Mafia 2 Playboy Magazines Location Guide

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Mafia 2 has undoubtedly  many things to offer. Something for everyone, wanted posters, playboy magazines and much more to keep you interested in this open World mafia themed game. There are almost 50 playboy magazines to explore throughout the campaign, which you can find and add to your collection.
You can find them using our playboy magazine location guide.

Mafia 2 Playboy Magazine Location Guide

Chapter 1
No magazines in this chapter.

Chapter 2
You can find following magazines in this chapter.

  1. Playmate 1, you can find this magazine on Joe’s table.
  2. There are three wrecked cars near Mike’s shop. You can find the magazine placed on the shelf there.

Chapter 3

  1. Playmate 18, outside Derek Papalardo’s Office, you can observe the magazine on the floor while following Steve.
  2. Playmate 4, behind the entrance of doorway in Maria Angelo’s apartment. You can find it near the small shelf.
  3. Playmate 5, you can find it in Industrialist specialist office.
  4. Playmate 40, at the desk of security guard of the first floor of main hall.
  5. Playmate 6, in the basement of large storage room between the two shelves.

Chapter 4

  1. Playmate 9, on the first stairwell near the bookstore. You can find it among them.
  2. Playmate 2, near the Mall’s doors there is another stairwell. You need to look below it for this one.
  3. Playmate 8, you can find it on the floor inside the small rooftop shelter.
  4. Playmate 7, instead of going to Joe’s apartment, go to the basement through stairs and you will find right at the end.

Chapter 5

  1. Playmate 11, when you are to following Henry and Joe, instead of going downstairs with them, go upstairs to find the magazine on the floor.
  2. Playmate 10, the distillery office on the first floor, the magazine is on the 4th shelf there. Make sure you take it before the fire as it will be your only chance to grab it and you won’t be able to grab it on restart.
  3. Playmate 12, as you start protecting injured Henry, you can collect the magazine on the right side of the room.

Chapter 6

  1. Playmate 13, at the start of the chapter, you can have it under the legs of the person sleeping behind the bleachers.
  2. Playmate 14, it’s near the basketball court in the grey shed.
  3. Playmate 15, it’s at the top of the large industrial containers.

Chapter 7

  1. Playmate 16, you will find it just lying next to the Henry’s shop.
  2. Playmate 50, the building where Joe lives, at the end of the top floor hallway.
  3. Playmate 17, you new apartment building, you can have it on the top of the table of second floor.
  4. Playmate 46, on the table of the kitchen of your new apartment.

Chapter 8

  1. Playmate 19, after passing the first foundry corner, you can find the magazine standing on an oil drum in it’s back.
  2. Playmate 21, under some oil drums on the catwalk, you can find it on the ground.
  3. Playmate 20, at the end of the foundry, there is a shelter near the mob. Inside the shelter is the magazine under a cot near the fire.

Chapter 9

  1. Playmate 41, you can find it on the bar near the beer taps.
  2. Playmate 23, after you get sewage dumped on you from above, there is a tunnel to the left. You can find this one there.
  3. Playmate 22, heading towards the first hallway,inside the slaughter house, You can find this magazine neat the metal drum.
  4. Playmate 24, near the entry wall, on the corner shelf.

Chapter 10

  1. In the back of the laundry room at the position near a worker’s sitting place.
  2. Playmate 27, lying on the ground on floor 16. Instead of following Joe upstairs go opposite again this time. You will find the magazine on your way.
  3. Playmate 26, this one is near the lift generator. You should be quick otherwise you won’t be able to get it.
  4. Playboy 48, it can be found on the floor of your bathroom.

Chapter 11

  1. Playmate 47, on the second floor, you can have it on the windows in front of the house.
  2. Playmate 29, it’s in the bathroom of second floor.
  3. Playmate 28, this magazine is lying on the floor of the front door bedroom whose door is opened.
  4. Playmate 49, just next to Joe’s bed.
  5. Playmate 30, in pub Tara, you can find it on the floor at a dead-end hallway.

Chapter 12

  1. Playmate 32, if you move downwards left of your location after you meet the guide, the magazine can be found between some crates and a delivery truck.
  2. Playmate 31, behind the garbage box at the end of a dead-end alley.
  3. Playmate 33, on the right wall of green power unit.

Chapter 13

  1. Playmate 34, in the main dining hall, you can find this magazine somewhere in the left corner.
  2. Playmate 36. it can be found in one of the smoking rooms.
  3. Playmate 35, at the top of the file box in the armory.

Chapter 14

  1. Playmate 44, on the east side of the building, you can have it near the brick wall.
  2. Playmate 37, on the base of the stair’s of the burning floor. You can find it on the top of the pallets.
  3. Playmate 38, in the back corner of the room, it can be found on the floor.

Chapter 15

  1. Playmate 45, in the stairwell room of the first floor. Can be found at the corner.
  2. Playmate 39, on the corner of the observatory’s rooftop.
  3. Playmate 43, on the floor near the telescope.
  4. Playmate 42, near the projector, it can be found near the short wall.

What? don’t tell me that you are now going to buy the game just for these magazines.

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  • magazinman

    could someone please tell me where playmate 46 is.i reloaded chapter 8 for about 4-5 times but there was nothing on the kitchen table,NOTHING!!!

  • the knard dog

    I have to say that # 46 is the best playboy out of all of them that and number 24 and 26 look at those for a wile with out getting a boner

  • Sucatiador

    I rebooted about 8 times and I found the Playmate of Chapter 46 in late August and not at the beginning of the chapter!

    Thanks for the tips I found them all!

    Obs. excuse me English but was Translated by google translater!

  • Zachary Alvarado

    I’m with w/ Aftermathsample, 46 never showed up for me on my apt’s table in Ch7 or 8 (in middle of 8 so far, may reload to test it)

  • Aftermathsample

    Never mind about my previous reply, i found it on the table, after restarting the game 3-4 times! it suddently showed up! on chapter 8.

    This was on PC version

  • Aftermathsample

    About playmate 46, i tried looking for it at the end of chapter 7, didnt find it so read here that in the beggining of chapter 8 you will find it… nope didnt find it on the table either :/

  • rattlesnake

    Yea i missed that Playmate 7. Updated.Thanks.
    As far as Playmate 46 is concerned it is actually in chapter 7. I am talking about in majority of the cases, did you find it in chapter 8?

  • Jay

    This guide has two errors… playmate 7 is missing from Chapter 4 that you get from the stairs before you go into the apartment. Also playmate 46 appears in chapter 8 not chapter 7.

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