Dead Rising 2 Errors, Crashes, and GFWL Fixes

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Dead Rising 2 has come to PC with lot of problems errors, and frustrating issues that one would think; why on earth a publisher would use two DRM softwares at the same time.
Yeah! ask that to Capcom, but now that we have the game with all its crashes, connection problems and other frustrating issues, all we can do is help each other to get this game running. (Community Contributed Post)

You can refer to the workarounds below for the ongoing installation problems, crashes, and connection issues faced by Dead Rising 2.

Dead Rising 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Games For Windows Live Fixes
First manually re-install Games For Windows Live after uninstalling the game version of the software. By manual re-install I mean, install it from the site not the version that comes with the game.

Check the status of Windows Live and Windows Live Services whether they are down or not. You can visit this link to check the status of all Windows live services and be sure they are online.

Or You can refer to this comprehensive Games For Windows Live Troubleshooting Guides.
GFWL Connection Problems
GFWL Technical Errors

1# Dead Rising 2 Crashes on Start Up
You started the game but the game crashes trying to start. What to do ? Change your sound card’s sample rate to 16 bit DVD quality. Verify the game cache and start the game.

Or make sure that your Games For Windows Live client is not corrupted. Try manually installing GFWL client and see if that helps. Also make sure your audio sample rate is set to 24bit, 48000khz.

2# Dead Rising 2 Has Stopped Working
Quite famous error, comes now and then in games. Mostly due to the game loading the system. Running the game on high settings ? try running the game on slightly lower settings.

Also drivers updates are meant to increase the performance of video cards with the games which means, you need to update your graphics and system drivers.

Another thing that may be causing this issue is audio sample rate, anything above 48000 khz won’t work so set your audio to that setting.

3# Game Won’t Start
Re-install the game and then manually install Games for Windows Live.

4# Games For Windows Live Cannot Connect to Internet
Re-install GFWL and forward these ports.

  • TCP port 80.
  • UDP and TCP port 3074.
  • UDP port 88
  • UDP and TCP port 53
  • TCP port 443

5# Dead Rising 2 Random Crashes
Dead Rising 2 is plagued by the Games For Windows Live, which ships with the game so manually installing the GFWL client will resolve most of the crashes.

6# Can’t Join Co Op Game
Make sure you have these ports forwarded before you attempt to play online.

  • TCP port 80.
  • UDP and TCP port 3074.
  • UDP port 88
  • UDP and TCP port 53
  • TCP port 443

7# Dead Rising 2 Stuck at Loading
If your game gets stuck at loading, make sure your installation is not corrupt. If you downloaded the game from Steam, verify the integrity of the cache.

8# Can’t Run The Game Windowed ?
By default the game doesn’t support windowed mode so nothing will happen if you press ALT+Enter. You will have to use a third party program DXWND-MS to force the game in windowed mode.

9# How to Save Progress Offline Games For Windows Live
Dead Rising 2 is a Games For Windows Live (GFWL) based title and you need access to a GFWL account in order to save game progress. You can also create an offline account to save the progress locally on your computer but initially you won’t be presented with this option as it is hidden. You won’t be able to unlock achievements, and won’t be able to play online though.

How to Save Progress Offline

Step 1
Launch the game. Open the Windows Live menu or it will pop-up automatically when you start the game.

Step 2
a)If you are not logged into any GFWL profile continue to step 3.
b) If you are already logged into a profile and unable to save progress then log-out of that profile and now create new profile buttom will become visible.

Step 3
Click on ‘Create new profile’ button.

Step 4
In the dialog box that pops up DO NOT hit continue. Hitting continue will take you to a registration page for an online profile – which you obviously don’t want as you want to create an offline profile.

Step 5
Once in the ‘Create Gamer Profile’ window, scroll down so that you can see the bottom paragraph.

Step 6
Look for the hyperlinked ‘create a local profile’ link in last paragraph. Click it to create a new offline profile to save progress of Dead Rising 2 locally.


By Zawad Iftikhar

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.

