Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Wall Locations Guide

Learn all about the locations of all the Goddess Walls in Zelda Skyward Sword so Link can unlock some cool new rewards upon using them

Goddess Walls are the Holy Artistic signs that are capable of generating items that are drawn on it. The Goddess Walls have decorated rectangles that are colored in Indigo with the Goddess Crest in the middle. They are usually not seen by the players as they can only be found while playing the Goddess’s Harp (close to three Blessed Butterflies). This Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Wall Locations will help you find all these hidden locations.

Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Wall Locations

Once the Skyward Strike is charged, Link draws on the Goddess Wall by using his Sword. The Goddess Walls present rewards depending upon the shape link draws.

You can draw the following shapes on it which will reward you differently. Now, a Skyward strike while you’re facing towards the wall, but make sure that you have to draw the item in a SINGLE stroke:

  • Shapes – Rewards
  • Heart – a number of hearts
  • Circle – 30 bombs
  • Rupee – Rupees

Draw a proper arrow – heading towards the right side (feathers on a side and a triangular point to the opposite) – It will give you 30 arrows.
Triforce – Pink Fairy Bonanzas

In any case, Gorko will tell you about these designs and resulting rewards outside the shrine at the sealed grounds. Just keep in mind that once a Goddess Wall is used, it can’t be active again until you restart the game. For more help on Skywards Sword, read our Side Quests, Boss Strategy, and Gratitude Crystals Guide.

Skyview Temple
Location. The stairs which come from the entrance, downwards.

Faron Woods
Location. On the path which leads to Faron Woods, it’s right outside the sealed ground’s shrine.

Ancient Cistern
Location. Western room with a whirlpool.

Location. When you’re on the deck of the ship, once you’ve reached your maximum height on the Crow’s Nests and you’re coming down. Be sure to go towards the far back side of the ship, there you’ll find a mast with a clawshot target.

All you have to do here is follow those clawshots and they’ll lead you to a Goddess Wall along with a Chest having a Heart Piece inside of it.

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