FIFA 11 Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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FIFA 11 has been released, with lots of controller worries all around, some don’t like the restricted keyboard controls, some can’t figure out how they can get their controller recognized by game, and remaining have frustrating technical issues.

If you are among any of these, you can refer to the guide below for workarounds regarding most of the technical as well as compatibility issues faced by FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 Troubleshooting Guide

1# FIFA 11 Controls Customization
Can’t figure what to do with the new controls the game has ? refer to our FIFA 11 Controls Setup Guide.

2# FIFA 11 has encountered a problem and needs to be closed Error Message
If you come up against this error, make sure you have minimum game requirements and are running the game with updated graphics. Update your DirectX and install latest Microsoft Visual C++ binaries + .Net Framework 3.5.

3# FIFA 11 E0001 Error message Fix
If you happen to come across this error message, make sure your video card supports Shader Model 3.0 or the game won’t run. If your video card supports 3.0 shaders and you still receive this error, then update your video drivers to fix this error.

4# Can’t Enter the Controller Options Inside Game
It is a known bug for FIFA 11, and the developers are working on a fix. Meanwhile if you want to map your keys, go to:

FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe

and choose in-game keyboard or select your controller to assign keys of your choice.

5# Does FIFA 11 Supports Mouse Controls ?

6# FIFAConfig.exe Crashes
If your game crashes when you open fifaconfig.exe, then make sure you have latest .Net Framework installed in your system.

7# EA Servers Not Accepting Key For Online
Seems to happen with people who bought the digital version of the game. Please contact EA Support, if you are in US. If you are not in US, the game hasn’t officially been released outside US, so may be this is the problem. It will be released Worldwide October 1st.

8# Xbox 360 Controller Issues on PC
If somehow few controls of original Xbox 360 controller on PC are not working properly, change the USB port you have plugged the controller. If you have plugged the controller on front panel then try back panel USB Ports and see if that helps.

How to Make Playstation 3 Controller Work on Windows
Trying to use Playstation 3 controller on Windows ? here is how you can configure it to work.

Step 1
Download Playstation 3 Controller Drivers For Windows “MotioninJoy”.

Step 2
Read this guide to correctly configure your Playstation 3 Controller on Windows.

9# FIFA 11 Game Lag Fix
If your game is lagging try setting your sampling rate of sound card to 44.1khz 24bit from 96khz. Don’t know how ? Go to

Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> Sound> Speakers> Properties> Advanced

and Change the sampling rate to 24 bit 44.1khz and apply the settings.

Alternatively, set the affinity to 1 CPU, and priority to High you can re-set it later on if this workaround works.

How to Make PS2 Controller Work For FIFA 11 on Windows
Step 1
Download Xbox 360 Emulator here.

Step 2
Now copy this files to “C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game”:

  • dinput8.dll
  • xbox360cemu.ini
  • xinput1_3.dll
  • xinput9_1_0.dll
  • XInputTest.exe

Configure your controller and see if that works.

10# Video Driver has Stopped Working
Uninstall your current video card drivers, reboot, and re-install the latest video card drivers after cleaning the drivers with driver cleaning tool like driver sweeper or cccleaner.

11# FIFA 11 Crash on Start Up, Black Screen Fix
Similar to #2, the game crashes on start up showing an error, “game has stopped working”. Also if you start the game and happen to experience the black screen of death, then refer to the workaround below.All you need to do to fix this issue is, run the game as admin in compatibility mode.

Quick Checks to Get FIFA 11 Working

  • Make sure you have updated DirectX installed.
  • Make sure you have updated your Video Card Drivers.
  • Make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 Installed.
  • Also make sure your video card supports shadel model 3.0.
  • Make sure you have set the audio sample rate to 24bit 44.1khz.

If you are facing any other issue, comment and we will try our best to resolve that for you.

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  • ash

    On ps2 I hiyt reset accidently and now when I go onto Fifa 11 it goes to the screen that meant to say press any button and the it doesn’t and the music cuts out and yeah plz fix

  • Jacob Wambaya

    hi just installed F1 2013 but when i want to open it i get a message that it’s not the .exe file i want that it is a dummy file what do i do

  • Khan

    my fifa setup is not starting installation..i have windows seven..when i double click setup nothing shows but a message from windows CLOSE PROGRAM OR CHECK ONLINE FOR SOLUTION…
    can u tell me any solution for this??

