Test Drive Unlimited 2 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been released and it didn’t come without problems. Plagued by issues like Low Performance, steering handling, sound problem, and graphic bugs that seriously threaten its adaption by gamers at large – though developers are trying to fix it but does this sends a positive feedback ?. Meanwhile you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for workarounds to resolve all these issues.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Errors, Crashes, Freezes, and Fixes

Note. Before you install the complete version of the game, make sure that you uninstalled the beta (if you have) to avoid any problems.

1# USB Gamepad Keys Not Detected – Gamepad Not Working
If your gamepad is not working properly, then make sure you have assigned gamepad buttons while your are customizing controls by pressing the desired button on gamepad. It will work fine once you have assigned the gamepad buttons in controls.

2# Logitech Controller Support Issue – Not Working
You can try removing the profiler software and use windows default control settings for the configuration to solve this problem.

3# NAT Errors, Networking – Multiplayer Online Connection Errors
If you are behind a router, you may come across NAT related errors while trying to play online. You need to portforward UDP 8889 so that you can communicate with other players online without any problems. Remember that NAT does not improve your game experience rather it is required for good multiplayer connectivity.

4# No Sound Problem
You might face this problem if you sound system higher than ‘2.1’. You need to change your speaker settings (from windows control panel) to ‘2.1’ or (Choose Stereo from Drop Down Menu) to resolve no sound problem with the game.

5# Game Starts in Windowed Mode
You can switch to full screen mode by pressing “Alt+Enter”.

6# .DLL Error at Launch – Test Drive Unlimited 2
You should install the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft’s web site.

7# Can’t Assign Separate Pedals Using G25
Test Drive Unlimited 2 is not very compatible with racing wheels and causes few problems now and then. If you want to assign separate pedals (to get rid of combined pedal issue), you can try the following workarounds:

  1. Open logitech gaming software
  2. Goto options and then to global device settings
  3. In steering wheel settings,untick the box “Report combined pedals”.
  4. This will enable you to set your pedals.
  • You can try uninstalling your Logitech’s software and use the default configuration.

If you are unable to make your wheel or gamepad work with Test Drive Unlimited 2, you should contact their support for details on your issue.

8# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Freezes After Joining Club
Here is a small work around to solve this issue:

  1. Unplug (disconnect) your internet.
  2. Head back to your house (in game) and exit the game.
  3. Plug your internet back in and start the game again.

This hopefully will solve the problem.

9# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Crashes at Launch – Crash to Desktop
Try re-installing the game on a different partition. Make sure that you have atleast 14GB of free hard drive space.

10# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Low Performance – Poor Framerates
TDU2 only runs at 60 FPS max – and if you aren’t getting maximum FPS on your rig which you think matches the recommended settings, make sure you aren’t running the game on SLI or Crossfire – Multi GPU. Test Drive Unlimited 2 has negative SLI/Crossfire scaling. You either have to wait for a specific application profile that disable Multi-GPU for it, or disable it yourself.

11# Securom ?
Test Drive Unlimited 2 is using Securom with a 4 machine activation limit. So the most important question you have been asking around has just been answered.

12# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Servers Not Available
Test Drive Unlimited 2 servers were busy with the launch of the game. I think they have fixed the issue, and they will work fine if you connect now.

13# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Steering Sensitivity Settings – Handling Fix

Use the settings shown in the above screenshot if you are facing handling issues with your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller.

14# Can’t Launch [ERROR #0a]

15# Can’t Start Game – Test Drive Unlimited 2
If you have downloaded the game from Steam, validate the install files or Re-install if you have installed the game from Disc.

16# How to Redeem Test Drive Unlimited 2 DLC
You can redeem your DLC codes here.

17# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Performance Issues – Steam Version
The steam version may cause stuttering issues throughout the game.
It has nothing to do with your hardware, the non-steam version runs fine with full settings. This has been reported by few people while others have faced no issue running the game on Steam.

18# How to Skip the Cut Scenes
You can’t skip the cut scenes.

19# Test Drive Unlimited 2 Bad Performance Xbox 360/PS3
Install the game to the HDD.

