DC Universe Online Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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DC Universe Online is action based DC comics spin off exploring several Worlds of heroes and villains featured in DC comics. Even after the extended beta, the game couldn’t escape few issues that require immediate attention of the developer. Before they release a quick patch to fix all the issues, you can refer to our troubleshooting guide for workarounds.

DC Universe Online Troubleshooting Guide

1# Launch Pad Crashes – Troubleshooting Guide
If you are facing issues running the game from the launcher or the game crashes when you run the game via Launch Pad. You can try these workarounds to fix the issue.

  • Add DCUO and DCUO Launch Pad to your firewall exceptions list. Make sure your antivirus is not blocking the executable.
  • Make sure you have enable Active X controls in your internet explorer that are required to run the Launcher properly to start the game.
  • Make sure you have Flash Installed if not, install it from here.
  • Delete your temporary internet files and clean your cookies/cache.

In your internet settings via Internet Explorer, make sure following settings are checked. You can access them via the Intern Properties>Security Settings.

  • Disable the ability of internet explorer to block active x controls that are not safe.
  • Enable domains to use Active X controls without prompt.
  • Enable Active X Controls marked safe for scripting.

The LaunchPad *does* use JavaScript and ActiveX controls for its UI. These need to be enabled (or at least “Prompt” and allowed).

2# Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error
If you see this error, install Microsoft Visual Runtime Libraries.

3# DC Universe Online Direct X Errors
If you face any Direct X error like:

This application has failed to start because d3dx10_41.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Download and Install the updated DirectX from here.

4# Where to Download DC Universe Online Installer?
You can install DCUO installer from here.

5# How to Activate Free Month of DC Universe Online
You need to select a subscription model at the start and add your working debit card to be eligible for a free month of the game that comes with the retail copy of the game. You can cancel the subscription at end of your free month.

6# Client Crashes After Clicking Play From Launcher
You click the Play button on the Launch Pad and it either disappears or attempts to start and crash. This may well be ATI specific issue, and you may need to update your video card drivers. If not, re-install/repair the game or install updated .Net Framework and the game will now run fine. You can also try downgrading your version from 10.12 to 10.9 to resolve this issue.

7# DC Universe Online Lags, Stutters, and Freezes
If your game is not running smoothly, make sure your internet settings are not delaying the connection. Your video card drivers are updated, and your installation is not corrupted. If you are on ATI Card, You can also try downgrading your version from 10.12 to 10.9 to resolve this issue.

8# CPU Error, AMD/Intel
If you get this error:

CPU time drift detected! Please consult support forum for AMD driver update information

Do this: Launch the game, alt-tab out and hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up Task Manager. Find the process DCGAME.EXE and right click it. Click “Set Affinity” and uncheck everything but CPU0.
You can trade off with a performance and running the game now as there is no official fix to this.

9# How to Change the Localization ?
How to change the language that would appear in the game ? well you need to edit “launchpad-user.ini”. You can find this file in “/DC universe Online/launchapad-user.ini”

locale=us_EN (us english)
locale=es_ES (spanish)
locale=fr_FR (french)
locale=de_DE (german)
locale=it_IT (italian)

Change to whatever language you want, but get ready to download the language packs.

10# DC Universe Online Port Forwarding
Network issues can really mess up online games. You need to correctly configure the game with your network so it doesn’t have any internet issues or issues accessing the network. You can refer to information portal here “Click Me link will show you all the necessary ports you need to forward to play this game”.

11# DC Universe Online Crashes
Seems like people who are on Windows 64bit regardless its Vista or Windows 7 are experiencing random crashes. Developers are looking into this issue as we speak so there will be quick patch fix to resolve these issues, patience is advised. If you are on ATI card, you can also try downgrading your version from 10.12 to 10.9 to resolve this issue.

12# No Sound During Cut-Scenes – Sound Crashes
You hand in a mission and can’t hear the voice dialogues of the boss ? or the NPC but can hear the music.

13# DCUO – Doesn’t Recognize Analog or Xbox 360 Controller
If the game doesn’t recognize your controller, make sure you’ve gone into your Options/Settings and toggled “Enable Joystick” to the “On” position.

14# Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)
Make sure the game installation is not corrupted. Verify the integrity of the game files and update your system drivers.

15# Unable to Connect to Server – Please Try Again Later
If you are experiencing this error, make sure your antivirus or firewall is not blocking your game and you have correctly configured your network for DC Universe Online. Refer to portforwarding* to resolve all the network issues with the game.

16# DCUO Hangs on Splash Screen, Start Up Crash
If your game hangs on start up splash screen, make sure the game is correctly installed by doing an integrity check via Steam. Re-install or Reboot and try again. Else refer to the Launcher Pad troubleshooting guide above to resolve this issue.