  • Shyam

    Till today i could play fifa 11 well and good without any problem,starting since two weeks ago… But today it is stuttering.. I don’t know why. I even played it yesterday night and haven’t made any changes to the comp after that too..even tried reinstalling fifa and i updated all drivers too… Still it’s is having lags.


    i have installed fifa 11 on my pc. but every time i open it says ‘fifa 11 has stopped working’. the problem details ara as follows:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: fifa.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4c8a90dc
    Fault Module Name: fifa.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4c8a90dc
    Exception Code: 80000003
    Exception Offset: 00006536
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: e7ca
    Additional Information 2: e7ca8eb42688585363528cae90437183
    Additional Information 3: 9ef5
    Additional Information 4: 9ef53f1b7ab73fc7de2df0e3321436cc


    • Khan

      anyone help

      • Vignesh

        Share Ur System Config…….

  • rutwij kulkarni

    When i start my game the play. Game settings and exit window appears when i click on play there is no response….somebody please help out.

    • Ali Asif

      which OS are you using? Have you tried running it as administrator. Or try replacing the game launcher….

      • rutwij kulkarni

        I m using win xp….how to run it in administrator ? Or how to replace the game launcher?

  • shas

    hey.. i had to crash down my game as there isn’t any way out if you sim a game in manager mode but don’t want the conclusion. So after i tried run my game again, i get only audio of the game. I can press enter to go ahead an select the language but i can’t see anything. I have lost my installation file too. Please help me out and tell me a way which doesn’t include reinstalling my game. please help

  • keane

    im having same problem do u hav any solutions?????

  • keane

    Hey My computer configuration is
    ECS motherboard with 2.8ghz processor
    1 GB ram
    Nvidia ge force 210

    Games like Assasin creed Brotherhood,Call of Duty MOdern Warfare 4,…runs bt not fifa 12.The practice runs smoothly bt whn d kick off starts then its too slow.What should i do please help me.

  • litesh

    hii m playing fifa 11…and m gettin this error “fifa 11 has stopped working”.
    this error comes mainly after i enter the 11th season of manager mode.
    i played few games in this season in whcich i was getting error bot only possible when my pro is in reserves.\\

    dont knw why the error is coming
    third time this happened dat in 11th season the error is coming.

  • Need Help

    Help me! Whenever I start the game, it says \FIFA 11 has stopped working\, I’ve update all the thing mentioned,except I am still using net.framework 3.5,do I need to update to framework 4? Have patched the game to 1.01.The problem still the same. My specs are:
    Core i3 2.2ghz
    4 gb RAM
    7 Home 64 bit

  • dodo

    help…. i have a problem , when i press D (shooting)+ E (sprint ) the player doesn’t shot … but when i press D alone without E it’s works and shooting !!!….

  • THe Wizard

    Hi The commentators on my Fifa11 wont commentate. I can hear the fans but the commntators are silent. Please help me solve this problem

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try to check your sound settings in-game – Commentary Volume.

  • navneet gupta

    can someone please tell me how to play fifa2011 in offline mode with my friend on same computer. i have one joystick but dont know how to play 2 players at one time on same system!! pls help

  • Alex

    Can you please help me? Im playing Fifa 12 on my PS3. I cannot access the career mode, it just completely freezes when i select ‘Advance’ and i have to restart the PS3. It did the same thing to me on Fifa 11. The game works fine on other PS3’s. I do not have any problem with any other game, just fifa and career mode on my PS3. What is wrong with my console?

  • Ojas Sonnis

    Hey guys.. PLS HELP ME FAST.. I click on \play\ and the error comes as \Please insert the original \FIFA 11\ CD/DVD.\ What Do I DO..!!?????????

  • nihar

    Dude i have fifa 11 application files….it works for my friend but not for me…why is so??

    my spec:
    4gb ram
    geforce 210 (1 gb ddr3)
    core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz
    500 gb hdd
    xp sp3

  • Aakar

    Please Help me..i used to play fifa regularly but now when i click Play the game wont start..and it give run time error R6002 floating poin not Loaded…PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE :(

  • benny1996

    Hi, i have fifa 11 (for 3 months now) for ps2 and it stops working after it downloads everything from the memory card!! it only has three months! Can you help me?

