The Sims Medieval Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Don’t let any annoying bug in your way to experience the new add on in the Sims series, The Sims Medieval. You can follow our troubleshooting guide for all the possible bizarre situations you may come across while playing the game.

The Sims Medieval Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

#1 Game Crashes after a Flash
If you are facing the issue that your game crashes after you move your camera to some specific place specially the bathroom, you should turn off the reflections ti solve the issue. This issue mostly occurs when your graphics card is unable to handle the graphics.

#2 The screen goes black – Blue Screen Error
This problem can be common with those having integrated graphics chip. It most occurs while placing a building with security. EA’s latest patch should fix the problem.

#3 Launcher can’t be opened – Not a Valid Win 32 Application
You should try running the executable directly. It can be found in:

For XP: C://Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game/Bin/TSM.exe
For Win Vista/Win 7: C://Program Files (x86)/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game/Bin/TSM.exe

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#4 Corrupted Save File Solution
People facing crashes while placing building may end up with a corrupted save file. Here is a work around to fix the issue:

  1. Go to My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims Medieval
  2. Now open Saves and then the kingdoms save file.
  3. There then should be three files (DAT,DATA and NHD).
  4. What you need to do is right click on the DAT file go to properties and click on the tab for Previous Version.
  5. Once it finds a previous version restore it to the previous version.
  6. Repeat the same procedure for the DATA file.

Caution : Do not restore the NHD file.

#5 .Net Framework issue
You should install Framework v4.0 to avoid any framework related errors. If you can’t fix it manually, you should try updating your windows. If you are using Windows XP SP2 then you should upgrade to SP3.

#6 Can’t Change the Screen Resolution
If you accidentally have changed game’s resolution to the one that is not supported by your Monitor/Screen and can’t see the anything to revert it back then you can try the following simple solution:

Head to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval and delete options.ini file. New .ini file be generated having a default resolution of 1024 x 768.

#7 Error Loading Save Game File – A serious Error has occurred
It means your save file most probably is corrupted. You can try #4 to restore it.

#8 Error Starting a New Game – A serious Error has occurred
Try reinstalling the game. Before you reinstall it, remove the Sims folder from your documents directory.

#9 Can’t Access the Options Screen/Menu
Reinstall the game but don’t apply the patch. This may fix your problem.

#10 Game Launcher error code 400
Try updating the game launcher to fix the problem.

#11 Disk Authentication Failure
For disc based Sims 3 expansion or stuff packs, the game disc of the most recently released and installed title is always used to launch the game. This applies even if the expansion or stuff packs are installed out of order.

#12 Game Performance is Reduced
It can be due to multiple reasons like not sufficient RAM memory, system heating and outdated gfx drivers. If you are meeting the minimum requirements of the game then your best shot is that you update your gfx drivers to the latest.

#13 CRC error while installation
The problem is with your disc. You should replace it form the vendor.

#14 How to Shift back to Live Mode from Furnish mode or Kingdom Mode?
To shift back to Live mode, you must be on a quest.

#15 Sims 3 Medieval Startup Error
This error usually occurs after applying the patch. You can try the following work around:

  • Click Start or press the Windows key and R, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK.
  • Click on Startup.
  • Select disable All.
  • Click on Services.
  • Check the box that says Hide All Microsoft Services, then Disable All.
  • Apply, then restart your system.

After restart, repeat the same procedure but this time enable all the services. Now try launching the game.

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to assist you.

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not gaming he likes to kick back with a few popular animes like Naruto.

91 responses to “The Sims Medieval Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes”

  1. HeLLR@I$ER says:

    I keep on getting error code:15 whenever i try to save my game..plz help

  2. HeLLR@I$ER says:

    i keep on getting the error code:15 whenever i try to save…plz help

  3. anya markova says:


    all is ok with my game, but not the audio. no sounds. no voices. no background music. so sad… can you guys help me with this?

  4. Zgogery says:

    My game freezes at the ea logo before the game even starts, any ideas?

  5. damndeja1 says:

    Hey, somebody help please.
    I installed a game, i have crack and everything.
    My problem is, it says that “NO GAME DISC FOUND”.
    I just don’t know what to do, I tryed 100 diffrent ways and it still doesn’t work.