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    • christian12m

      You have an solution about this crash in this video:

    • Jene

      I keep having very strange choppy experinces, like not even FPS, it just goes all slow-mo for some reason.

    • Zahir Murat Akin

      “If you are among those having frequent crashes:
      Open the windows task manager and change the affinity of the Dead Rising 2 process and try to run it on 1 CPU only, if it fixes the problem then try running it on 2 CPU and move on.”

      This is really useful resolve about this game. Thanks for your ideas to this problem. And I have Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, game was freeze all time. And ı was boring this problem. Later ı was search on the internet about this problem, and ı was see your resolves. I’m playing with 4 CPU now. Of course run with administator permissions. I learn about this, if have freeze problem when you start the application with admin permissions. Thanks a lot for real resolves.

      Hi from Turkey.


      Zahir Murat Akin

    • Daniel

      I have recently purchased DVD versions of Batman Arkham City and Deadrising 2. Both are Games for Windows branded, and are the only games out of the 60 or so games that i have bought which are GFWL. These two both will not install and hang on the installation screens. I am appalled that i have to update .net SP3 and VB’s in order to attempt the installations, and then not be able to use the games. I have taken them back for store credit and won’t buy anymore GFWL branded products. Good Job Microsoft.

    • Yamot

      Problem with installing the game. It says Source file not found:

      How do i fix this ?

      • Ali Asif

        If you are trying to install it through the disk then it may be skipping some files associated with it. Also make sure that your antivirus/firewall is not interfering with the installation. Is it the only game you are facing the trouble with?

    • ShneakyWalrus

      my problem is that dead rising works fine, my internet is fine. But when i start it up, it has the “You need to sign into a gamer profile or else you can’t save, would you like to sign in” I click yes and it brings me back to the same “You need to sign in” no matter how many times i click i can’t get in. plz help

      • straiton75

        I just bought this game for the PC and I can get in the game just fine but no matter what I can not sign into my “live account”. did you ever find out how?

    • adhil

      i am having xp sp3..system requirements are perfect and game start ithout any problem..but after the intro video(means after the countdown)game freezez but music plays..after seconds a window shows that\dead rising has stopped working\.can anyone help

    • Metallica_K23

      How to change these audio settings in Windows XP?
      Your post is about Windows 7/ Vista.

    • Guard3226

      Okay so Im stuck at the configuring dead rising 2 to windows thing and I have been extremely patient. What file do I have to download and where can I get it from? Thanks

    • Vaducci

      The create local account thing sounds great ill let you all know how it goes after the download

    • DS2 PORT

      WEll.Dead rising 2 had a shity port so there for the gameplay on PC is horible/PATHEDIC,Rock star doesnt take there time PORTing any game for PC thats why they are getting bad rep not to metion there fucking iedots who hurry through everything so dont waste time on the PC just buy a XBOX and play,All I got is a fucking PC.

    • wielku

      could somebody just upload update becuse i did everything i mean everything to just download this bastard and i can’t it didn’t even showed in the gfwlive folder and i need this update…
      upload it please

    • Lazarus 76

      the issue that was going on once installed the game was the piracy protection box pops up saying that needs to validate the date of your game that a live account isnt required and doesnt send any information to microsoft. well this lil box stays up and wouldnt do any validating or update the issue is the ok button is off the screen and cant be seen or scrolled to I hit tab acouple times and pressed enter and bam it began validating and then started the game after having you make sure the registration code was correct. I think this was awful programing on the company part with the anti piracy validation software should have deffinetly been thought out better.

    • andreas

      i have just like started play dead rising 2 and when i changed the screen resolution my game crashed and when im trying to start it, it says it stopt working i have change the sound card i have done everything i can find on webbsites and cant it still dosnt work someone knows what i can do ??

    • Derpmuch?

      DERRRRP Kesse he Dray means he restarted the game and installed said “patch” 10 times, derp!

    • Jesse

      @ Drayniel – Did you uninstall and reinstall the game 10 times?

    • Zac

      I also wanted to mention I’m running Windows 7 64 bit and I do NOT have a router. I’m directly connected to the modem.

