Call of Duty: Black Ops Crashes, Freezes, Errors, and Fixes

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Call of Duty: Black Ops has just been released to masses and already there are many who are facing problems in either starting the game or running it smoothly.

If you are among these unlucky folks trying to run the game and are facing random, crashes, freezes, and other performance issues. You can refer to the troubleshooting guide below to fix these issues in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Troubleshooting Guide

Where to Find Your Config File
Call of Duty: Black Ops config file is location here.

C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players

Its “config_mp”, you can apply the tweaks in there.

1# Steam Connection Lost, Fix
If you are experiencing the constant connection issues to Steam, you need to be patient as the good guys at Steam are on the problem to fix it.

We are aware of the connection issues occurring on Steam and are working to correct them. Thank you for your patience. – DerrickG

2# Call of Duty: Black Ops Lag Fix – 100% System Resources Usage
If you are experiencing lag because your system usage goes up to 100% when you start Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can try the following workaround.

  • Run Steam in Offline mode.
  • Start Black Ops.
  • End the steam.exe process.

3# Game Unavailable – Steam
Gazilion people are trying to download the game from Steam, servers are too busy to handle your request, give it few hours. Or logout of Steam, restart Steam, and try again.

4# Black Ops Crashes After Changing Resolution
If you would change the resolution, it may crash the game. Same happens if you ALT-TAB during the game. No workaround but, there was an update done automatically via Steam, I believe it fixed this but you can correct me if I am wrong and I will search for workaround then.

5# Call of Duty: Black Ops Can’t Join Multiplayer Games – Stuck at Loading
Seems like servers are overloaded and as I quoted the Steam employ above, they are fixing this.

6# Steam Goes Offline – While Joining Multiplayer Games
Steam goes offline when you start Multiplayer ? and it kills your friends list ?. I don’t have any possible explanation to this but I am looking into it. Will update when I have something.

7# How to Change FOV
You can change it from the menu, and console /cg_fov 80.

8# Call of Duty Black Ops Sound Fix, No Sound Fix
You started the game, game runs fine but there is no sound. Now the thing is the game is reducing the sound by a considerable percentage that you can’t hear it. The game may also be muting the sound on start, similar sort of problem was with Call of Duty World at War. Anyway, you can fix this issue by the following workarounds.

Solution #1
1. Start Game.
2. [ALT] + [TAB]
3. Go to your system try by your clock and locate the icon that looks like a speaker.
4. Now, either right click on speaker and and chose “open volume mixer” or left click on it and click “mixer” underneath the volume slider.
5. You should now see Call of Duty: Black Ops volume control, drag it up to the top.

Solution #2
Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound > Click on Communications Tab and select “Do Nothing” radio button and it will fix this issue, its a permanent fix.

Solution #3
If on the launch game mutes your sound, you can un-check the mute and the sound will come back.

Solution #4
You can also force the game to run in compatibility mode to fix this issue. Find the exe in the steam folder, and run it in compatibility mode for XP. This will force direct X 9 and the sound will work.

Solution #5
If the game is recognizing your audio device wrong, like you have headphone connected and it is showing speakers. Also you are unable to change the settings, then try this.
Go into the installation folder, then the redist folder then the Directx folder and run DXsetup again. After that go in game and see if you can change audio device, you should be able to. Tip by Rouss3l

Solution #6
Right click on the speaker, select playback devices, highlight sound device you use, click Properties, and then Advanced Tab and select 16bit, 48000hz(DVD quality).

Note. Update your sound card drivers and DirectX, it will help the cause.

9# Game Doesn’t Start
First if you have downloaded the game from Steam, try to run the game from the installation directory. If you get the dll missing error, download that dll file into you Black Ops installation directory and run the game. You can download any or every DLL File from here.

Do an integrity check to see if you have missed any files, Steam will automatically download these files. Start the Singleplayer mode, and then you can go into Multiplayer. This may fix this issue for some.

10# Call of Duty: Black Ops Freezes
If you experience a freeze while playing online, it is also possible that you may be having a network problem. If you are experiencing freezes while playing the game on console, try running the game from the disk and make sure your disk is scratch free or don’t have any physical damage.

If you are experiencing freezes on PC, make sure you have updated video card drivers. Disable any antivirus or firewall you have installed and see if that resolves the game freezing. If game doesn’t stop freezing randomy, you can try running the game windowed.
1. Go to Black Ops installation directory
2. Open the Players directory
3. Open the Config.cfg file in Notepad
4. Search for the line seta r_fullscreen “1”
5. Change the 1 to 0
6. Re-run the game.

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  • trenton

    on xbox 360 mod of the dead said could not load defalutwepon help

  • Malcom Smîth

    Exceeded limit of 256 “stringable” assets that error fix

  • Alex

    The only annoying thing I’ve seen so far is the glitchy, cracked faces. it looks like they all have very obvious veins busting out, like a zombie disease or something.

  • Adrian

    I DONT FIND ANY FOLDER PLAYERS.. i have just redist zone and main.. help please

    • Sushiland

      download the game again. if it doesnt work, then there is something wrong with steam or your computer.

  • Nick

    Hey all, I’m experiencing very odd problems. so look, I start up my game for the first time 2 days ago after purchasing at gamestop and installing it updating it ECT. First I try single player. It works well with my quad core 6g ram 7690m HD graphics card. Then when I start the first mission in Cuba after the video scenes the screen went black. I force closed the cod Bo application and start it back up. Now my screen is black all the time but I can hear the sounds of the game. Same with multiplayer! Please help!

  • Michael

    hi guys i dont meet the minimun requirements for this game because of my proccesor is not a dual core but it is a quick single core it is the AMD athlon x64 3500+ 2.5GHZ overclocked it runs the game quite well it runs in medium graphics it will run in high but it lags a little bit but obviously lag is annoying you dont need to meet the minimum system require ments you must have though at least 512mb of video that has a gpu proccesor fan on it so the cpu is not getting eaten you will need for you skidrow users too get all the updates from the torrent websites and steam users i dont care about but either way you need atleast 2gb ram 512mb of video memory with a proccesor on it and a least 2.4 to 3.0ghz of single or dual core proccesing power thanks and good bye

  • nobody

    when i play load the multiplayer screen it freezes

  • daos

    hi.when i install cod blac ops it say file missing and it appear restry ignore and abort ???help plz ….

  • daos


  • Mack

    When i try to play the mission “The Defector” my screen freezes. What should I do? I play on PS3.

  • rezhan

    hi can you help me my cod black ops multiplayer doesent work at i open it will be say

    call of duty black ops server is not avaible at this time please try again leter or visit
    for udates please help i can’t play at multiplayer

  • JanneJameson

    Hi there!

    I also had problem with black screen. After playing from 2-10min the screen would go black and nothing could be done expect boot. After checking all the solutions found on the net (nothing worked), I realized that this might be a case of graphics card over heating. Opened my computer and found about 0.5 cm of dust everywhere The graphics cards fan was totally covered in dust. I blew most of the dust of with a canned air, tried black ops… played about 2 hours with out problems!
    My graphics card still shows high temperatures (I’ll better do a proper clean up later, completely removing and cleaning graphics card’s fan), but it seems that the over heating was the issue here.

    Hope this helps some of you!

  • cameron

    when i start a the first mission it does not play

  • Marcelo

    When i enter in the Multiplayer Mod it says: Connecting… Then, it stops and say: Error. Call Of Duty Black Ops servers are not available. Check on forums or http://www.callofduty/blackops/status to see the news or updates ! and it does not have updates… Need help.

  • Phillip

    When i am going into “create a class” i can’t buy anything. I have like 18k Cod Cash, and i only buying Ak74u with grip, when i so is going out to the “create a class” menu my money is getting to 18k Cod Cash again, and my class is getting back to what is was before…¨
    And it is the same thing with all the other classes.

    Hope somebody can help me!

    -Phillip 😀

  • pavin

    hey i download cod black ops and everything was fine…but after the loading screen where the video clip is….than the screen goes blank…and than after like 10 min i see like a spark ans than it crash and says direct3dpresent some thing like that …pls i realy need help tq

  • king2

    please help me i m getting this problem while playing call of duty black ops plz help me could not find bsp for this map please build the fast file associate with maps/int escape .d3dbsp

  • KB

    it keeps on telling me that it didnt quit properly last time, do u want to run game in safe mode?!!! plzz help!! :S

    • diex

      same problem please help, i can’t fix it

  • james

    I’m using windows 7 and run the game in Win XP SP3 mode. When i opened the game the safe mode pop up poped and i press yes but nothing happens please help me what shoul i do

  • james

    Im using windows 7 and run the game at Win XP SP3 mode. When i opened the game the safe mode pop up poped and i press yes but nothing happens please help me what shoul i do?

  • Ben Veste

    Hey could anyone help me please?

    Well i find a game on black ops online and it loads up but then it says i carn’t communicate to host but we can play play online on other games. does anyone know why the reason this is?

  • Samrat Ghosh

    same problem for me also…hudson with Ak-47 & sun glasses…& everything stops….pls help ppl

  • Rick

    Nevermind. Here’s how you fix this issue. Go to System Settings, select Memory press Y then go down and clear system cache.

  • lisa

    when my son is playing black ops online the whole game is a chrome colour why is this please help as my son is getting annoyed

    • Rick

      My son has the same problem with his Xbox and Black Ops. The screen showing everything as being dark and chrome. It just started a few days ago. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Ben Veste

    Can someone help me please?

    Well i try to find a game online and it loads up proply but then after it loaded up it says that i carn’t connect to host and it’s like that on any online match and my connection is on open.

  • Help!!!

    Im using windows vista and when i opened the game the safe mode pop up poped and i press yes but nothing happens please help me what shoul i do?

  • MartyMatt

    Can someone help me?

    At the Campaign mode, at the VICTOR CHARLIE mission, while the starting video is on, the game crashes and an error appears saying

    ”Fastfile for zone ”creek_1” appears corrupt or unreadable (code107).

    What can I do?

    P.S: Sorry for my bad language, I’m from Argentina.

  • pufa

    at the revelations mission when hudson punches you and he tells u that reznov is death i see that he has ak47 and sun glases and then he dosent move but the monitors in the left are working. what shell i do?

  • Laserscottman

    Here’s a fix that worked for me–an uncommon one that, if needed, is the ONLY fix that DID work. Bought Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. Installed, and everything worked fine–WITHOUT having to use special drivers! Including the mobo chipset drivers. And that was the problem with ONLY Black Ops! Of course I read everything there was available, and even tried the hair-brained ideas submitted by ppl who wanted to help, but had not done any research.

    Well, to get to the point, all I did as a last thing, having all the other “try this–” suggestions exhausted, was to install the latest mobo drivers from my Mfgr., which of course replaced those of Microsoft. Even the original mobo disk would have been more appropriate for my system. Which has been upgraded from a core 2Duo to a Quad core q9650, and from 2 GTX260SSC in SLI, to 2 GTX560Ti in SLI. Finally, since the beginning of Win 7, and then Black Ops–I have no more crashes!

    This may not be YOUR solution, but it was for me. If Win 7 made you think that you could do without the hardware drivers for the mobo–well, I was mistaken! Good luck on your particular issues. But don’t neglect these facts, as I had. 😉

  • jackass007ful

    hey…my black ops’s main menu is sooo heavy i mean when i first start the game i cant push(PS3) start button before the lady talks and says the numbers…and when i enter the online mode it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to display my friends list to join ive said i feel that my black ops is heavy and lagy…not connection laggy but offline main menu laggy (and online main menu) PLZ HELP or e-mail me

  • Bone1970

    This is aslso happening to me:
    The game crashes for me every few hours of playing on multiplayer. When it crashes it says that DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error.

    Installed new nvidia driver and dirextx but it still is happening, Help me/us, this is killing my fun in playing..

    • SgtRlee

      Same thing was happening to me, until i did this that i found on the first page:

      12# Call of Duty: Black Ops Crashes to Desktop
      Re-install DirectX located here.

      steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\Redist\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe

  • keith

    The game crashes for me every few hours of playing on multiplayer. When it crashes it says that DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error. I’ve tried every possible solution, but still the games keeps crashing. Normally I get about 95 fps, on max settings. Yet sometimes in closed spaces the textures go black and it starts to lagg heaps.

  • ivan

    I need a shader mode 3.0 where will i get that

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Buy a new graphics card.

  • Vostok

    rayan ramadan says:
    June 2, 2011 at 7:33 am
    could anyone tell me a solution about why when i open multiplayer it says server is down and im using the skidrow crack.

    reply to me by my email:
    It’s because you’re using a crack. Go and buy the game you freeloader.

  • Luud van Keulen

    The game starts but when i hit Multiplayer or single player the screen goes black :(. Email me:

  • rayan ramadan

    could anyone tell me a solution about why when i open multiplayer it says server is down and im using the skidrow crack.

    reply to me by my email:

  • rayan ramadan

    could anyone tell me a solution about why when i open multiplayer it says server is down and im using the skidrow crack.