  • PoizonD

    My FIFA 11 is just crashing when its showing the vids… but no errors appear after that… sometimes it doesnt crash (EXTREMELY rare)… so i cant skip the vids at the startup and no error reports??? whats to do??

    TY for any help that you maybe givin….

    \ /
    \ / PEaCE (IM not gay, rasist, hippi, geek….)

  • sitler

    My game for Fifa 11 was working fine but one day after i played it the screen zoomed in on the screen and now when i play it i cant see some of the main menue and other things in game modes. Can someone please tell me how to fix the screen and zoom out so i can it will go back to normal

  • muzz

    i had been playin dis game for 1 work fine, but,suddenly, it turn to blue and black in colour, i try create new profile, and it work fine, but when i switch back to my old profile, it turn to blue and black me…

  • suyash

    the game works fine but somtimes the lob passes and through passes….now even passes doesn’t occur…i have to change direction or sprint then the players pass plz help me

  • Katrix

    I just installed FIFA 11 on my PC and when I double click the icon on the desktop, nothing happens. WTH?

    • nazirul

      same with me,just installed fifa manager 11 on my pc, but after click the icon,nothing happened,i use window 7,but tried with my friend’s windows XP,it works meeee

  • snuffi

    pls help , my fifa crashes at the startup , when it gets to EA sports it just crashes and shows me an error .. ;x

    • pavlik

      you have an AMD processor???
      if you have AMD you need an driver update

    • pavlik

      here is your file,install and enjoy but only if you have AMD processor.

  • Jusun park

    Oh i tried going through
    FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe
    to change my control setting too. but wouldnt save still T.T;

  • Jusun park

    Hi, i had to reformat my computer and reinstalled my fifa 11 PC but when trying to add new control key it would not save. Like i would enter my command keys but wont save what i typed it but would show as different keys. i was able to swtich other options and would save but just not the control key section its wierd and making me a sad panda plz help T.T;

  • Skipper

    When i double click the game it says.. Fifa 11 has stop working , i dont know y? and your mentioned steps but still sometimes the error appears.

  • Just a guy

    i have instaled the game and the win crashed so i had to format my hard with windows on it and after that every time i try to start the game the computer terminate the process and its just doesnt work i tried every thing i instaled reg.files i instaled crack,patches and i put the activtion code and its stil dosent work

  • John

    The game used to work fine for around 6 months or so..
    recently it randomly stopped working and every time i click on fifa.exe the game loads up and after i chose my account a blank screen comes up with “29 Yards” in the middle.. instead of this the player with the ball should appear (screen right before main menu)
    Please help me out.. i dont understand why it doesn’t work anymore

  • Gordon

    My FIFA 11 has stopped working.anytime i click on fifa.exe,there is this message that appears on my screen that FIFA 11 has stopped working amd needs to be closed.

  • SKY

    when i open the fifa.exe it says “No CD/DVD-ROM drive found.”

  • ~Quaresma ~Silva

    if done it…but……it’s still don’t work……..i really want to play the virtual pro online..!!!!!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Buy the game if you want to play the virtual pro online.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      If you have bought the game of EA and Key still doesn’t work, contact EA Support team about the issue.

      • ~Quaresma ~Silva

        ooo……thanks for helping me…i will try its..!!!

  • ~Quaresma ~Silva

    hye…someone….is that a free download for the Microsoft C++ and Net Framework 3.5….??
    sound driver is what..??
    i don’t understand about it…!!! :(

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Yeah all of these are free downloads – Google the download links.

      • ~Quaresma ~Silva

        oh….thanks for helping me……
        but i have another question…..can you tell me what is the valid cd key for fifa11 online game……???

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          That comes with the Disk when you buy the game – or order from EA Store via EA Download Manager. Original Game!

  • jovito

    hey i have installed fifa 11 on my pc. but i cannot play it bt fifa 10 works fine. whenever i tries to click the play button my pc gets restarted with blue screen stating the error. plz help me in this regards…….

