Black Ops Zombies Ascension Strategy Guide

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The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet Cosmodrome and all Hell has broken loose. The countdown to the zombie apocalypse has begun. Ascension is the third zombie map part of the First Strike Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC released on Xbox 360.

Black Ops Zombie Maps
Kino Der Toten
The Five
Call of the Dead

Black Ops Zombies Ascension Map Guide

Ascension is the third Zombie map for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The entire map will be in black and while until you turn on the power. It features two types of traps, fire traps and auto turrets. Fire traps will cost you 1000 Points. If you have played Black Ops Kino Der Toten, you may already be familiar with auto turrets – they will cost you 1500 Points.

Ascension features “Lunar Landers” which allow you to fly off the map from one point on the map to the starting spawn area. After traveling back to the starting spawn area, you must wait about 30 seconds for the lander to refuel. You can call the lander to any location then you will be able to travel between that location and starting spawn area.

If you’ve called the lander to more than one location, it will fly to one of the three randomly. It will cost you 250 points to use the Lander. Don’t stand at its landing spot while its landing, you will end up dead.

Hell Hounds have been replaced by Space Monkeys. Space Monkeys are slicker though, so be careful with them. Space Monkey will attempt to steal your perks. If they did, you will have buy them back. If you kill them before they steal your perks, you will earn Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola. You will get Max Ammo when you finish the monkey round anyway.

Pack-A-Punch machine is back but unlocks when you use all three of Lunar Landers. After you have used all three of these, go back to the power room and press switch to the right of it. It will launch the rocket and you will able to enter the Pack-A-Punch room.

Black Ops Zombies Ascension – Overhead Map View

Coming Soon!

Black Ops Ascension Barricades and Doors

Centrifuge Floor 1 – Door (750)
Centrifuge Floor 2 – Door (750)
Stairwell Floor 3 / Base Level – Door (1250)
Lunar Lander B [ Б ] Access Door (1250)
Lunar Lander D [ Д ] Access Gate (1250)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Gate (1000)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Door (1250)
Pack-A-Punch Access Gate (1250)
Power Room Door (1000)
Power Room Gate (1250)

Black Ops Ascension Weapons, Power Ups and Perks Guide

Ascension two new Perk-A-Cola machines and two new perks, Stamin Up, and PhD Flopper.

Ascension Perks

Stamin Up allows you to run for longer distance. PhD Flopper prevents you from taking any fall, explosive or splash damage.

Quick Revive
1500 Points / 500 Points
Quick Revive allows you to revive your downed teammates fast. You can use even without turning on the power when you are playing solo. Your weapons will be replaced by mustang and sally but you can only use it thrice when playing solo.

Speed Cola
3000 Points
Speed Cola allows you to reload your weapon quickly.

2500 Points
Jugger-Nog gives you more health, good for fighting waves of zombies and when playing solo.

PhD Flopper
2000 Points
PhD Flopper is a new perk that allows you to resist fall damage, resist your own explosive damage, and create a small explosion that can kill when you dive off a high point.

2000 Points
Stamin-Up is a new perk that allows you to run for longer distances.

Ascension Power-Ups

Excluding Bonfire Sale, all the power ups return from the previous zombie maps – Kino Der Toten, and Five.

Double Points
Double Points for 30 seconds.

Kill with one bullet, use pistol when you have this power up – lasts for 30s.

Max Ammo
Max ammo gives you the maximum ammunition your gun can hold.

Carpenter rebuilds all barriers on the map.

Nuke / Tactical Bomb
Tactical bomb kills all zombies around you.

Death Machine
Death machine gives one person the death machine mini gun. You can’t revive anyone while holding this gun and it lasts for 30s.

Fire Sale
Fire Sale brings the mystery box to every mystery box location on the map. The mystery box will only cost 10 points instead of 950 for 30 seconds.

If you kill all space monkeys, you earn a random perk.

