Fable 3 Crashes, Errors, FPS, GFWL, Save Bug, Freezes, and Fixes

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Fable 3 has been released for PC and you might be among one of those who are having some issues in running the game properly. Refer to the following troubleshooting guide to find the solution of common issues associated with the game.

1# Fable 3 Sound Issues
If you are facing hear the sound properly or sounds are shuttering, try changing your speakers (5.1 or similar) to stereo in sound options. This should fix the issue. If you are still facing the problem, try updating your sound card drivers.

2# Fable 3 – Save Files Corruption Fix
You might end up corrupting your save files as game can crash while it is being autosaved or loading a map. To fix the problem:

  1. C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\Lionhead Studios\Fable 3\
  2. In there you will find a folder labeled with random numbers or letters. The save files are inside this folder.
  3. Delete every file beginning with “hero1autosave”.

This should enable you to load the game. You might loose some progress but it is better to have something than nothing.

3# Can’t log into Game For Windows Live (GFWL) Marketplace
This issue can be due to a number of reasons. You can try following solutions to fix the problem so that you can download the DLC.

  • Try running the client as administrator
  • Uninstall GFWL and then re-install it.
  • Uninstall the kb977377 update from windows.
  • You can also try installing windows live sign in assistant to solve the issue.

4# Fable 3 – Can’t launch the “.exe” file
You can try the same workarounds mention in #3. Re-installing the game may also fix the problem.

5# Fable 3 – Runtime Error
The error can be due to some software or driver conflict. Update the drivers (sound and graphics) and also do a clean Directx install.
If this doesn’t help, you should go to Fable 3 folder, and find SupportFiles/ MSVCRT and run the executable in there. You can also try re-installing Windows Redistributable.

7# Fable 3 – 30 FPS Fix
Since Fable 3 is a console game ported to PC, FPS can be fixed to 30 specially when V-sync option is turned on. Without V-sync, you might feel some screen tearing which is annoying specially when your PC is well capable of running the game with V-sync turned on. Here is what you have to do:

Go to your graphic card options interface (catalyst or nVidia control panel) and force V-sync on from the options. Turn off the in game V-sync and you will have at least up to 60 fps with least screen tearing.

7# Fable 3 – No Menu and Screen Flickering Issue
You need to turn off the V-sync and lower the graphics to fix the problem. At the main screen before starting the game, press “3” and using windowed mode, lower your graphics. Also turn off the AA to see if it helps.

8# Fable 3 – Slow Performance/Motion
If you can’t run the game smoothly at recommended settings and meet the minimum system requirements to run the game, restart the game at recommended settings. The game should work find, if it does, you can increase the resolution and graphics according to your hardware capacity.

9# Fable 3 – Pre Load Error
Fable 3 does not support pre-load functionality. You won’t get to know that you got the game on the store page. The game will be displayed in your game library though.

10# Fable 3 Doesn’t Start/Black Screen
The issue can be solved by re-installing/repairing GFWL from the control panel. If you haven’t tried it yet, first login Window Live Marketplace and then try running the game. If you are facing black screen on launch, then you should try changing the resolution by switching to windowed mode first.

11# How to Enable Xfire With Fable 3
To have Xfire work with Fable 3, do the following:
1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ on Windows XP or C:\ProgramData\ on Windows 7.
2. Enter the Xfire folder.
3. Open xfire_games.ini.
4. Create a text document called xfire_games.ini.log.
5. Under sections [6592_1] and [6592_2], change “InGameFlags=USE_PRESENT|ENABLE_MOUSE|USE_DINPUT_M OUSE” to “InGameFlags=USE_PRESENT|ENABLE_MOUSE”
6. Enter something like this to the xfire_games.ini.log:



Every Xfire game update will rewrite your xfire_games.ini, so it is important to log the changes you make.

12# Games for Windows Live must verify the realse date of your game. please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

If you get the “games for windows live must verify the realse date of your game. please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet” message, there is a bug which seems to make the ‘enter’ button not appear onscreen, so just press the enter key.

Secondly, if you then come up against the Windows-Live login page, you don’t have to login. Just click out of the box (by using the ‘back’ button if I recall) and that will allow you to click the ‘enter’ button and launch your game.

Fable 3 60 FPS Fix

Step 1
Download GeForce Driver v275.27 BETA.

Step 2
Download and install the latest rivatuner, when installed run D3DOverrider, it comes inside the rivatuner installed folder , select the + icon to add a new profile, browse for the fable3.exe to add it, select the fable 3 profile and select the “force triple buffering” to “ON” and “force Vsync” to “ON”.

Step 3
Check FPS using Fraps.

Step 4
Play Fable 3 and in the options “game setting – Display” screen leave vertical sync set to “ON”.

Step 5
Enter the “detail settings” and tweak these settings with respect to your gaming rig:

  • Model Detail
  • Landscape Detail
  • Effects Detail
  • Tree Detail
  • Texture Quality
  • Shadows OFF (In any case whether you have high end rig or an average gaming PC)
  • Water Quality
  • Draw Distance (Low or Reasonable in any case)

14# Fable 3 Eyefinity Fix
Fable 3 does supports eyefinity. Go into the Fable 3 folder and launch “PCVideoOptionsApplet.exe”, and then change the resolution to your desired eyefinity resolution.

You can find this executable here: Fable 3 > PCVideoOptionsApplet > PCVideoOptionsApplet.exe

15# Fable 3 Crashes – Fix
Right click on Fable 3 shortcut, go to properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and check the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and then choose what you have…for me it’s Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

If that doesn’t work, update your graphics driver to the latest version and make sure to update Direct X and NVIDIA. If you have an integrated graphics chip and experiencing crashes then follow the setups below to get the game to run atleast.