  • gibran

    I have update the game to 1.01, after that whenever I start the game the brightness is very very low, and it crashes after a while ! please help . .. if possible email me the solution

  • Hristo Murtov

    Hi, I play FIFA11 on my PC. I play the game on my keyboard, but when i press UP + RIGHT + D i can’t shoot :(… the key D wont work :(… why?
    When I press only UP (or DOWN) + D it WORKS!… I can’t make diagonal shoot. :( Please help

  • hamayun

    Hi..i play fifa 11 on PC…the game lags …especially when i play online ..Please Help !!

  • Elizur

    I used my PS2 dual shock controller for pc the first time and it worked but the second time it refused to work only the keyboard was working… i uninstalled it and reinstalled and the same problem surfaced… is there any solution please

  • monkey-flem

    I got fifa for 360 and have had real problems with it, first off is that i get that messgae telling me to clean the disk which i woud understand if it was actually dirty, this also happend to fifa 09 and fifa 10 until they stopped working alltogether, was kinda hoping by now that would be fixed but the other problem im having is that i put play game and cant get past the team sheet -.-

  • atish

    hi, whenever i play fifa 11 on ps3, it freezes for a few seconds during gameplay and then carries on like normal, this occurs several time during the game. The freezing occurs only on fifa, all my other games work perfect…..what can i do to fix this irritating problem?????


    For FIFA 11 has encountered a problem and needs to be closed Error Message.

    update all the drivers…
    2. UPDATE Sound drivers (very important).
    3. update directx .
    4. Install only the latest Microsoft C++ (uninstall older versions).
    5. .Net Framework 3.5.( uninstall older versions)

    NOTE: For this error(FIFA 11 has encountered a problem and needs to be closed Error) UPDATING THE SOUND DRIVER SHOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    • JOYSON



  • saaed

    I have i5 4GB RAM with Gforce 420m 1GB VRAM
    when I launch the program it goes into minimize situation, and everytime I try to maximize it, it re-minimize… can you tell me what is the problem?

  • sheik

    when i open the game i get a meassage “fifa11 has stopped working”
    plzzzzzzz help plzzzzzzzz help as soon as psble

  • sheik

    when i open the game i get a meassage “fifa11 has stopped working”
    plzzzzzzz help plzzzzzzzz

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Problem is with your fifa11.exe file. Change it with someone who has the game working.

  • Toshan

    I had accidentally deleted the fifa 11 fifa.exe application file and even tried to recover it using recuva, but nothing happened. Where can I get the original fifa.exe file(PLZZ NOT THE CRACKED ONE!)

  • jaefar

    hii…pls helpme…….i hav beeen playing fifa 11for a while….bt nw it wnt wrk….am playin it on pc….it was wrkin vry nicely 2 days bak…bt nw it wnt….wnever i opn d .exe file…cursur vl show loading bt nothin wil haapn…d funny thing s dat dere aint any error reports……… if i run d fifaconfig..throug RUN… error report is seeen..”fifaconfig has encouraged a problem and needs tu close.”…..pls du help meee…

  • chris

    my problem is i can use both the controller and the key board for getting around the menu and both for single player , but as soon as i enter LAN, i am restricted to only key board controls, idk if its because im pressing space bar in the kaka menu, but if that’s true, why would it work on single player

  • mustafa

    hi .. my problem is that the game is to slow with much freeze when i play .. i used to change my RENDERING QUALITY and the game slightly improve .. here i tried to use diffrent one but it still the same i have Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz…1 Gigabyte of RAM…GeForce 210 1gb 3.0 Pixel Shader …DirectX 9.0c…Free Disk Space 88.9 GB
    any help plzzzzzzzz

  • Eugene

    Someone help please? Okay so i installed the FIFA 11 pc on my computer. When i click on the little jabulani icon, nothing happens. I mean, NOTHING. i double click it, then i see the loading cursor. after that, nothing happens and i can’t play. I have the latest DirectX too. help?

  • Marduk

    So I got the game and installed it. Everything was fine, I went into the game, made my profile, got to play a little bit and experienced some lag, so I decided to change the video settings on a lower level. Went back to the desktop and re-opened the runner, changed the settings on low. Started the game, saw Kaka entering the pitch and when it asks me to update the game to play online or update the profile (whatever) I press cancel, because I did it before and I got to play it, but now, after pressing cancel, I can see the loading thing in the screen, Kaka walking to the pitch a little bit more and then black screen. So I decided to google around for the black screen thingy. Saw this place. I updated my graphics driver, downloaded the newest Net Framework 3.5, the new directx was installed with the game. Nothing, still black screen at the same place which I described before. Tried to run as administrator, still no effect either. I checked if my graphics card supports shader model 3.0 and it did. So now I seek for any further help in my case. Card is ATI Radeon X1550.