  • Starfall

    I updated my graphics card drivers and now i am getting a directx unrecoverable error after a while playing black ops.I reinstalled ATI’s drivers drom the scratch but now i have problem with CCC, it doesnt open whatever i do.i stoped CCC from opening with windows start from msconfig so it wont bother me with errors since all i care is having the cards drivers but i dont know how to fix the directx error.Any suggestions?

  • Ankit Goel

    I am trying play the game but while opening the application one error appears that “Stream must be running to play this Game”

    Please help for running this game. I have tried every possible things which may run the this game but nothing is happening…!!!

    Please HELP…


    • Ankit Goel

      for where can i start the stream…???
      Please if anybody having any information regarding this so Please REPLY…

  • Micko

    Where Can I Find Call of Duty: Black Ops Saved Game Files?
    *I Used windows Vista x32 bit

    Please Help me…

  • tsiki-tsiki

    I don’t have the players folder in the black ops folder.
    What should i do??

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Players folder is located in your My Documents files where your save games are stored.

  • Anonymus

    When i load launch and other 2 maps it says i have an directX unrecoverable problem. what should i do? i laready tryed to re-install it

  • lvciv

    My problem is the “fatal error” message, that **”#$5 off, i dont know why that happens, and sometimes when they switch the map, my textures are all black and i play with 1fps, yes 1 fps …omg i take 1 min to clik in “Leave Game” massive lag ! pffffff

  • AhwatukeeT

    I am running Vista and was getting the Safe Mode popup, followed by black screen, followed by CTD. I right-clicked, selected Personalize>Windows Color and Appearance and cleared the Enable transparency check box. The game fired right up. Best of luck!

  • anyone

    when i open multiplayer and press play it says black ops servers are not avable please try again or visit and check updates but it not works pls help

  • brian

    i want to play online but it will not load i can go online for my others but just not this one is there some error or glitch

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      There isn’t any error. Make sure you have correctly setup the NAT for game and opened the recommended ports.

  • aloo

    my game is running but i cant press any button. It is not responding.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you meet minimum system requirements.

  • Bryan

    Hey there I’m having issues with mine and they were working fine when I initially downloaded it off steam. Now, I can either play it with no sound or if I try to change the resolution to the highest which worked previously it just stops responding.

  • abubaker havalivala

    i dont have players so i cant stop the freezing what should i o

  • Eric

    when i get on and hit multi player it freezes when its loading.

  • dj

    when i start up black ops single player it says: Could not load asset ‘Swite’ for asset type ‘image’. Tried to load asset ‘Swite’.

  • Dario

    The sound didn’t work with my new Creative Alpha 3D i tried to install again Directx and now works fine, i love you! *_*

  • marc

    i see the spinning circle and cant click press any key..
    im using win7

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you meet the minimum requirements.

      • Jayesh Adhikari

        hey i hav the same prob!
        N my comp meets not only the min req bt also the recommended ones..
        still i’m facing this prob..
        i also got directx 10 installed n yet the prob is stil ther! :(
        pls help

        • Ty

          Check if your computer recognises both cores, this was my problem. BO requires 2 cores.

          • “wtf” moments

            cores? what are they, where do i find them, what do i do if i dont have them, and what do i do if i find them?

  • ashwin

    i cant open my black ops after perfect installation black screens come for a few seconds and goes off
    help me

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try running the game in compatibility mode with XP SP3.

      • Alex12

        i have the same problem.. can you explain how to fix that?

  • sk9

    mine 2 lags,and after the fist vid it gets stuck with a black screen and then it comes error read readme to fix the problem ,there is no readme

  • elcidlives

    I have the same problem, been playing the game on ps3 since christmas and now it just freezes and wont let me past the first screen, I have even tried it on other ps3 and its fine?? tried the fix on activision and it doesnt help/?is yours sorted?

  • pissed

    We all need to know where to get our money back! This game is crap I have more then enought of everything this game requires to play it and it wont even load the fuckin game! fuck the fixs when you pay that much for a game it should run right out of the box!

  • Chris Shepherd

    i have a problem on my xbox with call of duty… its not in any of the fixes up top, but it is very annoying… the problem is that whenever i put the call of duty disc in to my xbox it skips menu and goes straight to multiplayer… if anyone has the same problem can you help… thanx

  • AdZDON

    when i start my game it goes in slow motion help me someone

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you meet minimum requirements of the game and have updated system drivers.

  • Rome

    i not gettin in at all either and i played like it’s my job thats on fairit load like a snail along side a turtle is there any thing i can do i havent played in two weeks help plz ??

  • kiko


  • kiko

    Please help me… rum game in safe mode… what can i do??

  • kiko

    Hey guys i want to ask..
    when i want play cod..
    some thing came .
    “do you want to run with safe mode?”
    what is that ??

  • mike

    I have a problem anytime I’m trying to play multiplayer. Whenever player 2 tries to join in it says we have no connection but I’m tryna play offline…can someone help

  • Dason

    it always said that i din quit the game properly during the last run and ask me whether to run in safe mode… problem is.. this is my 1st time play after install! help! please~ after i click ok nth happen!

  • Einar

    #19 i cant fix it :( Please some1 help me add me on steam: hrotti4

    I just got the game and i cant play it

  • Diaper

    Hi I have the freeze problum and it’s getting more and more often
    can somebody help me?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure your video card has updated drivers and its not getting overheated when you are playing. Basically if you are playing at max settings while your video card is not high end or even if it is high end – playing for a considerable amount of time at highest settings may result in freezes.

  • YourNick58

    Hi I have a problem with SP and sometimes also with MP. The problem is that
    that in the second mission (Vorkuta) coming out from the first lift
    so bite me and then restarts the computer. This same
    is happening at the MP. And sometimes I pop up a window and it is the
    rebooted graphics accelerator. I think it will be by the
    I have a weak graphics card and I need better. There is no other
    solution that would fix the problem and restart it would not have
    buy a better graphics card?

  • Agnis

    I has got a problem 19# Game Crashes at Menu
    I did all that was told in that little tutorial, but it doesnt help to me!! That little circle of win 7 appears after i launch the game, and at the “press any key” sxreen, it freezes… HELP please

    • Agnis

      screen not cxreen (sory)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game. As people who have been experiencing this issue – all didn’t meet the requirements to run this game.

  • alde paliko

    pls help how to fix this error: ” couldn”t find bsp for the map. pls build the fast file associated with maps/pentagon.d3dbsp and try again.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      re-install may fix this issue as clearly few files may be missing.

  • anand

    when ever i open mp mode it says error-black ops server offline even if i m online!!plzzzzz help

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I think you have messed up your config – load a default config or delete the old one and re-start the game.

  • Bryan

    So guys yeah.. i’ve been getting this error sayign cannot esablish an onlien session and lost connection to host ever since i bought this game>< ..
    if anybody knows how to fix this please do reply
    Thank You :)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure there is no firewall or antivirus blocking the online connection to Black Ops servers. Try running the game by disabling anti virus and firewall and run the game as admin. If it still doesn’t resolve – make sure you have all the necessary ports forwarded.


    I have black ops for PC. Black ops would freeze mid game online, 98% of the times. I bought it, installed and hated it cuz of this. While online in mid game it would freeze and then I would have to ctrl+alt+del and end the game through task manager. Couldnt find anything online other than changing graphics and to steam to core 0 and Black ops to the cores.

    Two days ago, I turned on the game and it didnt freeze. I was in heaven, then I noticed that my external hard drive was unplugged from the power cord (1.5tb external powered HDD). I plugged the external HDD power adapter back into the socket and two minutes after doing that my game froze online. I restarted the game again and it froze like two minutes. So I decided to unplug the external Hard drive and try it again and guess what????? NO FREEZES. My laptop was randomly accessing the external hdd which would send my cpu usage to 100% and the game would freeze. I could also hear the external hdd starting to spool up or staring to spin when the game woul freeze online. If you guys have an external hdd and your game freezes online then try it.IT WORKED FOR ME.

  • greg

    when starting Black Ops multiplayer I get a black screen and error msg ” exceed limit 256 stringable assets” how do I fix the problem.

    • Mark

      same still awaiting a reply on thsi one several here also have sma eproblem not been able to play since no response from Activision either

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        It may be due to some missing file from the patch. Delete your exe files and verify the game cache through Steam.

        If you have done any changes to your config – create a new fresh config and start the game.

      • justin

        did you get a response yet from activision exceeded 256 stringable assets

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          did you try resetting your config and no response from Activision about this specific issue.

          • justin

            how do i reset my config ???

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              delete your previous config and start the game – or in game setting load default settings.

      • justin


  • Matt

    Every time I try to start Black Ops it says, “It appears that Call Of Duty: BlackOps did not quit properly the last time it ran. Do you want to run the game is safe mode?”. It gives me three options, “Yes, no and cancel”. No mater what one I click it does nothing. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and nothing seems to be working. When I first downloaded it and tried to run it “Missing .dll” I downloaded the fix for that and tried to run it and it said “Must be running steam”. Downloaded steam and now I’m at this point. I also tried disabling my User Account Control but still the same thing. Can someone please help me.

    • Wayne

      I’m getting the same thing and have had no luck. Continual User Account Control pop ups at launch.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Verify the game cache files on Steam and re – run the game.

      • Simar

        How to verify th egame cache!!

  • Gavin

    Re: Great fixes but I have a new one for you …

    exceeded 256 stringable assets crashes out everytime try to play with this no reaosn as I can see but maybe you could help =) worked fine two days ago now cannot play at all this happens in the menu on the MP mode usually within ten seconds of loading

    Gavin: PLEASE HELP!

    • Jig

      Exceeded limit of 256 ‘stringable’ assets.
      Just started getting this today as well…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It may be due to some missing file from the patch. Delete your exe files and verify the game cache through Steam.

      If you have done any changes to your config – create a new fresh config and start the game.

  • vik375

    I have Black Ops for PC and my campaign keeps freezing on what I’m guessing is the final mission, where the objective is \Ascension\ followed by a string of numbers.

    It freezes right after the point that Mason is punched by his interrogator and you’re staring up at him (after the bit that the Russian ‘brother’ talks to you.)

    The interrogator has his pistol out, says one line, then suddenly changes into glasses and an AK47, then changes back and doesn’t move or say anything. The background TVs are still animated and the background sound loops still continue, but the entire scene is frozen, and I can’t move or make the scene continue with any button. Any tips?
    I am using C2D(2.4ghz,2gb ram) with 8400gs

    hey norm …i had the same problem the screen went black …but i restarted the level and i was through…

    • Rikzy91

      Did you find a fix yet ??
      Coz i m stuck at the same place !!!
      Nothings on google regarding this i guess !

  • Morgan

    Same problem, started today

  • SEFA

    I have the un-Steam game. Mt game crashes 2 minutes into the game. When i have played for 2-3 minutes my screen goes black and the connection from my PC to screen is stopping. Please HELP!

  • Mark

    Great fixes but I have a new one for you …

    exceeded 256 stringable assets crashes out everytime try to play with this no reaosn as I can see but maybe you could help =) worked fine two days ago now cannot play at all this happens in the menu on the MP mode usually within ten seconds of loading

    • Gavin

      This is also happening to me for the past 2 days PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob

        Same here,I did uninstall and reinstall seemed to fix it,funny thing after a restart I got a message that my steam can’t work in compatibility mode.after checking some how it was switched to run in Vista Compatibility Mode (I have Windows 7)I never switched it .I also did a clean install of my video drivers.

  • kourosh

    i am sorry to interrupt you but whenever i click on black ops only a black screen appears i have tried all of the above but none of them worked so can you please tell me what to do.and i will thank you very much if you can tell me

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game. Have updated Drivers, and have started the game as admin.

  • Bullet

    Running windows xp.
    According to several “canirunit” tests on the internet and my knowledge of my computer’s specs, i should be able to run it no problemo.
    The game launches without problems, whenever i try to enter any type of game mode (singeplayer, zombies, multiplayer) it either Freezes during loading or it runs for about 1 minute (i had all the graphics turned down as much as possible) and then crashes as soon as too much stuff starts happening.
    I’ve tried all the solutions posted on this article relating to my issue, but it’s still not working.
    Help needed.

  • suraj

    whenever i start the game, i get an error : Call of duty :blackops did not quit properly the last time it ran, Do u want to try opening in safe mode. whatever i click yes, no or cancel nothin happens. I downloaded all necessary files, stil i have this prob..! pls help

    • kalpak

      Hey man am having the same problem plz..tell the solution wht u did to make this game play … nothing hapnes if we press yes or no ..???? help needed

      • anand

        same prob here!!

