DiRT 3 Crashes, Errors, Save, Controller, Freezes, Wheel Fixes

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DiRT 3 though a bloody good racing game has few issues similar to F1 2010 that need developer’s immediate attention. If you come across any of the below mentioned errors, crashes or performance issues, you can follow the workarounds to resolve these.

1# DiRT 3 – Profile Creation Failed
The following message is received when first logging into the game: “Profile Creation Failed – You must be signed into Live to create a new save for your profile”.

Whenever you create a new profile in the game – which will allow you to save your progress – you must be logged into Windows Live. It is not possible to create a new profile in the game if using an offline profile. The first time you create a profile you will be asked for the Windows Live Key that comes with your game.

2# How to Setup a Controller in DiRT 3
Firstly make sure that your controller is plugged in and functioning correctly in Windows and that you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer’s website.

You should also ensure that no schemes or profiles are running for your controller. If you are using a steering wheel, we recommend that you set the pedal axes to “separate” rather than combined. This can be done using the software for the wheel itself (e.g. Logitech’s Wingman software).

  1. From the game’s main menu, select options – controls.
  2. Here you can choose between automatic and manual transmission and choose your Advanced Wheel Settings if using a wheel.
  3. If you have one of the officially supported controllers (see notes below) you can choose to load a preset configuration for this device, or for the keyboard, or
  4. If you wish to create your own custom settings or setup an un-recognized controller, scroll down to each function you want to re-define and press enter, then move your controller or press the button you wish to use. The new function should now appear in the list.
  5. Do this for all of the functions you wish to change and, when you are happy with the settings, press escape.
  6. If you wish to adjust your force or vibration settings, you can do this from the Vibration and Feedback menu.


  • In the Advanced Wheel Settings, Dead Zone is the amount you can steer the wheel (or press a pedal) before it has any effect. Saturation is the amount you can steer the wheel before it reaches full lock.

The officially tested and supported controllers are as follows:

  • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
  • Logitech Rumblepad 2
  • Thrustmaster Run’n’Drive
  • Run’n’ Drive Rumble Force
  • Thrustmaster T-Mini 3-In-1
  • Dual Trigger 3-In-1
  • Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3 (ensure official Thrustmaster drivers are installed)
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel
  • Logitech G25 Wheel
  • Logitech G27 Wheel
  • Logitech Formula Force EX Force Feedback Wheel
  • Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel
  • Thrustmaster Ferrari 430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
  • Thrustmaster RGT F/F Pro

3# DiRT 3 – Application Should be Closed
The following error is received when installing the game: “The following applications should be closed before continuing the install: Dirt 3”.

If you press “retry” after a short while the installation will continue.
Otherwise if you click on the Dirt 3 Window on your task bar and select Finish, this will also complete the installation.

4# DiRT 3 – xlive.dll is Missing
The following error message is received: “The program can’t start because xlive.dll is missing from your computer”. If you receive this error immediately after installing the game, you may just need to wait for the Windows Live installation to complete in the background. If you still get the error after waiting for 5 minutes or so, please do as follows:

  • Uninstall Microsoft Games for Windows Live from the Windows control panel.
  • Delete the following folder: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE
  • Now re-download the latest GfWL client from here.
  • Reinstall this new client.
  • Try the game again.

5# DiRT 3 Red Sun Graphics Bug
If you have an AMD 5 series card, then you may experience the red sun lightning. Don’t worry, it’s a driver issue which is fixed from 11.3 onwards (driver version).

6# DiRT 3 Won’t Run
Make sure you install the DirectX that comes with the installation. Especially, the game won’t run if you don’t have Games For Windows Live installed properly.

7# DiRT 3 Playstation 3 Online Multiplayer
The game requires an online pass to be played online on PS3. Since Playstation store is offline, you can’t connect with the community. Save the code and wait when Playstation store comes back online or hope Codemasters remove the online pass system just like good guys behind Mortal Kombat did to get the game online.

8# DiRT 3 Xbox 360 Load Screen Freezing Issue
Clean your Xbox 360 cache and try to run the game installed in HDD. If you don’t have much free space in your hard drive, it would be better to clean the disk and try again.

