Zynga Sued By SocialApps Over Farmville

SocialApps the company behind MyFarm sued Zynga for stealing the source code of MyFarm.

SocialApps has filed a lawsuit against social gaming giant Zynga for stealing the source code of their game to make FarmVille. SocialApps is in the business of making social games similar to what Zynga does. It’s not as big as Zynga though so it won’t be surprising if you are hearing the name for the first time. SocialApps claims that Zynga stole the source code from “MyFarm” for “Farmville”.

SocialApps was on board in FarmVille development (according to the court documents) and Zynga supposedly after getting the source code of MyFarm, went solo and launched FarmVille a month later.

There are two aspects of this conflict, either SocialApps is trying to be famous or Zynga being evil stole the source code but the interesting part is, it’s not for the first time Zynga has been accused of stealing something.

Zynga is already under a lawsuit from a Brazilian developer for stealing concepts. If you ask me, it’s the fame and publicity for most part. You can voice your opinion on the situation, let’s discuss Zynga and its dominance aftershocks.

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