  • weishang

    when i try to run cod, it says black ops couldn’t write a file, the hard drive is probably full.what do i do? i jus want to play the game so much

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure the drive you are installing black ops in is not full. You need at least 15GB of free space for Black Ops to properly run on your system.

      • weishang

        erm, how about if i have 7.3GB?

      • weishang

        i deleted some files, now i have 17GB but it still says the same things.

  • Magne

    Hi, I have a problem with even connecting to the damn multiplayer part of the game. Whenever I open the game it just keeps “Connecting” but nothing happens, even though I have great internet connection and everything. Please help me out, else this game isn’t 60$ if I can’t play online.

  • Stingray

    Ok, now I am completely pissed off, my mate actually pirated the game from a torrent site and he told me he has no issues, so as I am at wits end I decided to use his copy to see if it works, low and behold, the pirated version works….. WTF? now I really feel like I have been screwed…… I could have pirated the game…played it and not spet a nickle….. bloody useless as far as I am concerned, I will never buy another Call of Duty again, unless they get there shit together and come up with something better than Battlefield….. which it seem they are completely incapable of doing.

    FU Call of Duty

    • will

      hey where did you get that pirated version of black ops lol i would like to try mines a piece of shit and i’ve tried just about everything and im tired of wasting my time

  • nate

    i have a problem ill put a link to my problem on youtube

  • Norm

    When I get to the defector scene and mason helps push open the blocked door. We cut to the part the game. My screen is black. I can only see the 8 meters (or what ever it says. I can see the yellow arrow showing me which way to go. And I believe the circle is in the lower right corner of the screen. I am running black ops on a Windows 7 Hp G72 computer. My question is, Is this scene suppose to be pitch dark? If not how do I fix it? I do here voices from the other characters.

    • domski

      I got this exact blackout problem too, only on the xbox – did you manage to fix it?

  • Stingray

    Have a problem with Black ops and it happens on both my machines, basically when I go to rescue revnov and just after he has spoken to me you got to help some guys in a fight, and you grab the radio to call in an airstrike, as soon as the air strike is about to happen the game crashes….

    this is the most common place that is crashes as this is as far as I have got, as for the rest of the time the game freezes in some places, mainly in the menu or while loading….

    from the console the error for the airstrike is no open weapon slots or something like that…

    Personally this game sucks, bought it for the multiplayer after [playing BFBC2 for awhile thinking “stupidly” that it would be similar…..NOT!!! |Multiplyer has no skill what so ever and is pure run and gun…kiddy crap. but would like to finish the single player before I crap on the game and bin it.

  • Edwin

    I have tried all options above and still the game freezes at start up…. the strange thing; not all the time.

    Is there anyone who can help me? Mails to the developer dont get answerd…

    Kind regeards


  • Da Busta


  • gary

    hi all i had a problem with black ops when i was in the middle of a multi player game it would freeze and then it would stop responding i went in and done the directx install and it seems fine now i was driven me mad but seems perfect now thanks to the help from this site thanks guys

  • jarich

    hi i got an error when i start cod bo it says ‘shader model 3.0’ what the do

  • Michael Bang

    If you are running Windows XP SP3 and you are trying to fix the Direct3DDevice9 present failed: Driver internal error, then look no further cause this is what you have to do to fix it.
    I have read this blog and tried all the DirectX fixes without success. I gave my son this game for Christmas and he was so sad to find that he could not run the game as it crashed with DirectX errors shortly after starting multiplayer game.
    He’s machine is not new but every game he is running works without any hassle except for COD Black Ops. It’s an Asus A8N-E motherboard with 2GB Kingston HyperX DDR 400 (2*1GB), nVidia Geforce 8800GTX 768MB, Windows XP 32-bit SP3 full updated and Avast v5.0.

    First I used fix #12 and #38 but without success. Then I found this information:

    Start regedit and go to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Curr­entControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

    Double click on “PagedPoolSize”. Change the “Value Data” to one of these below:

    (Enter either Hexadecimal OR? Decimal)
    Megabytes Hexadecimal Decimal
    192Mb 0c000000 201326592
    256Mb 10000000 268435456
    384Mb 18000000 402653184
    Reboot your computer.

    I changed to 256MB PagePoolSize and rebooted. Voila :-)
    Not a single DirectX issue after this change.

    • IShan

      hey watz this megabyte…???

  • taha

    after i go to campaign the video runs and after that i get an error message \Directx give an unrecoverable error\
    How to fix this issue?

  • Tonybalboa

    I have freezing (lag) problems at single player , i used to change my settings to lowest it could be + setting which added here to console. Nothing worked. When i watch on the ground , there is NO LAG at all , when i watch straight it lags badly. And p.s. i’m not using steam it’s like downloaded… you no’… and when i change settings , sometimes there is yellow screen (blinking) then it turns of as normal.

  • janzee2

    8# Call of Duty Black Ops Sound Fix, No Sound Fix
    works with me!!!!! SUPER MUCH THANX!!!

  • ajay

    hi guyz…..i installed cod bo…..and it worked fine for the first time about 2 mins……later ……..whenever i try to start the game a BLACK SCREEN comes ….a error also comes with it but i am not able to read it coz the black screen hides it……is there any fix ????????? pls help me………i really want to play this game ……:D

  • arjahan

    thank u guys, now i can hear the souds of bullets tnx 2 u

  • Me

    4# Black Ops Crashes After Changing Resolution,

    this isnt fixed by steam yet, i just downloaded it, so should have all the updates and got this error….

    please find a solution, thnx

  • Jay

    I found the solution to problem #19

    If you have a multicore processor this is what you need to check/fix:

    Launch BlackOps and alt+tab out of the game regardless of its state.
    Launch task manager and go to processes.
    Locate BlackOps.exe under processes and right click.
    Choose “Set Affinity”
    Make sure all CPU’s are ticked.

    Huzzah you may now play again.

  • Roman

    I got an stupid error … Everytime I try to join ANY mulitplayer game ( including zombie mode) it start to load and when its at the end it say ” Waiting for other players ” after that it get me back to menu and say ” Error : Lost connection to host ” . I dont know what to do …

    • mody

      i got the same stupid proplem i serched every where for a solution but didnt find one ,need help

  • Sew

    Hello, i’ve got the problem #20.

    I’ve contacted steam, and tried what they recommended, but it didnt help.
    I’ve tho reinstalled the game once, and it didnt help.
    I’ve tried ure advice #20, and it didnt help tho.
    When im trying to open singleplayer, the BlackOpsMP.exe has stopped working appears too. Been researching on loads of sites. Nothing helped yet.
    PL0000X! Help me ;(

  • HEnk

    I have freezes all the time. I can still play but like 10 sec. after I started the game it freezes. One time I played 1 min. but then it freezes again. What do I have to do???

    • saim

      when i try to play single player game , the game runs but but when i am playing the game the system restarts..plxx help me somebody!!!!!

    • david

      Hey guys i want to ask..
      when i want play cod..
      some thing came .
      “do you want to run with safe mode?”
      what is that ??

      • kench


      • Dylan B

        Dear David, It’s An Erorr That Shows That You Didn’t Close The Game Safely,To Play Just Press The YES Button.

  • Sam

    When I click on the Black Ops shortcut on Steam, it takes me to the trailer in the shop. What should I do?

  • dave

    xp svce pack 2, 4core cpu,4 gb memory, 9800gt 1gb graphics card, realtek on board sound controller.
    The game plays fine graphically. the problem comes after a few game plays my sounds go off not just in game but the realtek sound controller disappears from the computer and I use a system restore point to re-load the sound controller.I have tried to re-load the controller instead but it encounters an error at the end of the installation. Bit of a nussiance but liveable.

  • Hrtsbld

    Ok, I’m having a freezing issue, but its not at the Hit Any Button screen. I get past that just fine and can even go into settings and navigate all the main menus. But when I try to start a Campaign/Zombie/Multiplayer game it will play through the cutscene and then freeze up on a black screen. Can’t even use ctrl-alt-del. The whole computer freezes and I have to re-boot my computer. I’ve tried everything that has been suggested, does anyone have an idea how to fix this? (I tested my system requirements on activisions website and everything passed.)

  • Alex

    I can add that im using XP and all my drivers are updated.
    And when i come to thse maps that doesnt work i get directX error, EVEN though its updated and i have reinstalled it and restarted the PC.

  • Alex

    Hello. Im having a trouble with some of the maps in multiplayer.. 2-3 maps are working for me, and when i come to the others the whole game freezes on the loading screen and my desktop mouse coursor shows. I hope u can help me!

  • wibban

    When i go to multiplayer, joining a match and when it starts loading it stucks in the middle, after when it has loaded it says ERROR Lost connection to host… what shud i do

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #1 and #28.

  • james

    Fix #31 did it for me – was crashing after about 5mins everytime. Had to exit with task manager. set the multicore setting for cpu and gpu and been sweet ever since. I also did #21.1 and #21.5.

    Wanted to post cos had real problems finding this solution.

  • Michael

    Ive had the Lost connection to Host thing in Multiplayer anyone else had the same problem?

  • Raphael

    fix #19. where is the my config.cfg and config_mp.cfg ??? i can’t find it in the players folder.. in the players folder there is only ”config.cfg”

  • fredi

    when i start the game it has sound but in the gameplay it hasen\t, what should i do

  • Johann

    “19# Game Crashes at Menu
    You start the game and it instantly crashes when it gets to where it asks you to press any button. Windows 7 loading ring replaces my cursor and the original cursor freezes. What to do now ?
    Delete my config.cfg and replacing it with the config_mp.cfg. Just copy and paste the config_mp.cfg and rename it to config.cfg. You’ll find the files under

    steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players”

    This doesn’t work for me, the cursor is still here!! Can someone help me?

    I have windows xp (32 bits), nvidia 9600 gt and i am prestige 1 lvl 35 but i can’t play since 3 days.

  • thomas pronk

    where is teh readme?

    • thomas pronk

      help me i cant play without know wherenthe readme is

  • Albert

    im a noob in understanding this error but here it goes….kindly tell me guys whats causing my problem it my video card?Help me out please.

    Server: frontend
    —– R_Init —–
    Video memory for device: 1013 MB.
    Rounded video memory size: 1024 MB.
    DirectX reports 1024 MB of video memory and 1455 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 1008 MB.
    Texture detail is set automatically.
    Using picmip 0 on most textures, 0 on normal maps, and 0 on specular maps
    Error: Could not load material “loadscreen_frontend”.
    Adding fastfile ‘en_frontend’ to queue
    Adding fastfile ‘frontend’ to queue
    Save Message First Frame Shown: 4510
    Loading fastfile ‘en_frontend’
    used 0.50 MB memory in DB alloc
    Loading fastfile ‘frontend’
    used 51.84 MB memory in DB alloc

    Com_ERROR: Fatal Error
    Com_ERROR: Fatal Error

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Select C: and Right click to select Properties from the pop-up menu, click the Tools tab, and choose to check the hard drive for errors. You’ll have to reboot and chkdsk will do it’s thing. After you get back into Windows, re-install your game – if you downloaded the game from Steam – verify its integrity. Run the game now and see if it works.

  • Ruben Vanhoeyveld

    About what m4st3r W said…

    m4st3r W
    About the problem with Hudson getting freeze pointing the gun to you, what I did was quit the game, start it again, resume the mission, pause it whenever possible, and set the graphic settings down to low levels. When I got to that point again the cinematics ran properly and I could play the game. Hope it helps.

    I got the same problem. I set all graphics at lowest and it still laggs… Anyone got a solution for this? PLEASE?
    I’m really very disappointed in the game :( This really is a SHAME! :(

  • me ofcrs

    none of theese worked for me:(

    i enter an server, map loaded 100% then freeze for 20-30 sec as imn not responding, then it comes to fps part then i get lost connection-.- FUCK BLACK OPS!

  • thr

    error couldn’t load image ‘zom_medals_skull_face’

  • Yannik

    Do you have any solutions if there’s no sound on a ps3 when the sounds on other games works or other tv’s? hard to find an ALT or TAB on ps3 :p

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      lol I wish I could help. But, when it comes to consoles troubleshooting there is hardly anything I can suggest. You should probably ask the support guys to resolve this issue for you.

  • Alex

    Thx man i love this so i really like this man Ty like like like

  • sven

    how com that when i shoot the enemy he dont die i schoot 3times in his head and he doesnt die and than he shoot me how is dat possible?i really dont understand is there somthing i should know it goes so slow sometimes and i sure of it that i hit him first please can somebody help me thx

  • chris_kar

    I have game freeze at main menu. I ‘ve tried the solution here but no difference at all. I also tried installing windows vista, cause i thought that these problem was caused only on windows 7 . I have updated dirext and all the drivers and I still have the same problem. Please help me , i preordered the game on novemer , and i’m still not able to play it ,icant even see the main menu. And the same problem goes for multiplayer , cause the game cursor freeze ,and i cna move only the windows 7/vista cursor. I have intel core 2 duo 3.00 ghz and nvidia gtx260 and 2gb ram. PLease help!