If you face any other issue playing Test Drive Unlimited 2, you can ask us in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • Matheus De Oliveira

    I cant start the game . I’ve bought the game in the Steam , after I’ve used my serial number , when I click in “Start” button , the launcher close and a small window in the center of screen appears without any letter . Please Help me . Thank you

    • Andreas

      The same problem here…..

      • Matheus De Oliveira

        If you got the solution , please contact me in my facebook :facebook.com/matheus.deoliveira.12177 . And if I discovery the solution I’ll tell you.

  • ze dud

    every time i try to buy a car tdu2 freez
    anybody who knowes how to fix it?

  • Rowan Harrington Barwick

    As soon as I start the launcher, it comes up with this error message “An error occurred while downloading files. Please check your internet connection and restart the update.” My internet connection is fine, I’ve tried re-installing it and placing it into a drive with more space on it but still no luck. Has anyone else got this or knows how to fix? please help! (:

  • Daniel Zorzo Barcelos

    On the PS3 I can play the TDU2 game normally. But, when I update to play online, part of the sky of the game looks like torn apart. There is a blue sky and part yellow sky. Or at night, a dark blue sky (regular) and a flashing white sky. This is really annoying! anybody know about this, or what I can do about it?

  • gurleen

    i also this airplane problem

  • Jonuz

    i have this problemm 00caf507 crashh help em please for PC pleaseee

  • Aleksandar

    In tdu 2 when go to the airport and tru to travel from ibiza to hawaii the game are crash, please help.

  • kertot

    I cant play TDU2. I just download it on torrentz.. when I click it.. there is no change… the game doesnt appear.. can anyone help me ?

  • Shaun thrale

    hi guys how do you get manual w/clutch on a controller on ps3 done it on xbox brought it for the ps3 and its not working

  • Sam

    I have a TDU2 for Ps3 and when I try to play it says “No saved data could be found retry or start a new game” I dont want to start a new game I want my saved data back how do I get it back?
    PLLZZZZ help thnx

    • Ylo889

      Hey Sam, I e-mailed Atari about the save data problem on PS3 since I have the exact same problem as you, hopefully I’ll get a response soon, and it could work for us.

  • hadley

    hey guys i have tdu2 on ps3 ive downloaded all the up dates, i start up the game press start and it installs the up dates but it wont go past 28% ive left it for an hour and its still on 28% the game hasnt frozed coz the music and the slidshow in the back ground are still work, plz cn u help thnx :)

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      how big is the update?

  • BadBulldog

    I have a racingwheel ‘logitech momo’ on that wheel is’nt a circle (playstation 3) so i can’t connect to the game! it’s annoying and i wanna play! Who knows how i can connect to the game without pressing circle?



  • irvas85

    thing worked just fine…..but it start to bug….when i want start with car,it is reverse viewed…I must keep pressing “lookback key” to drive normal in front view…the car is driving like I allways keep pressed that stupid “lookback key”….anybody has solution?thanks….

  • Fruted12

    Umm, i recently got the game for xbox 360 and when i have to download those Mandatory updates the marketplace says i downloaded them but the game keeps saying i have to play offline, whats going on?

  • Keessie

    After update my graphics card drivers i get a black screen after the intro with the text “not optimum mode recommended mode 1920×1080”

    The game had that resolution before and it worked fine with lower resolutions either.

    What can i do to solve this problem?

  • Quentin

    I have an issue, where I literally just downloaded the patches, and now when I try to exit the house, the camera will show the garage and my game will just sit there for hours without doing a thing. I know the game didn’t freeze, cause you can see the trees swaying in the background. Any idea on how to fix?

  • Vicx

    my game crashes after the airport cutscene… wat to do??

  • Alex

    I get bad framerate issues on PS3, what can i do?

  • Cliff

    I have it on the 360 and almost everytime I have to go inside somewhere like a store or dealership the game freezes…can anyone help it’s happened 4 times so far.

  • Haye

    I played 2 times online, and today I started TDU 2 again. When it sayed press start I pressed start. But then the start button disappears, and I saw a unending slideshow. I cutted my savegame out of the directory and I started the game, and offline worked without problems. I tried reinstalling the game but it did not helped; I can’t play online! I maked a new account: nothing worked. Can someone help me?

