Call of Duty 4 Dedicated Server Guide

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This tutorial is for those who want to setup their own dedicated game  server of CoD4 MW.There are two or three ways to setup the game server.I know there are many sites you can find on Google for the server setup,but this guide will help you to setup your server in much easier and shortest way.

Step 1
First of all you should make sure that following ports are forward if you are behind a router.
This step is tricky a bit if you are not familiar with your router. Portforward dot com can help u in forwarding your ports.
This is necessary,otherwise your server wont appear to others.Once your ports are forward,you can move to the next step.

Step 2
Now for your server you are gonna need a config file, you can easily find config files on web.You can modify these config files according to your needs.
I am running a config file created by one of my pals, I found it best, as it covers most of the requirements of the server.
This is how I setup my own config for my clan.You can edit it according to your needs.

Change server name, pass, rcon etc. Copy the whole thing to a text document such as notepad and save it. Name it as you desire, I would suggest it naming as server.cfg.

Now place this file in the “main” folder of your call of duty 4 directory.e.g mine was D:Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare main.

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Step 3
Now after your config file is setup and placed in the right folder.
Copy it and overwrite in your CoD4 folder, make sure you make a

backup of your original file. Now make a shortcut of the iw3mp.exe to your desktop.

Now go to the properties of this file and add the following code line :
+set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec dedicated.cfg +map_rotate where it says “Target” after the iw3mp.exe.

Note:Make sure that there is a space between iw3mp.exe and added command,otherwise it will give an error.The config file name in the command should be the same as labelled before.

Apply the settings. If you want to disable pb, remove the pb part in the command.
If you are willing to keep it then you will have to update your pb from evenbalance.

Step 4
This is it. Your server is ready. Double click the file, following window will pop-up.

This is the console box for your server.As long as this box is running,your server will remain up(active).You can give the ip of your newly made server to your friends by adding :28960 at the end of your ip address.

If you have a static ip by your isp than its fine, otherwise your server ip will also vary  with your ip. To check your current ip logon to whatismyip.

The ip can be made static by some changes. The static ip method will follow soon.This is it for the tutorial, hope this will help you in setting up your cod4 server.

Now you wont have to pay to game server rental or buy a game server or find a dedicated gaming server hosting cos you have ur private server up and ready to go.
Happy Fraging.

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  • AJ

    This guide isn’t complete, it assumes you already have the software downloaded, and doesn’t tell you how to download it or install it.

  • Bakka Bug

    i tried what u said…But it says.. “Couldn’t resolve address: “…PLZ help me soon…

  • Davey

    Should I be able to find my server on the cod4 server list if I done everything correct?

  • Kosta

    I can not connect :SS i have done everything but it doesnt work.

  • DaViper

    Hey, after setting everything up, I found that I can get onto my server just fine without any problems.

    The but is, I can’t find anyone elses OR connect to anyone elses server while this configuration of the ports is set. Any suggestions?

  • AstroBaby

    Hey, we’ve been able to set up a server, but we’ve got one question, how can the guy hosting the server join the game to?


  • Daredevil

    I cant play it in a mod. I have the mod but when i write in the console \set_mod promodlive204 it doesnt start. Plzzz some1 help me my email iz

  • Jachu

    Nice tutorail, thanks a lot! I can start my server, but there is one problem, without Galactic Warfare mod. I did exactly as in tutorail, and the mod won’t launch on the server. i don’t know why. Please help me! :)

  • Yasir

    Good day all,

    First off I must thank you all for putting up the best efforts in compiling such a nice Walk-through.

    I am all done with Server setup and its working (for me for the moment) just fine. I can see through the Server selection Menu the IP of my Local server that is running along side my regular MP session.

    Situation is, I can log in the server just fine but my mates can not. they can see the Server IP with ? at the end. if they try to connect they get timed out every time. I know for them to join, the server name should come up rather then the Numbers pertaining to the IP.

    for the record, I have Manually forwarded the Ports like you said above, also PFChecker is verifying the Ports are open and being forwarded nicely. my Win 7 Firewall is accepting Inbound and outbound comm through my MP exes.

    Looking for some help here mate.


  • Filip

    I have a question:
    I have a TP-Link Routher and i forwarded my ports.]
    Every step i did right and checked.
    Still even i can’t access my server!!
    Any suggestions?
    And another thing:
    What should i select on this tab at my port forwarding:
    Common Service Port: ………………………….
    Suggestions: DNS

  • Vlasis

    i fixed the server it works but the console box it doesnt appear and i dont know my ip plz help me!!!

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Open the ports on UDP not TCP, In the selection menu just choose UDP and type in the port numbers 28960, 28961 etc.

  • Hyena_ss

    if i opend port on tcp must it be on udp and must all change to udp ?

  • Hyena_ss

    must my friends also open thier ports?