    • chris_kar

      P.S. It’s not a hardware problem , cause i can play crysis warhead with no issues and cod 6 on max settings, i also dind’t have any issues on cod 5 with max settings.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I don’t know what would fix it but let the black screen be that way… for 5 to 10 minutes. And see if it loads the menu, if the menu loaded once, it will be fine after that. Or you can try loading the game in compatibility mode with XP SP3 if you haven’t tried that. That is, if you have everything updated and have bought the game.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Have you updated the game with recent patches ?

      • chris_kar

        yes. And the screen is not black , but i cant move the game cursor, and the windows 7 loading rig appears , I can only control the windows 7 cursor,please help.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          Make sure your processor is not single core… people experiencing this problem are those with single core processors. There is no solution as the minimum requirements of the game clearly ask for dual core processor.

  • luis virgilio

    When i go to multiplayer, joining a match and when it starts loading it in the middle, after when it has loaded it says ERROR Lost connection to host… what i do . help me

  • eddyloson

    sorry, I’ve never experienced that problem. But this game has some freaking bugs. for example today something unbelievable happened, I wish I had the video! I hit a speznaz in a corridor, he was down on the floor hurting. I wanted to finish him to not have surprises… who knows… and what happened? he woke up and ran after me down the hallway switching weapon and getting one from behind his back. It didn’t matter how many times I shot him with the AK and there was Reznov next to me shooting as well. In the end he got me and smasked me dead. maybe a Zombie that decided to play on the SP? hahaha

    So… yes… in this game sometimes incredible things happens. I noticed that I forgot the “Heuristic engine” on in my antivirus and that probably causes wierd behaviour. In fact after a while the game crashed.

  • Challe

    Hi, I got a weird problem: sometimes in game I cant shoot, it´s really weird cous I can play for a while and everything works smoth and suddenly I cant fire my gun for about 4-10 sek :(
    Anybody had the same problem and find a solution to fix it ?

  • Galprz80

    Just replace the stupid onboard sound and get a non on board card and it will all go away .. trust me ..

  • eddyloson

    I “solved” the problem with the random crushes on certain levels disabling the AVAST antivirus.

    You can definitely add it to the list of antivirus that give problems.

    I can’t believe that they have done a game with this kind of issues, totally unprofessional in my opinion.

  • Perversu de pe tarbovna

    Delete this shiti treyarch game and play the MW2 alterwI. It’s the best. I think crackers can fix the game faster than treyarch.

  • nerk0n

    When i go to multiplayer, joining a match and when it starts loading it stucks in the middle, after when it has loaded it says ERROR Lost connection to host… what shud i do

  • hounar

    thanks so much to you….
    i need help trouble and I need help plies
    whine I started the game tell me run in safe mode
    what should i do ????

  • akusuka=malayu

    hv u find the solution yet? seems like i hv a problem same as u… email me ok =)
    aku melayu nih! =p

  • AlsaChuck

    Thx dude!
    It helped me a lot, i had no sound and reinstalling directX fixed it.
    Good job!

  • Mayank

    the game stops in the mission named revelation after a man points gun towards us after the scene of president

  • Takt39

    Guys, if you’ve installed skidrow version thn go to folder where u’ve installed the game thn go to redist folder then DirectX thn Run DXsetup.exe. Thats easiest way to get sound!

  • Gengurke

    Hey Guys who suffer from crahes. So did i until today. I heard someone saying uninstalling avira antivirus has fixed his problems. In the first pacle i coundnt beleave it. After i uninstalled it my game was running like a charme. no more crashes every 10 mins. so go on guys and try is aswell if u have avira installed.

    Have fun Gengurke 😉

  • Djowel

    Hello all i am having this problem with BO multiplayer.
    When i start the game i just get “timeglass” and under that is the games cursor.
    I have re-installed game done same to DirectX closed everything setted my screen resolution up and down and under.
    Tried it on window and everything i see alot of people have this same problem. Any patch coming for this maybe?

  • Kenny

    Whenever I play Black Ops Multiplayer, it lags, stutters, and freezes randomly. I did many fixes but the gamplay improves just a little.
    My internet connection is good (5 bars!), and what I did to reduce the problems:
    1) Start the game, then go to task manager, under processes, I set Blackops mp’s priority to high, steam’s priority to low, Gameoverlay’s priority to high.
    2) Gameplay shadows off.
    3) Set a smaller resolution (800×600)
    4) Set the game at window mode (not full screen).
    5) Off all unnecessary applications.
    6) When in gameplay, I typed some commands in the game console:
    sv_maxrate 25000
    /com_maxfps 100
    /snaps 30
    /cl_maxpackets 100
    /rate 3000
    seta r_multithreaded_device 1
    seta r_multiGpu 0
    All these seems to improve the gameplay by a little..but still finds it hard to play the game.
    When in gameplay, my ping often went up to 999..and it lags like hell!
    So, if you know any more effective solutions, could you please tell me? Thanks

  • Relizyz

    There is no fault with your computors, its steam!!
    These problem are always on steam!

  • Joshua Sparks

    Black Ops starts and then freezes with an error sound, about which time the screen turns black and CTRL+ALT+DEL is needed to return to desktop. When I get to the desktop, the Black Ops start-up console is seen with this error message:
    Error during initialization: Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: An undetermined error occurred (-2147467259)

    These are my laptop specifics:
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor
    TF-20 (1.6 GHz)
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics
    Up to 1408 HyperMemory

    The laptop itself is an Acer Aspire model 5532. I dunno what’s wrong. Please help!

  • isaac

    BS on #19 great more detail plz

  • rob

    I am using a ATI HD4750x2. Should i consider that a multiproccessor card?

  • Martin

    Guys, I’ve a problem with sounds… I run the game and the intro sounds is fine but when the game begins… all sounds dissapear. I check the sound mixer and the configuration of muy sound card but I don’t know what is it happen…

  • Bryan Tran

    hey guys i have the porblem of the “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. Check the readme for possible solutions.” I followed the instructions and still the same problem … HELP plz DD:

  • eddyloson

    Hi, I have a problem with the single player.
    I’m using PC, steam version with windows 7 ultimate 64 and a Geforce 275.

    I’m in Huey City, everything works fine but when I get to the part where we push throug the door and it always crashes. The first time it made me skip back and forth (it seemed like in multiplayer when there is a terrible lag) pressing keys made me sort of navigate around, I could strafe up pressing E for example but everything was wierd.

    The game was not working and I had to close it.
    It made me start over the whole level instead of jumping me to the last savegame.
    Now everytime I get there the game just freezes (usually without that wierd “lag” effect) and I can’t get past it.

    • 21gbr

      Have the same problem. The screen is black, but down left i have the compass, the gun works and the sound. If I move the mouse up, down , left or right there`s a yellov arrow ???

  • Matteus

    It seems like the problems are getting far worse as time goes on.

    My Quadcore Extreme 8GB RAM 8800GTX OC was running perfectly for the first couple of weeks now the game is freezing and crashing in game.

    I have tried many of the fixes but to no avail.

    It looks to me like there is a major memory leak somewhere in the game which might explain all of the lagging and the freezing during game play.

  • MPC

    I have the major lag issue after playing for 10 mins on one machine and random freeze/crash on the other machine.

    Bother machines are more than capable of running the game.

    None of the fixes have done anything to correct the problems so it looks like we are waiting for another patch to come out.

    So far I am extremely disappointed with this game.

    • M!k3y

      I have the same problem, my screen freezes/crashes after 10 minutes of playing and my pc is more than capable of running the game.

      I’ve tried all of the fixes above but my game still crashes/freezes .

      I paid money for this game yet i am unable to play.

      now me and (lots of other people) have to wait for the new patch to come out just to play game we paid for.

  • Aishu

    Well everyone who’s having the ‘press any key’ problem its simply cause of a single core processor. Thats shit cause almost all games work on a single core processor. Any idea if there’s gonna be a patch o sumthing ?

  • Eddie

    Guys, I have had sound probs with my Black Ops. I’ve installed new sound drivers, reinstalled the game, and tried all the fixes. After a week I found the problem. I have my TV as my monitor and have HDMI as the connection. In the sound options on Black OPs make sure you are on HDMI and not your sound card. It messed me around and drove me nuts. Once i changed it it worked no worries. hope this helps

  • akusuka

    i clicked blackops.exe. it keeps showing me “run in safe mode?” & “set optimal settings?” prompt. no matter i clicked yes or no, the game won’t run at all

  • m4st3r W

    About the problem with Hudson getting freeze pointing the gun to you, what I did was quit the game, start it again, resume the mission, pause it whenever possible, and set the graphic settings down to low levels. When I got to that point again the cinematics ran properly and I could play the game. Hope it helps.

  • Mike

    I was getting the directx error in winXP and Win7 with two different motherboards and video cards.

    I finally up’ed my cpu from a semptron 140 to a phenom x4 945. Works perfect.

    With everything maxxed I get 60fps minimum. COD limits the max framerate by default to 60fps.

    I’m using 2GB DDR 1333mhz, AMD phenom x4 945, and ATI 5850 card. I read some places that said the single core processors did not work.

    There have been some updates to the game since. I don’t know if there was a resolution.

  • Mike

    Could it be a firewall on?

  • jakob

    Hi everyone!

    evey time i play multiplayer black ops it laggs some in the menu but after a while it fixes it self ( this happens eveytime i start multi). then in mulltiplayer after a match or some times two matches it freezes and i have to pres Ctrl Alt Delete and then start taskmaneger then quit the game from there.

    please Help me!! just bought the game!

    sorry my bad english.. :) Thx to eveyone who helps me..

    please mail me:

  • You

    Hi everyone when i want to start the mission the screen turns black and i can move the cursor(arrow ) around , WHAT^ SHOULD I DO ???????

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  • Michael

    i can’t decrypt the game the steam one using CFToolBox , it always fail in the step that i locate both “call of duty black ops content.0_to_0.update.gcf” and “call of duty black ops english.ncf” when i press ok in the content file the CFtools says that it is outdated but in the information file uptaded . In the english file when i press update an error appears saying the following : Runtime error . Program: the application requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

  • MagnuM

    My problem Nr. 17 , i used this what you sayed but that not works…
    Sorry for very bad english … xD


    My problem starts in the bar when the coronel grabs my hand
    then it shows the ship control what should i do


    were do i download this saved

  • homerj

    I too had the annoying problem with Mr Hudson and his quick changing routine from pistol to AK47 Sunglasses, he wasn’t fooling me for a minute, I could still tell it was him. Anyway the fix I employed was to swap the saved game for that level with another. The save can be found in \players\save
    and the file name is int_escape.svg. You will need to download saves from the net, possibly from skidrow or others, worked for me.

  • Blackzombieops

    Hey same here im getting this problem where hudson points the gun at u then for sum reason wears sun glasses and is holding the ak-47…So i tried EVERY THING…reinstalling the game and going to properties and moved things around,Run as adminstor and all that,even restarted my computer and FORMATED IT.Still nuthin…even with the patch in…The zombies worked when i installed the patch but the its the same problem in the SP…Please help guys if any one knows PLEASE RESPOND…I WANNA PLAY THE OTHER ZOMBIE MAPS AND COMPLETE THE GAME!!!!!!!!!


    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk my call of duty freez at the start of the game it show a window ship conosole
    and i must turn it of
    i have try everything
    i have windows xp
    i have update my ATI
    i have a Ati HD 380o
    please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • blackopsboy


    I have a problem.when i want to play Multiplayer not works because said this:
    “The Black ops server not available at this time.”
    Please, help!:(

  • sweoo

    ive had enough with this pile of shit
    the patch came out right now, i downloaded and joined a server

    and still i cant even fucking play for ONE FUCKING MINUTE, it freezes and i have to reboot
    its ridiculous, how can they release this game without even testing it????? IVE TRIED EVERYTHING AND STILL I CANT RUN THE GAME

    its always the same “Fatal error”. my computer can run games very well so i dont believe this is the problem.

  • Fluffy Bunny

    I got a problem regarding Black Ops

    I run the multiplayer, it goes to black screen and jumps back to the desktop and a message pops up saying : \Couldnt load image side_small\ or \Couldnt load image marine_somethingsomething\

    Wtf do I do ???

    Please Help Me…….

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      corrupted installation. If you are on steam, do an integrity check. If you are using any other version, re-install.

  • Fernandis

    If you are running with the Steam Beta then it is recommended not to use the same as most of the users are seen with the problem while on Steam Beta. The steam beta is considered as buggy..

    Refer For more option

  • angelosxs

    i have a sound problem,in the videos of the game the sound works perfect,but when i’m playing the missions the sound don’t work, i try the sound solutions….but nothing..something else???

