Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Keive Tala Shrine Guide

Keive Tala in Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the 16 Shrines that you will find in the Guredo Region that you can access as a part of ...

Keive Tala in Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the 16 Shrines that you will find in the Guredo Region that you can access as a part of the “Ex Champion Urooba Song” quest. In this Shrine, you must enable electricity by connecting different electric boxes through the power line. However, starting the Zelda Breath of the Wild Keive Tala shrine requires you to download “DLC Pack 2: The Champion Ballad” and complete all four divine beasts.

Here in this guide, we will take you through the Keive Tala shrine in Zelda BOTW. This contains complete information from the beginning of the shrine to how you can finally accomplish it.

Keive Tala shrine location

Keive Tala shrine is located in the Guredo region in the Eastern Barrens, located west of Labyrinth and East of Guredo town. However, going there will not simply start the shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild. You first need to complete a trial to make the shrine appear.

As you travel to the shrine location, you will find Traysi and a giant Molduking. Traysi is a traveler who has found this new Molduga Molduking in the sand, and as you travel to the area, you will learn about it. It would be best if you fought with it, leading you to the Keive Tala shrine.

Fight with Molduking

Fortunately, this fight isn’t too difficult and requires proper use of a sword, bombs, and Urooba’s furry. The whole region where the Molduking is found consists of long pillars. You need to climb any of those pillars to keep yourself at a distance from the Molduking in Zelda BOTW.

Once you have climbed the pillar, release the bomb into the air. The Molduking being a brainless monster, will jump and swallow the bomb. As soon as the bomb explodes inside his stomach, he will get stunned for some time.

This is when you need to jump down the pillar and properly use your sword and Urooba’s furry and deal damage to it till it dies. Once the Molduking has died, the Keive Tala shrine will appear.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Keive Tala shrine walkthrough

As the shrine begins, you will be in a long wall with a power line on the left that needs to be electrified. To pass the electricity through it, you need to find a ball inside the hall and, with it, a chain, and both of them will stick to the water.

As you look towards your left, you will find that the two metal balls inside the water are not touching each other, which is why the power lines have no electricity. Find a small box and place it between the two balls that will connect them in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

As the electricity passes, follow the path, and you will see it split into two paths. One of these paths goes to the orange-glowing orb. Now you need to again make a connection by placing the box to power up the Orange orb.

You will find a giant ball and a chain as you move ahead. You must toss it using Magnesis over the bar that goes out of the wall. Doing this will pass the current over through it. After this, you will reach the final area with no balls but a large block on the right side of the room that you can use.

Now it’s time to make an ice block using Cryonis and place it under the large block you find to complete the connection.

Completing the Zelda Breath of the Wild Keive Tala shrine will get you a “Radiant Shield” in a chest. But this is an optional chest and involves a little effort after the shrine’s completion.

You must control the laser on the right to make a bridge that completes the circuit. You must use the laser to stop the moving platforms at the right time in Zelda BOTW. Once the connection completes, you can open the chest and collect your reward.