How to Jailbreak Playstation 3 With PS Jailbreak

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The most secure console ‘Playstation 3’ of the decade has finally been hacked. Yes, and above all, its been done in the most easiest of ways. In order to hack the Playstation 3, you will be required to plug-in a USB , and install a software in Playstation 3, called BackUp Manager.

You can read our take on the story here, and find out the people behind this exploit and other details on PS Jailbreak.

Here are some of the specifications of Playstation 3 Mod Chip Package.

  • The PS Jailbreak is compatible with any existing PlayStation 3 model to this day (either FAT or SLIM).
  • We realziar backups in both the Internal HD as an external HD
  • Works with all PlayStation 3 games.
  • Supports homebrew.
  • Upgradeable to add new features.

Official site indicate that the exploit works best on firmware version 3.41, and also supports the previous version (Although, the tester faced problems in getting it to work for previous firmware versions, so latest 3.41 firmware is recommended in order to use Playstation 3 Jailbreak without any hassle). It has been tested with around 150 games and works perfect.

What You Need ?
1. You should have Firmware 3.41 installed on the console.
2. Download Backup Manager for the website and copy it in any external USB storage device formatted with FAT32.

Follow the step by step guide below in order to successfully install Playstation 3 Jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak Playstation 3, Playstation 3 Mod Chip Tutorial

Step 1
Switch off the console before connecting the USB PS Jailbreak. Follow the procedure depending on the console you own.

PlayStation 3 FAT
Simply turn off the console from the rear switch.

PlayStation 3 SLIM
It is essential to disconnect the power cord from the back of the console.

Step 2
Now connect the USB PS Jailbreak to any of the USB connectors on Playstation 3, make sure that you don’t have any other devices connected to PS3, as we jailbreak it.

Step 3
Press the ‘Power’ button on the console and then press the ‘Eject’ button. Notice how the two LED’s on PS Jailbreak USB turn on while the console is loading.

1. If the green light is lit, that means Playstation 3 Jailbreak is working properly.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

2. If the red light is lit, that means Playstation 3 hasn’t loaded the Jailbreak correctly. This happens when you don’t properly press the ‘Power’ sequence and then ‘Eject’ button.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

If you end up with the red light, repeat the process, making sure you have cut down power for Playstation 3 Fat, and have disconnected the power cord from the back of Playstation 3 Slim.

Step 4
Once the PS Jailbreak has loaded correctly, connect the USB external storage device with Back Up Manager console, that you downloaded before from the website.

Step 5
Go to game menu and move to option ‘Install Package Files’, and select Back Up Manager, ‘Manager.PKG’.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

Step 6
Once the Back Up Manager is installed, select the Back Up Manager and press X button to run it.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

Step 7
After you have opened the Back Up Manager, put in a DVD of the game and select whether to make a back up on the internal HDD, or the external USB storage device. If you want to make a back up on the external HDD, press o.
Playstation 3 JailbreakPlaystation 3 Jailbreak

Step 8
To load a previously created back up, insert a game DVD in console then select the desired back up from the Back Up Manager and press X to install the game. You can also delete your previously created back up by pressing /\.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

Note. The reason behind inserting a DVD in the console is to emulate the loading process.

Step 9
After installing the game, you are automatically redirected to the main menu where you can see the game installed and ready to be played.
Playstation 3 Jailbreak

Warning. Once the jailbreak is installed on the console, it can’t be uninstalled or removed.


  • It may take up to 90 minutes to back up a game using PS Jailbreak, it took the tester in our case ‘PanaPozi’ about 90 minutes to back up God of War III.
  • The online mode works perfect right now but you never know when PSN patches this exploit.
  • It is impossible to install the updated to the games if they are installed on PS Jailbreak, but if you have DVD, the updates work as usual.
  • It is impossible to jump the videos of the games that are installed on PS Jailbreak.
  • Although the Back Up Manager is installed in the console, it is necessary to have PS Jailbreak properly connected and enabled to run the Back Up Manager.

Disclaimer. This guide is for testing and educational purposes only. We won’t be responsible for any loss of important data or malfunctioning of your device. You have been warned!.

Source.Taken from the Spanish review written by PanaPozi

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.
  • chris

    I can not download this file here or anywhere on the net

    also maybe Someone can help im stuck ive tried everything

    Ive flashed my xbox 360, softmoded my wii and modded my dsi but for some reason i cant get this to work

    I have the old fat model ps3 firmware 3.41

    I dont know much about ps3 jailbreak at all but i have the minimus avr chip which i wrote the hex codes to and jailbroke the ps3 i tried a couple games and no luck nothing but a black screen when i try to play games

    I then installed Hermes with payload 4 ive tried open manager, multiman, backup manager,Gaia manager ive also tried rebug update package and 4.00 spoofer

    So far the games ive tried are

    Grand theft auto 4 – Worked

    Tiger woods 2010

    silent hill

    need for speed hot pursuit

    fallout 3


    mortal kombat


    I only got 1 game to work every other game i load in any backup manager software loads like its supposed to then goes to the ps3 dashboard i then tried loading from game disc icon and the /aap_home/ps3_game icon ive also tried the internal and extrenal hard drives also tried BD Mirror and Permissions

    And every time a black screen and system freezes

    what am i doing wrong alot of people say to stay on firmware 3.41 but i do here people saying to update to 3.55

    is there a patch or something im doing wrong or something i didnt install

    Please help

  • hamza

    i have a jailbreak which turn red then green if you do it right. one day i tried it and it didnt turn red nor green there was no colour

  • Don

    Can anyone give me an URL to download the Backup Manager for PS3jailbreak ( I have bought the original but the site is down )

  • Dan

    what does in mean if you have both green and red…the green light and red light stay on the green is brighter by far though

  • rockskate636

    everytime im about to jailbreak my ps3 it says that the data is corrupted pleaseee help

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Please contact vendor you bought this dongle as it may not be supported with your current firmware installed on your Playstation 3.