      • Drayniel

        Had the same Problem at Arkham asylum. It worked after the tenth restart and installation. maybe it loads on every start the next higher patch. Just keep trying. Its frustrating but mabye it works

    • Zac

      I used to be able to sign into GFWL just fine. I recently built a new pc and reinstalled Dead Rising 2. I had to manually install GFWL to get the game to run and now when I sign into GFWL it says downloading profile for a few moments and the bar doesn’t move. It then says there is an update available and if I decline it will sign me out. I click agree and it says to close the game. I do that and a GFWL window pops up and appears to do the update (the bar moves across). It says it finishes and I click finish, the game restarts, I log into GFWL again and the same thing happens again saying there is an update. I tried this about a dozen times, I’ve don’t have any antivirus software and I’ve turned of Windows Firewall and Defender. I don’t know what to do now.

      Any help on this?

    • tbone21

      Downloaded this game through steam. I have a valid Windows Gamer Profile. When I start DR2 I get to the main screen, and when I click “start” I get a message asking if I would like to download my gamer profile to save my progress, when I click “Yes” it crashes every time. If I click no, and on the next page if I click the “Live” icon I get the same crash. Every time.

      I’ve tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling Games for Windows Live, changed my MTU setting, updated the drivers for my graphics card (ATi HD2600), added GFW to my firewall exceptions list…any other thoughts??

    • iron

      I have windows 7 64-bit, I got this game off of steam and I downloaded it fine but I cannot get past the zero day piracy protection. Whenever it tries to connect it says it cant but I know for a fact gfwl can get through my computer.

    • ledz

      i have windows 7 64-bit, im currently installing DR2 but it seems to be taking a loonnng time.. sigh

    • castello

      are windows 7 64bit fit to play this game?

    • melissa

      my game has no problems starting or running, but it runs in slo-mo. It takes about 5 seconds for each swing of a weapon, it’s sooooo frustrating. It’s the same in single player or online with pals, and it’s the same with all the settings cranked down or way up. I didn’t see anything on the list that might cause it or correct it… any ideas? :)

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Are you sure your PC meets minimum requirements of the game ?

    • ZenithZombeeKILLER

      how does this help with Xbox360 and ps3 users?!?!?!

    • ZenithZombeeKILLER

      How does this help with xbox360 users?!?!

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        what issue you are facing ?

    • EpooR

      yeah i got a problem too it sais that GFWL needs to verify the release date of my game. i got windows 7 professional. any help?

    • Edwin

      Hey man,

      I bought the game but whe i star in it goes black but whe i mini mize it i can hear the intro.

      when it goes pass that it goes like” I…T…Wa…..s…..a…d…a….y…”
      how can i solve this?

      Plz help me.

    • Chester

      Hi I need help guys. I bought the game on steam. but i got all the set up correctly. but i can launch the game. some how i only can hear the sound but there’s no picture coming out from my monitor. my graphic i using was nvidia 9400 GT and i play other game like Left 4 dead 2 i still can play. Can anybody help me with this issue =(

    • Pat7

      Hi folks, I am unable to connect to me frinds game who lives in the same house, I forwarded the ports suggested on my router, that DID allow me to join random online games, but it still gives me the unable to connect message when i try to connect to my frinds game, is this becuase he is on the same router?

      suggestions apreciated! :)

    • Fleabag

      Hey there all

      Having some serious issues here, all installed fine but every 20/30 mins I get bsod. I have tried all the fixes and nothing seems to change this.

      Specs are Q6600, 4gb ram, 8800gtx vista 64bit

      Any help would be great

    • The_waz

      Is anyone elses copy running ridiculously slow? As in not the gameplay but the time between screens like a 30 second wait to see the pause screen if u press escape etc.?

    • lstn

      I had regular crashes in DR2, with the screen becoming almost completely black with thin white bands on top and left parts of the screen.

      I finally found how to fix it: it just happens when I used the mouse when navigating in the menus of the game. When using only the keyboard, there are no more crashes.

      I hope this can help ppl having the same kind of crashes.

