Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 4 Dragon of Yokohama Walkthrough

In this Yakuza Like a Dragon Chapter 4 Dragon of Yokohama guide, we'll help you complete the fourth chapter of...

In this Yakuza Like a Dragon Chapter 4 Dragon of Yokohama guide, we’ll help you complete the fourth chapter of Yakuza Like a Dragon, and also guide you on how to fight all the enemies that you come across in this chapter.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 4 Dragon of Yokohama

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. It seems like Adachi is well aware of it as he makes a return to investigate the case of Omi and Horinouchi.

Once you’re in control, head to Hello Work.

Surrounded on all Sides
You’ll find yourself in the middle of battles as soon as you jump into the game. You’ll have your first trouble when you cross the bridge, and this fight will turn Ichiban into a hero.

The second fight will take place outside of Hello Work.

Once you’re done, Professor Sujimon will be waiting for you with his application that contains everything you need to know about the bad guys.

Before you meet up with the professor, activate Substory 02 from Otohime Land. Also, you can access only two substories at this point.

After your meetup with the processor, prepare for a fight against all three antagonists.

Meanwhile, collect as many Sujimons as you can to get more and more rewards from the professor.

Meeting up with Nanoha
Make your way your way back to Otohime Land only to run into Bleach Japan. Next, follow the objective marker and meetup with Nanoha.

She is burdened by a lot of debt and problems.

Soon, you’ll find yourself in the middle of another fight and then end up following the guy that Nanoha was talking to.

For the next part of the game, you’ll be placed in the upper half of the Yokohama map.

There’ll be a building to your north and a parking lot behind that.

Make your way to the parking lot and there you’ll find Rose Seeds, Tauriner+, and Special Relativity of Virtue that will enhance your Intelligence stat.

The Substories
Again, you can play two substories at this point.

If you want to increase your Passion and Cheer stats, head to the south and get introduced to the vocational school.

You can attempt the first test for free and you need to get 3 correct answers out of 5 to pass.

For the rest of the tests, you’ll have to pay 30,000 Yens.

The other substory takes place in Hamakita park and here you’ll get to know Dragon Kart.

But whatever substory you decide to proceed with, don’t forget to save the game beforehand.

Getting the Sword
If you’re looking forward to getting an Unsigned Sword, then head into the building south of Le Nouveau Hama.

You’ll find it safely tucked away in a safe on the first floor. The enemies in this region will also make your blood run cold.

To unlock Delivery Help, you’ll have to activate another substory from Otohime Land.

It’ll be free in the beginning; however, you’ll have to pay in the long run. Substories 7 and 9 will be accessible later and they’ll put two more people on the Delivery Help list.

Head back to Otohime Land and soon you’ll realize that Nanoha’s dad is being threatened by the facility.

You’ve been asked by the manager to protect him. Therefore, make your way to Hello Work and talk to the president.

You won’t make it inside the facility yet, but you’ll get there eventually.

It will be revealed that the granny Ichiban was killed in the Excellent Room.

Seiryu Clan will soon be blamed for killing people and making money from the dead bodies. Now, you can relax and play your CDs in the karaoke bar.

Talk to Iroha and the Master to replay all the party chats and get an Assorted Lunch Box.

Now, you’ll be capable of growing and harvesting vegetables. Other than that, talk to the people are bar unlock the Relationship Drama.

If you want to watch nigi-nigi and increase your Human Power stats, approach the girl in the alley to the south.

Time for a Brawl
On returning to Hidamari Castle, you’ll know that Nanoha’s father is safe. Following that will be a couple of fights.

Watch out for tasers and use Ichiban’s bat techniques and Namba’s Hot Breath technique to make it through the battles.

Next up, you’ll be in front of the Seiryu Clan building.

You’ll have to stock up. Head back to Hidamari Castle for a while and look for Old Sword – Silhouette, Shinjudo, Bravery Pendant, and Tomboy Wrap in the courtyard.

You’ll also find a Carbon Baton in the alleyway north of the Seiryu Clan building. All of these collectibles will be hidden inside the safes.

Talk to Totsukawa and head inside the building. And once the fight is over look for Toughness Light, Helmet, First Aid Kit, and a Mysterious Leaf in the vicinity.

Fighting your way to the Top
On the third floor, you’ll come across two more fights. Look around for Toughness of Light, Gauze, and Half-Eaten Bento.

After the second fight, look for Manufacturing Jumpsuit, Toughness of Light, and recover medicine.

You cannot enter the room in the south. If you go through the door in the north, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a battle again.

Use Namba’s Hot Breath attack and defeat the enemies to get access to Seiryu Clan Key.

If you exit from the door to the north, you can look for Rusten Chainmail, Mysterious Stone, Hand Grenade, and safety boots. Most of which you’ll find from a safe.

In the room to the east, you’ll find Solid Lumber, and then head down through the ladder. Look for a jacket and a Staminan Light nearby.

Go through the opening and up through the two ladders. Here you’ll find Health Ring and Tauriner. Exit from the door to the north and keep heading north.

Follow the objective marker, and there’ll be a couple of more battles that you’ll have to fight.

You can put down Mr. Glasses with physical attacks, Mr. Sword with fire attacks, and Mr. Buff using Namba’s Stinky Breath.

Head back to the trustee old Otohime Land to complete Yakuza Like a Dragon chapter 4 Dragon of Yokohama.

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