Black Ops Ascension Weapons Guide

You can read our Black Ops Perks, Power Ups, and Weapons Guide for all the information on weapons and their effective use against zombies.

Black Ops Ascension Weapons

Off-Wall Weapons

  • M14 – Centrifuge Floor 1
  • Olympia – Centrifuge Floor 2
  • MPL – Stair way
  • PM63 – Stair way
  • MP5K – Lunar Lander D
  • AK-74u – Outside Lunar Lander F
  • Stakeout – Outside Power Room
  • M16 – Lunar Lander B
  • Claymore – Lunar Lander F
  • Sickle (Replaces regular knife & Bowie Knife) – Lunar Lander B

Mystery Box Weapons

  • Dragunov
  • CZ75 (single or dual wield)
  • Commando
  • SPAS-12
  • AUG (ACOG)
  • Galil
  • L96A1
  • China Lake
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Crossbow
  • G11 (Low Power Scope)
  • FN FAL
  • HK21
  • HS10
  • RPK
  • Ray Gun
  • Thundergun
  • Matryoshka Doll
  • Gersch Device
  • Spectre

Power-Up Weapons

  • Death Machine

Pack-a-Punch Machine
To gain entry to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, all lunar landers’ landing pads must be used. Once a player has ridden all three back to the Centrifuge Room, the player can activate the rocket by pressing the button to the right of the power switch.

After the rocket has taken off, the large door concealing the launch area will open and the Pack-a-Punch Machine will be to the right. It costs 5000 points as usual. Unlike Kino der Toten and Five, players can stay in the Pack-a-Punch room for as long as they like. There are two barricades in the Pack-a-Punch room to make camping there harder.

Black Ops Zombies Ascensions Strategy Guide

Black Ops Zombies Survival Guide
1# Run Run Run! and keep Running.
2# Group zombies into clusters, and blast them.
3# Lunar Lander is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo. Which you would for most of the times. Too many zombies.
4# You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies or you are done.

Revive the Teammate
In case someone goes down you have three options.
1# (Requires upgraded ballistic knives) If the person with the knives is alive he will pull them out while the other teammate covers, preferably with ray gun. Shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2# Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate.

Ascension Strategy Solo 50+ Rounds
This player claims to have reached 50+ rounds using this strategy.

Ascension Strategy 2 Players
Coming soon!

Ascension Strategy 3-4 Players
Start off by playing the way you do until you get good guns. Refer to our General Zombie Strategy Guide for pointers.

3 Players – Only buy Phd-flopper, juggernog and Speed Cola.

4 Players – Only buy Phd-flopper, juggernog, speed cola and choose pick either stamin-up or quick revive as fourth perk.

If you have the perks and good guns, head on over to the PhD flopper lunar lander and have one person guard the window, and 3/2 people standing beside the lunar lander, guarding the zombies coming from the 2 stairways. If there are power-ups at the bottom of the stairway, dive down the stairway with PhD flopper because it will blow the zombies up.

If everyone is in trouble use a Gersch Device to lure the zombies away. If you don’t have Gersch Device, get it and if you can’t get it, use a thundergun. If you can’t hold the zombies, use lunar lander and escape. Try to fight your way back to this place! You can easily get to round 30+ with this strategy.

Ascension Strategy 4 Players
Get PhD Flopper, and start diving while one player watches the window, similar to previous strategy.

2 Player and 4 player strategy needs refining, so will add more info soon. If you want to contribute, add your strategy in comments.