  6. liam says:

    Hi I’m wondering if u can help me plz when I play the Sims medieval it runs I click on unexpected journey in ambitions and after the loading point on the kingdom mode on tutorial it freezes once then again then takes me off to my homepage and comes up with a error message saying it won’t work and check online for solution or close program plz help its urgent thanks

  7. Adriel says:

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me. I am doing a quest on the Sims Medieval called Heir to the throne where the monarch wants to have a baby. Well, today whenever she starts to show her whole face goes completly black. HELP!!!!! I don’t want to quit the quest.

  8. Luckiest Leslie Leong says:

    you will want to attempt a hard drive installation of the game. In this process, you copy the game files to the Desktop, so that the disk, although necessary for running the game, is not necessary for installation.

    1. Right-click the Desktop, select New, and select Folder.
    2. Insert the Install Disk into the drive.
    3. Exit any autoplay screen that may appear.
    4. Open My Computer.
    5. Right-click the CD-ROM drive containing the Install Disk and select Open.
    6. Click Edit at the top of the window.
    7. Click Select All.
    8. Click Edit again.
    9. Click Copy.
    10. Close the window.
    11. Right-click the New Folder on your desktop and select Paste. (The game files will now copy.)
    12. Once the files from the Install Disk are copied proceed to step 13.
    13. Upon completion, remove all disks from any drives.
    14. Double-click the Setup folder.
    15. Double-click on the Sims3Setup.exe icon, looks like two silver arrows and a half-cirle on a blue background. (The installation should now begin.)

  9. chesney says:

    i messed something up. it ran smoothly then once i clicked kingdom mode to start a new quest the whole screen turned into the color of the background,brown. then i went back to live mode and you couldnt see the kingdom it was all black except for a small area in thr room you were in. help please.

  10. Kylie says:

    okay when i installing Sims medieval this error came up File: E:/GameData/Shared/Packages/FullBuild2.package Error: Data Error (cyclic Redundancy Check) i don’t know what it is or what to do he is what i did after the error came up 1. kept clicking retry 2.went on Google chrome and searched up the error some had the same error as me and here is what people said to download a net-frame installer 3. i tried to download it but some setup error came up t(-_-t) 3. try install net frame again 4. restarted the computer 5. tried installing game again but to my avail same error 6. remembered that net-frame was a installer and that EA download manager was also one 7. went on EA but update >.< 8. waited 20 mins. for update ಠ_ಠ then uninstalled EA 9. re-installed it origin was installed apparently 10. found out origin was the new EA download manager 11. tried to install again but error same again ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) 12. tried ea support when i got on nothing 13. straight up screamed at laptop a book 15.stopped reading and called gamestop 16. the person said to try can you run it(can you run it a "thing"(i do not know what it would be called -.-") that you put what game Ur installing and it check your computer to see if it can run it) and when i try i got an error there (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 17. they said i can trade this game in for somthing different but nope i want sims medieval 18. gave up all hope came here and typed a 5 hour comment

  11. Zilla-Zilla says:

    I just got sims medieval today and now all I can see is a blue screen whenever I open my game!!! help?!?!

  12. adrian says:

    after installing the game and when u try to play the game a message popup saying u need to insert game dis, when u do the same message popup

  13. rani says:

    mine crashed after i clicked on the sim’s icon, the one below the grail, and it went black. how to solve it? it’s so annoying when i accidentally clicked it.

  14. Blaze Roth says:

    I can’t open my save file! When I click on the save file it just says “A Serious error has occoured”/ It’s corrupted. The game had crashed earlier after I had tried to build a Tavern and/or the KingBall court. #4 doesn’t work because there is no previous session to restore!
    Can anyone help?
    I’ll try to figure it out but any help would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to have to restart the game!

  15. Aeron says:

    When i click to create a monarch it goes to the screen saying “Entering create a sim” but it doesnt move on from that. please help, i really wanna play this one

  16. Matt says:

    I am having the Error Code 18 issue, too. What is the deal with this? I am not able to find any help on the forums. Why can’t I find an answer to this problem if it seems to be so common?

  17. dolunay says:

    When I can’t start to game . I give a name to kingdom, and i click to green button but it doesn’t work T.T ~

  18. Ali says:

    My problem is that I have the Sims Medieval installed, and my sister said it was working fine, but now every time I put the disk in it asks me to uninstall. Even through Run, or Autorun, each time it comes up like I’ve clicked to uninstall, but I havent since nothing even came up before that, it just instantly goes to uninstall. What do I do? :(

  19. MissCee says:

    Hi Olivia, I finally got to break that cycle and have been playing my game w/o any trouble.

    I don’t know if you want to do this, but I decided to start with a clean slate. I bought a DL for Origin so I went to my computer control panel and unistalled the medieval program files.

