Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Kamizun Shrine Walkthrough

The Kamizun Shrine is perfect for players only looking to test their combat skills in the early phase of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. You will face a bunch of constructs, which are easy to take care of.

The catch is that the shrine takes your weapons away. So you’ll have to use whatever you find within the shrine to accomplish the challenge.

All these Shrine Locations are scattered throughout the different regions of the game. But for this particular one, you have to travel to a specific spot on the map. 

To make matters easier, we have given the exact location where you can find the Kamizun Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Kamizun Shrine in Zelda: TotK

tears of the kingdom kamizun shrine location

The Kamizun Shrine is found on the north of the Forest of Time Chasm in Zelda: TOTK. You can also reach the Shrine by moving South from Lake Kolomo in the Hyrule Field region.

You will find the entrance of the shrine surrounded by trees. You can also follow these coordinates (-0176,-1557,0023) to reach the shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. 


How to solve Kamizun Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

To solve the Kamizun Shrine puzzle solution, you must bring down multiple constructs in the shrine. However, you can only use the weapons inside the shrine to achieve this objective.

You can find several weapons lying inside the shrine, and all these weapons bring enough power to take each enemy down. 

Step 1) Gather the equipment 

First things first, you need to explore all the areas of the shrine to find all the weapons you can get. Make your way toward the right side of the stairs.

Here you will find some items, including a bow, ten arrows, a shield for protection, and a much-needed stick.  

Step 2) Enter the central area 

Now is the time to head toward the area that will test your skills. You will find several elevated platforms and multiple items on the surface.

Move toward the left side to find the boulder and use the fuse option to attach it to the earlier found stick. This will beef up your stick and enhance the damage.

Step 3) Defeat the constructs 

You are going to find yourself up against four constructs. Three of these enemies move freely and can ambush you if you lack concentration. So the key here is first defeating the construct on the raised platform.

Your enemy can shoot you with arrows, so you better stay out of the vision of other enemies. Take down the construct on the platform with your arrows. Or you can also collect the fire fruit from the nearby trees to burn down the enemy. 

Now turn your attention toward the remaining robots and use a combination of Flurry Rush skill and dodge during combat. You can also use the stick with the boulder to damage your enemies significantly.

So use the weapon you are most comfortable with to defeat the constructs quickly and solve the Kamizun Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Step 4) Explore the area 

Head toward the unlocked area after taking down the constructs, and you will find yourself a power-spiked iron ball. Now head to the next room to find the chest that will contain the Spring Sheild.  

In the end, interact with the Sigil to receive the Light of Blessing before leaving the shrine. 

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