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  • Gamertag=Banned cuz microsoft doesnt like modding single player games ^.^

    Stay in Centrifuge for 3 rounds unless you are better than some people i played online, after head to mp5k and use it by PHD once you can afford it turn on the power (unless you can stand no color(i cant)) after which camp by PHD until you can open the bottom way to jug(cheaper and easier to guard) buy jug (duh) and head back to PHD keep buying ammo and racking up points, by round 15 you should go buy quick revive (self revive)you shou7ld be able to guard both jug and quick revive if you are any sort of good after round twenty you should have loads of points so make a crawler and buy up all those landers and pack a punch your m1911 mustang and sally can get you out of lots of messes as long as you have PHD also spend whatever you have to on better weapons from the box(gersh) (HK21) (Commando) i personally keep my Mp5k until round 30 but that’s cuz i am a major “points whore” i then swap it for a Commando or ray gun then just keep hording by PHD and swap weapons whenever necessary (if you need to get a gun quick head back to MP5K or if you can Run to AK74U and use it) Using this strategy I have made it to round 43 solo losing all my revive on round 40 (if you follow this precisely you should always have enough for you perks when (if) you Go Down.

  • gamertag=Monkeyboy IV

    I have a great strategy for covering the perks during the monkeys. this is for 4 players only. to cover all the perks you will have to have the top door to Jug closed and only buy the bottom by spawn. this will help you protect jug and quick revive. the second door you need to keep closed is the gate door in the power room this will help so one player will be able to just guard the door to mule kick while protecting speed cola as well. with this strategy you will need only one person by mule kick/speed cola, phd flopper, stamina up, quick revive/juggernaught perferibly the player with the most powerful gun showed cover jug and quick revive because with out jug at round 18 you would be screwed.

  • gamertag=fantastic1998

    awsome guys thnx for the tips i am better than u all if u think u can beat in zombies play with me i have a xbox 360 i got maps= acension,shangri-la,kinno der roten,and five play me guys i have lots of tips gamertag is fantastic1998

  • travis

    this was really helpful never could figure out how to get too the pack a punch room

  • civicrider6

    or when ur teammates r down tel them to crawl on tha lander and revive them while u are above the map

  • apossomness

    noooooo u guy r all wrongg. 3 person
    what you do is you have to use any strat to get to the pap room and the lander by phd. then on person runs circles by phd, one by the pap machiene, and the other person run bak and forth and kill the whole horde w/ a thundagun. the two runners would still get a ton on points by shootin into the horde

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    srry about that last comment i meant the MYSTERY BOX will spawn…….:)

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    the bear glitch is easy its probly the eaisiest glitch out their for black ops FIRST when the bear comes JUMP if u did it right tthe bear should SPAWN IN THE NEXT ROOM (either the LAST room u where in or the NEXT room) IT WILL NEVER SPAWN IN THE SAME ROOM (glitch approved by X-BOX 360 PS3 PC)

  • ZoMbIe DeStRoYeR

    yeah exactly camp out in the first room then leave buy the MP5K camp out buy the PHD FLOPPER then get enough th buy the rest of the doors and run pack-a-punch run i got to round 70 with my friend 😉


    i can make it to round 74 with my bro

  • Confused…

    What is the trick to the stuffed bears? Had someone attempt to show us how to use them but now, can’t seem to get it to work…TOTAL noob here…just trying to learn…

  • thesmyth1998

    add me on ps3-thesmyth1998 psn has been down tho im 959 on leaderboards

  • Baalzamon

    how do you use the buttons on the monkey level and what do they do

    • jamie

      on the first 5 rounds stay in the first room and DO NOT buy any guns off wall till you get to the power room and buy box…………if you have 2 or more players stay where the PHD flopper is (camp)near round 10 or 15 get a crawler and open up the pack-a-punch machine


      • sweet-tooth13579

        you haf to have 4 people for this step in the easter egg. it wont work with out 4 people. there is 4 buttons on a wall around all the perk machines except quick revive. have someone stand in front of the button n when it becomes monkey time, you all haf 2 press them simltaniously. once you do that, node 3 is complete

    • BobertTheGreat

      The buttons that appear on the monkey level are an important part of the Kassimir mechanism easter egg. these buttons must be pressed at the same time.this is part of the second node and after this easter egg is complete all players get 90 second death machines


    ascension is easy 4 me add me if ur good and want to go far i usually get past 30 with 0 dowwns although sumtimes mistakes are made =]

    • sweet-tooth13579

      you ps3 or 360?