  • steve

    Perhaps it’s operating system issue duo to exprienses with seven os.
    because i xp os that fixed.

  • Axmk


    I enjoy the game. Got it, installed it. Patched it and played all the way until… the WMD mission.

    The part after we cleared out the barracks, set a charge on the internal comms then blew it up.

    I was told to move north twice.

    So i did.

    Then the screen supposedly goes white and we return to the interrogation room.


    I TRIED REINSTALLING, both game, directx and almost everything i google on.





  • Ty

    I’m pretty sure I have dual core but the system information file from the COD folder reads 1 core

    ” Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz, 3166 Mhz, 1 Core(s)”

    Is it mabey reading my system wrong or do I infact only have 1 core?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      If that’s the case than this issue shouldn’t arise. Try this:

      Run the game.
      Alt-Tab out.
      Open Task Manager.
      Right Click on Blackops.exe and click Set Affinity.
      Make sure you have all the CPU’s checked.
      and than run the game. If that doesn’t help, do the same again and this time select one less.

      You will understand what I am saying once you do it.

      • Ty

        well I can’t alt+tab out of there, but I exit by opening task manager.
        now do I right click black ops under application or process cuz niether of them have the ‘set affinity’ option you mentioned?

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          under process right click “blackops.exe” it will show you set affinity option.

          • Ty

            yeah theres set priority, but no set affinity option?
            any other way to access this?

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              Then it means you are on single core processor or else it would have shown set affinity option. Which lets you set the cores to process any application. Like how many cores to process any application.

          • Ty

            yes you are right, my computer is only recognising one core. I updated the bios and uninstalled cpu to see if it would recognise it after a restart but no luck….I’m stuck with a dual core…ONE core computer and a useless copy of Black Ops :(

  • steve

    SINGLE CORE users cant play blackops.(press any key->freezzz)
    pleaz any key 4 ts issue.
    40 ways not respond.g


  • steve

    press any key not fixed at all.
    someone help us.

    • Aishu

      Theres no working solution anywhere… Is ur PC single core ?? I guess ill change my processor since that seems like the last resort

  • Ty

    in regards to #19

    Screen hangs on ‘press any key’ at start

    in my players folder I only have the one file and no other one to rep;ace it with/

    anything else fix this?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Are you on one core processor ? This issue is for people with one core processors trying to run the game while the game’s minimum requirements ask for dual core processor atleast.

      • Ty

        oh…no I have dual core

        so has there been a fix for this issue yet?

        …still havn’t even played the game

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          I dug hard but couldn’t find anything. If you downloaded the game from steam, the patch should install automatically.

  • danne

    i click new game and a video starts and in the ed he says we waiting to kill castro……and then it turns all black ????

    • Ziploc

      Same problem, help please?

  • blackopsboy

    I play multiplayer and this shit freezing “connecting”

  • chris7

    guys my prob is.. that when i start the game.. its fine then when i am for an example at training i start a game after a period of 5-10 minutes.. it lags and throws me back at my desktop saying error and havin opened the console but i cant drag the console to see what the problem is anyone can help? i lag too very very much.. plz help!!!

  • Prof.

    I’ve had the same freezing and I try to install game again, but it does not help. I read that you should refresh or update my graphic card, and who has the Nvidia series, I guarantee you he will work through games Only If I install DirectX 10, and make the update graphics on this page . aspx? lang = en-us

  • chrizza132

    i have the same problem to hudson apears punches mason then the game freeze’s after a weird bug

  • ali
  • BO Hater


  • Aladdin

    —– Initializing Renderer —-
    execing ragdoll.cfg from fastfile
    Cmd_AddCommand: scrProfileInfo already defined
    —– Client Initialization —–
    —– Client Initialization Complete —–
    Trying SMP acceleration…
    —– R_Init —–
    Getting Direct3D 9 interface…
    Pixel shader version is 3.0
    Vertex shader version is 3.0
    Attempting 1024 x 768 window at (3, 22)
    Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0
    Game window successfully created.
    Using 4x anti-aliasing
    Creating Direct3D device…
    Adding fastfile ‘en_code_post_gfx’ to queue
    Adding fastfile ‘code_post_gfx’ to queue
    Loading fastfile ‘en_code_post_gfx’
    used 0.37 MB memory in DB alloc
    Loading fastfile ‘code_post_gfx’
    used 5.69 MB memory in DB alloc
    Redundant asset: ‘techset’,’2d’
    Adding fastfile ‘en_patch’ to queue
    Adding fastfile ‘patch’ to queue
    Using 1 GPU(s).
    Initializing render targets…
    Requested frame buffer to be 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    DirectX returned a frame buffer that is 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    INTZ format supported
    Initializing static model cache…
    Initializing dynamic buffers…
    Initializing particle cloud buffer…
    Creating Direct3D queries…
    Loading fastfile ‘en_patch’
    used 0.00 MB memory in DB alloc
    Loading fastfile ‘patch’
    used 2.84 MB memory in DB alloc
    Setting initial state…
    Video memory for device: 506 MB.
    Rounded video memory size: 512 MB.
    DirectX reports 512 MB of video memory and 1201 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 496 MB.
    Texture detail is set automatically.
    Using picmip 0 on most textures, 0 on normal maps, and 0 on specular maps
    Error: Could not load image “$pixelcostcolorcode”.
    Error: Could not load material “$floatz_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “$processed_floatz_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “$ps3_aadownsample_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “particle_blend_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “particle_zdownsample_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_0”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_1”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_2”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_3”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_4”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_5”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_6”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_7”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_8”.
    Error: Could not load material “postfx_lut_9”.
    Error: Could not load material “create_lut2d”.
    Error: Could not load material “apply_lut2d”.
    Error: Could not load material “$ps3_reload_zcull_donotremove”.
    Error: Could not load material “water_dynamic_spray”.
    — Initializing Voice —
    Hostname: Aladdin
    Binding to
    “mis_01” = “0”.
    “mis_difficulty” = “0000000000000000000000000”.
    “takeCoverWarnings” = “9”.
    “r_gamma” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_voice” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_music” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_sfx” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_master” = “0.8”.
    “snd_menu_cinematic” = “1”.
    “mis_01” = “0”.
    “mis_difficulty” = “0000000000000000000000000”.
    “takeCoverWarnings” = “9”.
    “r_gamma” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_voice” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_music” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_sfx” = “1”.
    “snd_menu_master” = “0.8”.
    “snd_menu_cinematic” = “1”.
    Updating profile 0 from dvars.

    end $init 12856 ms
    — Common Initialization Complete —
    Redundant asset: ‘image’,’sw4′
    Error: Could not load menufile “ui/patch.txt”.
    Error: Could not load menufile “ui/menus.txt”.
    Error: Could not load material “menu_mp_lobby_scrollbar_main”.
    Error: Could not load material “menu_mp_lobby_scrollbar_block”.
    Error: Could not load material “playlist_sp_recr”.
    Error: Could not load material “playlist_sp_reg”.
    Error: Could not load material “playlist_sp_hard”.
    Error: Could not load material “playlist_sp_vet”.
    g_gametype cmp is not a valid gametype, defaulting to cmp
    Huffman Took 3 Milliseconds
    —— Server Initialization ——
    Server: frontend
    —– R_Init —–
    Video memory for device: 506 MB.
    Rounded video memory size: 512 MB.
    DirectX reports 512 MB of video memory and 1201 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 496 MB.
    Texture detail is set automatically.
    Using picmip 0 on most textures, 0 on normal maps, and 0 on specular maps
    Save Message First Frame Shown: 16606
    Error: Could not load material “loadscreen_frontend”.
    Adding fastfile ‘en_frontend’ to queue
    Adding fastfile ‘frontend’ to queue
    Loading fastfile ‘en_frontend’
    used 0.50 MB memory in DB alloc

    Com_ERROR: Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: n/a (-1071242991)


    Error during initialization:
    Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: n/a (-1071242991)

    i got this after i did some shits :p if someone could figure anything about it …

  • Janner

    Have the exact same problem ………….. ahh man

  • blackopsboy

    I play BO:M for 15-20 minutes and that s*it is always freezing…
    So Help me Please:(

  • Manner

    I got a really strange problem. When i refresh the server list and try to join a server i get the message: Connection to server lost. When i tab out to windows i can see that my internet connection is down. After 2-10 min it comes back again. I’ve had this problem since yesterday. Any suggestions?

  • Aishu

    Im using a non steam version i guess.. iv tried everything uv told me.. i dont wanna download the other version .. Even u had the same problem but u got lucky i guess.. im unable to find the problem !!

  • Goks

    Alright, I am not sure which sollution should i watch but i start game.Then they start talking etc etc, and when the mission should start(Cuba. Castro) the black window appears and I only see my cursor on screen. I can move it and it stand about 10 sec then it turn me back on main menu.

  • DC_star

    What about 32# for Win XP?
    There is only hotfix for Win 7.

    • Aishu

      Can u send me the link for the hotfix ?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Which video card you guys are on ?

      • DC_star

        ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          *Link Removed* try these drivers. Not sure but this is all you have, right now. Though I hear, the official fix for lag and other stuff is also in works. More details soon, I am just editing the article :)

          • DC_star

            Thanx, but my OS is Windows XP.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          My bad, May be the cause of the problem is something else. Not the video card drivers.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          Here you go –

          Don’t know if it would work but definitely for XP.

      • Aishu

        Nvidia 9800 GT ! I just tried the reloaded crack but it doesnt help.

  • Aishu

    Game crashing at the menu !!!! I dont know whats wrong with my pc… For starters no codemaster games work on my PC… like dirt 2 and f1 2010… Now this game doesnt go past the menu… It asks to press any key but the game stops responding there showing a ring !! If either you have any cluers as to what could be the problem plz help nd yea plz mail me.
    Thanks ! :)

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #40 or download other version of the game.

    • Dave793

      Having same problem with blue ring spinning and then nothing works says games not responding, have you getten any feedback regards what the problem could be and how to fix it

  • Dylan

    Some of this advices are stupid. Don’t install that ati driver it’s older and will work bad. For windows 7 will came with windows updates & you can use control center from ati website. r_multithreaded_device “1″ not recomanded
    seta r_multithreaded_device “1″ not recomanded & I don’t recomande r_glow_allowed 0. The only good setting is gpu on 0 for simple cards.

  • MIKY

    oR Nr.41 fuck treyarch for this crapy game, he shuld fix the game not us! He’s gething rich for this shity game.

  • ching

    I have a weird problem and I’m not sure if my files are corrupt or didn’t install properly but it’s mostly a sound issue, you see.. When clips and movies come up, the sound is ok but when it comes to gameplay it doesnt have any.. not even on the main menu, I hope theres an answer for this problem and thanks for all the fixes posted up till now. :)

    • juan felipe

      hello men, i have the seame problem with the soud. How did u make it work?

      • juan felipe

        i dont have sound…….. the only parts when the souds is ok is on the mini clips they show.

  • Fariz

    I have a question regarding this. Last saturday I bought the game from Plug & Play In Eastern Plaza And Ran the game. It ran perfectly. But when I started to play I was having some performance issues. But other than that it was good. Today when I again wanted to play a message came ” Your call of duty last time didn’t run properly! Would you want to run the game in safe mood? When I click yes, the game window doesn’t show. I have also tried no but the result is same. Now my question is how the game run in the 1st place and didn’t run when I shut down my pc for the day and tried to play from today?

    My Specs
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00GHZ
    Ram: 2GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
    NVidia Geforce 8600GT Driver (Nvidia Forceware 260.99)

    I reinstalled it couple of times. Nothing occured. My other games run very fine. I have read that many users are having problem with the game. But my problem is why i can’t run the game? I did run in the 1st place. Any solution would be much appreciated.


      I had the exact same problem with MW2 ! i tried a lot of things, but i had to use another computer after like, half a year of not being able to play. . .

  • D4RKF0XX

    i got the same problem of ciconistriker
    when he punch me and i got back to normal, and he start to talks, automaticaly he apears with a AK-47 and sunglasses, then he got back normaly and the game freeze in this point

  • Aishu

    Game crashing at the menu !!!!! I dun know whats wrong with my pc… For starters no codemaster games work on my PC.. eg dirt 2 and f1 2010… Now this game doesnt go past the main menu… It asks me to press any key but the game stops responding there showing the Fucking ring !! If you have any clues as to what could be the prob plz help nd yea plz mail me if poss.
    Thanks ! :)

  • Aladdin

    actually the MP is same as SP its just freeze at connecting , also tried someone else’s config and its the same …

  • Fariz

    Last night i have played the game. This morning when I started the game it said “call of duty black ops didn’t run properly last time. Are you want to run the game in safe mood?” when entered yes nothing happens. The game wont run. When entered no, same thing happens. What should I do?

  • Aladdin

    Game Crashes at Menu … and nothing can solve it i tried everything ..