    Thank you.

  • rixENz

    I cant find the option to change the sampling rate…

    Help me, i’m on Windows XP and it’s not the same…


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Windows XP automatically stream audio at the sample-rate of the audio file being played that is controlled by the application, in our case the game we are running. So, you shouldn’t face the issue by default if you are on XP. Anyway, you can tweak your audio playback from here.

      Go to Control Panel, and open Sounds and Audio Devices. From the window that pops up go to:

      “Audio” tab -> “Sound Playback” -> “Advanced” -> “Performance” -> “Audio Playback” -> “Sample rate conversion” -> ‘best’

      “Audio” tab -> “Sound Playback” -> “Advanced” -> “Performance” -> “Audio Playback” -> “Hardware Acceleration” -> ‘Full’

      You can try tweaking these, if it resolves your issue. Again, I will repeat, you shouldn’t face this issue if you are running the game on XP SP3.

  • AnimalBear

    New Patch is here but don´t bee happy the Southend United Team Still Crash on the game.

    Ps: This install can be very slow.


  • vasilli

    hi, my problem is that when i start the game it loads normally and play the kaka’s video but after that it crashes to the desktop saying fifa 2011 stopped working. help plz.
    my pc : intel CPU 2.8 GHz
    RAM: 1 GB , VGA card: Geforce 9400 NT 1 GB
    thanks in advance.

  • Hashem

    Its working, but its lagging, i tried to change the sound like u said, but i cant find what ur talking about “Im windows XP”
    Thnx for the help in advance :)

  • skyboy

    I can’t open fifa 11!
    When I click on the shortcut nothing happens
    Can someone help me?

  • pushpargha

    HI Zawad,



    sorry but don mind my caps lock! :)

  • AnimalBear

    Still no patch on EA and Konami make a new update again next week.
    OMG i hate this FIFA crash more then the game.

  • Pali

    I have installed the game but when i click on d game.exe file it says ‘application reconfiguration error . Reinstalling the game might help’

    I dont have any idea whats wrong , Please help me :(

    My system configurations are,
    2.4 Ghz intel core 2 quad processor
    Geforce 8600gt 1 gb graphics card
    2gb ram

    I updated my graphics card a month ago.

  • Kaka

    I can not start it even, when i start game after skiping the account information it keep loading loading and loading………………..


    • abishek

      hey dude same prob wit my copy…..
      any solution????

  • tayeb

    s’ils vous plait aidez moi (après le choix du profile le cercle de chargement tourne la zik marche mais le menu s’affiche pas le chargement est interminable pourriez-vous m’aider svp ?

  • Hassan

    When i start a match i can only see the ball moving as i move it but no players :/ …

  • AnimalBear

    I Try everthing and crack emulated in Daemon Tools ISO still crash i think the error is inside of the FIFA Files not the Crack if crash the exe file must have a conflict file on FIFA.
    So EA Sports must fix it.

  • huzaifa

    how can i change audio sample rate in xp???

  • AnimalBear

    If is FIFA.exe is the problem then Why don´t answer my questions?

    Frustating isn´t it?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Try some different version of the game.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Mix the files of the two versions may be. Don’t know just hit and trial…

  • AnimalBear

    Mr.J for me just crash exe file when i go to manager mode play when i skip or save the game then crash all the rest works fine.
    I have all Updated.
    Common EA i don´t whan’t to buy this game on Christmas my birthday will have no presents before comes this patch.
    Original or Pirate the game is the same.
    Ahhhh EA. I Got back to my PES2011 i buy it, because this year i love this 2 more PES then FIFA because of the bugs.
    FIFA 2005 to 2010 is a lost of time FIFA 06 and 09 Still good, i hate 07,08 and 10.

    • AnimalBear

      I Forgot when i play with Southend United they crash.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Interestingly, we share the same opinion about FIFA all these years. FIFA 9, 6 OK, FIFA 08, new engine tweaked, but it didn’t go well. FIFA 05 well loved the long range shots, half line goals by Beckham FTW!.