    From the Origin my games page I reinstalled the game. Then I went to and under the tab for The Sims, I chose Medieval and Patches. Installed the patches in order and my game now works fine.

    If you decide to not do a uninstall first: before you download any patch, don’t forget to look in the lower left hand corner of your Medieval Launcher to be sure which version you currently have.

    Then go ahead and use the Simsprogram link to manually install ONLY the update patch that you need.

    Restart the computer. You should be able to play.

    The prompt to update your game should no longer keep popping up.

    Hope this helps!


    P.S. I also put a shortcut on my desktop that allows me to bypass the Launcher as an option if there are any more Launcher problems in the future.

    So far though, no problems and my game loads and plays just fine.

    The shortcut instructions I had previously used for playing TS3 didn’t give me an game bin file, so I created my shortcut for Medieval by going to Documents.

    On the left side panel I clicked on C Drive.

    Then I started a search for The Sims Medieval.

    When the files displayed, I scanned down until I found the one that says C: Program Files (x86)Origin Games

    I right clicked on that file and got an option to create a shortcut. I left clicked to create the shortcut. It appeared on my desktop.

    So, after you have patched and if anytime you want to play the game and avoid using the Launcher, you can now use the shortcut.

    When the intro begins you can hit enter to bypass all the fanfare and music. You will be taken to the start game screen.

  20. Olivia says:

    I downloaded my Sims Medieval off of the online deal, which meant getting it off of Origin. (Don’t know if you needed to know that.) Several times, I have clicked on the icon, had the welcome page pop up, and show that there was an update available. I would then wait an hour for my game to update, and when it was to install, it would say I have already installed this update, and if I wanted to do it again. I would click, \yes\ and wait for it to install. When it was done, it did this again, so I kept clicking \yes.\ At one point I stopped, and wanted to play the game, so I started the game. When it got to my kingdom, the buildings wouldn’t show up, and the sidebar-like-things would not show up. Please help me! I don’t know what to do!

  21. Emma says:

    I have the lastest patch and have tried many fixes but its just not working! After playing sims medieval for about 5mins it restarts my computer, have you got any ideas on how to fix it?

  22. MissCee says:

    Not good at tech. Need a step by step simplified workaround if one is available.
    Patched 1.3 and 2.0. manually but TSM launcher insists game needs patch update. Repeated patch update and launcher advised game already patched to 2.0 so I ignored the continuing patch request.

    Can get as far as the : choose an ambition page where you must name a kingdom. No farther.

    I have glitch which will not let me enter a name for kingdom. I can type it but when I click check mark nothing happens.

    I can x out of option to name kingdom no problem the x works, the check mark doesn’t

    Tried to uninstall and game says uninstall wizard can’t run.

    Any suggetions anyone?

  23. Simslikes says:

    You guys are lucky the game starts for you… Mine gives a .dll error saying that msvcp100.dll is missing. I tried registry editors and even manually putting the msvcp100.dll in my system32 folder. None seemed to work. Please help

  24. Ewa says:

    I have just done things from 4 point, but my computer didn’t find the previous version. What can I do more?:(

  25. Maria says:

    hi. I have the same problem. when i click on \create a monarch\ it goes to \create a sim\ and it take ages to load. i even left my pc loading for more then 1h last night and after all that time still loading. There is any solution for this problem?

  26. Justine says:

    I have been having a problem saving my game. I keep get error code 18 everytme I try to save… Please help?!

  27. Shawna says:

    My game will start until it get’s done loading at the very begining before you can get to the whole start menu. Then it keeps saying that there is no disc in the computer and it wont continue, i have tried taking it out and placing it back in but it doesnt work. When it says it can’t find the disc it has the retry button at the bottom and it won’t even try when i click it.

  28. shara says:

    I can’t ever play my game! I just got the game, installed it onto my windows 7 laptop and it all seems to work well until I make my character move somewhere like upstairs and the screen goes black and I can’t do anything and there’s a slight ringing noise as if the music has frozen too. What will fix this??

    • Caitlyn says:

      My computer is like this when it first comes up, but I have a mac. But What i did was install the patch and it worked just fine, and I also tried turning the setting into half screen mode

    • Blaze Roth says:

      Have you tried turning off reflections?

      There is a crash when a Mirror is given the opportunity to reflect anything.
      – Currently the only fix is to turn off Reflections in the Options>Video menu.
      I don’t know if this helps or not… or if you have already solved the problem.