9# DiRT 3 Controls are Not Saving – Profile Saving Fix
If you are using any controller connected to your PC for the game, use any button on it to start the game. Don’t press any keyboard button when the menu that says ‘Press Start Button’ comes, wait for the game to react to your controller and once it does, you will have to use the same button to start the game everytime. That’s your start button basically, from there onward, the controls will save.

10# DiRT 3 Hardware Sound
Dirt 3 by default has the Hardware Sound option removed. So, it would be better to keep it this way since the game doesn’t really support the feature.

Tip: You can enable the hardware sound using the old config of Dirt 2 or F1 2010. You can read my F1 2010 troubleshooting article for more insight on config editing but do it at your own risk.

11# Stuck in Windowed Mode
If you are stuck in windowed mode, hold Alt and press Enter to return back to full screen.

12# DiRT 3 – Can’t Log in to Games For Windows Live
When presented with the ‘Sign In to Windows Live’ dialogue, you can type into the ID box, but not into the password box, so the log-in fails.
Cancel out of that screen and get into the game in “Offline Mode”. Once at the main menu, you’ll see an option for LIVE, login from there.

13# DiRT 3 – PC Input Lag

14# DiRT 3 DirectX 11 Crashes
Playing the game on DirectX 11 ? crashing randomly ? delete ‘hardware_settings_config’. You can find the file in:
My Documents / My Games / Dirt 3 / Hardware Settings and restart your computer to fix this issue. If it still doesn’t resolve the issue, try playing the game in windowed, it’s not really a fix but a workaround till developers patch the game.

15# DiRT 3 PC/Xbox 360 – Youtube Blocked Connection Restricted
If you have very restrictive profile in Xbox 360, you may want to tweak it a bit to allow youtube upload. You can go to Privacy Settings in GFWL/Xbox Live. Go to xbox.com and check your settings.

DiRT 3 Driving Force GT Wheel: Fixed

You get no response from the wheel while trying to play the game with it. Do the following steps in order to resolve the issue.

Step 1
Uninstall the Logitech Gaming Software.

Step 2
Removed the wheel from your computer then go to start menu and typed ‘regedit’ in run.

Step 3
This will bring up the registry editor and from there click ‘Computer’ at the top to make sure you’d search the entire registry. Now press F3 to bring up the search function.

Step 4
Type ‘Driving Force’ in to the search box and Press Enter, now it’ll search the registry for any matches. Once it found one, click Del on the keyboard and enter to delete it. Delete all entries you find, don’t worry if you can’t delete few.

Step 5
Plug-in the Logitech DFGT back into the computer. Once it is detected, install the latest drivers you downloaded in the first step.

16# DiRT 3 Green/ Black Screen Fix
If you experience the black or green screen issue with Dirt 3, delete your config file and when you reconfigure, put your anti aliasing to max 8x.

17# DiRT 3 Data Execution Prevention
Make sure you have installed and update your Windows OS required for the game. Check minimum settings for the game before you attempt to play.

18# DiRT 3 – Can’t Download Free Car Pack ?
Try download it from from marketplace client.

19# DiRT 3 – Driving Wheel Dead Zone Fix
Figuring out, will let you know when I find anything. If you have found anything, share.

20# DiRT 3 – Crashes at Loading Screen
If you experience loading screen crashes or random crashes while playing the game, try disabling all the inactive audio devices from your computer. Leave only the one you use.

21# DiRT 3 – Random Crashes Fix
If you are experiencing random Dirt 3 crashes while loading the races or playing the game. Run the game in Direct X 9 instead of using DirectX 11 to render the game.

You can change it in ‘hardware_settings_config.xml’ which can be found in /My Games/DiRT 3.

22# DiRT 3 Replay Problem While Using Steering Wheel

23# DiRT 3 Framerate Drop Cockpit View
If your FPS drop consistently while in cockpit view, make sure you have disabled Vsync and have 4x AA with latest drivers.

If you face any other issue while playing DiRT 3, you can comment and I will try to help you out.

