Mount & Blade Warband Multiplayer LAN/Online Hamachi Guide

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Yea you heard it right, another role playing game in the Medieval Ages. This time its more realistic as no magic or fantasies are found in the game.
In this sequel you will play a role of adventurer on a fictional land named Calradia.
Graphics are better with improved gameplay so RPG fans should give this Adventurous RPG a chance.
Its a multiplayer only game, no single player and so has all the multiplayer elements of an RPG, as well as different game modes to keep you interesting in the game.
This guide is to help you play this game with your friends using Hamachi on virtual network. So let’s get things started:

Note: This method is for version 1.113 which is the latest currently.Any updates will be covered lately.

How to Play Mount & Blade Warband Online, Offline LAN, Hamachi

Step 1| Download & Install

Download and install the game, it is recommended that you install the game in the drive where your operating system is installed.

Step 2| Patch and Hamachi Fix
First patch the game to the latest version, you can download the patch from here. After you have successfully patched the game, use this Hamachi Fix, to patch the game for online play using Hamachi.
Note: Don’t use Hamachi Fix, till you have patched the game to the latest.

Step 3| Hamachi Configuration
The host file is located in Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\.”rgl_config.txt” is located in C:\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband. No file editing is needed in the latest patch. Just make sure that there are not any MB related redirects found inside.
Now open “rgl_config.txt” and change the “use_secure_connection = 1” to “use_secure_connection = 0”. Both client and host need to make this change.

Step 4| Port Forwarding
Make sure that your UDP 7240 port is forward if you are behind a router.

Step 5| Play it on Hamachi
Host needs to download the dedicated server from their official site. If you want to host using Hamachi, launch the game using with one of the configuration BAT file, in the batch file “the set_add_to_game_servers_list should be 0”.
Server will be up and wait for others to join in.Those who want to join the game should follow these steps:
• Join the Hamachi network
• Launch the game using the Hamachi Fixed executable, “mb_warband.exe”
• Search for the hosted server in the search menu by choosing Local Area Network as a source.
• Join the server displayed in the list and by now you should be able to enter the game by now.
Note: Use the latest version of the Hamachi

Step 6| Offline LAN Play
If you want to play the game on LAN locally then following steps should be followed:
•Use “MBWMSChanger.jar” located in the “Hamachi Fix” folder you downloaded above to change IP of the master server to the game servers IP address. In order to do that Run “MBWMSChanger.jar”, pick a server from the list or add a custom one. Press the Patch EXE button, exit MBWMSChanger.jar and run the game/server as usual.

You do not have to do it every time you start the game, only if you want to change the master server (server used for authentication and game server list).
• Launch the game using the same “mb_warband.exe” and join the game by choosing Local Area network as source.
Note: Same procedure can be used for Hamachi too.The only difference is of IP, Local IP should be replaced with the Hamachi IP

Step 7| How to Play on Internet
You can play the game online too by following these simple steps:
•    Launch the game using “mb_warband.exe”.
•    In multiplayer menu press “Join the Game”
•    Search the servers using “Internet” as the source.
Note: Before you join any of the listed server, make sure that the Master server is set to Main Master Server (only if you played on LAN offline before).

So what are you waiting for?  Follow these steps and start enjoying this delightful RPG Adventure with your friends.

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    Gogo Guys ^^ Server Hamachi Mount & blade Warband 1.153 or 1.152

    brasil_warband Pass:123
    brasil_warband2 Pass:123
    brasil_warband3 Pass:123
    brasil_warband4 Pass:123
    brasil_warband5 Pass:123
    mbw_06 pass:123

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    Rede: MBW_Extreme
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