  • Hyena_ss


    after i made the server do i need to open the port again

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      No the ports only need to be opened once when u are making the server… and No your friends don’t need to open ports or anything.

  • Hyena_ss

    i get it on lacal i my rooter changes ip every 24 hours

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Make your ip static using this static ip tutorial and check if your server shows up in the game browser like hlsw if it doesn’t check your ports whether they are correctly forwarded…….
      Back track what u did, and see where u did a mistake. Only this way u will be able to find out what’s wrong…

  • Hyena_ss

    did all but gives my friend server time out

  • rattlesnake

    Re-install your game and make its back up

    then try all these steps :)

  • th3squir3l

    Hmm I found the fix to the “High Ping Players Only” problem… I had a typo in the port forwarding lol… Now when i try and connect I get “Server Connection Timed Out”. I noticed that [ZKL] had the same problem that I now have. I know the problem isn’t with the config because I tried using your exact one, but I timed out again.

  • th3squir3l

    Ok so I basically deleted everything I did and did at all over again. I’m still getting the same error. For some reason the server is not showing up on a private server list either. I just tried adding the server to my favorites on Xfire, and it reckognized it as a server, but not with the name or settings i wanted (such as max players, it was oldschool mode, and it had a mod). It had the name and settings of the undedicated server that I had last played on by myself (I had clicked Create New Server and ran it with a BTD zombies mod so i could level up on it.)
    I don’t know why this is or whether or not it is related to the other problem, but it has me really confused o.O

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Hey Th3Squir3l u are using the server config file we provided right ? or the different one ? and try connecting to the server by adding it in the favorites, I am out of ideas here :( but we would talk to other people to do everything we can to sort out the issue u have……….still it’s kinda weird :(

  • rattlesnake

    Patch wont make any difference if all have the same patch.

  • th3squir3l

    Well, noone else has tried to connect to be honest… i wanted to make sure everything was up and running before I gave the IP out to others, as to prevent THEM from having problems. I’ll try to re-forward the ports [as if i know what that means :) ] and ask a couple more people to try to connect.
    Oh, and something that I just thought of… Will all of this work on the 1.7 patch? I’m not sure if that might create any problems. Once again, thanks.

  • rattlesnake

    That is weird ofcourse.
    There might be some problem with ur ports.
    it’s only ur friend or anyone who tries to connect gets the same msg?

  • th3squir3l

    First of all, I must say this is a great walkthrough! I followed each step carefully, downloaded everything required from this very page, and the server console went up real nicely.
    But I had a problem that you might be able to help me with. My friend and I kept trying to connect to the server, and just as the screen that says “Awaiting Challenge 1…” came up, we both got an error that said “Server is for high ping players only.”
    I tried messing with the max and min pings in the config file, and it still didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?
    It would be much appreciated if you could help me with this.

  • daveX

    err can someone help me?? i did everything but noone can connect not even me… i can connect to my computers ip but not to my routers\’… yes i have the console open.


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      did u tried the Ip the one from ? if u didn’t use that one to connect to the server…

  • martin

    hey.i wont to do i own server

  • rattlesnake

    Well sir if it(your server) is available only for lan then there must be some problem in port forwarding step.
    In order to make the server online u shud forward the required ports mentioned.
    Hope this will solve ur problem.If not contact me on my messenger.I may solve ur problem 😛

  • Uubernoob

    All the server is. Is my server i created ages ago and it was in the game when it says join game or start new server its all the imformation what ive done in that server. Yes i got cracked game i tried creating my own server one day coz i was board but new it wasnt going to work coz i have cracked game. so when i click join servers its in lan when i want it to be online cracked? and the server name is the name i choose it to be when i was starting my own server not in cracked way So wtf i need help

  • Uubernoob

    It says my server is American but im Australian every time my mate wants to join it goes to awaiting connect 12.. then it says connection timed out? and the server name is nothing like i want it to be the server isnt anything i set it to be? Can someone help me

  • rattlesnake

    Make sure that there is a space between iw3mp.exe and added command,otherwise it will give an error

    Are you talking about the above error??
    I didn’t get u?can u specify more details plz?

  • Uubernoob

    When i go to copy the thing from step three it says error +set and when i remove it for an example it would say error dedicated it would say the next word that i removed before i need help but im still gonna try to play on my the server with my mates i asked them for help they never said that step so im hoping that works please help me!

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  • rattlesnake

    Well same port will not create any problem.If u still want to change it then see the conifig file,and edit the port accordingly.And what type of error does it give?Does ur server crashes after that error?



  • rattlesnake

    Hmm i will suggest u rather playing with different modes then applying the cheats.I am not a cheat expert.:)god mod is an interesting mod.To activate the mod u need to copy all the files of the mod in the mods directory and simply activate it through console window.You will have to do some work:P.So search google,and if u are facing any problem then let me know.We are planning to write the guides for other famous multi games too.So i cudnt write on how to apply mods:)

  • DeathNick

    hey!!!can i ask you something?maybe you know it,i want to set the cheats on my server to have some crazy glich with my clan mates,basicly i want to set god and jump…do you know how?

