Black Ops Zombies Ascension Strategy Guide

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The risen dead have overtaken a Soviet Cosmodrome and all Hell has broken loose. The countdown to the zombie apocalypse has begun. Ascension is the third zombie map part of the First Strike Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC released on Xbox 360.

Black Ops Zombie Maps
Kino Der Toten
The Five
Call of the Dead

Black Ops Zombies Ascension Map Guide

Ascension is the third Zombie map for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The entire map will be in black and while until you turn on the power. It features two types of traps, fire traps and auto turrets. Fire traps will cost you 1000 Points. If you have played Black Ops Kino Der Toten, you may already be familiar with auto turrets – they will cost you 1500 Points.

Ascension features “Lunar Landers” which allow you to fly off the map from one point on the map to the starting spawn area. After traveling back to the starting spawn area, you must wait about 30 seconds for the lander to refuel. You can call the lander to any location then you will be able to travel between that location and starting spawn area.

If you’ve called the lander to more than one location, it will fly to one of the three randomly. It will cost you 250 points to use the Lander. Don’t stand at its landing spot while its landing, you will end up dead.

The Last Guardian
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Hell Hounds have been replaced by Space Monkeys. Space Monkeys are slicker though, so be careful with them. Space Monkey will attempt to steal your perks. If they did, you will have buy them back. If you kill them before they steal your perks, you will earn Max Ammo and a random perk-a-cola. You will get Max Ammo when you finish the monkey round anyway.

Pack-A-Punch machine is back but unlocks when you use all three of Lunar Landers. After you have used all three of these, go back to the power room and press switch to the right of it. It will launch the rocket and you will able to enter the Pack-A-Punch room.

Black Ops Zombies Ascension – Overhead Map View

Coming Soon!

Black Ops Ascension Barricades and Doors

Centrifuge Floor 1 – Door (750)
Centrifuge Floor 2 – Door (750)
Stairwell Floor 3 / Base Level – Door (1250)
Lunar Lander B [ Б ] Access Door (1250)
Lunar Lander D [ Д ] Access Gate (1250)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Gate (1000)
Lunar Lander F [ Ф ] Access Door (1250)
Pack-A-Punch Access Gate (1250)
Power Room Door (1000)
Power Room Gate (1250)

Black Ops Ascension Weapons, Power Ups and Perks Guide

Ascension two new Perk-A-Cola machines and two new perks, Stamin Up, and PhD Flopper.

Ascension Perks

Stamin Up allows you to run for longer distance. PhD Flopper prevents you from taking any fall, explosive or splash damage.

Quick Revive
1500 Points / 500 Points
Quick Revive allows you to revive your downed teammates fast. You can use even without turning on the power when you are playing solo. Your weapons will be replaced by mustang and sally but you can only use it thrice when playing solo.

Speed Cola
3000 Points
Speed Cola allows you to reload your weapon quickly.

2500 Points
Jugger-Nog gives you more health, good for fighting waves of zombies and when playing solo.

PhD Flopper
2000 Points
PhD Flopper is a new perk that allows you to resist fall damage, resist your own explosive damage, and create a small explosion that can kill when you dive off a high point.

2000 Points
Stamin-Up is a new perk that allows you to run for longer distances.

Ascension Power-Ups

Excluding Bonfire Sale, all the power ups return from the previous zombie maps – Kino Der Toten, and Five.

Double Points
Double Points for 30 seconds.

Kill with one bullet, use pistol when you have this power up – lasts for 30s.

Max Ammo
Max ammo gives you the maximum ammunition your gun can hold.

Carpenter rebuilds all barriers on the map.

Nuke / Tactical Bomb
Tactical bomb kills all zombies around you.

Death Machine
Death machine gives one person the death machine mini gun. You can’t revive anyone while holding this gun and it lasts for 30s.

Fire Sale
Fire Sale brings the mystery box to every mystery box location on the map. The mystery box will only cost 10 points instead of 950 for 30 seconds.

If you kill all space monkeys, you earn a random perk.

Black Ops Ascension Weapons Guide

You can read our Black Ops Perks, Power Ups, and Weapons Guide for all the information on weapons and their effective use against zombies.

Black Ops Ascension Weapons

Off-Wall Weapons

  • M14 – Centrifuge Floor 1
  • Olympia – Centrifuge Floor 2
  • MPL – Stair way
  • PM63 – Stair way
  • MP5K – Lunar Lander D
  • AK-74u – Outside Lunar Lander F
  • Stakeout – Outside Power Room
  • M16 – Lunar Lander B
  • Claymore – Lunar Lander F
  • Sickle (Replaces regular knife & Bowie Knife) – Lunar Lander B

Mystery Box Weapons

  • Dragunov
  • CZ75 (single or dual wield)
  • Commando
  • SPAS-12
  • AUG (ACOG)
  • Galil
  • L96A1
  • China Lake
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Crossbow
  • G11 (Low Power Scope)
  • FN FAL
  • HK21
  • HS10
  • RPK
  • Ray Gun
  • Thundergun
  • Matryoshka Doll
  • Gersch Device
  • Spectre

Power-Up Weapons

  • Death Machine

Pack-a-Punch Machine
To gain entry to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, all lunar landers’ landing pads must be used. Once a player has ridden all three back to the Centrifuge Room, the player can activate the rocket by pressing the button to the right of the power switch.

After the rocket has taken off, the large door concealing the launch area will open and the Pack-a-Punch Machine will be to the right. It costs 5000 points as usual. Unlike Kino der Toten and Five, players can stay in the Pack-a-Punch room for as long as they like. There are two barricades in the Pack-a-Punch room to make camping there harder.

Black Ops Zombies Ascensions Strategy Guide

Black Ops Zombies Survival Guide
1# Run Run Run! and keep Running.
2# Group zombies into clusters, and blast them.
3# Lunar Lander is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo. Which you would for most of the times. Too many zombies.
4# You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies or you are done.

Revive the Teammate
In case someone goes down you have three options.
1# (Requires upgraded ballistic knives) If the person with the knives is alive he will pull them out while the other teammate covers, preferably with ray gun. Shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2# Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate.

Ascension Strategy Solo 50+ Rounds
This player claims to have reached 50+ rounds using this strategy.

Ascension Strategy 2 Players
Coming soon!

Ascension Strategy 3-4 Players
Start off by playing the way you do until you get good guns. Refer to our General Zombie Strategy Guide for pointers.

3 Players – Only buy Phd-flopper, juggernog and Speed Cola.

4 Players – Only buy Phd-flopper, juggernog, speed cola and choose pick either stamin-up or quick revive as fourth perk.

If you have the perks and good guns, head on over to the PhD flopper lunar lander and have one person guard the window, and 3/2 people standing beside the lunar lander, guarding the zombies coming from the 2 stairways. If there are power-ups at the bottom of the stairway, dive down the stairway with PhD flopper because it will blow the zombies up.

If everyone is in trouble use a Gersch Device to lure the zombies away. If you don’t have Gersch Device, get it and if you can’t get it, use a thundergun. If you can’t hold the zombies, use lunar lander and escape. Try to fight your way back to this place! You can easily get to round 30+ with this strategy.

Ascension Strategy 4 Players
Get PhD Flopper, and start diving while one player watches the window, similar to previous strategy.

2 Player and 4 player strategy needs refining, so will add more info soon. If you want to contribute, add your strategy in comments.

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