    • Liugeaux

      I installed DR2 and when I noticed the 360 controller didn’t work, I went looking a patch, I installed the files needed to run the controller, and that broke my DR2 install. So, I uninstalled it and now it won’t reinstall. I even gave it overnight to do so. it gets stuck about 20% in on the install page. Oh, i’ve also already installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010…that didn’t help. Any Ideas?

    • gl0ck_p4rty

      i bought DR2 thru steam and had a bunch of probs with GFWL acting up. got around that and the game runs fine except for the fact thatthe whole game has red lines throughout everything! i’m running it on a dell studio xps and i’ve tried fiddling with all of the graphic options in the game and nothing seems to fix it.

    • Jobby

      Ok, now how do you re-enable GFWL?

      Im playing dead rising 2 and I want to re-enable GFWL overlay.


      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Press HOME key when starting game and it will show you GFWL settings page..

    • Hoodia

      I’m having the “An Error Has Occurred” problem when trying to connect to a friend on a LAN. We’re behind a firewall, but everything checks out. Even other games like Resident Evil 5 and Dawn of War II work great for us, just not this one, and we can’t figure out why.

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        try adding the game and games for windows live client in the firewall exception list and see…

    • James

      I’ve managed to get it installed but when playing I cannot see any of the characters and where there should be other characters there are big pink cubes that say “Missing Prop” on them???? Please help

    • Shawn

      My game will never get past the first loading screen, and it never says anything like dead rising 2 has stopped working. I have scoured the internet looking for some answer (or even somebody with the same problem), but no luck as of yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      P.S. I have tried most of the fixes that sound like they might apply, but no luck.

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        What hardware are you on, and are your drivers updated ? Also I will need you to run the game as admin in compatibility mode. Just to Check!

        • Shawn

          I’m using Windows 7 32 bit on an AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz
          3.00 GB of Ram
          NVidia Geforce 220 GT
          And I did try running it as an admin in compatability mode with no luck (with XP, I didn’t bother trying Vista)

          • Shawn

            Scratch that, the new update through steam fixed it. Thanks for the help, and good luck to people that are still experiencing issues.

            • Zawad Iftikhar

              Link ?

            • Shawn

              I actually don’t know, steam just said it was dling a 500 mb update and next thing I know it starts working. I hadn’t done anything different. Just before the update it was still non-functional. There’s no explanation of what the update was, but I’m not complaining.

    • Chris

      I have the #16 problem. But my question is what should I change my MTU to?

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Not sure about MTU as I haven’t tested it myself. But, you can try adding your Games For Windows Live client into firewall exception list along with the game. This would resolve this issue most probably. Also you can refer to these hot fixes

        • Chris

          Im running Windows 7 and all my firewalls are off, and the game is added to the exceptions list. The LIVE starts fine in GTAIV, the Home button works and all, but in Dead Rising 2 it doesnt start.

          PS: Where are the save games? I wanna try reinstalling. These are offline saves since LIVE never started in the game right? And they should be somewhere on my pc.?

    • Burken

      I finish the first part with the motorcycles, and then when i’m about to leave the locker room it crashes.

      I can stand around doing nothing except turning the camera, but as soon as i take one step the game crashes.

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        corrupted game files. Back up your saved games and re-install a different version or re-install the same version and see if it helps.

    • James

      Okay… I’ve managed to uninstall it and im back at the stage, “Please wait while windows configures Dead Rising 2″. I followed synonomous’ advice and downloaded the dll. thing. I then left my computer for over two hours, nothing happened. I then went to bed, 9 hours later, nothing!!! It doesn’t seem to be doing anything whatsoever.

      I really don’t know what I else there is to do?? Does anyone know? I am close to bringing the game back for the second time, as I already have thinking earlier on that it could have been a faulty disc. If anyone has solved this problem or has it please share your advice.

      Thanks Zawad and sorry about all the posts

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        no problem man, I hope someone out there has a permanant fix to this issue. I have a tough schedule haven’t really got time to dig deep into this issue. Rest assured, I will update you guys as soon as I have something worthy to tell.

    • some dude

      Solved my Live login issue.