      • rockskate636

        noooo but i use to do challenge lobbies and it didi work but the i quit doing challenge lobbies and now i want to do them again

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          Due to this whole PS3 hack saga – Sony released lots of updates and since writing this article – I didn’t follow how the jailbreak scene was going. Pardon but you should really ask the experienced guys at ‘’. I am sure they can help you out.

          • rockskate636

            ok thx anyways

  • 3nduser

    I have a psjailbreak(authentic) but the site is down so i cant program it
    i also have a psjailbreak2, programmable
    i also have a E3card reader
    I used the E3 card reader to downgrade my ps3 from 3.55 to 3.41 custom. i could have used the card reader to jailbreak but decided to use my china clone psjailbreak2 just to see if it worked
    So i used the psjailbreak2 on 3.41 custom since i couldnt dowgrade any further to official 3.15 firmware and then update to OFW 3.41 and luckily it hacked it. I can now play backups from my internal hard drive of my ps3, but one question. I BACKED UP COD BLACK OPS BUT WHEN I START IT I GET A BLACK SCREEN AND NOTHING HAPPENS, I EVEN UPDATED MULTIMAN TO THE NEWEST VERSION WHICH IS 1.5 I THINK WHICH SUPPOSEDLY FIXES BLACK SCREEN BUT STILL I GET THE BLACK SCREEN. ANY HELP. I HAVE A PS3 SLIM 250 GB HARD DRIVE THAT I SWITCHED, ORIGIANLLY IT HAD A 160GB HARD DRIVE. THANKS. great site by theway

  • Quixz

    Can i Dl Jailbreak on a to a ipod and so ps3?

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  • Junior

    Hola tengo una curiosidad, yo tengo la consola PS3 con el update mas avanzado que el 3.41, y tambien descargue el PSjailbrak de internet en formato ISO me gustaria saber please si asi funcionaria en mi PS3 gracias…..

  • Dennis

    Any external USB will do? If so i can go buy the cheapest one and use it?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      any external USB won’t do but either PS Jailbreak USB, or programmable micro-controller board.

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  • darkraiden

    I’m sorry for being rude but I think there are some risks that must be looked up on to…

    this only works for units with firmware 3.41 and below, an update which was already released and which is extremely needed for majority of games will instantly disable the capabilities and forever ban your consoles from the PSN.

  • Pir8

    “cause ps3 sales just reached the peak a long time now and being jailbraked is not a big deal anymore for sony”

    My guess is that they get most of their money from licensing when people buy the games. Didn’t they sell the PS3’s at a heavy loss in the beginning? I’d expect them to at least not make much profit on the hardware now as they are much cheaper even though the price for manufacturing is obviously much lower too.

    “gamers to buy another console just so they can play copied games on it while another console for online play.”

    Can’t you just remove the USB dongle when you want to play online? If you do for some reason get blocked online then you could consider buying a new PS3. Really nice that the modchip is detachable for this reason.

    I think now that the device is out its going to very hard for Sony to stop this. Even if they do plug this hole being able to run custom code on the PS3 will probably give the hackers a head start :)

  • arham

    hahahah welll !!! now this is epic ! but still until and unless sony officially releases a software version in which you can install games on the hard drive and not need the dvd ,its useless 😀

  • Boom

    I’ll just buy it for God of war 3 :@

  • Satoshi

    I never thought that PS3 will be hacked like this, I’ve been to some forums and underground community that elite hackers are giving up already because of tight security. This just proves it that nothing is unhackable, it’s just need time for it to be cracked. For sure sony will update a patch preventing the use of usb drives if this will not hurt the majority of the users. Well, I think this is just pure useless cause ps3 sales just reached the peak a long time now and being jailbraked is not a big deal anymore for sony, Only game publishers will have a hard time now dealing with low sales point because of piracy.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Low sales for developers would be harsh, and it would hurt Sony in the long run. I do believe they will patch or it will be another dog race between Sony and hackers with Updates and Updated Cracks…And the fact that they haven’t yet responded to all this, makes me wonder what are they upto or is it just because the jailbreak hasn’t been released publicly. Only time will tell..

  • x3| Invision

    Nice work! Im going to try it out on my ps3 soon.

  • Faddi

    Great news. Good for people who cant afford those expensive blue rays i hope it turns out to be legit.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I think it would save everyone the trouble of saving the DVD’s by simply backing them in an external storage device. One would buy the game which is good anyway.

  • Farhan

    So thats the End ??
    Now ps3 > xbox360 ????

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      May be, may be not. Will have to see how Sony responds to this. They have been famous for releasing PSP updates now and then to counter its mod chips etc. Will they go for a same strategy or fix this once and for all, only time will tell.

  • Magnus

    tch tch … Poor PS3 xD

  • basharat

    well sony had a very good run, but its over now. perhaps this was done by sony itself since they have a slim, cheaper version on the console in the market . this will allow gamers to buy another console just so they can play copied games on it while another console for online play.

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