      FIFA 10 was just a disgrace but I can safely say FIFA 11 is well worth it if they fix everything.

      @Random Crashes
      Hint. FIFA.exe is the problem, now you know the problem, Fix it. (Don’t make say exactly what you need to do please).

  • Mr.J

    I see, I don’t seem to have a problem of crash while playing FIFA 11 ever since I started playing. As mentioned, my solution was for those who had no problems with the .exe crashing but had the home/away problem, so do take note and thanks for the notice AnimalBear.

  • AnimalBear

    EA Dorks every day a week don´t talk about the patch fix.

  • omar

    Whwn loading ,it works perfectly until kaka teaser and then i skip the ea account login n then a black screen appears with a revolving circle in the left top corner of the screen….the game dosnt run further than that……i tried waiting for the game to run bt no luck…help guys

  • Richard

    I can’t even start the damn game ! It was stuck at the Kaka opening screen !

  • Gisha

    I have the same problem as some people here, I get it to the EA sports screen and it crashes, I managed to get to play with Kaka once but it crashed, and now always the same… And it takes a while to load, dunno wtf is goin on, I have all the downloads needed for the game (.NET, drivers…) -.^ Help please…

  • AnimalBear

    Sorry Mr.J with Admin or not the game crash i think is the exe file and we need a new one.

    If is not the .exe then fifa need to make us a patch to play the game well.

    AnimalBear ;D

  • cyruz

    Thanks for the info about the Emulator!

    • Zawad Iftikhar


  • Ben

    Help me please. I had installed the game but it can’t be started at all. I double click on the game shortcut icon and there isn’t any respond.

  • Mr.J

    Problem I faced:
    I double click FIFA 11 and start playing. I play Home with Chelsea and Any team on the away side. After i start the match and showing the teams etc, the away team always starts off instead of me.

    Run FIFA 11 by right clicking the application and ” Run As Adminstrator ” . That way, the home team will always start.

    I’m not sure if this only happens to me or the solution has been posted. But anyway, hope this helps some of you out there playing the game. Cheers.

  • mishka

    Please help me fifa11 exe. has stopped working. Ramovakherkho I do not know, please help me.

  • uros

    I start my game and after i refuse to sign in to my EA account the screen goes black and in the left corner there is a rotating circle like the game is loading.. but nothing happens..
    help anyone?? please!!!!

  • Jimmy

    My problem is that i cant get into the game, I pass the start: Kaka, Cech and Iniesta then i choose my personal setting then it goes to a black screen and the loading circle. It shows its still loading and music is playing but nothing actually happens. I cant get past this.
    Can anyone help?

    • abhishek

      same problem here dude……..any solutions pls

  • ROLSs

    Hi all,had a problem with fifa.exe crashing everytime i ran it. But then i was like how come the demo plays perfectly,then i copied the data folder and all the all to data7.big files to the demo’s install directory and it solved my crashing at start up. Do not replace the demo’s fifa.exe file,seems like its the one file that solves everything. Hope this helps those who meet the minimum requirements but cannot get the game to run.

    • diego

      did you get it work i have the same error please help!!!!!!

  • AnimalBear

    My crash is like this.

    Nome do Evento de Problema: APPCRASH
    Nome da aplicação: fifa.exe
    Versão da aplicação:
    Carimbo de Data/Hora da Aplicação: 4c8a90dc
    Nome do Módulo com Falhas: fifa.exe
    Versão do Módulo com Falhas:
    Carimbo de Data/Hora do Módulo com Falhas: 4c8a90dc
    Código de excepção: c0000005
    Desvio de Excepção: 000160f5
    Versão do SO: 6.0.6002.
    ID de Região: 2070
    Informações Adicionais 1: fd00
    Informações Adicionais 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
    Informações Adicionais 3: fd00
    Informações Adicionais 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

  • AnimalBear

    A nother crash i play with Southend United on Manager Mode and the Game Crash after i save the game or i skip it the rest works fine for me.

  • bolbol

    i have problem with loading previous saves it makes game crash to desktop also while playing ball is in air the game turns very slow and run smoothly when on ground any help?

