Dragon Quest VI Items Location Guide

By   /   Apr 23, 2011

Dragon Quest VI – Murdaw’s Keep

Iron Mask
Explore the keep by looking at the door to the right.Climb some stairs after passing the door.There will be three chest in front of you.Open one of them to obtain the Iron Mask.

Armor Seco Essence
Break open the chest to receive the Armor Seco Essence.

Fire Claw
After winning the fight from the statue,climb the stairs after passing through the statue.Head down in the room at the top of the stairs and then left towards the red carpeted area.

Keep on moving to the left and you will find a small room with a treasure chest.Open the chest for a Fire Claw.

Lightning Staff
When the Boss Murdaw falls,you will receive the Lightning Staff as a reward for your victory.

Dragon Quest VI – Scrimsley

Scale Shield
Go ahead and look for Amos. You can find him in the house in the northwest area of the town. He is not feeling well and will suggest you to spend the night at the inn. Investigate the nearby drawers to a Scale Shield.

Morning Star
After defeating the Scrimsley Terror boss when you enter the dungeon area,go up the ladder and to the higher ledge where a man is waiting. You need to enter the cave opening behind the man and head along the path which will lead to the left at an intersection.

Go down the staircase by following the lower branch and from the top of the staircase,go down and to the left to find an opening that leads back outside.

Go left and up to another intersection.Head left to the cave opening and continue along the path to find a Morning Star in a chest.

Dragon Quest VI – Arkbolt

Slime Gooniform
Go to the right side of the floor and down some stairs to appear behind the Armour’s shop counter on the lower floor. Collect the Slime Gooniform from the treasure chest there.

Large Coffin
Talk to the Chancellor after beating Brutus to receive the Large Coffin for being victorious.

Dragon Quest VI – Wayfarer’s Pass

Battle Axe
Go up along the left wall to reach the top of the path.You will see another chest with a monster guarding it.Avoid the chest as its empty and head left to reach the top of the staircase.

Climb down the stairs to reach the lower floor,now head down to the intersection.Go to the right and follow the path while keeping yourself towards the right to find the Battle Axe in the treasure chest.

Dragon Quest VI – Aridea

Gold Ring
In Aridea on the other side of the pass,head northeast and there will be three houses positioned on the map. Talk to the people in the lower left house to grab a Gold Ring.

Dragon Quest VI – Hallowed Hollow

Chain Whip
After winning the fight from the First Test,Go back to the right and descend the stairs and work around the ledge to the upper left to find a treasure chest.Open the chest to find the Chain Whip.

Iron Cuirass
In the center of the room,open the chest to the right to receive an Iron Cuirass.

Magic key
Defeat the Third Test and meet the king who will hand over the Magic Key to you.

Poison Needle
Travel to Arkbolt and unlock the treasure room when you find the red door which is accessible from the staircase near the upper right side of the outside walls.Inside the room you will find a Poison Needle.

Dragon Quest VI – Clearvale

Dancer’s Costume
When you are in the town,Go to the inn and up the second floor.Search the chest of drawers in left of the room for a Dancer’s Costume.

Dragon Quest VI – Destiny’s Drop

Golden Pickaxe
When you continue to ascend look for another cave like the one you have passed before which will be to the right. Drop down to the ledge and climb up a couple of more horizontal ledges to position yourself over the cave. Drop from the centre point of the horizontal ledge and enter the cave. Inside go to a treasure chest and grab the Golden Pickaxe.

Flying Bed
Use the Zoom magic to return to Clearvale.Visit the man in the house in the northeast corner and give him the shard.Spend the night and you will receive a Flying Bed.

Dragon Quest VI – Have Bed, Will Travel

Meteorite Bracer
Use the Zoom magic again and visit Amor in the real world.Look for the spot where you just saw the kids playing,you’ll find the Meteorite Bracer.

Dragon Quest VI – The Spiegelspire

Floodgate Key
Once Spiegel is defeated,talk to the king and you will receive the Floodgate Key.

Dragon Quest VI – Pescado

Boxer Shorts
Check out a tall bureau in the house to find a pair of Boxer Shorts.

Moonwort Bulb
Find the Moonwort Bulb in one of the barrels in the building to the left of the windmill.

Lorelei’s Harp
Use Zoom magic to warp to Port Haven.Board your ship and sail a short distance north to find some rocky shoals.Head from the west and sail through an opening to bring up another magnified bit of the world map.You will receive the Lorelei’s Harp after the scene concludes.