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  • kuba

    I need to help me go to my friend, we wanted to play on My Computer Dirt 3 in Split Screen (ps: we wanted to play the keyboard and steering wheel), but we ran it and wrote it: please will not you be to earn achievements,,, what can I do thank you in advance for any advice please write advice here: sadid9898@seznam.cz or sms: 775 534 302 PS game I have downloaded and Crackle

  • Davis Peskovs

    have problem when i want load game GfWl SHOWS me save is corupt but my profile is not saved c:/my games/dirt3
    But auto where my game dirt 3 is installed E:/

    • rattlesnake_906

      If its the first time happening to you and you were playing it fine earlier than it might be something related to GFWL. Microsoft will discontinue its support in the near future.

  • paletica

    yuo can help me with the keyboard I do not recognize the keyboard, and before entering the game says press intro”” how do I recognize that I

  • XGAVirus

    After racing for a few minutes gameplay would stagger every 0.5 seconds until Alt+F4.
    Didn’t happen in Dirt 2 or any other game I play. Smooth framerate the whole time till the slideshow effect starts.

  • vojin

    When i enter the race the steering wheel doesn’t work (logitech formula vibration)then i have to set to keyboard,and then when i exit to menu it freezes on the black screen!HELP!!!!!!!

  • Muhamm

    My dirt 3 is so slow please help me

  • Muhamm

    My dirt 3 is so slow even when I start the game and the races and I bought it please help me out thanks

  • dejo

    Hey guys I’m off SKIDROW Dirt 3 and I start the installation after 2-3 minutes to stop and write ¨ ¨ log folder can someone help

  • dejo

    Hey guys i have download a skidrow dirt 3 and when a run installation after 2-3 minutes its stop and write ¨log folder¨ can enevone help

  • hrfs

    controller disconected….. please reconnect a controller or press start or enter on another device to continue…..and then my laptop turn of? i try this with Thrustmaster T-Mini 3-In-1 and with Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3….. what can i do for that?
    please help me i love this game

  • Telis

    I play the game in full hd and after two minutes of gameplay the game starts to freeze for a second and then go on and that repeats itself.
    It only stops when I put the game in windowed mode (Alt + Enter)The Vsync is of and multisampling to 4x.
    Please help me

  • mcadmin

    Hi. I have so bad problem with display game.

    After run game on my PC (Info is in footer) display my LCD “OUT OF RANGE”. My LCD is Full HD (1920p, and Game is set to 1920p). I was always writes this message when I play at full screen. If I set any resolution, it’s the same. My monitor is Full HD and the game is also set. You do not know what to do?

    CPU: Intel Core i5 650 sc.1156 ~ 3.20 GHz up to 3.48 GHz
    RAM: Zeppelin 8GB Kit DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel
    GPU: NGTX 560 Ti/oc MSI – 2048MB Gddr5 4008MHz HDMI
    LCD: BenQ G2320HD FullHD (Connected with HDMI)
    HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F3 1000GB SATA2

    i have Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

  • Matiz

    Me too, Logitech MOMO.. first time after installation, I test the game on keyboard, everything go smooth, so I take my logitech momo, install latest driver from logitech and, after start the game everything is ok, but in race whell lags.. I cant find no solution for this, pls help..

  • Flavio2222

    please run the game launcher aplication: DiRT3.exe , i cant play for this

  • sam

    i play dirt 3 on my pc…specifications: 2gb ram , intel core 2 duo processor , 2 gb ati graphics card but when i play this game..it runs kind of slow…maybe the framerate is slow…i dont know..any help ??

  • jon

    HERE is a “work-around”…don’t want to call it a fix… but BEFORE opening the game for the first time since boot, remove network cable and/or wireless cards. Game will work. Has worked for me, and for other people on my LAN.

    Yes, you loose option for multiplayer. Our work-around was that we can play LAN games by unplugging the cable line into modem. The PROBLEM all lies in Windows Live. If you don’t log in, game does not crash.

  • Sylvester

    Is there anyone out there who’s experienced the missing \view replay\ function? I’ve tried re-installing it several times n it works initially but after closing and opening the game, it stops working. Anybody out there who can help? its pretty annoying…

  • Ernst-Jan

    I have an additional tip for fixing freezes and message “Controller Disconnected” while playing connected to windows live.

    I have a i920 and every time I played Dirt 3 while connected to G4WL, the game started to freeze and I got the message “Controller Disconnected” (G25).

    After spending a lot of time I found the solution! I installed the patch suggested by Microsoft for G4WL for AMD multicore processors and the game plays very smooth now. Yes I know it sounds bizare, because I am using an Intel i920, but it works for me!