  • Sammi

    If you garage ever freezes on your garage door just get out and then pick a different car you have.

  • matt

    I have the same problem as Grace,
    On my xbox the game isn’t recognizing my mandatory DLC it recognizes the casino add on, but when it comes to multiplayer on the road and playing games on the casino I’m not connected. Dam!
    I have the game installed on my Hdd, I’ve tried uninstalling,
    I’m now in the process of deleting the add-on n redownloading I hope this works…. but if sumone knows how to fix this please help..

  • Quarek

    I have been patient, but this is the last straw.

    I have had to reinstall this bloody game three times now. (PC version, non-STEAM retail Eur)

    The stupid thing FORCES you to update it every time you play, and I absolutely LOATHE having to wait umpteen minutes before starting a game. I want to turn it on, start and go. No buggering around. Give me the option to update: sure, no prob. I can handle that, so long as i can opt NOT to and still play. I have a busy life. Game time is a precious commodity.

    I get this message: “A critical error has occurred. If you are seeing this… blah blah … otherwise reinstall the game [error #05]”

    Now I have to reinstall AGAIN, and download the updates AGAIN (since there’s no offline update storage option, which is frickin’ STUPID!) to begin to play.

    And people wonder where road rage originates from.

    The ‘okes at ATARI better shape up. This is ridiculous.

    • Quarek

      tried something when i looked at the directory.

      Deleted UpLauncher.localdb and now it’s allowing the update to proceed.

      I still think it’s stupid that you can’t retain the downloaded patches for a later reinstall and save all that download time, though.

      • professor

        tnx alot. this actually helped me:)

  • aladin

    i have the same problem, did you fix it if you did please tell me how this is my email keep_it_gangsta@live.se

  • dylan

    help plz i installed TDU2 twice on steam (PC) but getting same problem
    i double click the icon on desktop it opens a panel saying play with a steam icon next to it tdu2 web link picture when i click play the it sais ” Unable to update the game.

    You won’t be able to play the game online.

    If you create an offline profile and update the game later you won’t be able to play online with this profile.

    Do you want to play offline?

    if i press yes it closes the panel and nothing happens when i press no the panel with (the above) closes and stays on the play button panel WHAT DO I DO

    Plz HELP!!!

    YS dylan

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      Did you contact the support ? may be the servers are behaving abnormally. It should update fine as far as I can think. When you install the game from Steam, it is already updated to all the latest patches.

      • dylan

        no it it just sais it cant update it cant play offline either + dont know how to create ofline profile ????

  • kdj123

    I have tdu2 on 360 and have recently got it so I don’t know how long the game has been out. I can’t even get to level 8 and my save game data keeps getting corrupt.I have cleared the cache and also swaped it out for another game this one has the free car on it, however you have to play online to download it which I don’t, so…. I can’t even contact atari, you have to create an account and I tried but it kept telling me every time I typed in an username or password that it was not valid or taken. What really stinks is I can’t get refund I can only swap for same crappy game!!!

  • real madrid

    when i try to start the game with uplauncher i will face an error it calls :
    the application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b).click OK to close the application.
    please help me

  • Alio Farina

    i have an xbox 360, i’ve had the game less than 24 hours, after 8 hours of play on my day off it crashed on loading and forced me to start over as the saved game data was said to be corrupt, now after three hours of play to restart it wont allow me to leave my garage! are there any fix’s i’m tired of doing the same bloody challenges!

  • grace

    when i start my game up i press start then select my hdd and it comes up saying you are missing some content packages. do you want to download them from xbox live? choose ok to download or cancel to disconnect from the TDU2 server and continue your game progress offline. BUT I WANT TO GO ONLINEE AND PLAY!!!! There are also no downloadable content packages available apart from ones i have already downloaded and they dont make any difference. can someone help please :)

  • Owen

    After the scene of the airport and the airplane taking off to Hawaii, the game crashes:

    TDU2 has stopped to working

    Crash ID 00CAF507

    Can’t do anything, when I restart the game, it shows the scene of the airport, and crashes again, without any chance of call the menu or reload other stage of the game.