  • Patman

    I still have the problem were it crash when im trying to change the resolution, general when im trying to change any graphic settings.

  • Faisal Amin

    When I click on Black ops.exe. it displays a message box. in where it says in previous time i didnt stop the game properly. so you should run the game in safe mood. when i click on yes/no. there is no response. what can I do now??? Please help me

    • elie

      same here, any help?

  • Stancezo

    Fatal Error ?

  • jacob

    lsn man my problem is “19# Game Crashes at Menu” and i have windows 7 tried urs but no use!!!! please man i need help

    • Ty

      #19 is my issue too

      if you find a fix can u lemme know?

      thnx bro

  • ciconistriker

    mission when player fled with one interegration chair, and when I wander in that facility and moment when that guy i forget his name hi hits me than start talking with gun in his hand game freez,i was try evrything and nothing help,,,but EVRYTHING ON OTHER PEPOLE COMPLAING on my game is Ok,no lag etc,etc, until that moment when he point gun on me,,
    sory on bad english,,,,
    thanx if enbody can help

    • hmm, ill pass on the name

      same issue, tried restarting the game, iv got the latest patch, granted i dont have the greatest specs in the world, been playing it at 10-13 fps

      2.2ghz pentium dual core
      4gb ram
      1.7gb gma 4500HD

      but for those of you who cant understand his english (no offence)

      When it is revealed hudson is one of the interrorgators, and youve stumbled through out the facility, hudson catches up with you, smacks you, and puts a gun at your head an tells you about reznov, then quotes appear on the screen
      hudson remains still, though i know the game hasnt crashed since the subtitles still come up, and the lights on the computers blink

      anyone any ideas?

      • Dennis

        I had the same problem but i just restarted the level and then it worked.

        • hmm, ill pass on the name

          iv tried that, nothing


      same here.. : ( i was just getting really in to it :,(

  • Daedalus

    One would think that this would not have happened again.
    The last game in this line had these issues and more.
    I’m finding it hard to keep buying these games as every time
    they hit the market and the computers it takes weeks to be able
    to play with out spending hours resetting config files so it will work.
    Then to find out that something else changed and you are starting
    from the start again.
    What is it going to take to get these company’s to stop releasing
    beta-ware to the public before they are working fully.

    If you went and bought a New car today and it would not run or run on just part of the engine and you where told hey just put some more wires on it and it will get you home and oh by the way we are working on a engine that works and we will give this to you as soon as we get it done.
    Would you keep the car? NO! You would get your money back.

    We need a lemon Law on software where we can get the money back from releases of software that does not work, not the well you bought it and sorry it does not work and you will have to wait till it does. Because we do not have to give your money back as it says you opened it so you own it!

    Oh but we do not own it as we the company still has all the rights and can tell you when you can play or even if you can , we are the sole person or persons that can decide that.

    This has got to change and change soon. As I see it this is the only way will get this practice stopped.

  • Gordon

    I played the game until Level 19 and everything was working fine. The Map changed and I had lost all ranking and kits. A few flustrating maps later all my weapons returned but not my rank. I have since worked my way back up to level 19. MY Problem is that I am acummlating points but can not make any purchases. I make a selection and changes are made. When I go back thou I still have the original kit I had before. Please direct me to a fix.

  • Heitor

    What exactly makes the Stevy’s config find ONLY FFA MATCHES???
    and why my config doesnt get completely reseted?Even after i re-installed the game it would find only ffa matches and ask to launch in optimall settings…
    Any suggestions that i havent already tried would be appreciated :(

  • Jay

    I got this error when loading in window mode:
    Com_ERROR: Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: n/a (-1071242991)


    Error during initialization:
    Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: n/a (-1071242991)

  • LeanLow

    Every time playing cod:bo like 5~ mins i get blue screen of death and my computer restarts itself , (my drivers new , pc too).

  • Choco

    hey, um i have a new question, when i start up my game i get into the main menu and then it has the loading symbol and i can highlight the things like “friends” and that but i cant click on them please help me…. i have tried everything you said to do but it still wont work….. help and thank u in advance.

  • ryan

    I am having a huge problem with # 20. Except i cannot even start the single player, for i am getting the same error in single player “BlackOps.exe has stopped working”. So there is no way i can even try to see if running the single player will stop the problem. I have checked file integrity and it seems fine . Can Anyone help?

  • Jammer864

    My problem is that after installing Black Ops, the W, A, S, and D on my keyboard dont work right when controlling my character. W will make the guy run for 5-10 steps then he stops and Im stuck there for a few moments. I tried switching to a wired keyboard but it does the same thing. I even restored my computer back to the day before I installed Black Ops and I still have the same problem in my Modern Warfare now, which really sucks. Any ideas?

  • bart

    Can i make multiple accounts (pc) like in cod 4?
    or do you have 2 spend 50 bucks for every single account. Since me and my brother both play call of duty

    well anywayz

    if someone knows the answer

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You are limited to one account as multiplayer is through Steam.

      Please don’t share your email ID’s openly. when You comment and enter your email ID, I by default can see it and if so, can contact you. You are inviting spam bots by adding the email addresses here.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You can have multiple profiles in Singleplayer though via custom loader.

  • Rush

    Hi. Have You solved the problem? // Rush

  • asdasdasd

    when i play multiplayer black ops always freezing…
    someone can fix this,cuz its very very annoying:@

  • Alexander

    Same here, black ops console WHAT THE FUCK were on pc ….. this shits sooo weird i know. Its sooo fucking shitty, i mean, every fucking time when you play it, it randomly freezes with this gaysound: TREENGELEEENG .. and then i do ctrl + alt + delete and then i see the gayass console error.. and yeah thats what happens to me every 5 minutes. The servers have been offline the whole fuckin day, i’m startin to hate this game..
    plz help us

  • Kevin

    i have another problem. in the singleplayer, the mission when u get unleashed by that guy in the torture room, i run through the building, numbers everywhere blablabla everywhere. then i enter a room and that guy who unleashed me knocks me out from behind. im laying on the ground, hes aiming on me, and nothing happens. its kinda freezed up, but the background is reacting, u know: light are going out/on and the television is flickering, but hes still just aiming and im still just laying there. he says nothing, he doesnt react in any way

  • Kevin

    EXACT same problem as sweoO:

    I bought black ops & installed it via my CD:

    EVERY SINGLE TIME I join any server, after 1 minute or so, my game freezes, and i cant do anything unless rebooting. This problem also happens when playing Combat Training

    and all of these times i couldnt see the error, couldn alt+tab, nothing at all
    I ran black ops windowed, and then i was able to see the error, saying “Fatal error”, and then on the back of this error window, there was also a window, which was “Black Ops Console”, and it was all the consoles messages and stuff, lines saying “Couldnt load blabla”

    my pc can run pretty much every game fine, and im getting crazy with black ops,

    help me if u can plz :/

    • Alexander

      Same here, black ops console WHAT THE FUCK were on pc ….. this shits sooo weird i know. Its sooo fucking shitty, i mean, every fucking time when you play it, it randomly freezes with this gaysound: TREENGELEEENG .. and then i do ctrl + alt + delete and then i see the gayass console error.. and yeah thats what happens to me every 5 minutes. The servers have been offline the whole fuckin day, i’m startin to hate this game..


  • Heitor

    I seriously need help, i downloaded the Stevy config about three days ago and it made me see only FFA matches.Then i read the solution for that.I deleted the config file ,as you said this was supposed to reset the configuration but even after that i cant find any matches but FFA.
    Also , when i launch the game it always asks to change to optimal setting(that didt happen before),even if i had exited the game properly and the game always goes to that 1280×1024 resolution and changes the control scheme to something that is the default mixed with the bindings that were in Stevy config(which i deleted from my computer).
    Can anyone tell me how to reset my config back to what it was before i downloaded this god danm Stevy config?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Delete your config it will get reset. Don’t copy the whole of config but.. the cvars that begin r_

      You need your old config …..

      Thank you.
      I found another way: the cvars r_ in the Steve’s config are the settings that maybe can get more fps in game. So, I took my old config_mp, overwrite all r_ lines with the r_ lines in the steve’s config, and the launch the game. I have no more lag or issue by low fps and there are all the games modes online.

      I hope it will be useful. -torque

      • Heitor

        I did that …
        Listen,it doesnt matter if i delete my config,it doesnt resete.I go to Steam>steamapps>common>call of duty black ops>players and then delete the config but when i launch the game it says:
        “Recommended Settings updated
        The recommended settings have been updated since the last time you ran Call of Duty.
        Would you like the game to configure itself optimally with this new settings?
        This is recommended for most people.It will change your system settings but not your controls.
        Yes /No”
        If i choose ”yes” the game launches in 1024×768 and finds only FFA
        If i choose ”no” the game throws another window:
        ”Set Optimal Settings?
        Your computer appears to have changed since the last time you ran Call of Duty
        Would you like the game to configure itseld opmally for your new hardware?
        This is recommended for most people.It will change your system settings but not your controls.
        If i choose ”yes” the game launches in 1024×768 and still finds only FFA
        If i choose ”no” the game launches in 800×600 and same thing about FFA…
        Any suggestions ?

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          Are you deleting config_mp ? cos this has reset the config to default for everyone. There is no reason, it won’t go the same route for you.

  • Alexander



  • ofnu

    When playing ( rarely because it crashes so much ) my game normally freezes, and then minimizes, one of the processes running is called CoD Black Ops Console

    My question ; Is this causing me to crash? It’s like my game is just trying to minimize but then it Changes to ( Not responding ) and i have to End task

    Very annoying, most of the time i can get into the server and i am playing fine but then this happens..

    • Alexander

      Same here.. i tried everything but its still not working :s

  • ALEX B

    ME I have a problem with instalation. when I double clicked on setup and I am and I click on install, it puts me An error occurred while Trying to Read the source file: the source file IS corrupted.
    and here I have three options: retry, ignore or abandon and none on ^ ^ ‘.

    Thank you in advance

  • Hobo

    i found out my problem. but can this be fix when the game changes map i get a freeze.

  • jesushasaproblem

    hourglass and cursor at the same time during multiplayer menu, can’t click anything and keyboard doesn’t work either.
    i’m on xp and i meet the requirements, all the simple updating techniques have been done etc etc. anything new?

    • Jay

      I have that same problem D:

  • SweoO

    well, i’ve received black ops as a gift from steam
    download..ok, installed..ok, defragmented files, verified integrity, all of these things i was supposed to do.

    but EVERY SINGLE TIME I join any server, after 1 minute or so, my game freezes, and i cant do anything unless rebooting.

    and all of these times i couldnt see the error, couldn alt+tab, nothing at all
    I ran black ops windowed, and then i was able to see the error, saying “Fatal error”, and then on the back of this error window, there was also a window, which was “Black Ops Console”, and it was all the consoles messages and stuff, lines saying “Couldnt load blabla”

    I tried to take screens, or copy and paste, but the only thing i could do was rebooting my computer

    my pc can run pretty much every game fine, and im getting crazy with black ops,

    help me if u can plz :/

  • Gabe

    Hey, the link for the ATI catalyst hotfix is broken. Is there an up to date one anyone?!

  • Alex

    Yeah, I am having the same multiplayer issue with the loading bar. Between loading maps or connecting to a server the loading bar stops 1/3 of the way. I have to open Task Manager, kill the game and relaunch. I had to do that twice in a row just to connect to a server! It finally connects after a while, but it’s a pain in the a**.

    In Single player (First time playing), there was a glitch too. During the 1st mission, after killing Castro you fight your way out of the building. The dude (Woods?) I had to “support” was frozen in position right outside the door of the yard. I kept dying and he stayed stuck there through the “last check point” restarts. I had to restart the whole mission. Lame :(

    My specs:
    Quad 2 Core 9400 2.6ghz
    3.25Gb Ram
    Nvidia 8800GTS
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

  • armirol

    Hi all,

    First day the game worked very well…then came the problems.

    Now, each time i switch map the game crashes after some seconds up to a couple of minutes and i got the console saying some of my files are “truncated”. This happens each and every time i switch map, no exception.

    I tied everything in this forum. Any idea?

    Thank you

    Q6600 @3.5GHz
    4Gb RAM
    Nvidia GTX 260
    Windows 7 32bits professionnal
    Everything up to date

  • Alexander

    I have the same fucking problem! my pc is even way better than yours, i dont see the problem :(

  • Alexander

    Ok, the problem i have is: Freezing in mid game. When i start up the game its ok. It works, but after like 6 minutes playing, it randomly freezes with an error noise of windows. Then the only thing i can do is ctrl+alt+delete and end the game.

    info: My cd is in my computer. My anti-virus is off. My game is up to date. I tried to verify steam things. steam is is unabled ingame, uuhm.. I unclicked the steam sync thing. (i found all these things on your website and on other ones.)