17# DC Universe Online Crashes at Character Creation Screen
If the game crashes right after you see the character creation screen and the cinematic explaining how to create the character ends. Try updating Adobe Flash through Internet Explorer, and verify game files.

18# Failed to Contact Key Server Error
If you face this error through steam while running the game. Steam ran out of keys with the game on launch day, if you are still facing this issue contact steam support. Verify your GCF Files again and it may resolve the issue.

19# Menu Options Disappear While Playing the Game
Reinstalling Jave will resolve this issue. So follow these simple steps:

  • Uninstall Java
  • Remove the Java Registry Entry
  • Reinstall Java from Java’s website

20# Error Code: 1012
If you experience this error, run the launchpad.exe as administrator.

“An error occured trying to access DC Universe Online.
Error Code: 1012”

21# Can’t Enter Server – Stuck – After Selecting the Character
Try again you will eventually enter the server. It may be something at the server end or load.

22# PS3 Controller For PC
The PS3 controller is not currently supported by Windows. A game pad or Xbox360 controller should work fine.

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  • layla

    its not cool

  • layla

    lol some ppl say dc is for boys

  • Launch Game Then Goes White.


  • Rameirer

    Error collecting completed missions. Link will not update on three accounts.

  • RPGX_Omega

    I had to fix it by deleting lauchpad-user.ini on second answer of this page: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111223120241AAOyYEY

  • dc fan#1

    I click play and it says “playing” even though its my first time launching

  • dc fan#1

    When i click play it says “playing” and i fust loaded it

  • Rafael

    n sei como instalar o DC universse online D=

  • Enote2

    HELP every time I try to play the game it does the beginning bit with the developers names, trademarks, etc. then my computer restarts. please help I really don’t want to re-install because it takes 5 hours and I don’t want to do that again.

  • Alpha

    Tried the fix for CPU error intel/amd

    Set affinity to only CPU actually CAUSED it to crash with that error, as in immediately after setting affinity to only cpu 0…
    Any other suggestions?

  • http://segmentnext.com monog

    how do i fix the no reply from server its bin like this for weeks

  • noname

    My launchpad says bad stream in http://dcuo.patch.station.sony.com/patch/sha/dcou-pc/dcou.sha.zs/ad/acd/a9f8f8a8d9eb7a4622e4c93673c08961336?cb=JD. it has worked before but some time ago this error popped up and i cant get on now.

  • Roki4

    i cant play when i click play then my screen goes black and then it gets stuck when i press the start button then i have a crash report.. i dont know how to fix it.

    Same problem here too !

  • ali

    i have a question right now my game is at 58.9 and hen it reach like to 61.4 and the net get cut off it goes back to 58.9 why

    • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

      You mean to say that you are having spikes? FPS drops like that isn’t abnormal to be honest and if you are having connection problems then it may be something related to the network. Make sure your game is not being blocked by the firewall and you have the relative ports opened for the game…

      • ali

        you should i turn off my firewall or what plzzzzz help

  • gatorschad

    I downloaded the game to my PS3 and it went fine. Now I have a guy made and am trying to play, but my guy won’t move!?! It is acting like none of my buttons are working on my controller.

  • Zaraki1991

    i cant play :( :( when i click play then my screen goes black and then it gets stuck when i press the start button then i have a crash report.. i dont know how to fix it.

  • viezzzz

    what can i do or delete that i have 512 mb more free space somebody knows otherways i cant play :(??!!!!!!!!!!

  • YNOP

    at the world selection , after i choose the world to join , the game suddenly crash , how to fix ?

  • George

    Hey there Mr. Downs. Hope you dont really have downs. Have you tried to set the affinity of your processor?

  • John

    How about code 1032, it keeps showing when i’m about to finish installation. I’m playing on my PS3

  • John

    How about code 1032, i’m playing on a PS3

  • §chame

    32 bits…¿¿?? you mean 32mb(mega) card??? if that’s it then no it’s not nearly enough man

  • Dl2AFT

    Crash report at Character Creation Screen

    i follow it But no any happen

    How Can i fix it
    -win 7 x64 bit- can play ?

  • HeLP!

    Hello! I have some problems with the DCUO…..I start the game and I can play about 10 minutes..after that the error reporter appears and the game close itself….please I really need help sorry for the grammar and the spelling problems:D

  • andoksilastre

    manually delete the direct x installation folders in your hard drive… and install a new one directly from MS.