  • go_error

    i guess i have a unique problem!
    whne the icon is clicked, the game gets loaded then a screen comes saying press START or press ENTER . but when i press enter or any key there is no response. the game trailer like thing comes over and overa again.. .! please can yu help me out with thiz??
    thankz in adavance !

  • Bob

    Hi, i want play in splitscreen mode but don’t have controller or wheel. So I was wondering if you could tell me how to set up my keyboards for them to work in split screen

  • faiz

    can anyone help me solving problem number #1?

  • steve

    I just installed Dirt3. Installed and updated just fine. Took some time though. When I play it is slow and jumpy. I have the system requirements necessary on my PC. I disabled virus software and not other application is running. Any help with this issue before I contact tech support via codemasters?

  • Phil

    I can’t uninstall Dirt 3 from my (Windows) system! I have tried doing it from Control Panel, it loads up the uninstaller and then freezes and says ‘not responding’ before crashing. I have also tried using ‘Revo Uninstaller’, but the list of programs that load on-screen freeze when it reaches Dirt 3, in other words, I can’t uninstall from here either. Please can someone help?!

  • tiago

    my game freezes too but i discovered that if you play it in window mode it wont freeze anymore.

  • Manas

    So the problem is whenever I launch the game, it requires me to douwnload some update to access the online features of the game. Although, while the update is being installed, an error pops up saying that my game has not been unlocked by Games For Windows Live.


  • Phill

    yo can some1 help me plz, i start game and nothin happens, it seems like its loading for few sec and nothin. I have Direct X from game, and GFWL,i installed latest SKIDROW update, and cracked and still nothin please some1 help.

    • wm

      If the game don’t start, try your firewall!

  • wm

    I had the same problem,I found a solution on internet.
    on my pc there’s F-secure installed and I had to disable the “deep guard” option! maybe it is a firewall or anti-virus issue.
    Hope this helps

  • Dj SpY

    hey guys :)
    about the saving problems in dirt 3 this is my GFWL profile offline mode.
    just copie the contents to C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\DiRT3
    enjoy 😉

  • Jefaum

    I start playing Dirt 3 in a 4:3 LCD monitor, and now I’ve changed it for a 16:9 LCD monitor, from then on, it doesn’t work anymore…
    I think dirt3 isn’t supporting my new desktop resolution, so, is there any cfg file that I could delete before running Dirt3?

  • Laki

    When i press split screen it says player 2 press start, i tried all keyboard buttons but it not works, i tried to connect controller no buttons works too, what to do???

  • Bob Kaye


    I notice in the Dirt 3 folder there appears to be two executable files.
    One is “Dirt3” and is 9026Kb, and is called “DSS Launcher”. This is the one that has a shortcut on my desktop.

    The other is “dirt3_game” and is 14,160KB, and is called “Dirt3 Executable”.

    Which is the one that’s supposed to launch the game in offline mode?

    I haven’t been able to load the game yet using either executable. With the DSS launcher, when I double click the icon, the cursor flashes for a few seconds and then stops. With the “Dirt3 executable, I get an error message.

    Thanks for info.

  • modjo80

    hi can someone help me plz i get this message”application error 5 ”
    when i tryed to lunch the game i gut them plz hzlp me guys

    • tjey

      same problem..application error..have u got the solve..??

  • Chris

    pc input lag problem solved:


    • Gavin

      Hi chris I’m having this PC input lag problem but I’m putting in the link and it goes to the code-masters forum but says page not found

  • sushz

    Played the game for a total of 10 hours on pc and then suddenly it froze up after a multiplayer game, then I just hit alt f4, and now everytime I click the desktop icon it says ‘Dirt3 Executable has stopped working’ right after the Dirt3 loading logo pops up.

    Any suggestions?

    Oh and btw, if I set my G25 up in the presets, it does not save this in my profile, so everytime I start up the game I have to set up the controls again.

    • Baz

      unplug yer controllers and it will fire up, as soon as I plug in a usb controller it crashes and wont start, so keyboard only I guess..