    Unfortunately none of these solutions work… Please help me, my game crashed like 30 times in 2 hours :s Its really annoying

    Thank you very very very much if you are able to help me.. :(

    ………… PLEASE!

  • Lunace

    Hmm for me its just.. Im playing like a half hour with no problems.
    And on a random moment it freezes and I need to control alt del out of the game. I have no idea what the problem is. Any help/information would be appriciated.


    My specs:

    Quad 2 Core Q6600 2.6ghz
    4gb RAM
    Nvidia 9800gtx 1GB
    Windows Vista 32Bit.

    • Hobo

      same as my problem. it is pissing me off

  • DenkuC

    I’m getting 2 freezes; one in singleplayer and one in multiplayer.

    singleplayer freeze is on the mission that is related to nova 6, it freezes when i try to start the mission and \loading\ (speaking) begins.

    In multiplayer it just crashes almost instantly, i get to menu and i can click setting and other stuff but then it just crashes.

    My computer surely should be powerful enough to run this game.

  • Thorros

    Thanks mate,

    I’m waiting for the fix tho. Ty for putting your time on thise case.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      np mate, I am still on it, will share everything I can find till its resolved.

  • Pantherfur

    I have the same problem as Curtis Fry, the game loads fine, nothing wrong, I click Campaign, then New Game, the scene begins where mason is tortured, I skipped it as well as watched it to see if it made any difference, which it didn’t, the scene then shifts to where mason is telling the interrogator about Castro, after he says “Castro… We went in to kill Castro” the game turns black, at first I can see my mouse, I can open my steam overlay, and use CTRL+ALT+DLT, as well as the Start button, but afterward, the screen turns a lighter shade of black, and nothing is responsive, CTRL+ALT+DLT, Start button, steam overlay, and mouse is gone. The only way to break this is to shut down my computer via the Power button, I am using a laptop, with external keyboard, mouse and screen. My computer ran Mw2 on high settings just fine, as well as World in Conflict.
    Also, when I try Zombies, same thing happens, loading things, then black screen.
    Multiplayer is different, the game wont connect to online games, but when I try to play Combat Training, it loads for a bit, then crashes about 1/3 of the loading bar in, tried every map, when the game crashes, I open the task manager, and sure enough, I can see Black Ops Multiplayer Console as one of the processes, and I can see the outline of the Error behind the black shade of the game, but I cannot click it or see what is going on or what it says, please help.

    • Oblivion3600

      Thats my new problem, but i managed to copy the error, here it is:
      Direct3DDevice9::Present failed: Driver internal error (-2005530585)
      I hope i can get it fixed
      Weird error , and btw, my specs r a little bit higher than the minimum, like this : Intel Core Duo CPU E8200 2.66 GHz, 2 gbs RAM, Ndivia Geforce 8800 with 512 mbs, Windows XP and if u need anymore info ask me.

  • Hobo

    While i am playing multiplayer it randommally freezzes….. i tried fixng already but it still frezzes helps la :(

    • Hobo

      i am using window 7 btw

  • Curtis Fry

    The game freezes after the very first cutscene on campaign mode after he gets tortured, and goes on to talk about going after castro, the game turns to a black screen, and wont continue on.

  • Nick

    Hey why Can I only see ffa games? I put the file that says you will only beable to see ffa game. I took it out/deleted it and it only shows ffa games still. PLease help me.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I thought, I have warned people. Refer to #36, I have updated 22# with alternate fix.

  • Gabriel Gari

    I have the same problem, tried all of the solutions that I can find! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • torque

    Hi All,

    what is the “alternative fix” for the ffa server ? I cannot see any server, only FFA. Please if you can say to me the fix to search S&D, TDM, etc I will be so grateful.

    Kind Regards

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #36, I have updated 22# with alternate fix.

      • torque

        Hi Zawad,

        sorry I don’t understand what I need to do… Can you explain it better please ? I don’t see any fix for ffa server only… please can you help me ? Thank you

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          In Problem 36# Can see FFA no other Game Modes Online, in the article above. I have explained how to reset your config. Once you have the config reset, you will be able to see other game types.

          Simply put delete your config file located here.

          C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/call of duty black ops/players

          Once you have deleted the config files here, everything will be reset to default. You may lose your stats though..

          • torque

            Thank you.

            I found another way: the cvars r_ in the Steve’s config are the settings that maybe can get more fps in game. So, I took my old config_mp, overwrite all r_ lines with the r_ lines in the steve’s config, and the launch the game. I have no more lag or issue by low fps and there are all the games modes online.

            I hope it will be useful.

            Best Regards

          • Zawad Iftikhar

            Sad Face :( I wrote exactly that in alternate fix @ #22.

  • Galileo1

    After hours trying to figure out why I could not run the game (it loaded all the way – in SP – to the first mission but then got the Directx Unrecoverable error) I fiddled with the texture setting and was actually able to play the game for about an hour. Suddenly, however, while finally enjoying the game, I get that d@#med “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error\.

    While working to get the game working I followed all suggestions regarding the issue with Directx but I still can’t seem to fully get rid of it. Unistalling and reinstalling directx did not seem to have worked so does anyone have any other ideas?


  • TurBo2208

    Hi there,
    it´s getting weird…
    First i was unable to change any of the controls, NOW the following keys stopped workin ingame: F, V, Shift…. so I cannot USE, MELEE, SPRINT.
    Great job…

    System is as mentioned before:
    Vista64 Business, C2D8400@4,2 , 8GBDDR2, Logitech Wave USB Keyboard and the austrian version of the game.

    I hope there will be a fix soon, since I am not the only one having these problems.

    If someone has a solution, please post it or send it to segmentnext for publication above. Thanks in advance!

  • Oblivion3600

    When i tried playing this for the 1st time in my pc, it crashed and gave the black screen crash but the resolution fix helped me 😀
    I got happy but then! Great, another problem, it freezes at the loading menu in the exact moment that it finishes , so i wait for about 10 secs and bam it shows the console error, something about memory idk, although i meet the requirments, many ppl have this bug, can some1 help?

  • chibor

    they better fix it fast or it is going back to the store!
    I still dont realise how could they make a game so buggy…

  • Jehuty

    28# Connection Interrupted Fix – Didn’t work for me. Still searching for a solution.

  • Mack

    I have the same problem as Josh and Thorros I tried all your solutions but it isnt working :( Same crash at “Press Any Key” window.

  • Andrhino

    Hey, my game won’t let me find a match at all, i tried connecting to a friends game, wouldn’t let me on, it says on the searching bit that it found 0 (some number) what does it mean? what do i have to do?!?!

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  • Thorros


    I’ve got the same problem as Josh ( few post above this one). The game freezes at the: press a key to continue screen. I can’t move the game mouse curser or press any key to continue at all.
    I tried all your solutions in you original post but non off the works for me tho :(


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Run the game on Single Core. Task Manager > Processes > Call of Duty: Black Ops > Set Affinity > Select Only One CPU.
      Update your graphic card drivers.
      Install the DirectX that comes with the game.
      Task Manager > Processes > Call of Duty: Black Ops > Set Priority > High.


      Try running the game in Windowed and see if it resolves the issue.

      1. Go to Black Ops installation directory
      2. Open the Players directory
      3. Open the Config.cfg file in Notepad
      4. Search for the line seta r_fullscreen “1”
      5. Change the 1 to 0
      6. Re-run the game.

      • Max

        I have the same problem, and I tried all of your problems resolving but it doesnt worked :( Same game crash at the “Press Any Key” window.

      • Thorros

        I tried your solutions, but it doesn’t help either.
        The same probleme occures everytime

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          I know the REAL PROBLEM now, I will add a fix when its been available. It has something to do with the game version, Steam Preload version is facing a lot of issues, so avoid. Or Download the other ones.

          • allenz

            Dude do you have a fix for that?! that’s hard to believe (nothing personal, just too good to be true) but i guess most of us are willing to try. If it’s worthy, right?
            Well let everyone know about, when it’s time! If i search for it right now, will i find it in google?
            (as : « “directx encountered an error…” fix » )
            i’ll be waiting man!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #40 guys, its a probable fix. Seems like the issue can only be fixed by the developer via Patch 😐

      • Ty

        has this patch been released yet?
        where can I DL it from?

  • Kevin

    Hi , my screen freezes during the game in like 2min and i have to reboot my hardware is defenitely not bad at all !
    I tryd everything this page said updated every single driver …
    Tryd to set my resolution … didnt effect anything …
    You know what , this game is a big fail…
    More the 70% off the ppl are disgusted by this game because it doenst run proparly !

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try running the game windowed, or wait for the patch that is if you already have given DirectX that comes with the game, a try.

  • haroon

    I bought Black ops yesterday and i keep getting this error ..

    anyone knows the problem? please help me :(

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make sure you have enough empty space in the drive you installed Call of Duty Black Ops. There should be atleast 2GB of free space.

  • Gamepayer

    Actualy sucks. We didn’t pay money for this games to became codders. And why isn’t the vertical sinc option in the game? Very bad optimized this game. I sugest all gamers not to buy this crap may be only if they have quad cores with at leest 3Gb ram and nvidia cards. If activision don’t fix this game they all soo suck, and next time they release a pc game I sugest to test it on more computers.

  • Andrew

    I have a problem with my gun freezing randomly, I can’t fire, reload, knife or anything. All i can do is move my character. It doesn’t seem to be lagging at all when it happens and its recently happening about every other kill. Please let me know if you have a fix for this annoying issue.

  • Kajetan Calczynski

    I had a problem with my CPU and i sent a question to activision and got an answer that fixed my problem. Here it is:
    My CPU is running at 95% almost constantly when playing, when things happen (when I shoot, granades explode ect) it spikes up to 100% and I get lagg. When nothing happens it usually runs smoothly, but I still have a high CPU usage I have tried everything (reduced ingame/desktop resolution, lowerd graphics ect ) and my drivers are up to date.
    I my speccs are:
    – Win 7 x64 bit
    – 4gig ram, Corsair TWIN2X 6400
    – Gigabyte Radeon HD6850 1gig GDDR5
    – Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00Ghz
    Hopes this helps\

    \Hello and thank you for contacting Activision Technical Support, Does this issue occur on both the single player and multiplayer portion of the game?
    Try downloading and installing DirectX 9.0c on your PC. It will not affect your DirectX 10/11, but it may assist with your issue as it installs DirectX files you may have. You can obtain DirectX from the following link:
    Please note that this is a third party link that is not run by Activision.\

    This actually solved all my lagg problems, and i can run the game at highest res and graphics without lag!

    For those having these problems i recomend downloading DirectX Redistributable June 2010, which can be found here:
    Hopes this helps with problems that people have!

  • Josh

    I get two errors. One for single and one for multiplayer. When i start single i finish the cinematics and it says “Press any Key” I press a key and nothing happens. It doesnt say unresponding and i need to ctrl alt del to get out. When i go on multi everything works except when i try to click on anything (settings main menu etc) nothing happens. Please tell me how to fix these I just got the game 1 hour ago and I really really wanna play and am getting very sad.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I don’t know, its weird. Driver conflict or something. Try these, one by one and update me.

      Run the game on Single Core. Task Manager > Processes > Call of Duty: Black Ops > Set Affinity > Select Only One CPU.
      Update your graphic card drivers.
      Install the DirectX that comes with the game.
      Task Manager > Processes > Call of Duty: Black Ops > Set Priority > High.

      Try running the game in Windowed and see if it resolves the issue.

      1. Go to Black Ops installation directory
      2. Open the Players directory
      3. Open the Config.cfg file in Notepad
      4. Search for the line seta r_fullscreen “1”
      5. Change the 1 to 0
      6. Re-run the game.

      • Jay

        Im having the same problem as Josh.

        • Ty

          I got this exact issue as well. You guys figured it out yet?

  • SiruZ

    I got the same problem as devil

    Hi ive got the problem with the crash that when i try to run the game my mouse becomes a loader and when it hits the press any button screen it totally freezes now ive tried the way you have described above and it didnt work maybe because im using windows vista home edition.

    If you know how to solve this problem would you please sent me a email.
    Thanks alot already.

  • Joakim Haag

    Hi dude.
    i just bought black ops, and right after install i was lucky to get in a game, It lagged like hell.
    but my real problem is that it is only 1 out of 15 servers that i try to join, that i actually get in to.
    when i join a server, i have a massive loading time, after the very long loadingtime, i get dropped from the server, an it tells me: “Error: lost connection to host”.
    i hope that you can please help me, also if you know a solution, can you please write it, so that i can try and fix it?