      • GuitarGod9856

        Heyy… top level is 27… i need some eater eggs or glitches to get the ray gun on Ps3….. please i need help… add me: my name is GuitarGod9856…. i usually play with my friend… he is amazing lmaoo…. so yeah, add me and tell me a way to get ray gun in ascension or a different map…. thanks

  • sweet-tooth13579

    a way to get free points!! if you have a guy online who isnt playing, dont let him die. buy quick revive. get a crawler and let the crawler keep downing him. keep reviving him. with almost 15 revives, thats a free 1000 points. it is helpful if you need to pap a gun or buy a perk! reply if there is a better way to get free perks.

  • sweet-tooth13579

    the best way to get to high rounds in ascension is to wait till rd 4 or 5 before you leave the centrafuge room. for first few rounds shoot 4 bullets then knife. at rd 3 or 4 start to use gernades to make it easier. go upstairs!! never go downstairs; it will screw you over in monkey rounds. go and buy the mp5k. dont open the gate to the box till about rd 8 so everyone can have points to get the box. only use the box once so everyone can use the box. it helps alot. after that waste the box. thats your choice after it moves. try for these weapons. hk21, ray gun, thundergun, gerch device. always get a light machine gun and a power weapon. u dont get very many points with using just power weapons. after you use the box once. head to PhD flopper. have the 2 guys with the best weapons take the stairs where most of the zombies will come up. have one guy at both the windows. BUY CLAYMORES!!!!!! they help alot. there one hit kills till about rd 20. at about rd. 11 or 12, use the landers and blow up the rocket. pack a punch if you can. if not wait till you have enough points. its critical to leave a crawler every round. when you get to round 25 it gets harder to make one but if you dont, it will hurt you drastically. camp at PhD flopper till you cant no more. now perks… best perks to have with 2 players, juggernog and flopper. 3 players – jug, flopper, and speed cola. with 4 players, jug, flopper, speed cola, and quick revive. dont get quick revive till about round 20 or so. it will be crutial in order to get far. in the higher rounds use your mg’s before your ray guns. use the ray gun and thundergun for emergencies!! if thats all the ammo you have left, use it sparingly. gather the zombies up in big groups then blast them. with this technique, you will get to rd 30+ no problem.

  • Wpnfire

    Get 3 people, buy an M14, don’t let the zombies in past round 2, use your knife and pistol first, then grenades (you get two more every round and therefore, helps you stay there longer), and shoot them in the head with the m14 and if the zombies are really weak, knife with your pistol because you knife faster and move faster. Stay till round 5, then open the upstairs, save your M1911 and switch out your m14 for an mp5k. Get enough money, and open the doors to the box, and always buy juggernog before you get the box, then go off by yourself to stamin-up and the next area and buy yourself and Ak-74U if you’re out of ammo, and just chill by the lander area, running around in circles, till the landers are all linked up, you have enough for PhD Flopper, and enough to get to the pack a punch and upgrade your m1911s. Don’t ever buy ammo for guns off the wall and tell your teammates never to get any bonuses UNLESS it’s max ammo AND everybody is out of ammo AND monkeys are not about to come. If you want to continue to get max ammos at 30+ you’ll heed my advice here. Once your m1911s are pack a punched, get a good points gun, any automatic will do, and shoot all the zombies in the head. Dont’ mess around with shooting them in the body, you get less points even if you get to shoot them more there. It’s simple math, 10+10+10+50 (if you shoot them in the body) =80 points, 10+100 (if you shoot them in the head) =110. Once you get lots, hit the box repeatedly till you get a ray gun and a Gersch device. Then go camp (by yourself hopefully) just outside the pack a punch room. Hoard them up, and destroy them with your ray gun. Tried and proven strategy, everyone on my team just ran around in circles and we got to 36. Oh and despite what the leader boards say about rankings and what some people may tell you, 2 or more people is MUCH harder than by yourself regardless of what round. Just ask Carlos-389 and Itachi_Uchiha544 they were in that game with me. We died a collective total of 40 times. (it was mostly itachi, but he just ran out of points and could never recover enough to get Jugger Nog AND a gun) Feel free to add me Wpnfire (PS3 only) I will only accept you if you have more than 1000 kills.

