses 90 DF.
  • At level 120
    Posses 120 DF.

Demon Slayer Equipment

Demon Slayer equipment include Scepters and Force Shield that he uses to boost the stats and MaxDF. With more MaxDF, you can use more Force skill. You can unlock equipment by reaching the specified level.

Force Shields
You level up the stats but they are not trade-able.

Force Shield of Patience (level 10)

  • MaxDF = +20, WDEF = +10, MDEF = +5

Force Shield of Will (level 30)

  • MaxDF = +50, WDEF = +30, MDEF = +15, MaxHP = +150

Force Shield of Power (level 70)

  • MaxDF = +80, WDEF = +60, MDEF = +30, MaxHP = +350, STR = +7, DEX = +7

Ultimate Force Shield (level 120)

  • MaxDF = +110, WDEF = +85, MDEF = +45, MaxHP = +600, STR = +12, DEX = +12

They have 7 slots, not trade-able and require no DEX:

  • Doomed Scepter (level 10): +29 attack
  • Dignity Scepter (level 30): +49 attack
  • Assurity Scepter (level 50): +69 attack
  • Demon Bane (level 70): +83 attack
  • Evil Bane (level 120): +108 attack

Demon Slayer Jobs – Beginner Job Skills

Demon Jump
You need to use Asmodian wings to perform different jumping moves:

  • Max Level 1:High Jump (Jump + ↑↑)
  • Double Jump: Jump + →→ or ←←
  • Glide: You need to press double jump twice.

Death Curse
The move has multiple advantages. It not only can kill the enemy instantaneously but you can also restore HP and get some force on enemy’s death.

Demon Fury
During boss fight, the fury will let you muster more power and absorb more force.

Devil Wings
You need to use your Asmodian wings to travel fast. You will get one at level 30 (speed:150, jump: 120) and one at level 70 (speed: 190, jump: 120)

Demonic Blood
Max Level 1: +20 will, +20 Charisma and they is maximum chance that you will not get knocked back. Yes, you will get the 4th job power stance of Adventurer Warrior instantly at the beginner level.

Demon Slayer First Job Skills

Skills Demon Slash
With every hit, the slash deals more damage to the enemy and with the 4th hit, it does more damage than any other Demon Slayer skill using force. The Demon Slash is upgraded automatically when you complete 2nd and 3rd job.

  • 1st and 2nd Attack: Deals damage up to 6 enemies (100% Damage)
  • 3rd Attack: Deals damage up to 6 enemies (90% damage and two attacks)
  • 4th Attack: Deals damage up to 6 enemies (damage 90% and three attacks)

Devil Scythe
You need Demon Slash 1 for this job. You need to summon demon’s sickle to attack a number of enemies at the same time. You can hold skill’s key to deal damage up to 8 monsters and deal 85% damage 3 times. Costs you 3 force and 15 HP.

Demon Booster
You need demon slash level 5 for this skill. It will boost your attack speed by +2.

Dark Agility
Demon Slash level 1 is required for this skill. It will increase your accuracy (+200), speed (+25) and jump (+20) permanently. These attributes will help you move quickly through different spots.

HP Increase
Your maximum HP is increased (+20%). The skill is useful specially during boss fights.

Skill Build for this job should be:

  • +1 Demon Slash
  • +1 Devil Scythe
  • Max Demon Slash
  • +6 Demon Booster
  • Max Dark Agility
  • Max Devil Scythe
  • +9 Demon Booster
  • Max HP Increase

Go to next page for Skill Builds and Tips on the rest of the job skills.

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