  • rattlesnake

    Good to hear that.Best of luck wih ur clan…
    Happy fragging:)

  • DeathNick

    Its working,well,thnk u a lot my friend..the only reason i wanted the server was to do some practise with my clan,and with your help its possible,thnx!!!

  • rattlesnake

    Well best of luck:)

  • DeathNick

    ok,i will try it,thnx for ur time!!!The default at the ports,is my pc i will left it that way,and i will put my external at the game…if im wrong again,i will burn the pc!!!! :-p

  • rattlesnake

    Its just the same ip that is shown default by ur router…no need to change it.Try it out.I hope this will solve he problem.

  • DeathNick

    thnx,i will try it…so if i understand,i will give them the external ipi will use for the settings,but at my ports,i will use my computer ip?i m a litle confused with the ip stuff,i know to forward a port,it’s not the first time,but,i dont know which ip should i put at the port forwarding…thnx a lot for your help my friend

  • rattlesnake

    Well regarding the ip problem the ip which is shown by the computer is ur local ip.The external ip is what u see on whatsmyip.So u need to give that ip rather than the local one.The main reason behind why ur server does not appear to others is same,the port forwarding.Make sure that u do this step properly,otherwise ur server wont appear to others.

  • DeathNick

    * dedicated(i wrote dedivated 😛

  • DeathNick

    Usefull guide but i have some troubles.I’ve done everything,but i still cant run properly the server,my problem is that,i can join my server but only me,noone can join it…it says that the server does not exist…i checked the ports,its dedivated to internet..and i cant find whats wrong…and i have a question that i think maybe the problem is there…when i set the ip,to my router and everywhere else,which ip i am supposed to use? I mean,my Pc ip? or my router’s?because on whatsmyip is showing a diferent ip,not the pc ip..thnx by the way..if someone can help…

  • rattlesnake

    Yes the tag is not the problem here…..i hope it will not kick u further:P.If the problem persist than i will suggest u to make two copies of the for server and other for the play:)..that might help

  • Zawad

    having same tags is not a problem there must be something wrong in the server configuration..

  • Shara

    Kicked by PunkBuster prior to kick/ban
    it says something like that, and i just realised my pb IS disbaled in the process target location. it hasnt happened for the last 2-3 days cus my friends haven’t been playing that long, but i know it could happen,cus i haven’t done anything to fix it. Also, we are in a clan, so we all have the same tags. Could this be triggering a ban?

  • rattlesnake

    Hmmm.does it give the same msg?

  • Shara

    they have stopped timing out now, but now they get kicked for 2 minutes, and it says due to prior kick/ban. so if i remove the pb part, this will hopefully stop happening. They get to play for around 30-45 minutes before it kicks them for 2 minutes.

  • rattlesnake

    well regarding the kick issue,as i mentioned in the guide that pb can be turned off by removing the pb part in the command,if u cannot update it properly.
    If u want to keep it than make sure that it is updated:).And yes as Maverick said use a simple config and than try the complex ones…and do ur friends connect directly from the game or some game browsing soft as xfire or hlsw?And when ur friends get kicked what does it say in console windows?

  • Shara

    and also, it times ppl out. for ex:
    [ANBU]Pablo* timed out

    it says that and then the guy gets disconnected.

    how should i fix this problem?

  • Shara

    k i managed to start it off and my friends joined in, but after like 5 minutes of gameplay it kicks all the players, and if i change the map, it also kicks them. what do i do?

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    There may be many reasons as to why you are getting timeouts. For one your ports may not be forwarded. Kindly make that first priority to check when you start trouble shooting the server you made.
    Secondly another reason can be because you made a listen or a lan server rather than a dedicated internet server,
    Make sure you have written +set dedicated 2
    Thirdly try to keep the cfg as simple as possible
    you can add more cvars when the server is functional.

  • Quzi

    Check your firewall something must be blocking the players to join.If the problem does not stop contact me on my msn

  • [ZKL]

    People who try to join my server get timed out. What should i do?
    Xfire says that the server doesn’t respond to the status request. I tried the port forwarding, but I didnt know if i did it correct.
    Pls help!

  • Shara

    I did all this, except for port forwarding, cus i dont have a router, its all wires.

    After this my friends tried to log on but it kept telling them that the server was meant for lower ping players.

    is there anyway i can improve my server ping to suit their situation?

    • rattlesnake

      Well its the ping limit that u can change from the config file.
      U can raise the max ping up to 500 or more.This will make ur friends to connect,but it will be useless to play the game at such high ping.
      Whats the distance between u and ur friends?and also that might be the problem of ur cable isp.

      • Daredevil

        plzz help me in mods i cant play it in a mod. How can i play it in a mod???

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