Yoshida Talks VR, Back Compat; No SOCOM, Crash Bandicoot for PS4

Yoshida recently clarified that no SOCOM is coming to PS4; also discussed the PS2 emulation, backwards compatibility, VR and more.

With the PS2 games coming to the PS4, it is only natural that hopes for getting to play some of the classics get rekindled. SOCOM and Crash Bandicoot are two of such titles that the fans really want on their latest consoles.

President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida recently commented on both the games, but sadly it is not what you would have wanted.

About SOCOM he said that “we have nothing to announce about SOCOM, thanks for your passion though,” and repeated the same at least two more times to let it sink in. He also clearly stated that they also don’t have a plan of bringing Crash Bandicoot to PS4 although Shawn Layden was recently seen donning a Crash shirt in a public appearance.

That is not all, he has been answering a number of other questions too. When someone said that the feature they are giving for PS2 titles on PS4 isn’t actually backwards compatibility until they let them play with the original hardware, Yoshida agreed it is not and added:

They are much improved games with trophy support.

And, he repeated that a couple of times too.

Someone urged him to talk about any future firmware updates and listed some of the features that the community wants like notifications, folders, custom backgrounds and online ID change. Interestingly, we found Yoshida’s reply a little crude as instead of agreeing with the feedback or appreciating it, he said “we are aware of people’s needs.”

Oh and in case you weren’t sure already, you will not need the PlayStation Move for all the games that come out on the PlayStation VR – only some. Moving on, he thinks that it is a good idea to bring a boxing game to PlayStation VR, so keep that in check too. Lastly, Sony has been working on a VR headset since 2010 – beat that Oculus!

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