F1 2011 Crashes, GFWL, Lag, Freezes, Errors, FPS, Performance and Fixes

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If the memory has not got stale then you would remember that there were many users who faced some major issues in running F1 2010. Now, F1 2011 has been released and your PC may not like the game again. It’s not always that the game is the problem but there are smaller conflicts that can be sorted out to make things work. So, if you are facing any issue in launching the game, playing it smoothly, something related to performance or any other problem, read on to find the solution.

#1 The Game Won’t Launch in Directx 11
If you are facing this problem then you should try to disable crossfire using CCC. You need to do following steps:

  • Delete your hardwaresettings folder in Documents>My Games>FormulaOne2011
  • Disable Crossfire in the CCC, not RadeonPro
  • Launch the game

Also update your NVIDIA drivers to 285.27.

#2 F1 2011 Crashes/ F1 2010 Also Not Working Since Install
If your F1 2011 installation has also messed up with F1 2020 then you need run windows updates to check any outdated files. The problem is more likely in Windows 7. You can also try following workarounds:

  • If you have Rapture application installed, uninstall it.
  • If you are using NVIDIA card then update your video drivers to 285.27.

#3 F1 2011 Poor Performance/Low Fps
The problem seems to be related with crossfire. So if you are using dual cards, disable the crossfire and it can improve the performance.

If you are using AMD graphics card, you should download and install the latest Catalyst and CAP drivers to improve the performance.

#4 Game Crashes To Desktop While Loading
Try to verify integrity of your game cache. And if you are running the game on directx 11, change it to dx9 from options.

#5 F1 2011 Crashes In China/Black Screen
People are having this problem on high-end machine where they like to play in highest settings. Turning off the Vsync can solve the problem.

#6 The Game Crashes on Directx 11 and Long Loading Time on Directx 11
I know multiple people facing this issue. You can try following workarounds to fix it:

  • Turn off the Vsync from the graphics settings
  • Verify the integrity of the game cache files
  • Check that your graphics card is not getting overheated

Or you can create a shortcut (game’s .exe file) on desktop and then launch the game from there instead of running it from steam interface.

#7 F1 2011 Starts Shuttering After Some Time
You should first verify the game files to solve the issue. Or if you are using ATI graphics card, you can should try these drivers

#8 The Game Starts in Windowed Mode
All you need to do is press Alt+Enter and you will be switched to full screen. Codemasters’ other games has this issue too.

#9 Games For Windows Live (GFWL) Text Is Corrupted/Jagged
If you are using the SLi or Crossfire then disable them to fix the issue. If your fps are dropped to an unplayable extent, you can try changing Rupture to software audio in settings to get the boost. It didn’t affect the sound quality to a noticeable degree.

#10 Wheel Configuration Reverts Back Every time i Start F1 2011
There is a simple trick. When the screen says press any button to continue, don’t press any button from keyboard rather press it from your wheel pad. Your settings will be saved.

#11 F1 2011 Connection Lag/Connection Timed Out Issue
Make sure that you have the following things checked:

Port Forward TCP port 80.
Port Forward UDP and TCP port 3074.
Port Forward UDP port 88
Port Forward UDP and TCP port 53
Port Forward TCP port 443

Also try lowering your video settings.

#12 F1 2011 Crashes With An Application Error
If your game is being crashed then you should try changing directx 11 to directx 9 in the video options.

#13 F1 2011 Crashes Randomly
You need to verify the game cache. If it doesn’t help then you should use directx 9 instead of directx 11. This change seems to solve many issue related to F1 2011.

#14 Racing Wheel Not Recognized by the Game
You need to use the custom control settings to make it working even the force feedback.

#15 F1_2011.exe Detected as Virus Before Launch
If you owe a legit copy then it’s definitely a false positive. The problem is mostly faced by Avira users. So you can add an exception (in firewall settings) to run the game.

#16 F1 2011 Crashes To Desktop – Executable Crash on Startup
You can try following solutions:

Delete your save game folder form documents and then relaunch the game.

If you GFWL then make sure that Windows Live sign-in assistant is installed. It’s better that you uninstall GFWL first and then do a clean install with sign-in assistant.

#17 Can’t Get Out of Instant Replay
The issue is most probably related to your wheel/controller. Here is a quick solution for this one:

Go to \F1 2011\actionmap\.xml
Add this to the file before:  “</ActionMap>”:

<Action actionName=”Replay Exit”>
<Axis axisName=”win_key_escape” deviceName=”Keyboard” baseCalibration=”uniDirectionalPositive” />

#18 The Game Does not Start (performing first time setup, process 1 of 4)
You need to install OpenAL form C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2011\OpenAL.

#19 The Game Crashes Only With the Wheel
If you find out that your game crashes only when the wheel is attached to your PC then you should follow these steps:

  • Load the game without the wheel
  • Set the controls to keyboard
  • Save your settings and restart
  • Connect the wheel and start the game again

You can also try deleting replay.pbf file in C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\FormulaOne2011\DataCache\YourName\replay.