    • Jonuz

      yess and in my game doing thiss :@:@
      helppp pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Dave Liddle


    Bought TDU2 for xbox360 3 days ago, done 2 champs and found a few things, now when I play it will crash randomly while driving about (not doing anything game wise, just trying to find dealerships houses etc). It can crash when loading game up for first time and going to accelerate or upto 30 mins of driving?

  • Krishna Rajan

    hey guyz i have downloaded this game thrice n wen eva i try to install it it shows this error always…
    “ShellExecute Ex Failed: code 2 the system cannot find the specific file” Can any1 plz help me to solve this problem..

  • kevin

    A friend of mine rented the game and i borrowed it from him, i havent had too much trouble with it surprisingly (especially after what i have read here) (oh and its on Xbox360). the bug i keep running into is every once in awhile when i enter a race or a challenge, the Controller trigger buttons freeze, i can still navigate the screen, use the d-pad, joysticks, and AB/XY buttons. the only temp fix i found was to restart the game, i didnt loose the race and it would let me get restart the race as if i had never entered it.

  • Alpharius

    Got it on the PS3. No issues whatsoever. Sorry guys!

  • Jericho


  • Jericho

    You mentioned single player mode. How do I make it offline single player? In the beginning it just says press any key and tells me the servers aren’t working. I can’t do anything past that screen.

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      You can block the exe file through your firewall. Then run the launcher. Click cancel and then click the play button to play it offline.

  • Jericho

    I reinstalled twice once on my main c: drive which is a 10000 rpm raptor and once on my other hard drive which is a 1TB 7200rpm that was completely formatted with nothing on it and it still performed badly. I also just found out you can’t sell cars(unless your house is full?! wtf) and can’t even add your own music.

    I might just return this game and go back to TDU1. According to my uninstall list I installed TDU1 on 6/6/2008 and it still runs flawlessly and liquid smooth unlike TDU2. I say to those who haven’t bought TDU2 yet to hold off until they fix all the bugs, glitches and add the obvious things back to the game such as the option to add your own custom music and sell your cars. I had some fun moments in this game but it’s not worth the frustrations and limitations when compared to TDU1.

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      Well all i can say is that you should try contacting their support as your final resort.

  • Jericho

    no I have not. The game isn’t even a week old on my hard drive and I haven’t installed anything else on it since TDU2.

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      Any updates you downloaded through launcher? Have you tried running the game in offline mode?

      I will suggest you install it (make sure you back up your save games) in different directory of your hard drive.

  • Jericho

    Windows XP SP3 32bit, 3GB of corsair 800mhz ddr2. I have plenty of hard drive space.

    Since I wrote that first comment, I again experienced a smooth game session, but if I exit the game and go right back in it, it will go back to sluggish performance. It’s like I have to play for an hour or more for it to finally shift into smooth mode sometimes. But there were a few times it was smooth right from the beginning. It’s never promising to get those smooth frame rates when I first launch the game. Seems like it could be a possible minor memory leak maybe?

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      Yes as you meet the system requirements and the sluggish game play then can be attributed to memory issues. Have you tried re-installing the game?

  • Jericho


    I have a GTX 275 and a Conroe E6700 OCed @ 3.2ghz and I read #10 about the performance, I disabled multi GPU and it didn’t change a thing. There are times this game runs great but then it gets sluggish again without changing any settings. I bookmarked the area that ran perfectly smooth once, then when it started to act all sluggish and choppy again I went to my bookmark to see if the location on the map had anything to do with it but it was still low and terrible fps.

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      What operating system are you using? What’s you RAM? Do you have sufficient hard drive space?

      Reinstalling the game in different partition may solve the problem.

  • Oli 747

    For the XBOX360 bug when you have to select the HDD and press A but you only see a loop of scene with music well I have a solution… First go to your xbox memory and clear the cash. Now start the game OFFLINE and do somwthing anything that will popup the autosave icon. now you can log in your xbox live acount. You will have to download the update and restart the game. Everything should be good.. See you for the next bug lolll

  • orlando

    The game erased all my saved game data an said the saved file was correpted is there any thing I can do 2 get my last save back?