  • jschsc

    omg this game is not right.
    sp runs crappy as hell on a pretty strong system. never any probs with the other mw games on same settings. how this happened is hard to fathom when its been reported to be the most anticipated video game in history. it was on tv and radio news like all day about how awesome the release was gonna be. lol. guess they only tested the console versions cause i havent heard alot of complaining from them. anyway, if this is anything like WAW you can expect to have about 9 different updates totalling in 6 more gigs of files to screw up your hard drive in the following year. it will only take you one busy evening to install and update everything. lol. you wont be playing the first day or two you can get it all ready.
    activision is partially responsible too. dont they check things out or .. oh no wait they ruined IW so they could control the franchise with a tight leash, i forgot. glad treyarch makes games as good as them..

  • Anthony Hammond

    Ok so i am trying to make a montage. But my films are not in my theater! it has 72 films in it but i doesnt put my most recent in films in the theater. i also cant delete any of the films. what is up with that?
    Theater def. needs some adjusting!

  • Tyner

    When I launch Multiplayer/Single Player, the game goes to the Windows 7 working circle over the game’s cursor. Then, when I click on Play, it goes to “Not Responding.” What Should I Do?

  • Hazard

    I did a huge mistake by trying to run the game in admin mode and now whenever i try to start Mp he asks for permission and i click yes but then he keeps asking me for permission…. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Choco

    where can i find the file “players” when i go into ( C:program file/steam/ steamapps/ common/ call of duty black ops/) then i cant find it plz help i cant play and i want to so bad.

  • klopklop

    i have problem #17 the unrecoverable error, tried about everything nothing seems to work

  • Matt H

    Hey man, Im getting a fatal error message… I can play 1 game fine then soon as a new map loads it will say “Fatal error” or just stop responding

    Know any possible sugguestions?

    Many thanks

  • beam

    my game starts an everything, but i cant click anything on the main menu in the mp nor the sp, an the windows 7 ring loads around my cursor all the time. i have done everything an it wont stop i even redownload the game…. sigh what can i do

    • Ty

      seems to be no fix for this, alot of ppl are having this issue

  • r3coil

    Just stating facts.

  • Hoprus

    I have two problems. Single player freezes after first two films before first mission. The screen just goes blank, my mouse just stops moving and my computer restarts itself after few seconds. The second one is that when i join a multiplayer server it always says connection interupted. One time computer even restarted itself like on single player. I can’t play at all. Please help.

  • Lanmi

    eins @ maxvw i also have that da,n problem, anyone help us

  • Nilsi


    I tryed to get higher FPS by doing what stood on 22… and i could only find FFA, but then i removed the config, and i still only find FFA games… any idea how to get it back as normal?

  • Razvan

    Hi.I have a problem with game.I have the game from the pirate bay from user AITB the torrent was Call of duty black ops Tracker Btarena etc.I installed the game and after that i put the crack.When i want to enter in single player the screens is black and the clepsidre is on the black screen and nothing happened.My sistem specs are:Intel celeron 2.80GHz oc to 3.09Ghz it is on socket 478,video card is sapphire hd 3650 agp DDR2 512MB and i have the last driver agp hot fix 10.10_cc_xp32…Ram is 1.5GB DDR.Windows XP sp2.What is the problem please help me Zawad Iftikhar.And i like you site:D.Please please help me:(

  • Erik

    When i join a multiplayer game it loads for upp to 4 minutes and then a message pops up and says: Error lost connection to host or server is full even if the server is not full. How can i fix this? Is it my router? On mw2 it said that my Nat type was strict and i have not been able to fix that.


  • katten

    “36# Can only see FFA no other Game Modes Online
    If you have applied the FPS increase config and are left with only finding FFA game modes online. Try the alternate fix or reset your config files by deleting the config file located here, which will reset everything.”

    You guys don’t think you could’ve mentioned this a bit earlier? Perhaps in 22# ? Now I have to go back from level 24 to level 1

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I have had mentioned it earlier, in #22 Sir.

  • chibor

    I have the same problem with the mouse loading cursor over the actual one tried replacing the config but it didnt work someone plz help i wanna play 😀

  • katten

    I did #22, now I can only find FFA-games. So I deleted the config file which I saved in the “main” folder, but still couldn’t find anything else than FFA-games. I even re-installed, but the problem still remains. Any ideas?

  • abdul2

    I have the #35 problem. Specs meet the required and I have geforce so no hotfix needed, i guess, for me.

  • yuri

    wahn i lunch the game it shows me black screen nothing heppns wahn i prass CTRL+ALT+DELETE it says: could not load default asset $white for asset type image tried to load asset $white how do i fix iT!!!

  • Felcore

    Hey i have no problem with the game running it but as soon as i look for server it only find 1 South-african server and lots of UK,german,french and russain server but i need South-african server and there are about 75 south-african server as by brother thats also on the network can see all of there server, my internet connection is not shared so its not that i just dont pick up South-african server Why??? :)

  • Ash(****ed off with Black Ops)

    Black Ops menu fail?

    Hi, installed black ops yesterday and almost **** myself with excitement only to find out that on both MP and SP menu’s I can’t click anything. This means I also can’t click settings to see whats wrong.. I kinda got really annoyed when I found this out and haven’t found a solution to this yet. ( I have updated virtually everything)

  • omz

    Hi. When i start call of duty black ops- multiplayer when the screen comes up saying play, theater, quit it dosnt let me press any of those buttons. so i cant press play!!!! all i see is the mouse is gold and the is a circle around it loading something. i let it sit for 40 min still nothing…. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!

  • panhnuong

    I have tried follow these fixes but i this game still ass….damn it

  • maxvw

    hey eins,
    i have the same problem,
    if anyone knows the solution plz mail me

  • eins

    hey. any solution for the “Run In Safe Mode?” error so far?

    i started playing yesterday and everything was fine but today when I click on sp or mp i get the message that the prog didn’t quit properly and now i have the decicion to chose to play in safe mode or not in safe mode. either way the gae doesn’t start. any suggestions?


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Put your pc clock on nov 9 and at APROXIMATLY (my config) 1:23 pm.

  • pax

    my game crashes in the loading screen every time!
    im starting a new campaign – regulare soldier .. loading screen, AND then, when i see a guy looking at \me\ (bim bim) freeze, then i try to ALT+TAB (nothing happens) CTRL+ALT+DEL (nothing happens) and then?! suddenly black screen … and i have to restart the computer?!

    my system requirements is good enough so that can’t be the problemo..
    DirectX said something about an error – then i updated it… now it dosent complain about that anymore..

    i’ve done EVERY thing that i could … what can be the problem?!?! :/

    this is my system:

    Operating System:
    MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3

    AMD Phenom X3 8750 Black Edition
    Toliman 65nm Technology

    4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz (5-5-5-18)

    ASUSTeK Computer INC. M3N-HD/HDMI (Socket AM2 )

    L22W-5 @ 1680×1050
    1024MB GeForce 9800 GT (ASUStek Computer Inc)

    Hard Drives:

    Optical Drives:
    TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F

    Realtek High Definition Audio

    Kind Regards.

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  • David


    Have just bought the game for PC on DVD. It will not even install. The message I’m getting is from windows security saying “Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened”. The file that’s causing this is D:\steamservice,exe

    We have tried opening this directly as admin, turning the virus protection and firewalls on and off, copying he game and files to the acceptance list in the firewall, installing in safe mode, copying the file to hard drive and renaming it, nothing has worked.

    I’m running windows 7. All updates are current, Platform is a Intel quad core 6600 2.6G, Nvidia geforce 8400GS and 2gb of ram.

    I have even exchanged the game for another as I swear it was faulty.

    I appreciate your feedback!

  • Brett Warneke

    I’m getting the game freezing up at the menu screen for both single player and multi player and the spinning ring of death, as I call it, aka the loading circle for vista and 7, is now my mouse pointer. HELP PLEASE!

  • Matt

    Now that I ran your config, I only find FFA games. How do I change it back? Using the filter does not help.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I have clearly mentioned that using the config would result into that. You can copy cvars that begin with r_ and paste them in default black ops config. See if it helps..

      • SandyEggo

        IM having problem 19# and #16

        tired everything changed the config dident work

        AMD 64 2,20ghz 3700+
        2gigs Ram
        1tb HD
        Nvidia 7900 GS

        Please help still havent gotten to play dis yet

        • Ty

          seems liike there is no reply to this question everytime…waste of $60

  • Wtfwtfwdf

    Wen I alt tab or ctrl alt del it crashes and says fatal error

  • Filth PiG

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone has the issue of not being able to change control settings like Run, Crouch and Melee..if so can this be fixed?

  • B

    damn wtf is wrong with this game? ever since i bought the game i never get the chance to play it. it freeze on single player and goes into a black screen. DEAD END! i have to power off by holding on the power botton. im running AMD quad core 2.20 GHZ with a 5 GB rams. ATi 5660 video card. 550 power suppply. I’ve talk to some technical support and they said with a 5gb ram and a 5660 ati video card it should be able to handle it. IF anybody know a way to fix these stupid crashes and freezes let me know..i’ll appreciate.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #32, Download and Install the hotfix.

  • Tyler

    I cannot sprint or shoot, then the gun starts shooting by itself unloading all the ammo. Melee only works sometimes. Its not my controller, i turned mw2 on and everything is fine. I use default alt, inverted with 4 sensitivity.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Do you have any USB controller connection while you are playing the game with mouse and keyboard ? if so, un-plug the controller. See if that helps.

  • fister

    using the x360 wired contoller is really hard to aim in this game… there appears to be some kind of accelleration/smoothing function affecting the aim stick, would appreciate any tips how to deactivate or otherwise fix this prob, thx

  • chris

    it still crashes when you try to change the resolution.

  • TurBo2208

    Well, I have the austrian version of the game and I am unable to change any of the controls. This is independent if it´s in single or multiplayer mode. I can click on the defined controls but nothing happens, whatever I try. Machine is running Vista x64 Business, GTX260, C2D8400, 8GBDDR2-800, P35 Chipset, Logitech Wave Keyboard USB. Any help would be appreciated.

  • SandyEggo

    Please Help me i follow your great instructions on the mosue freezeing at startup, even updated direct x. still freezing on menu screen cant click start game it not responds also please help!

  • Brian

    I did an idiotic thing and modified a file without creating a backup, now I am in need of the config_mp file. Can you upload/send it to me?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      You can delete it and it will be reset to default settings. No big deal, but back this time.

  • devil

    Hi ive got the problem with the crash that when i try to run the game my mouse becomes a loader and when it hits the press any button screen it totally freezes now ive tried the way you have described above and it didnt work maybe because im using windows vista home edition.

    If you know how to solve this problem would you please sent me a email.
    Thanks alot already.

  • Ultra

    This game is ass til now :s :s

  • geepeeg

    I installed it through retail and when i run the game the steam launcher comes up, disappears and doesn’t do anything else, no error message no nothing.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Refer to #29, How to Uninstall Call of Duty Black Ops and Force a Disk Install.

  • Jeff

    Yeah I’m still getting crashed immediately on screen resolution change the instant I try single or multiplayer, so I don’t think they’ve fixed that through a Steam update. Just black screen with mouse hourglass in a 1024×768 resolution. Specs:

    CPU: E8400 3 GHz
    RAM: 2.75 GB
    OS: Windows XP
    Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850
    Power: 650W

  • Lorre

    I tried the thig to increase my FPS but now i only see the FFA matches, how can I reverse this. I already tried reinstalling…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Delete the config file, and it will reset. Refer to #36.

  • asdasd

    hey… I have a problem a few of us encoutnered…after running the exe the game hangs..wont actually start.. a simple solution was changing the compatibility. The game started the cinematic with the treyarch showed and then it crashed. Always does that. Gives a fatal error. Running on win xp.. Never had problems with any cod..

  • Michael Dias

    Have i7 920 with 6gb ddr3 triple slot patriots and 3 500 gb hds gtx260 by nvidia. Steam is installed on a 160 gb partition with 80gb free space available. Have downloaded and installed Black Ops three times on line and twice from DVD….but everytime I go to start it doesnt even create the players file and says Black Ops couldnt write the file. Seems that the hard drive is full. Yes I have completely eliminated all files each and everytime. Also I eliminated everything as per the instructions from Steam but to no avail
    Just hope you can help out. Thanks ahead of time for your assist

    • Phil

      Try running as admin

  • Vince

    I have updated all directX drivers and manually installed from the black ops directory, uninstalled reinstalled game, updated all video drivers, played with affinity and priority and still no luck getting the game to work. I can load it up, but once i start to play it just freezes on the load screen, have to ctrl alt del to get out…i give up.

    • Daniel

      mate when you get into the game go to options>graphics and drop your texture settings to low

      i had the same problem in MW2

      just try it if it doesn’t work sorry

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      #10, #16, #29, #31. Did you try these workarounds ? just to eliminate the possibilities.

  • Ronald

    after i ran the SP i got an error, saying that there is something wrong with dx, i tried to run the dxsetup manually and restart. Now when i try to run the game, nothing happens, if i try again the game offers to start in safe mode.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Restarting the system and re-launching the game may help. You can try starting the game as admin.