    • Brad

      You sir, are a complete idiot. Don’t listen to this kid. The one sensible thing he said was about ammo running out. Other than that ignore him. If u ever see him online call him a loser, friend him, them continue to join his party and make fun of him. Then play, get opposite team, and follow him around with a shotgun. If he gets downed in zombies let him die, all he wants is his crappy pistol anyway.

    • Bob

      Ya i know right this guy is so dumb. WTF is he even talking about. he probably sucks. “oh i will only add you if you have more than 1000 kills”. F off!

  • GT: RGC Millennium

    Lots Of noobs like to spend all of their money getting to the box. I just buy the mp5k and camp at flopper. At about round 14 it starts getting a little weaker….which is a good thing because you get more points per zombie killed! Round 15 I hit the box and I have enough points to hit it until I get a good gun. I get jugger nog as soon as I get enough points. If you get juggernog it makes everything soo much easier. To me speed cola and flopper are pointless unless you like to Phd nuke every time you see a zombie. Meeee i like Phd every time I get mustang and Sally. Every time I get cornered a couple shots to the floor and I’m free.when camping at flopper and you can’t pic the person up tell him/her to crawl to the lander, get ur ass on the the lander and revive the noob! Add me on xbl. Btw I’m much better at Kino than Ascension. Complete beast 😉

  • gamertag: Marc1625

    Ok. To get the Thundergun, get to the box, and use it. Shoot the little stick on the top of the Mystery Box. Just tap the trigger. If you shoot it too much, it wont work. The next try, if you do it right, you’ll get the Raygun. Use the box, and then turn around, and shoot the power switch, then turn around 360 then shoot it again, then shoot the mystery box. You will get the Raygun.

    A strategy for Ascension, is to knife for the first 5 rounds. Make a crawler. Open the upstairs door, and open the gate. Get to the mystery box/ Power room, and do the glitch, if you want. If you have enough, open the door to Jugger Nog, and buy it. After that, go to the Lander at PhD Flopper, and call the lander to position. Either rebuild the barriers, or kill the crawler, and return to the lander at Flopper. Camp there until you have about 4000+. Make another crawler, and open the gate to Stamin Up. Open the next door, and call the lander. Use the lander, and open the gate at at the power room to Speed Cola. Call the lander, and use it. Go back to Flopper, and cll and use the lander also. Go to the Power Room, and launch the rocket. if you have enough, Pack a Punch your gun(s). If not, go back to the PhD Flopper Lander. Get at least 5000+ points, and go and pack a punch your gun or guns, or use the box until you get a ray gun or Thundergun. Just camp at PhD, and survive for the longest possible time. Add me on XBOX LIVE!!! Marc1625 😀

  • Ps3MaN

    Just got the map, I got to 36 in no time with a great strategy. First go to round 4 or 5 knifing or shooting then open the door and purchase the MP5K. Then camp next to flopper until you have around about 4000 points, now you can open the doors to the random box. Turn on the power and buy a gun from the random box then open the door next to the power and jump out the broken wall/window. Then make your way back to flopper and camp with a good gun, when you then have enough open thecdoor and a purchase juggernog, then get a free perk from the monkeys. Just take it from there occasionally getting better guns from the box and perks. Also you could activate all landers and pack a punch. Then go back to the flopper maybe buy and jump down stairs and stuff like that. I got to round 36 with this and it really worked. I had commando, pack a punched famas and the gersch devices.

  • A.J.