Right click the shortcut and set the following under the Compatibility tab:

  • Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Disable visual themes
  • Disable desktop composition
  • Run this program as administrator

Apply all changes, close that window, then run the game from that shortcut. Once the game has loaded, click “Options” in the bottom right corner. Set the graphics properties to all “Very Low” or “Off” and make sure to turn off “Vertical Sync”.

If you come across any other issue, let me know and I will try to help you out.

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  • Sam

    I have done everything said and the game still crashes every 5 mins… any more advice?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ben.klein.3956 Ben Klein

    Is the Fable 3 crash fix for the 60 FPS issues?

  • Margie

    We can’t get past the opening Prince and Princess cut scene. we Click on the Prince or Princess but nothing happens. Can you please help.

    • WAREN


  • kristian

    i got a blank screen but my mouse is showing and i can freely move it around. pls help

    • mickey

      install Games for Windows – Live

  • Sacara

    Hey I tried everything to keep it from crashing but it still does after the 1st auto save is there anything else i an do??????

  • Raven

    I Have download the game. I Open it and i put serial number 1111-11… but i cant verify my account so is any other way to make it work? or is any other cd key?

  • Anonomyous

    i have the slow motion problem and i restarted nothing happened wat should i do

  • Shaheer

    The problem i am faced with is that in the Mourning wood chapter , i cant enter the city. After the guard calls to others for opening the gate nothing happens and i am stuck their. I have restarted the chapter many times . WHat should i do… ???????????

  • fkkkkkk

    damnitdamnitdamnit i hate it!!!!!!!!! i want my fuckking money backkk!!!

  • Cheyann

    i have an epic issue here… in the co-op play, when i’m in my world and a friend shows up, it’s all good… until we try to move toa diff area -_- all that we get is a message close to “waiting for other player” or something like that… this never happened with my first playthru, but now it does it with my second one >:[ help?

  • Joerg

    sorry for my post, it doesnt work. i still have this problem. change of soundcard makes no difference.(from onboard soundmax to audigy 2 )
    never got this problem with other games so we have to wait for a patch

    system: win xp pro sp3, asus p5q deluxe, core 2 duo, ati 5870

  • Joerg

    i got the same problem. if you reduce the detail level in video settings it should be ok. i was searching for days and changed my soundcard.finally i tried the detail level and now it works.

  • didi

    Anyone has a problem same like me?? My fable works well, but the audio/sound is weird. Let say when someone has a dialoge at this time, his mouth and arms also expression are working but the sound is late, so after the dialogue, i try walking immidiatly the dialogue comes.. also when i cast some fire ball, after 10-20 second, the fireball sound came…

    I cant play fable 3 like this!!! someone please help! i have already use headset and uninstalling but still same!

    • Caltimus

      I’m having the exact same problem.. hope someone knows whats up.

  • Sander

    Perhaps it could help some people to know that if you change compatibility mode to xp, then the savegames are stored in another location, so you have to put them there manually

  • william

    hi everyone i have a problem, when i take the guild seal it crashes and closes… what i can do please i need help thanks

    • Gumi

      yeah i got same problem…!is there anyone can help

  • Andreas

    After Installing of Games for Windows Live Version 3.3+ it worked for me and i could play.

    i.e. from here:

  • noble

    setup.exe was deleted by mistake and i cant install the game again
    any one can upload it pleaaaase?

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      You should download the game again. Finding the file might be difficult.

  • KojiKurac

    I’m sick of this… First time i installed the game its didn’t work , i got this massage”Main Executable Has stopped working” and the game crashes….

    I reinstalled and i done every step they said , read every forum on the fucking internet …. it did work for an hour then AGAIN the same error BUT when i got back I EVEN LOST ALL OF MY PROGRESS !! … pls i’m fucking frustrated …


  • ADAM

    I tried and not work…

  • ADAM

    Hello Moondog!
    I have same problem:

    when I click exe, it opens but I never see backround or splash screen, everything is black, then only I see windows live profile login.after 3-4 sec. it crash.I dont think its my pc or driver problem.Im waiting this game since fable 1. And now I cant play. Shit.Thanks.

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      try reinstalling GFWL.

      • ADAM


        • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

          Reinstalling GFWL should fix the problem. Most probably the issue is with GFWL not the game. Have you installed Windows Live sign-in assistant?

          • ADAM

            (I is a hungaryan man not english)
            Yes! I have installed Sign In assistant! The problem is here…. GFWL…
            If i disable all services(no Microsoft services)and all the background programs, then only the mouse appears…

            I hope you could understand :-)
            I is hungaryan….

          • ADAM

            And if i start Videoapplet.exe then the resolution (in the balck screen) no change! Why is that?
            I now try launching the game when i signed in to Windows live(i need re-download the game!)…

          • ADAM

            Crashes before the intro …

  • Molly

    How exactly does one run the fable.exe in the support folder?

  • Moondog

    when I click exe, it opens but I never see backround or splash screen, everything is black, then only I see windows live profile login.after 3-4 sec. it crash.I dont think its my pc or driver problem.Im waiting this game since fable 1.And now I cant play.Shit.Thanks.

  • Rky

    I have a strange issue with the framerates.
    I can run the game with everything set to V.high with the exception of the water which i have to set at V.low.
    the rates with water set to anything avove this setting results in 14fps or less, but, if I alt-tab out and back into the game this resets the fps to 30 or above for a while.
    Other times I’m getting 175fps turn around and get 14fps and turn back again it remains below 20fps till I alt-tab and then the frame rates are back to normal.
    I’ve tried all settings from V.low to V.high with the same results.
    I have a 480gtx and a 9800gt (Physx), hard drive is full defragged plenty of cpu oomph and plenty of mem. So this is not a hardware issue.

    This game needs to be patched for the pc and soon.