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      You cant have the corrupted files back. You can request any other player to give save files to you that is somenone is kind enough. Always have a back of your saved games so that if something foes wrong, you are not screwed.

      • orlando

        Aw dang 4 real man I’ve been playing this game non stop to get all the cars an right when I was almost there this happened..but do u anyone that would give me a saved file or would you be willing to send me one of yours? Thanks again

        • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

          I could have but i don’t get much time to play it. All i have is sympathy for you. Next time, do back up your save files.

  • Muzz Khan

    I got the game on xbox 360 on release date, to say the least, i’m extremely unhappy with the developers. With competition like need for speed, gran turismo, forza, to name just 3, test drive 2 falls way short. After watching video diaries on gamespot and reading other development reviews about TDU2 and it’s big hype, I’m sad to admit that like a muppet i fell for it and pre-ordered (not to mention that with pre-order you get instant access to the casino and a limited edition bugatti veyron, but they forgot to mention that the veyron costs a staggering $2.5 million from the used car dealer!!!). After hours of evaluation and discovering countless bugs and flaws, the conclusion is to sell on ebay and let someone else be a mug.

  • kkgfkigk

    I fought through the retarded cut scenes and dint have any issues with freezing till I had finished all the Ibiza challenges and had 1.3 million dollars. I went to the casino to play some roulette. Played for a bit, won a thousand, next bet the game froze. When it came to I was at the window away from the table and I only had sixty grand. I got robbed 1.24 million.

  • Fred

    i start the game on my 360. when i start im in my house then i go to the garage choose my car for a spin then my game freezes and never loads. i cant get out of my garage. i cant drive or do anything.

    • pissed

      Fred, I am having the same problem, sorry I don’t have a fix, it’s really frustrating. Just venting.

  • dan142

    Whenever I try to load the steam version of the game, it works fine, until I try ro login, then it either sais that it cant find the servers, or it sais “Unknown Error, Log Out”. I have validated the files and everything, my NAT is fine, I am running a GTX 460 and a Core i7 Quad core CPU with 8gb of RAM, and it worked perfectly fine before, so why isn’t it working now? I have also portforwarded 8889, and my WiFi is on. I am dissapointed that such a fun game has been spoiled by such an annoying error.

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      The problem can be at their end…Thats why its not working now but it was early..

  • Dutchboy

    for me adding udp 8889 in my router for the xbox 360 and pressing all buttons when the load started worked

  • Oli 747

    wow… I have this xbox360 problem as well… I choose the memory device and press A to lunch the game but I only see those loop of music and ”pictures”…. the only way I was able to start the game was by unplug my harddrive and start the xbox. Its so great to play a game and not be able to save the game!! So I dont know what to do… I will try some of your technics but I think atari most do something ASAP…

  • fail

    What a piece of garbage. After watching 40 hours of cheese retarded cut scenes (that never end), you can only bring up the options menu at specific times… another “bug” not noted above.

    the performance is abysmal. i get 10fps at best and i have more power than your average nasa datacenter.

    so between the crappy handling, pathetic frame rates, subpar graphics and retarded scenes and dialogue, i have about 10 minutes into it. and im about to burn it.


  • http://nokia5800-xpressmusic.blogspot.com/ Abhishek Jain

    i just installed TDU 2 i have HD 5670, but getting very poor framrates, plz be advice.

    • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

      depends on other specs too.. Try disabling the Vertical sync. That might give an fps boost. If you are getting 30 + fps then these are not bad at all :)

    • fail

      wait for patch. it’s bugged, as often happens when you direct port something from a console to the pc. GTA series also suffer from that too but not to that extent

  • Bony

    Umm I have one very big problem, just after selection and buying the first car, my game freezes and stays like that. Only thing i can do is to go to setting menu which is very strange since the game isn’t working. All my drivers are updated, I am running on core2 duo e6750 @3.0ghz, geforce gts450 and windows xp sp3. Anyone knows solution to my problem?Thanks in advance

    • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

      Backing up your save games and reinstalling it may be a tough option worth of try..Or you can make another profile and shift the saved games to it and see if you can progress.