    For all theese strategies you must have the player who is best at dodgeing and getting around zombies have the Thundergun, and Everyone should have Gersch devices and Rayguns.

    The person with the Thundergun stayes at PhD Flopper. He does laps around the lander to create a hoarde and blast them away. Depending on your skill level, you may or may not want the lander here. It could provide as an evacuation plan, but it could also get in your way. What I do, is use it to kill a lot of Zombies when I don’t want to waste my Thundergun ammo. When the pad drops, it kills Zombies as well.

    Another person does laps outside the Pack-A-Punch room, going up the large ramp, PhD Diving out the hole in the wall, and activating the Turret when neccesary. When doing this, the large hoarde will hug the left wall going down the ramp. This allows you to gather up a large hoarde easily then blast them away with your Raygun.

    The last person situates themselves under the landing pad just outside the Pack-A-Punch room. This room is small and circular, and provides a few zombies. This person will have the Krauss Refibulator (Upgraded Ballistic Knife)and since there are very few Zombies, they can be knifed to death, since with the Sickle, they’re only 5 knifes on round 35.

    With four people, do the same, however have the person with the Krauss Refibulator in the Pack-A-Punch room, so he only gets 2 windows, and can easily knife them to death. The extra person goes where the Ballistic Knife person went in the 3 Player Strategy.

    Why This Strategy Works…

    The person around PhD Flopper gets most of the Zombies, so the thundergun is most effective there. The person in the Pack-A-Punch room can run out and heal anyone who goes down while the others throw Gersch Devices. The other two people help with killing Zombies and also protect the person in the Pack-A-Punch room.

    For the Low Rounds:
    Round 1: 4 Bullets + Knife
    Round 2: 8 Bullets + Knife
    (Save a clip so your ammo says 8/0)
    You do this because Max Ammos are very likely from rounds 1-5.
    Save your ammo ’till around wave 5, then shoot at groups for collateral damage.
    Once everyone has about 5000 points, take the upstairs door and go straight for the Sickle.
    Knife untill the end of round Nine, and save a zombie.
    CRAWLER WARNING: If the zombie is missing an arm, DO NOT throw a grenade. Also, if it dies off, the wave won’t start again. A runner will spawn. If a normal zombie comes out of no where, don’t kill it, turn it into another crawler.
    Spam the random box.

    For Monkey Rounds…
    3 Player
    2 People at Jugger-nog.
    1 Person at PhD.

    4 Player
    2 People at Jugger-nog
    1 Person at PhD.
    1 Person at Speed Cola.

    For the first 2 monkey rounds, they are one knife with the sickle. If you have the upgraded Ballistic Knife, they’re one knife on the third round as well.

    A Few Important Tips…

    If you get cornered and have a Raygun and PhD Flopper, shoot the ground!!!

    DO NOT Pack-A-Punch untill around round 18-20.

    Don’t Pack-A-Punch the Raygun untill after the 5th monkey round. (around round 25-28)

    Don’t Pack-A-Punch the Thundergun untill after at least round 25, and make sure you wait untill it’s out of Ammo.

    Zeus Cannon (Upgraded Thundergun) will ALWAYS kill a Monkey in 2 shots, no matter what round.

    Jumping into Gersch devices teleports you to a random room.

    There’s only one Thundergun.
    (I can’t believe some people think otherwise)

    Add Me On XBox to play some Games!!!

    Gamertag: xMy Name Is AJx

    • zom-B

      I have a good strategy for 2 players.

      When start shoot + knife all zombies until level 4 or 5 depending on ur skill after that ur’ll be overrun in the centrifuge. Try to get a zombie crawler or two and leave the room.