      I’m using Windows XP [SP3] and Sunbelt Personal Firewall 4.
      I had already given access to everything that the firewall prompted for, which usually works fine for everything else… but it was the ‘Predefined’ settings under ‘Network Security’ that was blocking it (without giving any notices). Through trial and error I found I had to allow ‘Kerberos Protocols’ Internet – Out.

      Hope this saves other SBPF users some headscratching.

    • some dude

      I had the (Step 1) problem where it just disappears and does nothing.
      Manually installing microsoft live thing fixed that.

      I went on to create a Live account and spent ages picking a stupid Gamertag, now I can’t even login to the game with it… it sits on some screen like “downloading your gamertag, please wait” then craps itself saying it couldn’t connect.

      No key-mapping interface either.

      Thanks for the guide, though I don’t know how much more of this fiddly crap I can take. >:|

    • Duncan

      I bought the PC version: I can play this game fine offline with all the settings maxed and 2xaa. When I am connected to the internet it runs fine for the intro/bike sequence, then after I leave the safehouse vent it crashes to desktop, and says ‘this program has stopped working’, within 1-5 minutes *EVERY TIME*. I have almost finished the game by playing offline but would like to not have to disable my network adapter to play!

      -Checked my sound settings in control panel
      -reinstalled the games for windows live client
      -forwarded the correct ports (I have got into a multiplayer game which crashed within a few mins but worked for a short time)
      -reinstalled my ATI driver.

      specs: ati 4890×2 crossfire, core i7 920, windows 7 64-bit, 6gb ram

    • Synonymous

      RE: “Please wait while windows configures Dead Rising 2″ hangups.

      Turns out installing the required .dll worked after all. Or maybe it didn’t, but I finally got the game to install succesfully. The solution? I waited for over two hours for the installer to finish.

      Turns out the installer is a pretty badly coded piece of software that apparently just takes a heck of a lot of time to turn it’s gears, but it will finish eventually. If anybody still has the same problems install the missing .dll file and leave the installer running for a while even if it appears to freeze. Go have a coffee or something. Things might turn out well after all.

      Thanks for the instructions Zawad!

    • James

      I am now unable to install it as the only options available are
      1. Launch game (which doesn’t work as it is not full installed)
      2. Uninstall/repair
      I cannot uninstall it as the message i described above about already having one installation in progress comes up and i can’t repair it either as this message comes up again. is there any other way of removing it so i can reinstall and try again?

    • flayman

      And the problem is from the first list (the game doesn`t even start and doesn`t show up in the task manager). Please help!

    • James

      My dead rising 2 won’t even install! I didn’t purchase it from steam, but from GAME. At first the green bar stopped when it said, \Please wait while windows configures dead rising 2.\ Now it is partially installed but when i try to remove it it says \You already have one installation in progress. Please complete this installation before you continue with this one. \ (or something very similar). If i try to repair it it either gives this same message or the green bar stop while it says, \Status: Copying new files\ any help would be great as i really want to play the game!! please email me with any help or advice

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Please be patient while installing the game, the game takes awfully long installation time.

    • Dudemeister

      I got this on steam, double click on the game, it wants to validate, quickly does that then deadrising2.exe just sits in task manager using 8k but nothing else happens. It also appears that my cd key wont work in the GFWL client as it just says its invalid.

    • Godvert

      When playing dead rising i noticed frame drops.
      Just as in GTA 4 and after buying new mobo ram and proc GTA still lagged.
      Now i disabled GFWL in dead rising 2 and the game runs like buther !
      The problem is not my PSU or a focked up windows.

      I posed on Live forum the problem

      And emailed to capcom

    • fet

      I have crash on begining in the first mission.I can only see countdown and motorbike then crash ;/ any idea?

    • Magowin

      Me and my nephew can’t connect to coop games to eachother. We can connect to other people’s coop games but not eachothers. We are on the same network using same router and internet provider is that why? I opened all ports on my IP and his IP and turned off Mcafee firewall and no change.