  • Sylwester

    Welcome,my specs are

    Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
    DFI Blood Iron P45-T2RS
    2GB 800 MHz Ram Patriot
    Asus EHD5770 512

    and always when i quit dirt 3 game from menu to system i’m losing control over mouse. Mouse (Modecom MC-610) simply not responding. Sometimes even first restart can’t resolve this issue. Same in Windows XP 32bit and Win7 64bit. Sorry for my English

  • pissedoffguy

    I cant sign into my youtube account since i set it up on dirt 3 and youtube wont help me request my password

  • Jeroen

    When I plug in my G25 the game says ‘Dirt 3 Executable stopped workin’ when I try without G25 plug in it works perfect :s how come?!

    I have the newest driver for my G25

  • zaoc

    I’m getting the same problem as Wayne. My shifter is physically in gear and in the game it suddenly jumps to neutral. I only got the game last night, tried some multiplayer Gykmhana and it’s a real momentum killer. That, and sometimes not even going into gear. And the only way I found to select manual H pattern + clutch was to go into the actual race, press escape and then it shows up as an option in the controls.

  • Christopher Brown

    I’m having an issue where i am running around a flat 60FPS in single player on high move over to multiplayer and i’m getting a FPS jump on medium and low and not sure if it is an issue with the game cause my PC is an i7 6GB of 1600 jigsaw and an overclocked 260 and it has no issues on any games out right now other than dirt multiplayer. i can even turn the graphics to ultra high on singleplayer and get no issues. And my internet it a steady 25-30 megs. any ideas?

  • vasco

    Hi I’v got 1 problem with my controller (logitech g25) only when i play dirt3, sometimes works weel but the most of the races the force feedback feels diferent and the car keeps turning the wheel automaticly and i cant control it please tell me if anyone got the same issue and how i fix it

  • Wayne

    @ chris ( or anybody else ) People crossing the track in the PC version i mean..

  • Jazz

    Lol, and no “downloading profile” fix ?
    Thank you sooooo much -.-

  • Ottis Francis

    i can’t seem to be able to log into my windows live account on DiRT3. i’m on my PC and it just says cannot connect to live, server maybe down or network setup wrong. I’ve tried putting in some port forwards and tried logging in once in the game menu. but all fails to connect. i have a bigpond elite wireless network gateway, connected to my PC by an ethernet cable.

    My computers a
    AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
    Gigabyte 890-FXA-UD5
    4gb ram
    Ati Radeon HD 5850 1GB

    Games loads well and runs nearly perfect on ultra settings, and i have a Logitech G27 steering wheel that works great. just wondering if someone could help me connect to the live profile so i can save my game and YouTube and stuff like that. Multilayer. :)

    thank you everyone that helps :)

    • Darryn

      I am having the same problem, every time I am in the game it seems to cut out my wireless internet. I’ve tried to minimize the window right before i log in, reset my internet and log in as soon as possible, but it eventually cuts out again before the login completes.

  • phill kelly

    Hi,for some reason im not getting the option to select my g27 as a preset(only keyboard)ive tried uninstall/reinstalling several times as well as uninstalling/reinstalling the logitech gaming software..any help would be great,thanks in advance

    • Chris

      when you are at the start screen (Press Enter or Start) press button on your G27, instead of enter on your keyboard.

      • phill kelly

        pressed every button on g27 at that screen several times,none will advance the game any further

    • Chris

      The Problem is solved:


  • Ed

    Okay, so I am having a problem loading Dirt 3 savegame. Can’t load it, GFWL says the savefile is corrupt. Thus I did some search and found out it’s most probably because the game can’t recognise unicode in the path where it’s data is stored (source – http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=22589642&postcount=22 ). It would be alright, but it’s not windows username which contains unicode characters, it’s “My Documents” folder, just because I have russian windows and it’s written in russian by default, can’t change it. I’m not going to reinstall windows, guess the only thing to do is to wait for a patch…

  • Chris

    yeah i saw them 😉

  • Wayne

    @ chris, Do you see people running on the track ( sometimes a photographer )? ( if seen alot of videos where you can see it )

  • Chris

    It’s not REAL input lag, but my wheel is working for like 5 seconds and then it totally stops responding for about 0.5 – 1 seconds. Then it works fine again and after a few seconds it stops responding again for a moment.
    So it’s no permanent input lag, it’s only for a short moment, but absolutely randomely. This is driving me insane!

