Metal Gear Solid 3DS Looks Inferior to PS2 Version

By   /   4 years ago

If I would want to play re-play a game on handheld, I would rather play an improved version of the game. Metal Gear Solid 3DS looked better, improved at least visually last time I saw it but, after watching this trailer, I am rather disappointed with it’s visuals. If you watch Metal Gear Solid 3DS E3 trailer and have played the game, you will notice the difference in graphics.

If you can’t remember that much, we have an image comparison of Metal Gear Solid 3DS to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on Playstation 2 to refresh your memory.

Image by SFX-360

You can clearly see the visuals of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on Playstation 2 are far superior to what offered by Metal Gear Solid 3DS. I don’t know whether the 2D output of the 3D image decreases the image quality or it’s just the resolution on the tiny screen compared to the resolution of the TV. But if the comparison is to be taken, Metal Gear Solid 3 looks visually better on old Playstation 2 than on the next gen Nintendo 3DS.

If you consider the other third party games like Resident Evil coming to Nintendo 3DS, Metal Gear Solid 3DS needs to improve. I feel third parties should work more on the titles they are re-releasing on Nintendo 3DS, atleast bring them to today’s standards using the latest technology. What do you think ?

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  • mexis
  • zen

    you are comparing a handheld with a last-gen home console? do you really expect them to compare equally???

  • Jacob needham

    Nintendo as a console and handheld device creator leaves much to be desired in the graphics department, and it is a well known fact that they tend to cater to the casual generation of gamers that say “we just wanna have fun” as opposed to many other divisions in this spectrum, whether Nintendo can make a console even comparatively similar to Sony or Microsoft can only be seen in the WII 2.

    I think that MGS is a series that even Nintendo users should enjoy – but it’s best to have some good tech behind it rather than the unsuccessful 3DS…

    • Brian

      I think the 3DS is a very capable machine, and the 3D gives the graphics an extra level of impression that just doesn’t exist in 2D devices. I’m very happy with these graphics, especially since the video resolution is different on your computer.

      Furthermore, to say the 3DS is a failure is pretty skewed. Is the 3DS surpassing what the DS sold last year? No. But it IS surpassing what the DS sold in its first year. It takes time to catch on. I assure you that after this holiday season the 3DS will be selling far more than what it did this year. Nintendo released it at a perfect time, and first and third party games will be made and polished for the holiday season. We’re going to see a 3DS explosion, because parents will buy it merely so their kids can watch 3D movies on Netflix.

  • Mike

    I hope you realize that Metal Gear Solid’s cutscenes were upgraded over the in-engine assets. They were recorded videos with detail polishing, ala Resident Evil 4 for the PS2. In game it looks a good deal worse than in cutscenes.

    In all likeliehood, MGS3D is running their cutscenes in-engine, which explains the drop in fidelity. You’re also comparing high resolution shots of the PS2 game (resolutions the PS2 couldn’t even put out, lol) to a YouTube video.

    Finally, this title is the work of Kojima Productions and Konami, not Nintendo. Bring it up with them.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I am just voicing my opinion for what I infer from the trailer and what I had expected from the game. You did make valid points. But the reason for the article is not to bash the game in anyway.

      This is why I have cautiously written in the article. I just expected a bit more from it.

    • NeoTechni

      Those do not appear to be higher than PS2 resolution.

      Especially since PS2 could do 1080i (granted it didnt in that game)

      The fact that it’s a youtube video doesnt explain the huge graphical difference from the screenshots konami provided of the 3DS version.