Skyrim Unique Weapons Locations Guide

By   /   Nov 14, 2011

Skyrim doesn’t differ from weapon formula that has been laid down in previous Elder Scrolls games. All weapons have a unique appearance and style which makes some of the unique weapons in the game, even more desirable.

You can’t repair weapons in Skyrim but you can upgrade them with different kinds of ores and with a variety of magical effects. You can read Enchanting Guide and Smithing Guide for more on how you can upgrade weapons and induce magical effects in them.

You can choose among swords, axes, maces, staves, bows, and shields – Which can also be used to bash enemies. Among these weapons, Bows are relatively rear in Skyrim, so if you are an Archer, make sure you stock a large number of bows before going out on a dangerous quest.

All weapons in Skyrim have a damage stat and block stat. These two stats decide how good a particular weapon is and how good it will go with a particular Character Build.

You can also dual-wield in Skyrim, but it compromises your defense a bit, so you need to skilled defender if you are to go down that path. You can dual-wield sword/shield, sword/torch, sword/axe, spell/mace, duel spells, block spell (ward)/axe and many more.

For more help on Skyrim, read our Unique Armor Locations, Daedric Artifacts, and Leveling Guide.

Following are some of the unique weapons you can find in Skyrim. We will update this guide when we find more!

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Unique Weapons Locations

Headsman’s Axe
Location. Solitude
Ahtar, Jailor of Solitude carries it. You can either pickpocket him to get this weapon or you can do him a favor and recruit him as your follower to get this weapon.

Firiniel’s End
Location. Solitude
You will find it during Dark Brotherhood Quest – Bound Until Death. Gabriella will leave it on a balcony overlooking the Temple of the Divines during the quest. You can then pick it up.

The Rueful Axe
Location. Rimerock Burrow
You will find it during Daedric Quest – A Daedra’s Best Friend.

Location. Killreath Ruins by Statue to Meridia
Complete the Daedric Quest – The Break of Dawn and you will given this weapon as a reward for your effort.

Location. The Katariah
You will find it embedded in the far end of the forward mast.

Gauldur Blackblade
Location. Folgunthur
It is wielded by Mikrul Gauldurson at the end of this dungeon. Loot the remains and it will be added automatically in your inventory.

Location. Mzinchaleft
Help Mjoll The Lioness and retrieve this weapon. She will ask you to take Grimsever’s Return quest, agree, and then you can take this weapon.

Drainblood Battleaxe
Location. Labyrinthian
You will come across a Spectral Draugr in Labyrinthian during College of Winterhold Quest – The Staff of Magnus, who carries this weapon.

Drainheart Sword
Location. Labyrinthian
Spectral Draugr in Labrinthian carries it.

Drainspell Bow
Location. Labyrinthian
Spectral Draugr in Labrinthian carries it.

Staff of Magnus
Location. Labyrinthian
You will get it as a reward a the end of College of Winterhold Quest – The Staff of Magnus.

Skull of Corruption
Location. Nightcaller Temple
Complete Daedric Quest – Walking Nightmare and you will get this weapon as a reward.

The Pale Blade
Location. Frostmere Crypt
You will find it in possession of Ra’jirr at the end of the dungeon.

Mehrunes’ Razor
Location. Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
You will get it as a reward for completing Daedric Quest – Pieces of the Past.

Ceremonial Sword
Location. Volunruud
It is one of the weapons needed to open the Elder’s Cairn Door in the dungeon – Inside Volunruud.

Ceremonial Axe
Location. Volunruud
Second weapon needed to open Elder’s Carin Door in the dungeon – Inside Volunruud.

Location. Volunruud
You may find it in possession of Knevel the Tongue at the end of this dungeon.

Location. Volunruud
Second weapon that you may find in possession of Knevel the Tongue.

Nightingale Bow
Location. Bronze Water Cave
Complete Thieves Guild quest – Blindsighted and you will get this weapons as a reward.

Location. Raldbthar
Kill Alain Dufont during Dark Brotherhood Quest – Sentenced to Death and loot his remains.

Nightingale Blade
Location. Winterhold
Complete Thieves Guild Quest – Hard Answers and you will be rewarded this weapon by Karliah.

Staff of Arcane Authority
Location. The Frozen Hearth In Winterhold
You will steal it from Malur Seloth during ‘A Little Light Thievery’ quest.

Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Location. Saarthal
Look for this weapon lying on the altar in front of Jyrik Gauldurson at the end of the dungeon.

Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls
Location. Ironbind Barrow
It is attached to the back of the throne at the end of this dungeon.

Borvir’s Dagger
Location. Journeyman’s Nook
You will find it lying next to Borvir’s body near the Alchemy lab inside domed ruin.

Rundi’s Dagger
Location. Rundi’s Mistake
On the edge of the small altar.

Rusty Mace
Location. Abandoned House in Markarth
You will get this weapon during Daedric Quest: The House of Horrors.

Mace of Molag Bal
Location. Abandoned House in Markarth
You will get it as a reward for completing Daedric Quest – The House of Horrors.

Location. Abandoned House in Markarth
You will get it as a reward from Grisvar when you complete the Side Quest – No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.

Spider Control Rod
Location. Understone Keep
You can get it during Thieves Quest – Hard Answers in Calcelmo’s Lab in a room to the side of the first chamber.

Location. Deepwood Redoubt
You will find it on the body in the upper level platform of Hag’s End.

The Longhammer
Location. Liar’s Retreat
Loot bar owner’s corpse to get this weapon.

Eye of Melka
Location. Blind Cliff Cave
You will get it when you complete Blind Cliff Cave quest in the dungeon.

Red Eagle’s Bone
Location. Rebel’s Cairn
Get it on a pedestal on your way out of Rebel’s Cairn after have slain Red Eagle.

Location. Sky Haven Temple
You will find it on table in Sky Haven Temple’s armory.

Hevnoraak’s Staff
Location. Valthume
Kill Dragon Priest Hevnoraak at the end of the dungeon to get this weapon.

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