  • Adam

    every time i go to start a race that is in a championship my game freezes. i have tried it offline, online, cleared system cache, and have the game installed to my HDD. any suggestions?

    • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

      back up your saved games and validate your install. May solve the problem.

      • Adam

        forgot the mention that i’m on the 360.

  • Gomer

    This game sucks after playing for two days and having over 350,000 in the bank and multiple championships done, I tried to buy the lumberjack house and the game froze on me while loading. Tried to restart but wont load up again! What a waste of time and money! Thanks for nothing Atari what a waste of time!! I will be posting this on all blogs and reviews about this game so enjoy the limited success. This Game Sucks

  • bubo

    tdu2 qav069 has stopped working/ this message and the game stops what it is

    • http://www.segmentnext.com elias

      man i have the same problem no one’s answering :@

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      Do you have updated Video Card Drivers ? and make sure the installation is not corrupted. I get this is PC.

    • http://www.segmentnext.com elias

      man run it as administrator with a password it worked for me 😀

  • Felicia

    My fiancee has TDU2 and trying to go online won’t work. It keeps saying there are no servers.

    • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

      There has been some problems regarding servers at their end. They claim to solve it asap. So wait and hope that they fix the problem soon and also make sure that the connection light at the start up is green.

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      I think developers fixed this issue. Are you still getting the same error ?

  • TDlegend

    Im trying to play TDU2 on 360, but once I press start in the first screen it doesn’t get to the game, it just keeps going through opening scene pictures. What the hell is up?

    • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

      If the screens keep on playing even after pressing the usual buttons to skip them each time then you can try installing the game in HD of your Xbox.

    • x NO ANGEL x

      hi i am having same problem as you on the 360 couldnt play on it last night at all, did you try the suggestion and if so did it work , how much room does it take up alo as i have a 4gb xbox 360 console but i have a usb with 6gb free on it

    • ben

      the problem is [on the xbox] that the update you get for the game fooks it,i spent 20 mins trying to work it out the only way to fix it is to dlete your game save and empty your cash,then decline the update[but you cant play online without the update 😆 not that eny of the game works online enyway!]
      come on atari you delayed the game for 6 extra mths and make me pay £42 for a unworkable beata fix up! so now i have lost 8hrs of game play and my pre order code as i cant reuse them twice!! thanx a lot atari!

      • Dellis

        I have the same problem, opening screen keeps playing with those pics of houses and cars…the game is already downloaded to my HD so i guess i have to delete it all and start over???

        • http://segmentnext.com rattlesnake

          Worth a try…

  • alex

    I recently got TDU2 for xbox 360, and when I startup and press start, I select my HDD, and it just shows the slideshow of the game, and doesn’t start. Last night being rushed, I dash boarded right when the autosave came up, I didn’t notice until I already hit (A). Is that why? If so how can I fix it, although I don’t think that’s why because it didn’t start on my other account either. Please help!


    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      Disconnect your Ethernet Cable and it will start fine. The game tries to connect to TDU2 servers and goes blank I guess. Disconnecting the internet cable will get you in the game for now.

  • Jelle

    Hello, on the xbox360, when I press start at the game menu, he’s starts loading and that’s it. he doesn’t start the game, he just loads… I’ve installed the game, removed it, reinstalled it and cleared the cache, I dont know what else to do!

  • JW

    Apparently they decided not to hire a QA staff. It takes 10 seconds using the Xbox 360 controller to begin to back up.

  • f4d3tobl4ck

    For NO.14/15 validating helped for some people but there’s at least 2 people that I know of (one being me) that validating or reinstalling didn’t help. Any other solution out there ? (I’m using steam)

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      Normally I would suggest Run it as admin privileges, and try to replace any of your friends working game executable.

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      I am not sure about what’s causing that error though, still digging into that. Did you try contacting support on that issue ?

      • f4d3tobl4ck

        Yep. I did so on the 8th… still no reply though