LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hats Location Guide

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You can unlock ‘You may throw my hat’ achievement and trophy once you have collected all 20 of the possible Red Hats in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Follow our Guide to locate and collect all the Red Hats quickly.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hat Locations Guide

Find all the 20 Red Hats in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean to unlock ” trophy.

Note. You can find all these Red Hats in the Port Area outside of the main story levels.

Red Hat #1 – Fast Build
Price: 125,000
You can Build objects much faster with Fast Build.
Location: You can find it in Tia Dalma’s shack over the bridge on the far left.

Red Hat #2 – Fast Forge
Price: 75,000
You can Fix Red hot objects faster with Fast Forge.
Location: Take the right path till the end, now you will spot some gears at the very end of the walkway, fix it by using your hammer. Once you have fixed the water will raise on the right and red hat will surface.

Red Hat #3 – Fast Dig
Price: 50,000
You can Dig Faster with Fast Dig.
Location: Take the left main port gate and go all the way to the water. Build golden bricks here, use the nearby barrels on the newly created barrel switch and raise the bridge. The Red Hat will appear on the right.

Red Hat #4 – Invincibility
Price: 1,000,000
Invincibility makes you invincible.
Location: You can find in the same room where you found the 8X multiplier. You will need Blackbeard to destroy the red box in the left corner of the room to get this Hat.

Red Hat #5 – Fall Rescue
Price: 175,000
Fall Rescue rescues you when you fall off a ledge. You will be picked up safe and can resume without dying.
Location: Take the left yellow colored gate of the port, and shoot the three targets you come across right across the cannons.

Red Hat #6 – Regenerate Hearts
Price: 275,000
Regenerate Hearts regenerates Health over a period of time.
Location: Go down the ladder from the main port area and swim towards the screen. Swim past the treasure magnet and continue to the right side of the beach and you will spot another set of golden legos. Build and destroy until you get the Red Hat.

Red Hat #7 – Extra Hearts
Price: 500,000
Extra Hearts extends your Health.
Location: In the main hub, you will spot two silver objects on the left under water. Take the guy with Bazooka, stay on the platforms and aim into water for silver objects. It may take a few tries before you are successful, two flower points will appear, use the female to grab the poles on the left wall to move them down to get the Red Hat.

Red Hat #8 – Red Hat Locator
Price: 300,000
Description: Puts a Red arrow on the screen that locates the missing Red Hats for you.
Location: When you go through the right gate as soon as you enter the next area, use Jacks compass and choose Red Hat and the X will point in front of you. When you walk on it, loads of flowers will pop up with the Red Hat in the middle.

Red Hat #9 – MiniKit Bottle Finder
Price: 400,000
Locates Minikit pieces for you. Points you in the direction of where you can find these with an arrow on the screen.
Location: It is at the Top of rock in middle of beach. You can get there by using Ancient Sailor with Fish to ride crab. If you can’t get to ride the crab, you will need to tire them out. They will always run away from but eventually collapse and let you ride. After that, the Hat will appear.

Red Hat #10 – Extra Toggle
Price: 100,000
Extra characters on every level but you can easily spot them making appearance on different levels.
Location: Left of the building from the Fall Rescue. Fall Rescue is in the first building you see with the three targets. Use the explosives to blast the door and find the Red Hat on the balcony of another building left to this one.

Red Hat #11 – Disguises
Price: 25,000
Lego Characters will wear disguises.
Location: Go through the right yellow gate of the port and as you go, you will spot a tower with a yellow wheel in front of it. Set the dynamite on fire with torch to get the Red Hat.

Red Hat #12 – Breathe Underwater
Price: 250,000
You can Breathe while underwater.
Location: From the main port area switch to Jacoby and jump into the water. Under water in the middle you will spot three silver objects hanging. Blow all of these hanging silver objects and Red Hat will appear.

Red Hat #13 – Treasure Magnet
Price: 225,000
Studs will be magnetically drawn to you as you walk by them.
Location: In the main port area, you will see a ladder leading away from the main level select area into the water. Swim towards the screen to find a beach in the left area. Build golden block on this beach area and then destroy them to make the Red Hat appear.

Red Hat #14 – Character Treasure
Price: 150,000
When you kill a LEGO they will drop studs.
Location: Go through the left yellow gate in the main port/level select area and continue till you reach the same building as Fall Rescue. It is the same place with the three targets on front right past the cannons you get double treasure at. Go inside this building and jump behind the bar and destroy the silver tanks in the back to make Red Hat appear.

Red Hat #15 – Double Treasure
Price: 600,000
Double’s the multiplier.
Location: Take the left yellow gate and you will spot two cannons. Use the cannons to shoot the targets to make Red Hat appear.

Red Hat #16 – Treasure X2
Price: 500,000
Adds 2X multiplier to your studs.
Location: In the main port area where you spotted treasure magnet, there are five pillars near the water in the middle. Jump on them quickly to make Red Hat appear.

Red Hat #17 – Treasure X4
Add 4X multiplier to your studs.
Price: 1,000,000
You will need Black Beard to unlock this.
Blackbeard: Just fight against the enemies in the port and you can buy them. You can also use LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats to unlock Blackbeard.
Location: Take the left golden gate and head left. You will spot a building behind the well with red and black LEGO piece blocking the way. Use Blackbeard’s power up to blast the red and black piece. Head inside and go straight up to a fish behind a glass frame. Use Philip to sing near the glass and once it breaks Treasure x4 Red Hat will appear.

Red Hat #18 – Treasure X6
Price: 1,500,000
Adds 6X multiplier to your studs.
Location: Treasure X6 is behind the left gate in the well. Just hit the silver objects around it several times and it will appear.

Red Hat #19 – Treasure X8
Price: 2,000,000
Adds 8X multiplier to your studs.
Location: Take the left main port gate and go all the way to the water. Build golden bricks here, use the nearby barrels on the newly created barrel switch and raise the bridge. Now take the available barrels across the bridge and use them on the barrel switch. This unlocks a door. Go inside and destroy some objects near the camera to unlock Red Hat.

Red Hat #20 – Treasure X10
Price: 2,500,000
Adds 8X multiplier to your studs.
Location: Go through the right main port gate to the tower with the golden wheel in front of it. Build and destroy golden bricks till you unlock an elevator. Take the elevator to the top and climb the wall. Work your way to the left till you get to a chain leading to the top of the tower.

Once on top, you will spot a spy glass. Use the spy glass to find an Island. Left of the Island, spot a girl. Keep your focus on her as she digs three times and when she is finished, the Red Hat will appear.

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