Guide to Setup TeamSpeak 3 Private/Public Server

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TeamSpeak 3 beta is out, and has received a warm and buggy reception, its a beta so bugs are expected.Actually one of the reasons for releasing an early beta was to fix the bugs this application may have by community interaction. So far it has gone well enough, lot of issues need to be addressed but the application itself kicks ass, which compensate for the temporary bugs. So lets get down to how you can setup a TeamSpeak 3 server and use it give it a try yourself.

Guide to Setup TeamSpeak 3 Server

Step 1|Download Team Speak 3 Server Client
Download the TS3 server client from TeamSpeak official site. Installation is simple similar to  Team Speak 2 server.

Step 2|Team Speak 3 Server Prerequisites

Port Forwarding For Team Speak 3 Server
First of all you have to forward these ports:

Voice port (default)         UDP        9987
File Transfer port        TCP        30033
Server query port        TCP        10011

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Step 3|Installing Team Speak 3 Server
Now open your TS3_server folder, Run “ts3server_win32.exe” (win32 was in my case), a command prompt window will be opened displaying some information.

Note.  This Information will be displayed only once (the first time you run the server.exe, unless you delete “ts3server.sqlitedb” file which will result in loss of all your server settings) so you have to save this information.

Step 4|Setup Team Speak 3 Server
Now open your installed client and in “connections” select “Connection”, it will ask you Server IP (give your own local IP here), Port (give 9987), Give a nickname and press “Connect”.
TS3 Server Configuration

Step 5|Team Speak 3 Admin Options
Now you will see yourself inside your server. Now you must be the first one in the server as you just made it, and there is no admin there to give you admin rights. Hence Team Speak introduced a token system, which can be assumed as a temporary password which gives you admin rights.

This token can be found in the server folder that you downloaded. It will be saved in a log file in LOG folder. You have to copy that token.
TS3 Token Log
Now open your client again and goto “Permissions”  > “Use token”, here paste the token that you copied and hit OK.

Now you will see that you have the admin rights and can create and manage channels as you want. Now you are done with setting up the server and logging in.
Team Speak 3 Token System

Step 6|Connect to Team Speak 3 Server
Other people can access your server via your External IP and Port (9987). You can check your external IP via and If you have Dynamic IP read our guide to change IP to static. This will be the IP that you will give other people to connect to your server.

Configuring Team Speak 3 Server
Unlike the super admin account in Team Speak 2 server where all the configurations were performed with a browser based system. Here a new system called SERVER QUERY has been introduced.

Server Query is a command-line interface built into the Team Speak 3 Server which allows powerful scripting and automation tools to be built based on the exact same instruction set and functionality provided by the Team Speak 3 Client.

Server Query Connection
Connecting to server query can be done with character-mode terminal client such as Telnet or PuTTY.  Server Query follows a simple syntax-ed code. Syntax and examples are included in the folder that you have downloaded named as “ts3_serverquery_manual.pdf”.
I will show you how to Login and perform Basic operations in Server Query using Telnet.

Make sure your server is running and you have joined it via client. Now open Command Prompt and write “telnet” and hit Enter.
It will open Microsoft Telnet Client, now write “o” and hit Enter (It lets you enter IP and Port of server).

Now Enter your local IP and Port (Server Query Port) in this format: “ 10011”Telnet

Now the telnet has recognized your server, now you have to login to your server to configure it you can find this syntax in “ts3_serverquery_manual.pdf” as well.

“login client_login_name=serveradmin client_login_password=NRmQOs14”
(Login name and password are those which you noted when the server was run first time).

Now for most of the commands you will need to set a server to current using USE statement as:
“use sid=1”
It will set server with server ID=1 to current server.
To view server list and information use this command

You can perform various operations using these commands and which you can find in the pdf file or you can use “help” command which lists all the commands and briefly describes each.

Using help command type  another command like “help channelcreate” will display the syntax and example of “channelcreate” command.
Team Speak 3 Query HelpYou can logout using “logout” command.

As we know that it is beta version of Team Speak 3 so bugs are expected. And there are a few bugs with permissions and few more things which we hope will be removed soon.

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