    My System is 64-Bit, Windows 7
    I use the Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel and read about a G27 with the same issue, too.

    • vasco

      yeah same here but i have a g25

      • roullis

        same here g25

    • http://www.networkhill.com Fredrik

      I have the same problem with my G27.

    • Flame

      I have just same issue with Logitech Momo Racing Force, win7 64bit, really annoying.

      Also game gets really slow even on menu animations after few races.

  • Wayne

    Wheel settings reset everytime i start the game! Also when i want to use the clutch for my Logitech G27 I cant choose the clutch mode in the transmission menu, ONLY when i first go to advance hit escape and then go to the transmission menu then i can select Manual+Clutch+ ( H pattern )Also when im in gear it sometimes shifts to nutral… while my stick is still in gear….. G27 is brand new! just 48 hours old.
    Besides that sometimes a random crash mostly during loading.

    AND did anybody noticed, there are no spectators ( Photographers ) crossing the track? You even see them running when they explain to you in the video what rally is, in Carreer mode.

  • DataRock

    Hi, I have a fps problem, and i’m not sure why…
    It doesn’t matter if my settings are the highest or the lowest, it still hangs for a very short time once a second. It’s really annoying, already tried running in forced Dx9 mode, since I have a Radeon HD5670.

    My cpu: AMD Phenom II x6 T1055, 4gigs ddr3 ram and a MSI 770-C45 Mainboard
    Please help D:

    • DataRock

      EDIT: It’s like a very annoying stutter, that hogman has too, but then every second…

      I use a Logitech Driving Force EX, I have Win7 x64.
      I’m sure I have the latest drivers, and I also applied the hexacore fix…

      Please help D:

  • Vash

    This is a helpful post, however my steering wheel doesn’t have a button that corresponds to a start button, I tried hitting every button to no luck. So it always resets.

    It’s a shame on Codemasters since my wheel works perfectly in GRiD and DiRT2.

  • hogman

    Few Issues im having after finally getting the thing out of windowed mode.
    Crossfire: 2 x 5770
    When enabled in game race’s stutter about every 6 seconds. very frustrating. menu system runs incredibly better in crossfire. with it just one card, menus and car animation in background creeps.

    Save controller settings:
    Using Fanatec Porsche gt3 separate pedal settings. i set gas/brake in the main menu/options as well as other settings. esc to save. when i go to the game it the gas doesnt work. i have to hit pause, options again, set again (it does keep button settings), restart and race. If i quit dirt 3 and reload. i have to do this all over again. lame!

    Game is freezing during load of random race, after about 10 seconds crashes to desktop.

  • Mechanika

    Sorry forgot to mention. Am a PC owner. Win7 64bit

  • Mechanika

    Well, i bvelieve i’ve experienced a major part of listed bugs. But i have one u did not mention. Logitech G25 steering wheel got “sticky” from timr to time and progressing. Now pedals begam to “stick”. Annoying..Looking forward to quick patch release.
    If sdomeone figured out G25 controllerissue please reply


    • roullis

      yeah i have the same problem! g25 acts like looses sync or something! hope there is a patch out there! if anyone knows please tell us

      • dicky

        am having the same problem with my g25 wheel after 10,15mins in game throttle sticks on and off.Also its a good indicator when the game is about to crash.GUTTED :(

        • Nod

          My G27 does the same thing… pedals stick or lag at different intervals..also (and more so) with the wheel….youll be racing along and all of a sudden, no steering. Happens more and more as the game progresses until you just quit and throw the game in a drawer. This game was expensive and EVERYONE owns a wheel now….And LOGITECH is the most popular. No one wants to play an expensive racing game with a keyboard. If it doesnt work with the most popular wheels, why put it out at such a high price. It should be $5.99 and sitting next to “The price is right” and other crappy games. CodeMasters knew this didnt work with a wheel, theyre just greedy.

  • Nuhvok


    Does anyone else have their game crashing to desktop if an 360 controller is plugged in(PC)?
    I find this a strange problem, tested and it worked flawlessly with Dirt 2, GRID and Hot Pursuit. When trying Dirt 3 again it resulted in another c2d, if i start the game without the controller plugged in there are no errors, but also no fun. I have tried updating, uninstalling and rolling back the drivers, still same result, it gives an DEP error in windows.