  • marvice

    hi…can i ask why after i install fifa11 ….then after that start game…then it will come out error…even can’t get inside the game screen?

  • Robbie

    Hi, I get the E0001 Error message (per No.3) for Fifa 11. How do I check that my video card supports Shader Model3.0?

  • Drazen

    this is my email adress, please someone reply on it.

    My problem is… When i change game settings in fifa 11, i go to controller customizaton and everything works fine, i set everything BUT when i have to press what button it will be ”GO LEFT” i press ”left” on my controller and it gives me error with this message

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
    at fifasetup_csharp.GameSettingsForm.GetPhysicalButtonCPP(IntPtr _map, Int32 index)
    at fifasetup_csharp.GameSettingsForm.FillControllerTabsWithDefaults(String controllerName, Boolean iskeyboard)
    at fifasetup_csharp.GameSettingsForm.timer1_Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.4952 (win7RTMGDR.050727-4900)
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Program%20Files/EA%20Sports/FIFA%2011/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe

  • Eraser

    Hi, my games crashes after the ea sports logo when the kaka video starts sometimes it crashes while the logo is there some time the video starts and play a few seconds and then it starts i tryed changing resolution and stuf to look if thats the problem but it isnt… pls help im usin win xp

  • Martin

    Ahh I noticed the link above doesn`t work so I provide you with another one

  • Paul

    I can’t even get FIFA 11 to start. I have the latest .NET, latest Nvidia drivers, and I can’t get past the Peter Cech screen before it just kicks out of the program. No explanation is given. I have fussed around with some settings and had it give me an error message involving nvappfilter.dll but that is not always the case.

    I can’t believe I am the only one this is happening too. I have this happening on two different machines running XP 64bit. In one case its AMD 5400+ and GeForce 8800 GTX and the other 9650 Quad Core Extreme with SLI GeForce 260’s. I am sure both systems wouldn’t have any problem running this game.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Re-Install the game, the game is just corrupted.

      • Paul

        Are you saying my download from the EA store was corrupted?

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          correct or its a broken installation if it crashes at exact same point. No other logical reason I can think of.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          If you tried re-installing, you can download it again and give it a try. If the same thing happens, contact EA support to assist you.

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          People with the pirated game had this issue, don’t know why you are having the same issue. Anyway reinstalling the game or re-downloading should do.

  • Martin

    my problem is , wheter I`am playing online or just in the manager mode , sometimes the game crashes after I or the opponent recieve 2 red cards , don`t know if the red cards are affecting the game crashing , but probably they are, thats just a hypothesis..
    Anyways heres the screen I took after the game crashed , it happend several times , I can`t count how many but I have the latest nvidia drivers , latest dx redistributable, latest net framework 3.5 and latest binaries C+++
    btw the game crashes are so annoying , making the game almost unplayable…
    It is a big shame that EA didn`t come up with some patch or fix or something…

  • dany

    first of all sory about my English.
    my problem is when i try to installing fifa its tells that one file is missing
    there is a print scrin of the ERROR :
    what i need do to?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Source media corrupted, because if the file is missing you can’t install the game. Replace the DVD, Or re-download the game if you bought digital version.

  • Charlie

    I haven’t really had too much of a problem with fifa so far. Although i’ve only played about 6 or 7 games. I found it easy to set up my controller that I used for fifa 10. There is the odd glitch, like the arena mode crashed once. Hopefully a patch can fix a few things such as this.

  • Deiw

    Hello guys, my problem is, that if I am trying to play be a pro, my goals doesnt count. I mean when is score 4:2 and i scored 3 goals they show final score 1:2. I should be first in a table but instead of it i am 12th becouse of my never happend goals and loses. Does anyone know what to do?

  • jones

    can you elaborate on “set the priority to 1 cpu” ? im on windows xp thanks

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I always confuse these two, I hope I didn’t waste your time 😐

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Sorry it was a typo, its affinity that needs to be set to 1CPU. Now how you do that, Open Task Manager, Go to Processes, Right Click on fifa 11.exe, and you will see in options, “Set Priority” which you need to set to high, and below it you will see “Affinity” which when you click on will open another window if your processor is multi-core. There you will have options like CPU 0, CPU 1, CPU 2, CPU 3. By default, all of them will be selected, select only one for this process and see if that helps.