  • oakley

    do you know the settings of 3d analyze for dc universe ive tried messing around with them forever now and i cant figure them out

  • Demna

    When I choose character, and click “Play” button, it just for 2 waits and then it freezes 4ever. When I minimize it with Ctrl+Alt+Del I see that crash reporter is launched. HELP! I WANT TO PLAY IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  • Jacob

    Hey my current edition is windows xp home edition. When I download the game it works fine but once I sign in it shows that there is an error and it says I dont have the latest edition of windows… what should I do? Also this isnt the only game it happend to me, LORD OF THE RINGS, DC UNIVERSE, AND SOME OTHERS. it seams like it wont let me play any games at all. Please help as soon as possible thanks

    • §chame

      sounds like you might need service pack and or .net 3.5 must be 3.5 not 4.0

  • latour julien

    OK!! How come nobody talk about this problem?? My problem is…Even for the character creation..i can’t see nothing..no character at all!! but i hear everything!! Same for the start of the game!! i have a 32 bits ..is it enough?

    • Frigid Ember

      Same thing here! Supposedly my computer meets the min. requirements, but everything is black other than the User Interface and Center Reticle.

  • mohammed gamal

    There is not enough memory for this game (768MB) i have 99GB

    me to :C

  • mohammed gamal

    need help to the`s pro

  • mohammed gamal

    There is not enough memory for this game (768MB) i have 99GB

  • mohammed gamal

    There is not enough memory for this game (768MB) and i have free space 99GB ?

  • jonathan

    try unconecting internet then doing it again it might be that you cant have more than one thing with internet on at once

  • jonathan

    i did a mission but i cant click complete it even says click x to complete

  • help

    help my dcuo download got stuck on 11,158 mb. pls tell me what to do

  • DCUerror

    My game download froze, on PC on 8,1% and now on laptop 8,4 %, any idea why it froze? my networks shows that im still downloading it, but the % wont move

  • licq

    Please help me. I have all I ask for the game to run on low. Only card I had not until yesterday Rami. A few days ago I had 512 MB (before I will not let me install the game because I have a number of rami). Now I have 1 GB Rami (I installed the game perfectly in moves him, but not see my character or anything monsters! SEE BLACK. I see only the target, mini Map spells bottom, chat and monster name.)

    Please help me. For three days I’ve been trying to make this game work. I tried to reinstall the game to download it … And after a tutorial lafel see nothing.

  • licq

    Va rog ajutatima si pe mine. Eu am tot ce imi cere ca jocul sa ruleze pe low. Doar placa de rami nu o aveam pana ieri. Acum cateva zile aveam 512 MB(inainte nu ma lasa sa imi instalez jocul deoarece nu am un anumit numar de rami) . Acum am 1 gb rami( am instalat jocul se misca perfect in el, DAR nu imi vad characterul , nici monstrii nimic!! VAD NEGRU. Vad doar tinta , mini mapu spelurile de jos , chatu si numele monstrilor.)

    Va rog ajutatima. De 3 zile tot incerc sa imi fac acest joc sa mearga. Am incercat sa reinstalez jocul sa il descarc dupa un tutorial… Si lafel nu vad nimic.

  • aleandro

    worst game i ever tried to play, first of all, is a hugh kick on the balls first time u try to make it run… and if by miracle it does…
    u have to deal with freezes, and shit..

    sony entretainment didnt saw that coming right…
    really suckish game.

  • Douglas

    Dude, my game crashes after I chose the character who I want to play with. After a few loading screens it just crashes. What’s going on?

  • becca

    How do you downgrade it??

  • LuisCalisto

    Guys i figured it out !!! 😀

    If you have a problem and you cant solve it with DCU just add me on Skype my user name is KingLuis1231 and i will be glad to help you

    To fix it just install AVG the anti virus, and the hole game should run fine ! 😀

  • superlo2

    when i try to hit play on the launch thing it gives me an error message that says

    the program can’t start because d3dx10_41.dll is missing from you computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    i have installed the game 2 times already please help

    • yousof

      you need to download the latest version of direct x

  • Alexis

    I try to enter the game from the launchpad and it says: This application has failed to start because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found.

    Is there a way to fix this with out reinstalling DC universe?

  • telmofski

    help me please i cant get pass the tutorial, when i enter the teleporter to get out, the game crashes help please!!!

  • Bashour

    Did you find a response for this I am having exactly the same problem.

  • MuddyMan

    It says my video card settings are compatible with DC universe and they are 3.3 is that to low or high? reply please

  • Jake

    Hey after i downloaded DCUO on my laptop then after it downloaded for about 4hrs i clivked PLAY and when i did the launcher closed and an error said i need to reinstall d3dx10_41.dll, i have googled it a ton of times and cant get it. Can someone plz help i reinstalled DCUO 2 (4 hrs each) then it pops up, uhh i cant take it plz help.