Now if you have any other issues related to the game, let us know in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • adi

    Guys, I have a periodic lag in F1 (sometimes). When I setting my F1 2011 to medium, I get FPS is about 55, but the minimum FPS is about 13. I also get lag too (sometimes) when I set in low. What’s wrong with my F1???Thanks.

    Spec :
    i5 2540 M 2.2 GHz up to 3.1 GHz
    NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 M
    RAM 8 GB

  • Pe6o_Ribata

    When i start the game from F1_2011_Launcher nothing happends.It is just loading for a few seconds and the game doesnt start.Please help!!!

  • Konrad

    Single Player – Im running constant 60 fps – sumtimes down to 59 – so v-sync obviously on. All graphics set to maximum, with 2560-1600 resolution. Rapture or software make no difference in terms of performance.

    Multiplayer – All settings the same, im getting 50-60 fps initially, then out of no where frames drop to 0.3 to 1 fps, this is in game mind you. Found today that this problem started even occuring in the game menu, only in the multiplayer section after roughly around 2 minutes. The game literally almost becomes completely unresponsive.
    I have read many forums or other sites to this issue, tried it all…..
    lowest graphic settings, sound, modem instead of router, antivirus, driver updates to all newest settings,keyboard connected only instead of razer pro xbox controller,overclocked/not overclocked cpu,single gpu instead of multi, u name it, ive done it and no go with this game for online mode…….

    Please Help!!, F1 2010 worked online for me now problem at all so what changed woth F1 2011 i have no idea…..

    Computer Specs –

    EVGA X58 Classified
    Intel i7 920 – TT Volcano Cooler
    6GB Corsair Dominator GT 1886
    2x EVGA GTX 480
    1x EVGA 9800 GT
    Corsair HX 1000 PSU

    Thats the raw build, more than good enough to run this game maxed out,so i have completely no idea why i get the whole 0.3 – 1 fps on multiplayer….

    Other games like WOW, SWTOR, BF3, MW3, CRYSIS 2, NFS World dont encounter any issues if thats any help, its just F1 2011.

    Please help! or else have to wait for F1 2012 :S

  • Akshay

    guys, i am getting application load error 5:0000065454 wat shud i do?

  • iRhyThMz

    i played career mode but im not sure with the proving grounds and GP mode,i played it on medium graphic settings, 800×600 screen reso, during \in Race\,i suddenly faced weird fps issues,like, once in a while,Fps reading 4rm Fraps showed me 35FPS Decreases to 15~20 fPS,or screen freezes for a second or few mili second,and this ruin my race,i was about to overtake and gain position! is this my pc problem or the game? 0.0

  • Louie

    I just crashes in the first lap when i try to start it.. Why ?

  • Ranjan

    f1_2011.exe ordinal not found

    The original 5377 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll
    i have installed the latest version og gfwl too but nothing happening, the same error keeps coming..
    suggestion pls

  • Ezzem

    When trying to install the game (clicking on the button \install\), I get an application error on setup.exe

    Event data:

    Vista 64 (sp2)
    Intel Core 2 duo 3Ghz
    75Gb free HD space
    2Gb RAM
    NVidia Geforce 9600 GT (1280×1024)
    DirectX runtime version 11.0

  • reny11890

    Even i keep getting that problem.It checks for storage device and doesnt move forward.No it does not go to the options interface.

  • Diaa

    i have this masseage (application load error 5:00000654)so i cant open the game.

  • jeffrey

    why can`t i change my directx
    i just don`t see the option to change it?
    plz somebody help

  • John Crutch

    In my PC version of f1 2011 I have no sound in replays other than some strange regular ticking noises. Any ideas?

  • extab

    can anybody help, i dont have replay mod after the race, only continue and restart race, does anyone now what is the problem

  • Neil

    Hi, my game just freezes randomly in game but not on the menus though, it only freezes on the track. I realized that when I wait for like 3-5 mins, it just unfreezes itself and the game moves on, until about a minute later it freezes again. What I’ve done already: updated NVIDIA, updated directx, tried using directx9, turned off v-sync, turned settings to ultra low. Still freezes. Please help!

  • keftes08

    I start with the game and when i see the comment Checking storage devices i am just waiting and waiting and nothing happens and for you to know i only have a keyboard wich worked on f1 2010 and on that point the pc doesnt freeze but works like nothing happend just wont continue. Any advice??

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      Can you get to the options interface? Try turning off the Vsync. Did you verify the integrity of the game files?

  • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

    Load Steam
    From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
    Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache… button.
    Steam will verify the game’s files – this process may take several minutes.
    Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit.

  • Scott

    I have the \stuttering\ issue…what do you mean by \verify the game files to solve the issue\??

    I have tried to find the \replay\ file to make it read only as sugested on other sites but cant seam to find it on my system anywhere.
    I am desperate to fix this issue.

  • Komediant

    #5 F1 2011 Crashes In China/Black Screen
    Turning Vsync off didn’t work for me, but I tried turning off Windows Aero and the game no longer crashes in China