Dragon Quest VI – Underwater Exploration

Poison Needle
Use Zoom magic to arrive at Howcastle. Submerge the ship once more and sail to the south to find a temple along the sea floor. Enter the temple and sail to the shore. Head inside the building to find a Poison Needle in a pot behind the witch

Serene Seabed
Check the shelf on the right side of the witch for the Serene Seabed.

Heavy Armour
Head back down and enter the door,you shall see a flight of stairs that you need to descend to reach the lower portion of the ship. Go through the door and head up the left side of the ship. Open the short bureau to obtain a suit of Heavy Armour.

Skeleton Crew
Search in the nearby bookcase for a Skeleton Crew.

Glass Slippers
Go back down before you return upstairs,make your way to the upper right part in the ship.Open one of the chests waiting for you to receive the Glass Slippers.

Ultimate Key
Take the Ultimate Key from the treasure chest in the lower hold in the ship.

Dragon Quest VI – The Ultimate Key vs. Locked Doors

Platinum Mail
Go through the locked door and open the chest to receive a Platinum Mail.

Platinum Shield
Open the other chest in the same place to obtain the Platinum Shield.

Boxer Shorts
Visit the same place as you did in the dream world to receive the Boxer Shorts.

Hela’s Armour
In the same cell open the treasure chest to get yourself Hela’s Armour.

Magma Staff
Fly on the bed to the western corner of the world and near the centre of the map,look for a small island just east of peninsula with a shrine and a forest on it.

Enter the shrine by landing on the nortern edge of the island. Find a locked door and get pass through it that holda the Magma Staff.

Dragon Quest VI – Slimopolis

Slime Gooniform
Check the dresser on the right to get a Slime Gooniform.

Slime Armour
Head back to the right corner of the main floor,descend some stairs and against the back wall you will see a slime shaped opening bordered by green.You can pass through the opening and into the other room.

Head too the upper right portion of the green area to find a well.Go down into the well and obtain a Slime Armour from a treasure Chest.

Dragon Quest VI – Poseidon’s Palace

Silver Platter,Kerplunk Bracer,Mini Medal,Watermaul Wand
Enter the Poseidon’s Palace and you’ll appear on a huge staircase.Go down and head left from the base. There is an opening,you can enter and pass through it using the Ultimate Key which should be in your possession. You will see four chests holding a Silver Platter, a Kerplunk Bracer, a Mini Medal and the Watermaul Wand.

Dragon Quest VI – Seabed Shrine

Magical Skirt
Return to the main corridor and head right again.The path infront of you splits so head to the right and enter a small chamber to find a Magical Skirt waiting in the treasure chest.

Pink Pearl
Go back to the split and head up this time.Go around a corner to the right until you reach the next fork in the path.Keep on moving right until you find another corner so that you can head down along the map.Keep on heading down avoiding the first left path and reach the next path that ventures left.

Follow that path left to the corner, down and finally head left down a short flight of stairs to the top of a staircase. Before you descend the staircase, head to the right beneath an archway to find a treasure chest. Open it for the Pink Pearl.

Gracos’s Trident
Grab the Gracos’s Trident once Gracos is down from his corpse.

Dragon Quest VI – Sorceria

Prayer Ring
Make it sure that Ashlynn should be in your party,now enter the town of Sorceria.First of all start by heading to the upper left to find a well. Find the platform with a pool of water by descending into the well.Get the Prayer Ring from the treasure chest on the platform.

Fairy-tale Forest
You can collect the Fairy-tale Forest dreamscape by searching the middle of the three bookcases.

Dragon Quest VI – Everfrost Grotto

Rusted Sword
As you make your way to the treasure chamber in the dungeon,go up towards the top of the room to trigger a scene.As it ends,head up to the sword and grab it.You will collect the Rusted Sword.

Turnscote Pendant
Cast Evac magic to exit the dungeon and return to Mt.Snowhere.Talk to Ali Kazam who will give you direction to Turnscote.You will receive the Turnscote Pendant which you’ll need to get past the guards and enter the town.

Dragon Quest VI – Turnscote

Rogues Gallery
Take the Rogues Gallery dreamscape from the bookshelf.

Thief’s Key
Get to the well beneath the merchant who blocked the alley.Enter the well to find an underground house.Check the short dresser in the back corner to obtain a Thief’s Key.

Fishnet Stockings
First of all head to the church located at the lower right corner of the town and enter the dressing room in the theater which is your next stop. Search the furniture nearby to grab the Fishnet Stockings.

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