  29. Matteo says:

    My game crashes from time on time. and when I click on character twice to zoom on him, it crashes -.-‘

  30. David says:

    I’m having problems during gameplay. Everytime i start it up and start a game,it has a brief moment where it pauses. Which is normal since my computer is older. But,windows comes up and closes the program saying because it paused for that one second,it’s closing the program,i cant seem to find any reason for the windows notification to pop up,because my game runs fine.Still,it closes my game over and over before i can even save it,thus i have to start over evertime single time.

  31. Alfa says:

    Please HELP!! I’m having the exact same problem.. It’s so annoying..

  32. essi says:

    Well my problem is this: When I watch places from faraway the screen keeps having these weird beams. Luckily I don´t get migraines easily… The beams are minimal when I look places and sims close. I also have another problem: When I try to create smithy or merchant my game crashes, I already have created a wizard,blood-letter, spy and bard without problems… I´m pissed off! >:((

  33. Nicole says:

    So with #3 my Sims launcher won’t open but where do I type in those things?

  34. Anne says:

    By #11 Disk Authentication Failure doesn’t stand a solution..
    I don’t knw what to do, so frustrated.
    I’ve already searched around the web for solutions, and saw you had to disable the DLA Tab (which I don’t have)..
    And when I’m trying to replace the original file with the crack it says it doesn’t has enough disk space.
    I’ve removed lots of downloads, but it still doesn’t work.
    I have windows 7 premium.

  35. Kirby says:

    When I try to cancel a quest, the freezes. I’m on a Mac.

  36. star1 says:

    So I have been having some issues with my Acer laptop lately- the last two times I got on an open internet network I seemed to have gotten some kind of virus or something (blue screen issues). I ran an antivirus program today and I also had to recover to an earlier time.
    After I had my computer working like it normally does I put my Sims Medieval disc in to play. Before today I have had no issues with the Sims Medieval, no crashes no nothing. I have been playing it for a month now and have completed about 4 ambitions, so no idea how many quests that is, probably around 80. Today it pops up with sims medieval launcher not working error?- I have looked at tons of forums and just not sure how to go about this. I don’t want to lose my saved games and all the stuff I’ve unlocked; I really don’t want to start all over and my laptop seems to be having issues during restart so I really don’t want to reinstall it.
    Any advice on which step is the best to keep my saved files and get the game to work again? I tried Step #3 but I’m hesitant to try step 4 or reinstall the game.

  37. Wookeypoo says:

    mine keeps crashing after startup! I tried #15 twice but both times it crashed! just after it had finished loading! HELP.

  38. GIA says:

    In my case, i had the saving issue. so i unistalled the game and i eventually installed a newer version of it or something. now i cant even check if i can save, since i haven’t played at all. when i’m trying to create a new sim, the game just doesnt stop loading. i mean, it literally LOADS FOREVER, until i get bored and shut it down. what should i do?

  39. m4gus says:

    Mine won’t even start. I tried running TSM.exe, but it does nothing. I see it in the process list eating half of my processor and about 32MB RAM, but besides this, it doesn’t do anything.
    I’m on Win7 x64 if that matters.

  40. Rita says:

    My game starts fine and as soon as I click “create a monarch” and see the screen for “entering create a sim” it just stops responding and wont go any further. My PC has a quad core processor with a Terabyte of ram and handles Civ5 with no problems, so I know it cant be my system.

  41. Joe says:

    When I tried to load a game it says “A later version is needed to load save game.” I tried #4 to fix it but the three files weren’t there just my saved kingdoms, backups of the kingdoms, and a gcd and ach files. what is gcd and ach anyway!!!!

  42. Rabid says:

    Mine kept crashing on startup after initial install. I opened the options.ini and set Fullscreen = 0. That fixed the issue.

  43. sofia says:

    i cant go to live mode because i dont have any avaible quest to choose and i dont have enough RP for create another hero D: what should i do?

  44. Quarezma says:

    I have the #15 problem….i’ve try the following work…but still not work……is there any other ways to fix the problem…??
    PLEASE HELP…. :(

  45. Kaitlin says:

    At first I installed the first (oldest) patch and I wasn’t able to place defense buildings without the game freezing and closing, or if I was able to stabilize the game, it wouldn’t save. I then downloaded the newest patch, but then the options menu wouldn’t open for me to adjust the screen size and when I started the game, a “cannot find hardware” sort of thing popped up. Now, I just downloaded the 1.2.3 version patch and the hardware pop-up is gone, but the options menu still just flashes on and off when I click on it. What the heck am I supposed to do now? :/

  46. Alex says:

    I have this probelm #7 Error Loading Save Game File – A serious Error has occurred and I have been trying to do #4 but when I go to previous versions their none available so I cant restore ! what can I do ?