      • Mayank

        hey…i did all these but still my fifa 11 responds really slow
        when i change the resolution to 384 n 512 in Documents<fifa11< fifa setup the graphics are blurr n mouse has only quarter of area but the options like selection team changing squad or whatever works fast but when i play the game it again slows down man…plz help me yr

  • dragonashu

    Yesterday, I played for about 3 hours and it was running fine at 1024×768 and low quality. Today I tried to run it and it went fine in the menu but when i had to play i “encountered an error and needs to be closed”. how come it stopped working now? i tried to change the video settings, i have good directx and framework 3.6 and visual c++..any ideas?

  • alex

    i cant find the option to change the sampling rate..heeelp!!plz

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Windows 7
      Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Playback>
      Now in the window you will find Speakers, Realtek Digital Output, and Realtek Digital Output(RCA), may differ depending on your system configuration.

      Select the hardware that has a green tick under it. In my case Realtek Speakers( Realtek High Defination Default Audio Device) now at the bottom you will see a properties button. Click it to open the properties window, In the properties window go to “Advanced” tab and you will see the drop down menu where you can set the sample rate. You will find 44.1 aka 44100 HZ option there.

      Now Select Realtek Digital Output, and go to its properties, click on “Supported Formats” tab and choose 44.1khz in sample rate radio button window. Do the same in advanced tab of window, make sure its the same as speaker.

      Again, you can repeat the same for Realtek Digital Output(RCA). Now all of this was for Playback audio.

      If you are want to play online, using mic or want to use recording feature, you will have to go to recording tab Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Recording> here and set this for Stereo Mix and Microphone.

      I hope this helps, that’s all there is to it really :) Happy Gaming..

  • Sukhy

    Hi, my problem is that it crashes on the start, at the Kaka screen, and then closes. I am running Windows Vista x64, and have a sapphire hd 3850, with 4GB of 1066Hx Ram, and I meet all the minimum criteria. I have pes2010 installed on my computer, which runs perfectly. I have updated DirectX, graphics drivers, and to .Net Framework 4.

    I am using a Super Dual Box adapter with a PS2 controller (I have the correct drivers for the adapter installed). I also have JumiController installed on my computer for a separate use, which I need. (The JumiController is recognised by the computer as a Game Controller in Control Panel).

    When I don’t connect the super dual box with the PS2 controller, it works fine and loads.
    However, when I uninstalled the JumiController, and connected the super dual box with PS2 controller, it loads fine too.

    So I think it’s a problem with multiple devices being connected, as it works with either one on it’s own. I was just wondering if there is anything else I could try…

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Giecha

      Try to use only 1 type of controller at a time. Which means you should unplug either Super Dual Box adapter or Jumicontroller.
      In my case that worked to pass Kaka’s guard 😀

    • Jesus

      I recently got Fifa 11 and experienced PC crashes when I had my dual PS2 to USB adpater and my rumblepad 2 connected at the same time. It would launch fine if i only had my rumblepad or the adapter connected even with 2 PS2 controllers. I prefer the rumblepad so i wanted to play another person and have them use a PS2 controller. The game would crash when i had the adapter and rumblepad connected because it would read the adapter as 2 controllers even if I only had 1 connected. Fifa 11 will only work with 2 controller and a keyboard. I had to disable one of the “controllers” from the adapter. Once I did I was able to play with a dual adapter and my rumblepad connected at the same time. To disable one of the “controllers” from the adapter you will have to go into the properties of the device. You can do so by going to through Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Devices and Printers>Double click on the adapter(mine was just labeled USB Input Device)>Hardware tab. Here you will see the 2 “controllers listed under Device Functions. Highlight one and click on Properties. Under the general tab click change settings. then click the driver tab and hit disable. This will disable one “controller” and will not conflict with Fifa’s limit of 2 gamepads anymore preventing the game from crashing. Its a lengthy but simple process and it worked great for me. I’m on Windows 7 so this may not be the same for everyone but it should be generally the same. Good luck.

  • amit

    the game works fine i managed to fix the keyboard controls problam but there’s still one more problam that bothers me, when i play online i cant move the players.. the players wont respond, the only keyboard key that works is Esc ( when i play vs the comp everything works).
    it would be nice if you guys could answer me and help me through this problam.. thx ahead.