    • yousof

      you need to download direct x latest verison

  • http://blogulusuzica.wordpress.com Siuzzie

    Can anyoane help me? I have tried to play the game with 3d analyzer, because without it, it doesn’t work. After I click play nothing happens…the launcher disspears. Please if you know the problem…or what setting for 3d analyzer should I use, config Dx or config GL, because I don’t know what DX and GL means. Thank you.

  • Eric

    I have the same issue, I have tried hundreds of ways to work around it. None of them have worked. Updated drives, programs, reinstalled everything atleast 2 times. (including Redownloading the game and steam a few dozen times.) I really do need help. I played fine till just the other day.

    • Eric

      The actionDll issue that is.

  • Kelly

    Here’s what worked for me, with the same issue. I opened the file LaunchPad.ini and in it there was a url for digestURL (a file ending in .soe likely). I downloaded the file at that url and stuck it in the same directory.

    Prior to that, I also opened the webapp url in that same file (LaunchPad.ini) and IE asked me to install an ActiveX control.

    You could possibly need to do both, but it worked for me after the first item listed here.

  • Azura

    when i was on the tutorial i didn’t had any problem, but now the camera is just locked and i can’t use my mouse to change camera angle, witch means i can just use A,S and D to go left, back or right instead of turn my mouse to the right and press W !!! ALready tryed game options, any help ?

    • Kj

      I have the same problem. When i came into the starting aera after the tutorial i cant move the camera at all.

    • Kj

      I just found out that i had set my mouse sensitivity to 0 in the controls menu. Just set it up to 100 and it worked fine again.

      Hope it helps

  • Jiggerator

    Ever since the new patch every time I come within sight of a ‘find collectable’ or ‘find point’ the game locks up. I have an nvidia 7900 card and I’ve turned down all the settings, still can’t get around it.

  • Nivoh

    Hey there, i have the nº1 problem; i tried every thing you said but anything worked, what can i do?

  • Dusan

    When i launch LaunchPad it closes after 10 seconds and when i open LaunchPad.txt i see i always get an error “Warning: ActionDLL failed to load”. Help pls.

    • James

      I have the same problem, PLEASE help

    • Zen

      Yeah, same problem here too.

      • F1Krazy

        Yeah, same here, please help!

  • WhosDrew

    What about error:1030
    Says i don’t have 1700MB Of space…
    i Have 19GB Free.

  • Natasha

    My game is all “unable to validate name”. I’m pretty sure nobody has used EVERY combination of letters already!

  • gerhardt

    when the launcher comes up, it says that an update needs to installed. i’ve tried to install it but it never works.i need help

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      May be your firewall is blocking the connection. Add the launcher into your firewall or antivirus exceptions list and it should work.

  • Nick

    that happens to me too! i need help!!

  • Jonas

    Trying to launch the game, after installation causes a script error.
    My internet setting have all been set to default, a repair with game disc have been tried, updating flash and active x have also been completed.

    In the error message, it claims “An Error Has Occurred In the Script on This Page”
    Followed by:
    Line: 50
    Character: 3
    Error: Syntax
    Code: 0
    Url: http://launchpad.patch.station.sony.com/lp3/ShellProxy.js

    And something something, continue yes/no
    Either way (yes or no) nothing further happends..

    What to do?

  • daniel

    The game will let me play for alittle while but all of the sudden it will crash and it will not let me exit the program, im on windows vista 32 bit ive tried alot of things i could use all the help i can get

  • GenoShock

    my launcher does not get past the SOE Sony entertainment logo… please help. i have done everything in this guide that has anything to do with the launcher crashing.

    • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

      Re-download the launcher separately. This can occur when you have corrupted executable.

      • demoks

        well i downloaded it from steam , how can i download the launcher separately?

  • Travis

    When i select my character it starts to load but then an error reporter pops up n tells me to report what happened when it crashed, but i dont kno what to do to fix this. plz help!!

  • DC Hero

    This is still a new game so expect to experience bugs and errors. There might be even lots of downtime during the early months of the game.

  • Charles

    My son just bought DC online for me for my bday but after very little playing, the game closes out and i get a message saying,

    \CPU time drift detected! Please consult support forum for amd driver information.\

    I’ve done everything you had suggested on the webpage from which I’m contacting you, but the message persists. Suggestions? Seems an attractive game and I like playing games my son enjoys as well.
    Charles Downs

    • Jordan

      Hey there… I had the exact same problem. I downloaded a “dual core optimizer” and that fixed the problem. Just Google it and you should find one to download.

  • michael

    For number 3 I downloaded the file but where should I save it?

  • Kof4Life

    what about Error Code: 1015?