      You can either open the bottom door leading to the Jogger-nog room and stay there (have 1 man watch the 2 windows near the jogger-nog upstair and 1 man down stair run and gun the zombies to hell)or with the 3000-5000 pts u have u can keep opening the doors to the power switch up-stair. At this point u will be down 1500-2000 pts so maybe u will have enough for 2 try at the mystery box for a ray gun.
      If you can’t get a ray gun, don’t panic the HK 21 or RPK is good, pack with a lot of ammo. It’s good for the early rounds. Try to get the black hole bomb & Thunder gun if u can.
      Galil, commando, Cz75b hand gun or duel Cz75b’s are all good and don’t forget, all the shot guns that you can get ur hands on can be use like a ray gun in the early rounds.

      IF you really really can’t get none of these just go grab the MP5k down stairs by the gate or the AK74U near Lander F both of these weapons can pack alot of points for you. Just keep buying more ammo once you are low but keep a back up SMG with you. Run n gun all the time with it. Shoot the zombs in the body for more pts if u are in a tight situation shoot them in the head to kill them faster. The head will get you more pts than the body.

      Once you have ur weapons don’t forget to save at least 1250-up pts so u can open the gate outside to the Lander D @ the PHD flopper machine. If u don’t have enough pts left to open the gate then wait there until the zombies come and shoot em to get enough pts then open the gate right away, don’t wait until more come.

      Run up to the lander site and push the computer to call the lander to you. This will be ur back up plan when ur partner die he can just crawl his way to it and u can re-push the button out of there & revive him back up.
      Once u at the lander D area have ur partner wait at the PHD room looking out from the window but he has to constantly watch the window to his side for incoming zombies. While you can wait at the stair-way entrance and fire down on them once they come. When there are many try to draw them in circles around the lander area while ur partner by the window shoot as many as he can to give u some room to sqeeze ur way outta trouble.

      If one of u have the thunder gun use it to clear out zombies and ur partner shoot them with Ray gun. Always have 2 of these weapons.


      plyer1= Ray gun + plyer2= Thunder gun


      LMG Ray gun

      you get the picture.

      Don’t forget about Claymore off the wall by Lander F it’s very useful and set them all around the Lander D site to blow up the zombies. Once u get Max ammo or finish a level the claymore requip back to you.

      Do this until all zombies except 2 are dead and run to seal all windows for pts. Go back upstairs for the mystery box if you haven’t got the Ray gun. If u have enough pts get ur perks- Jogger-nog, Speed cola, or Quick revive are good. PHD flopper is good when u have the ray gun. Stamin-up is useless.

      Monkeys- Once the monkeys arrive decide which perks is best to save. Jogger-nog is the main perk to keep so always protect it. While one person protect the Jog the other watch the secondary perks. Kill the monkeys to get Max ammo and an extra ramdom perks.

      Do this strategy until level 28-30 then one of you guys have to draw half the zombies hordes to the Rocket area where the Pack-a-punch room is once u open all the doors,(zombies overload) and just run around gunning down zombies. Use traps and turret guns to help once u get to higher level.

      Do the best you can with this and see how far you can go.

    • zeke

      Leave Thundergun at rocket. have PhD man carrying mg/rifle for points. one person on top of overlook of phd shooting at the zombies following the Phd man. one man inside of pack a punch room with ballistic revive knives and ray gun. also one person should have the awful lawton for drawing zombies away for a bit

    • fantastic1998

      nice!!!!! i will add u and thanx for the tips play whith me when i add u my gamertag:fantastic1998

  • Goose

    Is it just me or are crawlers working now on zombies? I know in world of war that’s how we would play but when I started playing kino I noticed the crawlers died after a certain amount of time. Now it seems like if you get a crawler he lasts til you kill him…

    • zom-B

      yes, they last longer now but always leave two in case and don’t go too far becus they can respawn to ur nearest window, walking again. lol.

      • Ryan

        If you have Jug though just let them hit you a few times this will keep them from dieing and being replaced.

  • louise

    just wondering the guy right at the tart of the zombie game on ascension that say “help me she`s coming” do you know how to get to him xx

    • Dan Ridley

      You never see him. He is Gersch by the way. To help him you need to do the Kasshmir Mechanism Easter egg you need four players to do so