    • Synonymous

      Same problem as what Kevin and about a thousand other people have, retail version installer hangs up at “Please wait while windows configures Dead Rising 2.” Downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable as recommended but it still doesn’t work. WinXP SP3.

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        It may be due to low RAM or something ? I mean some softwares do take time at this point. I just remember old days when I had to wait hours to get the game just installed!. Anyway, the only thing you can try is re-installing your Windows Installer. I will dig into this issue update you if I have something..

    • flayman

      I am getting the #3 problem. I tried manually installing and re-installing the Games for Windows but it doesnt work

    • Cherry Sheeva

      oh I’ve purchased Dead Rising 2 from steam.
      I click to run the game and it bring up “Preparing to launch Dead Rising 2″
      then “Preparing first time start up” then it just stops whatever it’s doing and closes.
      So GFLW changes 3 files. And if you verify the game cache on steam it will say that you have 3 corrupted files and will replace them back! Then GFWL pops up again and changes those 3 files :)

      I’ve tried everything! But it’s still doesn’t work! I even downloaded pirated version. And still no results. :/
      I have Win 7 x32

      P.S. Sorry for my poor English^^

      And thanks to everybody who is trying to help :)

    • taters

      I have it installed with no complaints at all from retail disc, on windows xp sp3, it runs, but only in processes, i see nothing i hear nothing no game is playing, but a process is visible – any ideas?

    • pypyk

      I HAVE IT it should fix all problems when game wont start , the game must be intaled into C hdd , i had it into H . You need to create virtual hdd named C ( for win7) and instal the game there. it should work if you do so .

    • pypyk

      the game just wont start even when it is in task manager D:

    • Chrismax

      I am having the installation problem as well, the game won’t install I have installed the visual c++ 2010, but it still won’t install. What else can I do?

    • FunkyCredo

      I have purchased this game from steam. I have a windows vista sp 2 on my computer and every time I try to save a game progress what the game will do is it will create a folder in C:/users called (some random code + saves example: 16shfgsaves) and inside there will be a save file. When I try to load the game it will say that the save file is corrupt. I tried installing this game on my friends laptop which has windows 7 on it and it works fine. The save folder on his laptop is located in C:/users/documents/mygames/deadrising 2/saves …. and it will load the game perfectly. So is there a way to fix this and prevent my computer from saving the game in a completely wrong place making the file corrupt.

      P.S. if I try to rename the folder or to relocate it the game will create a new one instead right away

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      For those having install product error, this error may be occurring due to missing dll file.

      Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 distributable Package to resolve this issue. You can download from here.

      Do let me know whether it works.

    • Kyle

      Thanks for your post. It was very helpful in getting me to launch the game. Thanks again!

    • cj

      same problem as Kevin and dogman

    • Dogman78

      I am having the same problem as Kevin above. Installer wont go beyond 38% installproduct error 0x80070642.

    • Patrick

      This isnt at the start up btw, it randomly occurs during gameplay

    • Patrick

      I’ve got Problem Number 2 in the list here and ive tring the solutions you have written but it keeps crashing to the ‘Dead Rising 2 Has Stopped Working’ pop up. i’m running sli, could that be the problem?

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Most probably, some ports don’t work well with SLI/Crossfire, try running the game on Single GPU and see if that solves it. Game has Stopped Working is known error can also arise due to driver override issue, it can be your sound card drivers as was in case of Call of Duty 4 or any other system drivers. So, give both of these a try and see if that helps.

    • Kevin


      Can’t get dead rising 2 to install. It won’t get pass the installation setup phase and it just remains at the “Please wait while windows configures dead rising 2″ stage. I’m running Windows XP and I’ve got SP3 installed as well as Windows Installer 4.5. There is an error log when I look into it after canceling installation, it says: “(12:19:52) InstallProduct Error: 0x80070642″.

      Please help, Thanks!

      – Kevin

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Kevin did you try #17, this error may be occurring due to missing dll file.

        Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 distributable Package to resolve this issue. You can download from here.

    • Wizardtrain187

      Linked you this in the Steam forums as well as our website. Thanks for the info and hopefully this problem gets solved with the tips given.

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