  47. Marie says:

    Here is the thing. My saved file was working fine until yesterday when i tried to load the game i noticed that my quest points had turned to zero and there was no time showing but rather it just said ‘ timestamp ‘ and when i try to load the file…nothing happens. Absolutely nothing! I have really come a long way in the game and don’t want to start over. Is there a solution?

    • Anna says:

      I have this problem too! Can anyone please help? ;( I’ve never come across this problem before. All I did before that was save my game, then saved (again) and quit, before turning off my laptop. Next morning I had the timestamp there and QP = 0. In my saves file I have ach.package (a PACKAGE file), Mercia.tsm (which has 1 DAT file) and Mercia.tsm.backup (which has the DAT, DATA and NHD files). Any help is greatly appreciated! =)

  48. Katie says:

    I’m having the same issue, Shane. It was running fine until just this morning. Really bizarre. Would love it if anyone out there had an answer!

  49. shane says:

    hey guys im having a really strange glitch in my game it was working fine until today< when i go into kingdom mode everything is dark and the textures are bassically gone but when looking in a house or room it's fine if u want a picture of what it looks like reply on this and ill email you.

  50. kelly says:

    Ola o meu jogo quando vou para adicionar o rei bloqueia completamente o pc nao mexe não nada, nem dá para eu voltar ao ambient de trabalho tenho sempre que desligar o pc……o que pode ser????

  51. Mariet says:

    This goes for everyone: When you install the game, you must disconnect your computer completely from the internet. If you do not, you’re going to have problems installing the game.

  52. Mariet says:

    You must disable ALL the options for reflections on the menu. It also helps if you lower all settings to minimum and turn off those options that take away the game speed. I have no more problems with that…

  53. Batista says:

    I have the same problem like Candy, but I´ve already tried #4 but when I want to do Previous version it doesn´t find me anything. Pwease pwetty pwease what can I do?

  54. Kristina says:

    I’m having the same problem as Kaleigh. about 5min. my sims woohoo and the babymusic my game just crashes. It also does so whenever i duble click on my sims photo?? it’s fucking irretating

  55. Bre says:

    I keep getting a corrupt file message when trying to install the sims medieval :/

  56. Sandra says:

    Well, hello again… I have just encountered problem number to: the game freezes while accepting the physician… Did EA really playtest the game before release? because all this trouble is somewhat tiresome *sigh* well, sorry to bother again, and once more, thanks in advance.

  57. Sandra says:

    Well, as for me, my game simply crashes to desktop, without reproducing any error messages, it just plainly crashes… for example, if I right-click the floor or attempt to furnish the wizard’s tower, or in the middle of a quest when you have to enter somewhere… it’s exasperating, really… and I’d really be more than thankful if you help me figure this one out. Thanks in advance.

  58. Vash says:

    I’m having the “Unable to start game. Service initialization failed” problem. I’ve tried so many times surfing the net, looking for solutions and ended up found no solution to my problem. Hope you can please help me with this…

  59. me says:

    I had the problem that you outlined in #4. I did what you said but it said that there were no previous versions. I was just about to finish my kingdom ambition but now, unless I can’t fix it, I’m going to have to start from the beginning!!
    Suggestions please?

  60. Carolyn says:

    I’m still on the first quest, when my character first gussies up at the mirror and the flashing arrow shows up pointing at the focus bar. The game pauses but nothing I can do will unpause it. I can still add actions to the character’s queue and move the camera around the castle, but there is nothing else I can do at all to advance the game further. Any suggestions?

  61. Kaleigh says:

    My game shuts down completely. a window pops up talking about a data executive protection. can’t turn that off. it crashed twice but it now crashes a minute into gameplay while I’m on the quest to make an heir. once my monarch woohoos and they wait for baby. it all shuts down within seconds.

  62. Paulius says:

    Um…Sometimes the game just crashes (1# didn’t help)

  63. Candy says:

    Here is the thing. My saved file was working fine until yesterday when i tried to load the game i noticed that my quest points had turned to zero and there was no time showing but rather it just said ‘ timestamp ‘ and when i try to load the file…nothing happens. Absolutely nothing! I have really come a long way in the game and don’t want to start over. Is there a solution?

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